Start Ups and Growing Businesses: Developing A Sales Process


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This presentation is a great start to help you determine the sales process for your organization. Key to remember for small companies and startups is that aligning sales and marketing early is the best way to keep these departments aligned as you grow.

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Start Ups and Growing Businesses: Developing A Sales Process

  1. 1. SALES PROCESS Creating A Steady Pipeline
  2. 2. The Sales Funnel •Networking •Tradeshows •Cold Calling •Market Research •Email campaign response Prospecting •Market Research •Categorizes the leads •Questionnaire •ASKs questions Qualifying •In person •Online •Presentation •More qualification Meeting •Understand the customer •Addresses the need Proposal •WIN THE DEAL •Thank you •DeliverClose
  3. 3. Prospecting: Beginning of the Marketing & Sales Relationship Marketing • Marketing creates awareness • Sales works with marketing to define the need • Targets the “right” customer to buy • Delivers campaigns with multiple tactics into the sales process Sales • Understands the offer, product and/or solution • Creates a list of qualified individuals or organizations • Calls and gets the meeting • Supplies the HEAT to close sales
  4. 4. Qualifying • Define leads • Understand what makes a lead HOT • This is done throughout the sales process • Post lead in your CRM • Put all information about lead in CRM • Business card notes • Website • Social Media • Business Meeting Notes • Starts the proposal process • Understand the opportunity
  5. 5. DefineYour Leads and Actions HOT Leads • Authorized to buy • Ready to meet • Call immediately • Send email • Send info if requested • ASK for a meeting Warm Leads • Referrals • Ready to Meet • Call immediately • Send info requested • Set up meeting Cold Leads • Old leads (6 months or more) • Revitalize • Send a new campaign
  6. 6. Meeting • BE Prepared • Review your notes • Review notes in CRM • Read news for the day • Get there 5-10 minutes early • UNDERSTANDTHE PAIN • Set expectations for proposal and due dates • Ask about budget
  7. 7. Proposal • UNDERSTANDTHE PAIN POINTS • Eliminated the red flags • Use ALL notes • CRM • Meeting • Website • Delivery • Get an editor to proof • Add to CRM
  8. 8. Close • Thank the client, your team • Close deal in CRM • Meet with delivery team
  9. 9. Delivery: Starts a New Sales Process • Uncover new opportunities • Focus on 100% Customer Satisfaction • Survey after delivery • Ask for referrals
  10. 10. QUESTIONS Contact: Maisha B. Hoye Chief Customer Officer 202-670-5642 E. @MsmaishaBHoye @C1stMarketing