The vision and plan


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The vision and plan

  1. 1. “The vision and goals” We are a crew dedicated to creating rolling works of art. Individually designed and hand crafted bikes made to order for corporate advertising, promotional and film use as well as putting your own personal ideas of a dream bike into reality. Including custom made lowrider choppers . We can producecompetition standard trikes or bikes fitted with state of the art sound systems, a mini bar, air suspension or even a BBQ. We also make flat bed transport trikes suitable for small business’s requiring local andinexpensive transport. We constantly strive to create new and unique pieces and are open to all kinds of innovative, custom work. We have a new premises located in the heart of Poble Nou, 3 minutes ride to the beach.
  2. 2. The Nave….as we generically call it is Spanish for The Warehouse . The Nave is the heart of theoperation. It is 240m/sq of grand creative space. In this place, not only do we have our full metalworkshop and parts warehouse, but we have theatre and music space, art exhibition and a small bar areafor private group hire. There is great potential in this area if we have the need and desire to expand…In addition to these capabilities, we have a large venue space for hosting a range of activities, other ideasinclude, monthly space rental to local artists and regular custom culture Festivals where we get a bunchof local lifestyle artists to exhibit and sell their wares to the public . We are currently looking into ways toexpand and promote our current venue possibilities.Technological needs have been covered as well, with a DSL high speed WIFI connection to cover themultitude of laptops that live and visit the facility, and also a reliable fixed phone line.Also, in the production of some of our currently commercial rickshaw and cargo trikes.Our current cycle vision of Barcelona and the wider euro cycle scene is one of greater opportunities inlow cost transport and energy sustainable technology. We envision in BCN in the next years greater usageof cycles to replace a lot of the motorized transport solutions currently employed, due to increase fuelprices and greater access for cycles through more bikes lanes, and the natural advantage of the streets ofBCN . Making it ideal to offer cycle transport possibilities . We believe that every business in Barcelonahas a need for some kind of commercial cycle, so therefore our market is much wider with manypossibilities of success.The ajuntamento (government counsel) of BCN have put together city plans which is making cycle accessbetter. With thousands of Bicing bikes and kilometers of new cycle lanes added every year, you can seethe great investment the city has in the future of cycles.We also envision the compact city center with kilometers of pedestrian and cycle only areas will onlyincrease therefore making demand for cycle transport even greater with many motorized optionsdecreasing.Barcelona also has the greater natural advantage of wide street lanes , broad sidewalks and relatively flatstreets in most areas around the center which make cycle transport solutions viable.With dozens of cycle transport possibilities, ( link to extensive article on current and future Bikebusinesses): ( ) , we feel that we are on a very lucrative path. Also , we are currently the onlycommercial cycle operation in Barcelona, which gives the leading edge and local advantage.Our current position is opportune, as we have secured 220sq/m facility in the heart of the industriousPoble Nou . Our current working space is spacious enough to accommodate our current needs and we arealready constructing and testing our first transport trikes that we feel can be ready in the next days orweek once we can secure some final materials.Other areas of possible expansion in the Nave include an extended workshop to facilitate our growingdemand in art nouveu indoor and outdoor furniture and developing alternative power possibilities, likeelectric, hydrogen and other underground technologies not widely known. Some of our crew arescientists working on such technologies .
  3. 3. The crew currently consists of Mike ‘Make’ Brittan from Los Angeles (Veteran Metal and custom cyclebuilder), Daz Noize , from Manchester, England (Talented metal and custom cycle builder and comicrelief) Ray-0-Energy, from Amsterdam , Holland (Cycle mechanics and Underground tech scientist) andPhilippa Gledhill from Halifax, England (Events management and promotion)Make’s extended Profile on the web with personal bio:’s , FB pics of previous projects :!/profile.php?id=678325148&sk=photosRay-0-energy (some of his underground tech science) : Gledhill’s Code Red Events company: The Story… The Mojito Bar bike originated from the idea that we needed to raise funds for our trip to Amsterdam for the World Championship of custom bikes. So we came up with the idea of building a bar bike. With the many talents of our crew we designed a portable bar that we could sell drinks on the beaches of Barcelona and Benny was known for making the best Mojitos in town. He was a star at it and we made a few hundred euros for the trip. Though, we were later limited to our production and sell because of the local licensing laws… We learned that these kind of vehicles could be quite an income generator ….
