10 European Tech Events That YOU Should Attend


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I've attended so many events in the past 2 years! Here's my Top 10 for Europe. Quite useful for any tech business dealing with internationalization.

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10 European Tech Events That YOU Should Attend

  1. 1. 10 European Tech Events ThatYOU Should Attend+15 Others That You Should Pay Attention To
  2. 2. Selecting Events@Elie__
  3. 3. Selecting EventsTime consumingAnnoying & Boring@Elie__
  4. 4. Top 10@Elie__
  5. 5. Top 10Among 50+ eventsGet the BEST value@Elie__
  6. 6. “Unconference & Startup Competition”A Few WordsA lot of Berlin locals attend the public "Big Show," but you will also meet a lot of people who hail from the restof Europe. You must apply to attend the “Unconference”: only 150 attendees are admitted, which means theykeep only the best. Hy Berlin has recently announced a partnership with Hub:Raum, the Deutsche Telekomincubator, and Axel Springer bought 49% of the conference: this makes the event even more interesting ifyou are young startup. Downside: their selectiveness tends to make them “not so open.”KeywordsStartups, Contest, Berlin, Entrepreneurship, Incubators, VCs…Bottom lineWarmly recommended, for the startup competition. - More info@Elie__#10
  7. 7. “Conferences dedicated to the digital economy”A Few WordsOne of the very few important French events taking place outside of Paris. It’s good to use our nativelanguage sometimes! But don’t get fooled, you will meet startups with international exposure. Nantes is avery dynamic city when it comes to tech. web2day really celebrates the "French Web" in general: even themost egocentrics parisians make the trip there ;-)KeywordsFrench, Tech Ecosystem, Startups, Geeks, Not Expensive...Bottom lineIf you’re trying to understand the French market, going there is a must. - More info@Elie__#9
  8. 8. “Leading. European. Digital.”A Few WordsYear after year, NEXT has grown bigger and bigger. The event is organized by SinnerSchrader, a huge agencybased in Hamburg, the city where the event was born. This is probably why this conference is more Germanthan international. But this is perfect: you will meet key people from Vienna, Munich or Hamburg. In otherwords: digital Germany, beyond Berlin! An awesome event to dive into the huge German market. Note thatspeakers come from everywhere in the world.KeywordsDigital, Internet, Agencies, Incubators, Startup, German Ecosystem...Bottom lineIf you target Germany, go there! - More info@Elie__#8
  9. 9. “1st international event on APIs in Europe”A Few WordsThe first API Days edition was in Paris. Small is beautiful. At Mailjet our business relies on our APIs, so when Iheard about this event, I jumped at the chance. These conferences are organized by Faber Novel andWebshell, two great teams. Excellent speakers coming from all over the world and a small audience. Veryconvivial and "tech select." Other editions planned in Madrid or SF. Other cities might host API Days: staytuned.KeywordsAPIs, Cloud, Programming, Tech, Innovation…Bottom lineIf your business deals with APIs, attending is a must. - More info@Elie__#7
  10. 10. “Discover how the Web will evolve”A Few Words2013 was the first TakeOffConf edition. I loved it so much that I hired one of the co-Founders of thisconference (now heading Dev Evangelism @Mailjet). Great talks in English, interesting 90% of the time, withspeakers coming from everywhere and bringing some fresh perspectives. The location is great: in the heartof Europe. Lille is 30 minutes from Brussels, Paris and London. Lots of Germans and Dutch also attended. Itwas so successful that there will be an edition in Brazil.KeywordsCTOs, APIs, Cloud, Programming, Ruby, JavaScript, Scalability, Real Time...Bottom lineAll developers who want to stay up to date should attend. - More info@Elie__#6
  11. 11. “TED-like level of quality of tech conferences”A Few WordsThis organization was co-founded by a CTO (Sylvain Zimmer), to bring high quality tech events to his peers.Ferdinand Boas manages the operations with brio. They are also the ones who organize the Paris Tech TalksMeetups. I didnt attend the dot JS, but Ive heard great feedback. Elite, reasonably priced and organized byserious people. Cant wait for the dot Scale in June! Probably the most promising event organizers in Europe.KeywordsCTOs, APIs, Cloud, Programming, Ruby, JavaScript, Scalability...Bottom lineMany themes: if one of them rings a bell, then book your tickets for Paris. - More info@Elie__#5
  12. 12. “The international internet ecosystem”A Few WordsLike it or not, LeWeb is THE internet event in Europe. The big size comes with its downsides, however:fragmented spaces. If you have a startup booth, you will be in a separate building, far from the main scenewhere the magic happens. Its as a visitor (or speaker) that you can leverage this event to the utmost. A lot ofpeople complain about the high cost of attendance: around 2,300 euros. However, if youre a startup, youwill pay one third of the price. And if youre a hustler, you can find your way in as a blogger, an association,etc...KeywordsInternet, Digital, Generalist, Technology, VCs...Bottom lineIf you have the means, go. If you dont, get creative to get in! - Next Edition@Elie__#4
  13. 13. “Get you with the people you want to meet the most”A Few WordsEverybody receives a lot of email from Paddy :) If youre not on their mailing lists yet, go for it: they do anamazing job as marketers. A lot to learn from them. The events are as audacious as their communicationstrategy: in less than 2 years they have become a reference. Their prices remain very reasonable: good point!KeywordsInternet, Digital, Generalist, Technology, VCs...Bottom lineNo hesitation, must attend! With their “2 for 1” voucher, 1 ticket is 250 euros. - More info@Elie__#3
  14. 14. “Tech, Music & Art Festival”A Few WordsMy friend @Madflo calls it “SXSW for Europe.” He’s right. Takes place is a club, near the Spree river. Peoplemingle under the sun and a small boat takes you on some "networking trips." There are a lot of satelliteevents organized by partners, before and after the main conference. Probably the best way to dive into theBerlin Tech Ecosystem. Regular early birds tickets are 100 euros.KeywordsBerlin tech ecosystem, startups, geeks, sunny if youre lucky...Bottom lineMust attend. - Book your ticket!@Elie__#2
  15. 15. “Conference for (...) everyone Tech.”A Few WordsTNW rocks. As a startup, we got a booth for less than 2000 euros, which came with 4 tickets. And it was a realbooth, not a desk lost in a satellite location where attendees never go. Every event should do the same andplace the booths where the action is happening. The location was perfect; even the scenography was highlevel. Great talks and awesome networking. You could meet the speakers at the "Speakers bar." Will theirconferences outside of Europe be as high-caliber? I believe they will be, fingers crossed!KeywordsInternet, Digital, The Next Web, Europe, Tech, Startups, Hackathon (Kings of Code)...Bottom lineMust attend. - More Info.@Elie__#1
  16. 16. Bonus?@Elie__@Elie__
  17. 17. Bonus?@Elie__@Elie__10 HOT confs & hackathons on my radar
  18. 18. #1 Django Con (Europe)#2 Real Time Conf (France)#3 Pirate Summit (Germany)#4 FOSDEM (Brussels)#5 Pioneers Festival (Austria)#6 Devoxx (France)#7 Devs Love Bacon (UK)#8 Web5 (France)#9 hacked.io (UK)#10 Rulu (France)@Elie__
  19. 19. More Bonus?@Elie__@Elie__
  20. 20. More Bonus?@Elie__@Elie__Feedback for 5 other famous events
  21. 21. “Europes Most Prestigious Tech Awards”A Few WordsThe timing was funny: in less than 8 days, you had 3 major startup contests in Berlin (German StartupAwards, Hy Berlin & The Europas). Thats probably why someone trolled a little bit: do we need awards? (Notethat I invited the author, and he eventually attended ^^). An interesting thing about The Europas is that theevent is 100% about the awards: its basically a party with tech people. The venue was OK: a bit noisy but it’s aparty, and Postbahnhof is a nice spot.KeywordsEuropean Startups, VCs, Founders, Tech Ecosystem...Bottom lineIf relevant, apply to the contest when it’s time. - More info@Elie__
  22. 22. “Innovation, Digitization, Science & Culture”A Few WordsI didnt attend this one as I was stuck at some other events in Berlin (The Europas). However, a lot of goodpeople flew there. One of our contractors was attending and he confirmed the event was great. I’d say: sameambiance as LeWeb.KeywordsLeWeb, Digital, Generalist, Technology...Bottom lineIf you have the means, go! More info@Elie__
  23. 23. “Where Europe’s leading cloud visionaries convene”A Few WordsAlso taking place in Amsterdam, but a bit less glamour than TNW: its not the same audience. The eventtakes place in a cozy hotel conference venue and the attendees are 100% cloud & data oriented. You willmeet tech people, but often having a business background. Dont go there to meet hackers. It is the onlyevent of this kind in Europe, and this is the place to go if your partners are in the cloud industry.KeywordsInternet, Digital, The Next Web, Europe, Tech, Startups...Bottom lineIf your business deals with data or cloud infrastructure, book a ticket! - More info@Elie__
  24. 24. “The most inspiring Tech Event in Europe”A Few WordsThe event strives to be international. However, it is still very Luxembourgian. If youre a SaaS, it will be verydifficult to do business in Luxembourg. To work with banks, you need to have a PSF certification and be ableto host the data in Luxembourg. If your business model allows you to do this, go for it: they dont really seemto care about the price. If installing your business there is something youre thinking about (VAT, IP, etc.), thisevent might be interesting.KeywordsIT, Luxembourg, Finance, Banking...Bottom lineMust go if Luxembourg is a significant market for you. - More info@Elie__
  25. 25. “The digital worlds most trendsetting showcase”A Few WordsStrange event. I had a booth and did the following experiment: put some goodies on the table, move 10meters away from it, and watch. In less than 5 minutes, a flock of country bumpkins grabbed everything. Iwas desperate so I locked up the rest of the goodies and moved to visit the booths of potential partners.Problem: I could only talk to some hostesses that were hired to give away goodies and chocolate. Some folkstold me they loved the event and go every year: I dont get it... Must really depend on who you clients are.KeywordsShow, Trade Fair, Huge...Bottom lineI’d say: more for big companies! (Microsoft or SAP) - More info@Elie__
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  27. 27. Hope This Was Useful@Elie__If so, I’ll enrich it!
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  29. 29. Ive studied philosophy but myhead ended up in the cloud.Head of Marketing @MailjetFollow me @Elie__@Elie__About Me
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