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Critic on an orthodontics article from JADA... An exercise given by our research professor! This is the first critic I ever write.

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Research Critic

  1. 1. Research AssignmentCritic on: Orthodontic Article.Majd HasaninLevel: X
  2. 2. Using orthodontic intrusion of abradedincisors to facilitate restorationThe technique’s effects on alveolar bone level androot lengthLucien J. Bellamy, DMD, MSD; Vincent G. Kokich, DDS, MSD; Jake A. Weissman The style of writing in this article was mainly following theexperimental research model. The author did raise a hypothesis about the research topic,which was entitled as; “The Effect of Intrusion on The Alveolar BoneLevel and Root Length”. The literature review of this article in specific was not veryrich, simply because the research was mainly experimental,examining new techniques to facilitate the restorative estheticdental treatment.In return, the previous literature did not publish much similarreports as the author’s topic, which explains why the presentedpaper was not very rich with the literature review (it is a new topicand a quite new idea). But other related topics were reviewed.Materials and Method:* A sample of 43 subjects (27 men, 16 women), with a mean age of45.9 years (range, 19.2-63.6 years) and a mean total treatmenttime of 28 months (range, 16-40 months).* Radiographic measurements; cephalometric radiographs tomeasure incisor intrusion and anterior periapical radiographs for allmeasurements of alveolar bone level and root length.* Pre-treatment and post-treatment anterior periapical and lateralcephalometric radiographs obtained under identical conditions at a
  3. 3. professional imaging center (Northwest Radiography, Seattle).* Among the four clinicians intrusion mechanics were similar,involving continuous arch wires with reverse curves, step bends orboth. To minimize relapse, the clinicians retained the intrudedincisors in their desired positions for at least six months beforeremoving the appliances.* Treatment completed between 1995 and 2006; no incisorextraction or restorative procedures affecting the cementoenameljunction (CEJ) during the treatment period.* To ensure examiner reliability, the primary author repeated andrecorded complete T1 and T2 measurements, one month apart, for10 randomly selected patients.* Standards for measurements:1- Root length was measured as the distance from the midpoint ona line connecting the mesial and distal CEJ to the root apex.2- Bone level was measured as the vertical distance from theproximal CEJ to the AC.3- Estimation of the centroid of maxillary and mandibular centralincisors: 33 percent of the distance from the midpoint of a lineconnecting the mesial and distal alveolar crest (AC) to the rootapex. The results in this article were presented using statisticalmethods, supporting the results through tables and graphs of theoutcome. Regarding the conclusion, it was briefly noted at the end ofthe article, emphasizing upon the benefits of orthodontic intrusion.Otherwise no recommendations were suggested for futureresearchers.
  4. 4. The article :“Using orthodontic intrusion of abradedincisors to facilitate restoration” was indeed one of the mostenjoyable readings…The idea of their research, the knowledge of the authors, along withthe art of writing was all very impressive.Those researchers followed a well-organized protocol for theirresearch.In my humble opinion; “Materials and Methods” are one of the mostessential steps to a successful study, in the above article, theauthors noted and explained every detail in their study; the sampleselection, with full details, the criteria for their measurements werealso very precise and clear.A systematic, and a well-defined approach was followed, thusresulting in well documentation and almost accurate outcome of thestudy, in addition to the fact, that the study was strongly presentedthrough the graphs and statistical tables...It is certainly a valuable article.