MMRSS Quality Practice mQL


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40 CATI workstations
World-wide in-language data collection services
National footprint (14 field offices in India)
Focus group/Central location Interviewing facilities in Major Metros
ISO certified
Blue chip references in Quanti and Quali studies

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MMRSS Quality Practice mQL

  1. 1. Qualitative Practice mQLTM
  2. 2.  Formed in 1992 40 CATI workstations World-wide in-language data collection services National footprint (14 field offices in India) Focus group/Central location Interviewing facilities in Major Metros ISO certified Blue chip references in Quanti and Quali studies
  3. 3.  Part of a large diversified Indian Group Working relationships with some of India’s largest Companies for their Marketing research requirements Working relationships with several large Global Market Research firms Over a decade of proven Cross-Sector Expertise
  4. 4. 1. Understand 2. Design Challenge Method 6. Review 3.ConductImplications Research 5. Generate 4.Analyse Report findings
  5. 5. In order to ensure quality research we keep the basics in mind andemploy several of the following strategies :- Longitudinal Research Design Member checking Peer Debriefing Audit trail demonstration Thick description Negative case search and alternative explanation Triangulation
  6. 6.  Depths Groups Workshops Observational Content and text Analysis
  7. 7.  Individual Paired Three Way Children Special Audiences
  8. 8.  Homogenous Creative Synetics Extended Mini-groups
  9. 9.  Residents  Accompanied Shopping Pre-Tasking  Accompanied Browsing
  10. 10.  MQL moderated online focus groups: using chat room technology, enabling groups of participants to discuss an issue in real time. MQL bulletin boards: participants respond to a series of questions posted on bulletin boards over a week, with a moderator adding prompts and probes as needed. MQL email based research with individuals or groups, using semi- structured questions and follow-up probes.
  11. 11. We assist Firms world-wide in recruitments for Focus Groupsand other qualitative studies all over the world with the help ofour multi lingual phone room capabilities.
  12. 12. LocationLocated in the heart of Bangalores Business District. Easy access topublic transportation and ample parking space for respondents withtheir own transportation. We have offered door-to-door pick up anddrop off for respondents in the past lower (SEC levels mainly)Conference Room Facilities Seating (cushioned) with arm-rests for 12 participants Oval Conference table with ample space for food beverages and any show cards or story boards Video Recording (in client preferred format) Internet access Fully Air-conditioned Easy Access to the wash rooms
  13. 13. Observation Room Facilities Seating for 10 observers CCTV connect to conference room Fully Air-Conditioned Supply of note pads etc Dedicated hostess for food beverages, copying etc for the observersSecurity provisions All materials destroyed prior to moderator departure from facility (security check in conjunction with Moderator) Security guard at check-in to verify respondent, observer and moderator identity Other standard precautions (ensuring no encounters, client confidentiality etc)Standard Services Copies etc Tech Support Other special services on request such as translators, note takers, transcription easel boards, slide projectors etc.
  14. 14. PROJECT TITLE : - FARMERS QUALITATIVE IN NORTH AMERICA What: Structured qualitative telephone interviews Who: farmers within Canada and the US. N = 150 complete & usable interviews Quota Groups- There are 15 geographic regions in the US and Canada. Each quota group by region was of the same size (i.e. 10)- There were other quota groups by size of farm, equipment owned etc- 3 of the 15 regions were in Canada; 12 of the regions were in the US Sample: Was provided by client with names and telephone numbers. Incidence Rate of Qualification: 40% of those completing the screening process were qualified
  15. 15. PROJECT TITLE : - FARMERS QUALITATIVE IN NORTH AMERICA ( contd) Questionnaire Description :- a very few closed ended background questions- structured open ended questions derived from a previous qualitative effort (probing required) Respondent Incentives: $50 Questionnaire Length: 45 minute questionnaire with 30 open ended questions length Audio: All voice files were made available to the client Skill Set:- Interviewers had to posses good business to business open end probing and clarifying skills. Agricultural expertise was not needed.- Coders were to posses sound abilities in interpreting and using open ended coding scheme- Language: 1 region in Canada includes Quebec that required French speaking interviewers. The number of interviews per region was small (8 ; but 85% of the interviews in that region required French speaking skills Output: Raw closed ended data, including the raw open ended responses in Word AND audio tapes of each survey Status Reports: Full status reports on the sample and quotas was provided 3 times a week
  16. 16. PROJECT TITLE : Focus Groups on Airline Travel to EUROPE One Leisure Traveler group - people who have traveled to Europe on leisure at least once in the past 6 months (4 people) and 4 who have traveled at least twice in the last 12 months One Business Traveller group - 4 heavy travelers (at least 2 trips in the last 6 months or 4 trips in the last 12 months) 4 light travelers (at least 1-2 trips in the past 6 months, or more than 2 trips in the last 12 months) The groups were be 1.5 hours long and run sequentially... 6.30pm and 8.15pm
  17. 17.  PROJECT TITLE : Focus Groups in India for Global Clothing brand Background:Partywear is a fast growing and emerging segment in the readymade garments market. This is arecent phenomenon, about two years old and is arising out of a growing urban, youth culture ofpartying, going to discotheques and nightclubs. The need for a separate wardrobe that suits the partyoccasion has given rise to a few brands like Zod, Provogue, Mufti and also a lot of unbranded garmentsavailable in fashion stores.Since this is an emerging category, the client wanted to understand more about the consumers‘lifestyle, preferences, attitude, behavior and usage. Hence, the client wanted to conduct exploratory qualitative research with a view to get the following information
  18. 18.  Information Areas:- Understand the consumer, his wants, needs and drivers- Understand his lifestyle, esp with respect to going out with friends, dining out, dating, pubbing, clubbing and partying- Understand the place and significance of party wear in his wardrobe- Functional, and more importantly, emotional benefits he derives from wearing partywear.- Understand his buying behavior, buying occasions, usage patterns of party wear- Preference for brands vs unbranded products- Price and value for money perceptions- Identify need gaps and opportunities Target customer:- Male, SEC A, 18-28 yrs- Goes to a party/night club/pub or discotheque at least once in a fortnightCentres:Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
  19. 19.  Rosslyn Research Microsoft Vivid Interface Hewlett Packard Penn & Associates DSI Healthcare All India Association of Industries Young Entrepreneurs Society of India
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