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Letters of complaint
Letters of complaint
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Letters of complaint


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  • 1. COMPLAINT LETTERS Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to complain about the purchase I made on your website on 12 December this year and also the service I have received. I bought a 150 piece- custom puzzle of for a Christmas gift to my nine-year- old son. I have to say that everything offered at your sales page was incorrect. According to you, prior to 15 December orders arrive before Christmas. However, the shipping reached my home on 27 December, three days later than Christmas day, although the order was done 4 days before the date guaranteed. This has been a big problem for us as we had to improvise a Christmas gift for our son. In addition, as the delivery did not arrive, I sent a number of emails but they were never answered. To make matters worse, you offer a durable box and we found that the tin was punched and deformed on the corners, making it almost impossible to put the lid once removed. But the worst was that we sent a photograph of our pet to customize the puzzle but we received a puzzle with a picture of a hunting scene: several men photographed carrying shotguns next to a dead elephant. After all these facts, a minor problem is that the package did not include the gift card which had a Santa’s message to our son. As you understand, all these facts are unacceptable. Therefore, we expect a letter of explanation and certainly a substantial refund as compensation for all these nonsense. We were seriously annoyed, especially because it affected the illusion of our son. We feel that at least you should send the real puzzle with the indicated text and also return the purchase money and shipping. Yours faithfully, Juan Carlos (NI2. M-W 19-21.15)
  • 2. 3 Laurel Street 28005 Madrid 9 November 2013 Customer Information Point Vodafone Sol Station Metro Madrid Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my strong dissatisfaction with Accessibility in Metro Madrid, in particular with measures to access Vodafone Sol Station, Line 1. Yesterday, I had to go from Atocha Station to Vodafone Sol Station. Firstly, I made sure that the station had measures on accessibility because I was going to travel with my baby and his baby buggy. When I checked the subway map, I could see the symbol of accessibility in Vodafone Sol Station and therefore I decided to make the journey with my baby. When we arrived in the station, surprisingly, there was no way out, only the stairs, no elevator, no ramp, nothing. How do you explain this? Fortunately, a gentleman helped me to carry my baby to the hall. I expect a letter of explanation about this situation I´d also like you to remove the accessibility symbol from the station so nobody else has the same problem. I really think that symbol should not exist if it does not match reality. Yours faithfully, Alicia Trigueros