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Product list






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    Product list Product list Document Transcript

    • This list does not show you everything we stock. Some items, like frozen foods, and delicate, fragile goodsdo not lend themselves easily to being transported. But it does give you an idea of what we have. Wewelcome orders from outside Cape Town, so drop us a line if you need something on the list, or evensomething thats not on the list, and well get it to you once weve received your payment. Goods are listedsubject to availability. Availability and prices may change without notice. The latest additions to our rangeare in RED. Electronic payments should be made to Main Ingredient - ABSA, Sea Point - A/c #4060506030 - Branch code 630309 and the payment advice sent to us by fax or email. All orders are to bepaid for in advance, before delivery will be made. We are happy to quote for transport and/or postage andpackaging. Current counter to counter postage and packing rates are listed at the end of the price list.Stock Stock Description PriceCode Baking and cooking aids, pastes0518 Agar agar (China Grass) 10 gm R 20.000921 Coconut, flaked 100 gm R 15.000032 Fish Sauce 60ml R 15.000500 Leaf Gelatine 25 gm 10 sheets R 30.000365 Molasses 400g R 30.000327 Passata Tomato puree 700g R 25.000347 Rice, Arborio, 1 kg, Italian, for risotto R 65.000747 Rice, Carnaroli, 1Kg, Italian, for risotto R 65.000624 Rice, Chinese Black, 500 gm R 30.000855 Rice, Montsia Bomba Extra Seleccion bag 1Kg R 190.000853 Rice, Montsia Paella, 500 gm R 35.000804 Rice, Vialone Nano, 1Kg, Italian, for risotto R 65.000232 Sambal Oelek 227gm R 25.000067 Shrimp Paste Thai 100 gm R 25.000710 Tamarind Paste, 227gm R 25.001467 Verjuice 750 ml, The Drift Farm R 50.00Balsamic Reductions0055 Raspberry Balsamic reduction R 50.000056 Granadilla Balsamic reduction R 50.000057 Orange Balsamic reduction R 50.000058 Lemon Balsamic reduction R 50.000061 Green Pepper Balsamic Reduction R 50.000062 Lavender Balsamic Reduction R 50.001299 Hot chilli balsamic reduction, Italian R 95.001645 Italian Red Balsamic reduction R 95.001300 Italian Fig balsamic reduction R 95.000898 Pear & walnut balsamic reduction, Italian R 95.001125 White Balsamic reduction, Italian R 95.000897 White Truffle Balsamic reduction, Italian R 110.00Beans & Pulses0020 Haricots Lingots, Beans cooked in goose fat R 110.001796 Beans, Green flageolet, dried, 500 gm R 55.00
    • 0630 Beans, white haricot coco, 500 gm R 45.000384 Black Beans, Sabarot 500 gm R 50.000407 Beluga lentils, Sabarot, 500gm R 65.001259 Green Lentils Puy non AOC 500 g R 45.00Biscuits & Cakes0323 Amaretti biscuits from Italy 200 gm R 40.000011 Cantuccini 150 gm R 45.001067 Panettoncino 100 gm R 40.00Chestnut Products0245 Chestnut cream with cinnamon, 325 gm jar R 95.000247 Chestnut cream with honey, 325 gm jar R 95.000249 Chestnut cream with nougat, 325 gm jar R 95.000250 Chestnut cream, natural 325 gm jar R 80.001113 Chestnut Crème spread, 250 gm can R 75.001111 Chestnut Crème Spread, 450g Jar R 95.001110 Chestnut Crème Spread, 78 gm tube R 35.000251 Chestnut puree, 300 gm jar R 70.001085 Chestnut Puree, 435 gm can R 85.000244 Chestnut spread with vanilla, 325 gm jar R 85.000688 Chestnuts, whole, 439 gm can R 95.000023 Chestnuts, whole, vacuum packed, 420 gm jar R 140.000239 Cooked chestnuts with apricots & grapes, 350 gm jar R 125.000237 Cooked chestnuts with mushrooms, 350 gm jar R 130.000242 Cooked chestnuts with sweet onions, 350 gm jar R 130.000611 Marrons Glacés, 6 / 