  4. 4. Bar-beer-a , our latest bar bike projectThe SCORPIA as it is infamously known as, is 3.5 meters long. It’s bite has been known to be morewicked than it’s stance and for a period was housing real scorpions under the seat in a scorpion den. Itis a real crowd attention getter and is very well comfortable in it’s attention.
  5. 5. The BEAST : 2006 World Championship winner , FBI, Amsterdam Holland MOLLY….BBQ bike…aka…everything bikeWe also envision the many new job possibilities that this new opportunity can bring. We are in theprocess of developing the Custom Cycle Cooperative Project (CCCP). Which we feel will help manypeople get into new job opportunities. It will be a cooperative that will used to facilitate the localajuntamento (government counsel) requirements with future legal cycle opportunities. There will be aneed to locate local Catalan business people that will help facilitate our needs to the local ajuntamento.The cooperative will also be used to help promote cycle transport opportunities to the local businesses,associations and government agencies in BCN. We currently have the facility to support such acooperative with club/association meeting room also we are planning skill training workshops, like our
  6. 6. already currently running Welding Cafe’ and other workshops. The cooperative vision is to help providenew job prospects and job skills to help alleviate the current unemployment crisis in BCN and Spain. The Goals To set up a custom cycle facilities in Barcelona that will be sufficient for demands To acquire enough tools and materials to accommodate local requirements To set up the CCCP (Custom Cycle Cooperative Project) to help and promote the cycle transport possibilities in BCN and Spain, even the world To help empower all artists and potential artists realize their custom culture dreams and provide an opportunity for them to realize it. To help spread the custom culture around the world and create a mobile exhibition and working centre. To help sustain the creative custom culture lifestyle To mix art with utility… (eg., public and commercial use vehicles) How you can get involved…Borrowing from the very successful KICKSTARTER.COM internet fund raising scheme, we plan to use thesame kind of format to better facilitate our supporter’s support. We have listed many options in whichour supporters could help. Listed below are the ways you can help, also please help us if you knowanyone that would also support such a project and please pass it along  .Pledge €5 or moreYou will get exclusive up-to-the-minute descriptions and photos of all the latest developmentsconcerning our progress and will be listed in our thank you page.
  7. 7. Pledge €25 or moreYoull receive a CCCP (Custom Cycle Cooperative Project) T-shirt .Shipped anywhere in theworld. Plus, everything listed above.Pledge €50 or moreYoull receive a 2-year membership to the CCCP and receive it’s benefits and play a critical rolein our initial development. Your feedback will make it possible for us to make the experienceeven better. Plus, everything listed above.Pledge €100 or moreYou will receive VIP status at our public launch party planned in the next months in Barcelona,which will include an exclusive VIP area that will be overlooking the live music with an Open barand luxurious food spread. (PLUS receive our special founding members status, which will havefuture benefits as the cooperative succeeds . . Plus, everything listed abovePledge €250 or moreYou’ll receive advisory board member status, you advisory will be sought for some aspects andwill be counted in the future development of the cooperative. Plus, everything listed above.Pledge €500 or moreYou’ll receive 15 beach rental bikes, (valued at €300, as stocks are available) when you visitBarcelona or donate your rental credit to a worthy cause. Plus, everything listed above.Pledge €1000 or moreYou and a guest will receive a VIP invitation to the CCCP launch event in the next months. Wewill pay for your airline tickets (up to €300) and you will receive special VIP treatment at thePublic launch party There will be art, music and refreshments. Enjoy spectacular viewsoverlooking the live music. Plus, everything listed above.Pledge €2500 or moreYour name or company will be listed on every cycle that we make for the duration of the period of timethat we are producing our cycles, Plus everything listed above
  8. 8. Pledge €5,000 or moreYou will receive a custom cycle in whatever configuration that you desire and what we cancreate. (up to €3000 shop value) Enjoy the hottest and most creative utility trike, customdesigner art bike, your own dream creation or donate your bike to some worthy cause (eg.Ambulancbike for Africa.,etc…). Plus everything listed above ConclusionWith many of the advantages and possibilities that a cycle transport operation can succeed in BCN, wefeel that this is an opportune time for our friends and cycle supporters to benefit. Though, we are asmall operation, we are currently running and operating in a small way, but our vision is big and ourcapacity can be greater with the help of someone like yourself that can see it’s possibilities. We arelooking for help among friends and family in these early stages as you know that these kind ofmovements take awhile and need support from our supporters and loved ones. We hope you may beable to help support our vision and goals?Sincerely,Daz, Make, Philippa, Ray Other LinksMake’s Photobucket: