Shared print Collections in North America: Going Main Stream and Picking Up Steam


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Lizanne Payne's MSCS Advisory Board Presentation, May 23, 2013 at Colby College, Waterville, ME.

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Shared print Collections in North America: Going Main Stream and Picking Up Steam

  1. 1. Shared Print Collections in North America:Going Main StreamandPicking Up SteamLizanne PayneShared Print
  2. 2. Print Repository NetworkOnline booksOnline booksThe View from 2008
  3. 3. “In an environment of large-scale digitization, thecost to hold print versions locally may becomegreater than the benefit for many libraries.”Roger Schonfeld, 2007. “Getting from Here to There, Safely: LibraryStrategic Planning for the Transition Away from Print Journals” SerialsLibrarian, 52.1/2.The Rationale
  4. 4. View in 2013SharedPrintProgramsCollectionAnalysisRegistryCommunityPlanningConsultantsSharedPrintProgramsWESTASERLCICCRLJSTORFloridaFLARELLMCMaineSCSMichiganSPIReCAPFiveCollegesMore…Growing Activity Growing Infrastructure
  5. 5. Participation as of 2013 Dozens of consortia with over 400 libraries including70 collection holders About 20,000 journal titles committed About 5 million monographs identified
  6. 6. View in 2013: A Pipeline of ActivityPlanningReCAPGWLAFive Colleges NERDCalifornia StatesystemHathi TrustImplementationMaine Shared CollsMichigan Shared Print InitiativeCIC Shared Print RepositoryCOPPULFlorida FlareOhioLINKWRLCOperationalASERL Coop JournalsCRL JSTORLLMC LawOrbis Cascade DPRUC Shared PrintWESTJournals or other serialsMonographs partial list
  7. 7. Western Regional StorageTrust (WEST)109 librariesCIC10 librariesOverview of Selected Major ProgramsMichigan SPI7 librariesReCAP3 librariesASERL40 librariesMaine SCC9 libraries
  8. 8. Shared Journal CollectionsWEST• Distributed print journalcollection held at 22 libraries(out of 109 members)• Titles identified by risk-basedholdings analysis and overlap• About 18,000 journal titlescommitted to WEST in first 3yearsCIC SPR• Centralized shared journalcollection housed atIndiana University• Titles with digital versionsfromElsevier, Wiley, Springer• About 1,000 journal titlesidentified so farASERL• Distributed journal collectionhoused at about 20 libraries(out of 40 members)• Titles nominated by theholding library• About 3,800 titles identifiedso far
  9. 9. Monographs are the New Frontier• A number of last-copy programs e.g. CARLI in Illinois▫ De facto selection, whoever holds “last” copy• Hathi Trust endorsed “distributed print archive ofmonograph holdings corresponding to [digital] volumes”• Different selection issues: Consolidate the common orpreserve the unique?• Different delivery issues: Searchers more likely to want fullprint version• Different space recovery issues: How to make monographdeselection cost-effective
  10. 10. Shared Monograph Collections•Held in 1 or 2 MSCC libraries, pub prior to2003, other considerations•Over 1 million titles in 9 libraries identified bySCS analysisMaine SharedCollectionsCooperative (SCC)•Unique titles and held by more than 2•About 750,000 titles in 7 libraries identifiedby SCS analysisMichigan SharedPrint Initiative (SPI)•Monographs already held at ReCAP storagefacility, some exclusions•Overlap analysis by OCLC Research•As many as 5 million titles could be includedReCAP SharedCollection
  11. 11. Infrastructure Support for Shared PrintSharedPrintProgramsPlanningConsultants• Lizanne Payne• Sam Demas• SCSCollectionAnalysis• SCS• OCLCRegistry• CRL PAPR• OCLC WorldCatCommunity• ALA meetings• PAN listserv
  12. 12. Shared Print Collection AnalysisOCLC WorldCat Collection Evaluation• Library self-service application, produces predefined reports• Compare library holdings against one or more other OCLCmembers• Cross-group comparison feature coming in a few monthsSustainable Collections Services (SCS) analysis• Sophisticated customized group holdings analysis• Consultative approach by SCS staff, match analysis to programgoals12
  13. 13. Shared Print Collection RegistriesOCLC WorldCat• Information about holdings: libraries upload records of titlesand volumes preserved according to OCLC metadata standard• Resource-sharing: libraries can borrow/lend shared print itemsthrough WorldShare ILL, ILLIAD, or other means• About 6,000 shared print holdings in WorldCat so farCenter for Research Libraries Print Archives Preservation Registry(PAPR)• Information about programs: participants, MOU, retentionperiod• Information about holdings: libraries upload records of titlesand volumes preserved according to OCLC metadata standard13
  14. 14. Shared Print Community Forum• Shared Print discussion group Fridays at ALA(informal but longstanding)• Print Archives Network (PAN) listserv hosted by CRL• Send msg to• Subscribe PAN “Your Name”14
  15. 15. We Are at the Beginning of the WaveWhat’s next?• Large-scale shared monograph collections take off• Critical mass of shared print records added to WorldCat• Libraries gain experience with access and delivery• Libraries reclaim collection space AND preserve print15
  16. 16. “No single library can or should acquire and retaineverything.To do so would be to disregard our home institution’smission and to squander its resources.However, collectively we should be concerned with thesurvival of the print record broadly conceived.”Stephen Enniss, “Collaborative values and survival of the print record”,College and Research Libraries News, June 1999.The Rationale part 2: What’s Old is New