140 gm R 300.00Chocolate1773 Callebaut 70% chocolate callets 200 gm R 45.000672 Chocolate, Valrhona Guanaja 70% beans 200 gm R 80.00Chutneys and relishes1793 Bread & butter pickle R 35.001794 Beetroot chutney R 45.00Dressings, exotic fluids and sauces0240 Ketjap Manis 295ml Sweet Soy sauce R 35.001577 Kewra Water 200ml R 20.001278 Mirin 125ml R 25.000365 Molasses 400g R 25.000423 Orange Blossom Water 125ml R 25.000729 Rice wine Shao Xin 600ml R 50.000759 Rose water, 125ml R 20.00Extracts, Vanillas and Aromas1766 Nielsen Massey Almond Extract 60ml R 95.001768 Nielsen Massey Chocolate Extract 60ml R 95.00
    • 1850 Nielsen Massey Coffee extract 60ml R 95.001770 Nielsen Massey Lemon Extract 60ml R 95.001769 Nielsen Massey Orange Extract 60ml R 95.000204 Nielsen Massey Peppermint Extract 60ml R 95.001074 Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean paste R 195.001714 Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract 60ml R 95.001576 Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract Organic 60ml R 95.001037 Nielsen Massey Vanilla Extract, 118ml R 195.000227 Vanilla Pods x 2 in glass tube R 40.00Fish & Molluscs0326 Anchovy Paste, tube 60gm R 25.000405 Squid ink double sachet 2x4gm R 15.00Fungi1427 Mushrooms black trumpets 30gm, dried R 130.001425 Mushrooms chanterelles 40 gm, dried R 170.001426 Mushrooms morels extra 30gm, dried R 660.001225 Mushrooms, morel, dried per Kg SQ1274 Mushrooms, wild French, 30g jar, dried R 45.001808 Truffle oil, black Gemignani, Italian, 55ml R 125.000903 Truffle oil, White, Poddi, 100ml R 205.001516 Truffle salt 200 gm, Peybeyre R 220.001512 Truffle Salt, 100 gm, Gemigniani R 270.001484 Truffle salt, 40 gm, Gemigniani R 95.000252 Truffle salt, 45 gm, Peybeyre R 95.001117 Truffle shaver, stainless steel R 475.001199 Truffle, fresh Italian winter, per Kg (when in season) SQ1507 Truffle, Fresh White Alba 25 gm (when in season) SQ1158 Truffles, Black in jar 20 gm R 225.001452 Truffles, Fresh black summer, per Kg (when in season) SQ0396 Truffles, Kalahari per Kg (when in season) SQMustards0409 Basil Mustard, 210ml, Fallot R 45.000005 Champagne Mustard, Vilux 200 gm R 45.000152 Dijon Mustard 250 gm stone jar R 90.000150 Dijon Mustard, Vilux 200 gm R 40.000151 Grainy Mustard, Vilux 200 gm R 40.000890 Green peppercorn Mustard 210ml, Fallot R 40.000984 Honey Mustard, Vilux, 200 gm R 40.001168 Mild Brown Mustard 210ml, Fallot R 40.000149 Mustards Gift pack 4 x 25g Fallot R 70.000313 Tarragon Mustard, 210ml, Fallot R 40.000153 Truffle mustard 200 gm R 55.00
    • Oils1502 Argan oil 125ml TAMANAR MOROCCO R 380.001785 Hazelnut oil 500ml, Mayor R 180.001489 Lemon infused olive oil, Willow Creek 500ml R 140.001776 Pistachio oil, Vilux, 250ml R 250.000927 Smoked Olive oil 500ml R 130.000591 Walnut Oil, Mayor, 500ml R 140.00Preserved & canned meat products1832 Block duck foie gras 220 gm, Labeyrie R 350.001433 Chicken liver & mushroom terrine R 80.001434 Chicken liver paté with armagnac R 80.001435 Chicken liver paté with truffle juice R 80.000028 Duck Basquaise R 240.001844 Duck confit 12 legs, Labeyrie R 725.001420 Duck confit 2 legs, Labeyrie R 165.001476 Duck confit 4 legs, Labeyrie R 300.000040 Duck Country paté, 180 gm R 80.000041 Duck espellete chilli paté, 180 gm R 90.001817 Duck fat 320 gm Labeyrie R 110.000042 Duck Gourmet Pate 180 gm R 125.001478 Duck mousse 50% foie gras 150 gm R 150.001446 Duck paté R 80.001553 Duck paté c cepe/porcini 180 gm R 80.001447 Duck paté with apple 90 gm R 80.001432 Duck paté with Armagnac R 80.001431 Duck paté with truffle juice R 80.001819 Duck rillette 170g 