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SAP Inside Track Chennai 2014 (July 5)

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  • Uday Sreeram - This is community driven event for the SCN members by the members
  • Uday Sreeram
  • Srini Komanduri
  • Uday Sreeram
  • Ranga Davala
  • Sitchn 2014 overview

    1. 1. Old Saga • SAP Inside Track grew out of the SDN Day which was a day before SAP TechEd the premier SAP Technical conference that SAP runs every year • SDN Day was called Community Day but after deciding that was a little bit hard to sell to managers authorizing time off projects we chose the name “Inside Track” and there is now a proliferation of events being organized by real SAP grass roots people in cities all around the World
    2. 2. All Over the world São Paulo Vancouver Melbourne Netherlands Istanbul Singapore Netherlands Delhi Bangalore Munich Israel Manchester Hamburg Calgary Chicago Hyderabad Toronto New York Calcutta Washington St. Louis CHENNAI
    3. 3. Present vs. Past
    4. 4. What is SCN ? SAP Community Network (SCN) is the Social Network for SAP professionals (covering developers, IT professionals, business process experts, business users, business intelligence pro’s, professors and students) delivering to SAP customers, partners, employees, and independent experts S O C I A L I N N O V A T I O N S O C I A L I N T E L L I G E N C E S O C I A L C O M M E R C E S O C I A L I N S I G H T
    5. 5. What’s In For You?  Connect with people and grow your network  Build relationships with people with similar interests  See what’s going on – with your colleagues, customers and competitors  Share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with more people  Build your personal brand so people can get to know you, before they even meet you  Learn – for fun, to advance your career, or both  Establish yourself as an expert – inside and outside your company
    6. 6. SAP Community Network  2.4 Million Members  230+ Countries & Territories  ~ 2 Million unique Visitors each Month  430+ SCN Topic Spaces  750+ Blogs per Month  130 SAP Mentors  20+ HDE  700+ Forum Moderators  700+ SAP ecosystem solutions  Thousands of demos & trails delivered  ~2 Million topic threads @ 7M messages
    7. 7. Formerly known as SAP Developer Network
    8. 8. Join us @
    9. 9. - Three Simple Steps
    10. 10. SIT Events in India 2014 Soon we are planning for Hyderabad , Ahmadabad etc..
    11. 11. SAP TechEd ~30,000 Attending in Four Programs Worldwide 2013 Recap Bangalore Bangalore: 11,700  SAP’s premier technical education conference  Community Events – Drives deeper and more meaningful engagement, networking
    12. 12. SHOW FLOOR Speaker Networking sessions Educational Breakout sessions Demo Sessions Technology Showcase Product Road Map Q&A Sessions SAP CodeJam(Mini Editions) SAP Teched Live studio Club House Mini Theater SAP Shop
    13. 13. SAP TechEd Is Now SAP d-code Courtesy : SAP
    14. 14. SCN Contributor Reputation Program Points Levels Mission Badge Leader Boards FAQ
    15. 15. SAP Mentors  SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Eco-System  Engage in collaborative activities in their area of expertise that proactively improve or influence products and services of SAP along with the relationships of SAP with its customers, partners and prospects  ~ 130 SAP Mentors Globally  Top 1/100th of 1%  Customers, Blogger/Analysts, Partners and a few SAP employees  Champions - to the Community  Advocates - of community to SAP  Influence policies, practices & Product Direction
    16. 16. SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer (HDE) The HDE program is specifically looking for hands-on experts in SAP HANA HDE is someone with significant hands-on experience with HANA, and a member of the SAP technology community either as a customer, partner, or SAP employee. There will be several areas in which engineers will be recognized, such as administration, development, modeling, performance architecture, etc. HDEs should continue to.... - be hands on HANA experts - be socially active on whatever channel works for them - help educate the wider community - make customer projects a success - be active in the HDE community HDE List Thomas Jung Rich Heilman Lloyd Palfrey Lars Breddemann Serge Muts Witalij Rudnicki Kiran Musunuru Tomas Krojzl Lucas Sparvieri Werner Steyn Anooj Behanan Thorsten Franz Ravindra Channe Jody Hesch Justin Molenaur Tamas Szirtes Raj Kumar Salla Krishna Tangudu Aron MacDonald Kevin Small
    17. 17. SCN Member of the Month(MOM) Every month, a member of the SAP Community Network is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement
    18. 18. Support