Mailman Group Report: World Cup and Weibo


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Mailman Group Report: World Cup and Weibo

  1. 1. Report: FIFA World Cup 2014 A World Cup Without Weibo Powered by
  2. 2. As domestic leagues reach their climax, attention is turning towards this summer’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Fans, players and organizations are buzzing with excitement across global social media channels Powered by
  3. 3. Although China didn’t qualify, they will be the largest single viewing audience, with social media platforms driving all online discussions. Here we see how well prepared FIFA are when it comes to China. Powered by
  4. 4. Official Presence Insight: a verified account is key to succeeding online in China: fans visit these accounts to receive exclusive content and the latest news first. The official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil website doesn’t have a functioning Chinese language version or any verified Chinese social media accounts. Powered by 0 official functioning channels on Chinese social media
  5. 5. The English and German football associations each have an official Sina Weibo account with a combined 2.5m+ fans. The host, Brazil, and the reigning champion, Spain, both don’t have an official account. National Teams 2 national teams have an official presence on Sina Weibo Insight: There is a high demand for the national teams to join online, where they can ‘ride the World Cup wave’ to propel their follower numbers. Powered by
  6. 6. The World Cup has been mentioned 230,000+ times on Weibo in the last 30 days. Despite the huge popularity of the Premier League, the England national team was mentioned 6 times less than Brazil & Germany’s 237,692 number of mentions Mentions Insight: the World Cup has had a huge number of mentions without an official account, signifying the level of demand and enthusiasm on this channel from fans Powered by
  7. 7. The top 5 fan-driven World Cup accounts have ~2m fans in total, with several other accounts also possessing a large follower base. The #1 account has on average 237 comms/fwds per post, comparable to the top European sites. Fan Accounts 2m total fans of fan-driven accounts Insight: because of the lack of official accounts, fans have created their own accounts, but these are often inconsistent & not up-to-date Powered by
  8. 8. 9 of the official FIFA and FIFA World Cup partners & sponsors have an official Weibo account. The 9 sponsors’ accounts in total have 5.5m+ fans, a great platform to support the launch of an official World Cup account. Partners and Sponsors 9 partners and sponsors with official Sina Weibo accounts Insight: Almost 2/3 of the sponsors have an official account, highlighting the value they put on the Chinese market, especially ahead of this high-exposure event. Powered by
  9. 9. There are millions of fans already talking about the World Cup on Chinese social media. Launching an official Weibo and WeChat account would not only help boost FIFA & other national teams’ presence in China, but also that of their partners and sponsors. Conclusion Powered by
  10. 10. thanks for listening ;) to learn more contact visit Powered by