20% foie gras R 150.001504 Foie gras goose bloc, 30% pieces, 150 gm can R 195.000038 Foie Gras, duck, bloc 185g, 30% pieces, with slicer R 540.000037 Foie Gras, duck, whole, 130g R 520.000036 Foie Gras, duck, whole, 95g R 250.000854 Foie gras, goose, whole, 130g jar R 590.000015 Garbure R 260.001449 Goose fat, Rougié, 320 gm R 135.000179 Hare paté with rosemary R 80.001832 Labeyrie Bloc duck foie gras, 185g tub R 430.001746 Pork Country Terrine with armagnac R 80.001421 Pork fresh liver paté R 70.001665 Pork liver paté with truffle juice R 80.001436 Quail terrine R 80.000016 Stuffed cabbage with duck confit R 180.000047 Terrine 90 gm Duck with apple R 40.000033 Terrine 90 gm Duck with Armagnac R 40.000022 Terrine 90 gm Duck with figs R 40.00
    • 0027 Terrine 90 gm Duck with ginger R 40.000031 Terrine 90 gm Duck with orange R 40.000008 Terrine 90 gm Duck with red pepper & olives R 40.000021 Terrine 90 gm Liver mousse with spice R 40.000010 Terrine 90 gm Ostrich with thyme R 40.000007 Terrine 90 gm Quail with grapes R 40.000009 Terrine 90 gm Rabbit with tarragon R 40.000014 Terrine 90 gm Rustic with fresh base R 40.000069 Haricots Lingots cooked in goose fat 410 gm R 160.001417 Traditional farmhouse paté R 70.001418 Traditional farmhouse paté c green pepper R 70.001477 Traditional farmhouse paté with herbs R 80.001508 Traditional farmhouse paté with spice 2x90 gm R 85.000029 Traditional landes cassoulet 410 gm R 190.000019 Traditional landes cassoulet 820 gm R 300.001480 Wild boar paté 180 gm R 80.00Preserves & Pickles1652 Preserved lemons R 35.001051 Strawberry & Vanilla Preserve R 35.001793 Bread & butter pickle R 35.00Salts1807 Himalayan salt, fine, 40 gm R 25.000535 La Baleine Camargue salt, coarse, 40 gm R 20.000534 La Baleine Camargue salt, fine, 40 gm R 20.001252 Palm Island Black lava Salt, 20 gm R 40.000378 Salish smoked sea salt, 20 gm R 40.000941 Smoked salt 100 gm R 20.001516 Truffle salt 200 gm, Peybeyre R 220.001512 Truffle Salt, 100 gm, Gemigniani R 270.000252 Truffle salt, 45 gm, Peybeyre R 95.00Salad dressings, salsas and sauces0025 Castaing Cepe/porcini sauce, imported from France R 80.000026 Castaing Green pepper sauce, imported from France R 80.000024 Castaing Madeira sauce, imported from France R 80.000397 Mexicorn Black bean salsa R 35.001707 Mexicorn Chipotle salsa R 35.001163 Mexicorn Chipotles in adobo sauce R 50.000120 Mexicorn Chunky tomato salsa R 35.000207 Mexicorn Jalapeno cheddar salsa R 35.000209 Mexicorn Mexican green salsa R 35.000461 Mayonnaise, 250ml, Agrior R 30.000462 Bearnaise sauce, 250ml, Agrior R 35.000153 Tartare Sauce 250ml, Agrior R 35.00
    • 0154 Burgundy sauce 250ml, Agrior R 35.000556 Portuguese Prego sauce, Sense of Taste R 45.00Spices, herbs and rubs0285 Allspice pimento whole 25 gm R 15.000299 Aniseed 25 gm R 15.000767 Asafoetida 100 gm R 30.000054 Baharat seasoning 25 gm R 15.000283 Bay Leaves 5g R 15.000303 Black Mustard Seed 25 gm R 15.000309 Black Peppercorns 25 gm jar R 15.000312 Caraway seeds 25 gm R 15.000768 Cardamom pods, Brown 25 gm R 15.000286 Cardamom pods, green 10 gm jar R 15.001041 Cardamom, green, ground 10 gm jar R 15.000402 Celery Seed 25 gm R 15.000301 Cinnamon ground 25 gm R 15.000287 Cinnamon Sticks 25 gm R 15.000282 Cloves 25 gm jar R 15.000296 Coriander Ground 25 gm R 15.000310 Coriander seeds 25 gm R 15.000305 Cumin ground 25 gm R 15.000304 Cumin seeds 25 gm R 15.000430 Curry leaves R 15.000719 Dill Tips 20 gm R 15.000044 Falafel seasoning 25 gm jar R 15.000318 Fennel ground 25 gm R 15.000284 Fennel Seeds 25 gm R 15.000291 Fenugreek Methi 20 gm jar R 15.000395 Five Spice Powder 25 gm jar R 15.000613 Garam masala 25 gm jar R 15.000439 Juniper Berries, 15g R 15.000066 Kaffir Lime Leaves, Dried 10 gm R 15.000320 Kalanji Nigella Onion Seed 25 gm jar R 15.000435 Mace 25 gm jar R 15.000311 Nutmeg whole 15g jar R 15.000424 Palm Sugar Thai R 15.000101 Pink peppercorns, dried 60g R 65.001406 Ras el Hanout 25 gm jar R 15.000298 Red Chillies crushed 25 gm R 15.000627 Saffron, 1g, Spanish, premium quality R 125.000085 Shichimi Togarashi 25 gm jar R 15.001077 Spanish Paprika, Hot Smoked R 65.001076 Spanish paprika, Sweet smoked R 65.000290 Star Anise 20 gm jar R 15.00
    • 0052 Sumac 25 gm pack R 15.000321 Szechuan Pepper 25 gm jar R 15.000294 Turmeric powder 25 gm R 15.000426 White Peppercorns 25 gm R 15.000308 Yellow Mustard Seed 25 gm R 15.000313 Yellow mustard, ground R 15.000053 Yemeni zhoug chilli seasoning R 15.000322 Zaatar Spice 25 gm jar R 15.00Stocks1255 Fish stock cubes x 8 R 40.001783 Beef stock cubes x10 R 25.000479 Chicken stock cubes x10 R 25.001334 Vegetable Stock cubes x10 R 25.001353 Hondashi (Japanese tuna stock) powder 25 gm jar R 15.00Tourism1371 Airport pickup R 350.000856 Wine Tour Full Day R 3 500.000883 Wine Tour Half Day R 2 000.00Vinegars0938 Aniseed Vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000372 Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml R 65.001385 Balsamic Vinegar 500ml, Modena R 45.000177 Balsamic Vinegar Saint Sebastian Bay 250ml R 50.001855 Basil vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000937 Caraway Vinegar Vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001610 Champagne vinegar, Vilux R 65.001856 Coriander vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001068 Del Duca Balsamic Vinegar Pandora 7 yr old R 210.001857 Dill vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000936 Fennel vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001786 Granadilla vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000976 Green Pepper vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001354 Jasmine vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 150.000977 Lemon Verbena vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001821 Lemon vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000851 Mint vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001822 Orange vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001858 Oregano vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000904 Provence herbs white wine vinegar 250ml 7% Fallot R 70.00 Raspberry Balsamic vinegar 10 year barrel matured 250ml Protea Hill1787 R 150.00 Farm1820 Raspberry merlot vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001414 Raspberry Vinegar 3 year old 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001859 Rosemary vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.00
    • 1349 Shallot red wine vinegar 500ml 7% Fallot R 80.000471 Sherry vinegar, Capirete, 4 yr old solera 375ml R 60.000668 Sherry vinegar, Capirete, 8 yr old solera 375ml R 80.000827 Sherry Vinegar, La Espanola 500ml R 75.001189 Tarragon Vinegar, Vilux 500ml R 65.001861 Thyme vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.001002 Tomato vinegar 250ml Protea Hill Farm R 90.000003 Vinegar Red Wine 500ml, Italian R 30.000002 Vinegar White Wine 500ml, Italian R 30.000048 White Truffle vinegar, Vilux 500ml R 95.00Postage and Packing Ordinary parcel (counter to counter) for the first kg R 45.00 for each additional kg or part of a kg R 10.00 Econoparcel smaller than 458x324x100mm and under 1kg R 35.00 Courier charges are subject to quote . E&OE