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Ebss New Leader 2010 Rev 060410
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Ebss New Leader 2010 Rev 060410


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Narrated presentation for 2010 EBSS New Leaders' Orientation, 2010

Narrated presentation for 2010 EBSS New Leaders' Orientation, 2010

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome to the Leadership Team Annual 2010 Washington, D.C.
  • 2. Sample Section Structure
  • 3. Meet the Executive Board
    • Chair
    • Stephanie Davis- Kahl
      • Primary liaison with ACRL
      • Executive Committee
      • Advisory Board
      • Conference Room scheduling
  • 4. Meet the Executive Board
    • Vice-Chair
    • Sally Neal
      • Appoints members to committees
      • Plans for 2012 Conference program
      • Assists Chair
  • 5. Meet the Executive Board
    • Secretary
    • Kate Silfen
      • Recording secretary for Executive & Advisory
      • Coordinates all committee agendas & minutes
  • 6. Meet the Executive Board
    • Members-at-Large
    • Dana Peterman & Cheryl Goldenstein
      • Current Topics
      • Dutch Treat dinner
      • Special projects from Executive Board
  • 7. Meet the Executive Board
    • Past Chair
    • Lori Mestre
      • Assists Chair
      • New Leaders Orientation
      • Updates EBSS Manual
  • 8. Additional Important Positions
    • Publications Chair
    • Barbaraella Frazier
      • Monitors all EBSS publications in all formats.
      • Assists committees with projects as needed
  • 9. Additional Important Positions
    • Membership Chair
    • Scott Andrew Collard
      • Welcomes all new members
      • Recruitment, Retention, & Orientation
      • EBSS Social
      • EBSS Buddy System
  • 10. Additional Important Positions
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Beth Broyles
      • Always looking for a good story to share w/membership
      • Has her camera ready for that perfect shot
      • Publishes the now virtual EBSS Newsletter
  • 11. Additional Important Positions
    • Web manager
      • Jessica Albano (until 7/1) and
      • Beth Kumar
      • Wizards behind the website
        • Including wiki
      • Can assist with ALA Connect
  • 12. Additional Important Positions
    • Listserv Moderator
    • Judy Walker
      • Makes sure all EBSS committee members are on the list
      • Can also create a special list just for your committee
  • 13. Advisory Board
    • Provides a forum for reporting, discussing, and coordinating the work of the section's standing and special committees.
    • Membership
      • Executive board
      • Committee chairs
      • Webmasters, Newsletter Editor and Listserv Moderator
    • Met Virtually for Annual 2010
  • 14. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Post-Annual
      • Post minutes to your ALA Connect committee space
      • Send the link to the Secretary
    • August
      • EBSS Chair drafts Midwinter & Annual conference schedules
      • Nominating Committee develops slate
      • Past Chair gathers reimbursement forms
  • 15. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Sept/Oct
      • Chair submits conference schedules
      • Nominations Committee submits slate
      • Members-at-Large choose topics for Midwinter current topics
      • Committee Chairs/members submit articles for Fall Newsletter
      • Chair writes “From the Chair” column for Newsletter
  • 16. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Nov/Dec
      • Chair requests agenda items for Midwinter Executive and Advisory meetings
      • Secretary requests agendas for Midwinter committee meetings
      • Each ctte chair sets up agendas for virtual Midwinter meetings and announces this to the EBSS list and in their ALA Connect space
      • Webmaster publishes Midwinter schedule
  • 17. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • December
      • Chair sends out agendas for Executive and Advisory Board meetings.
      • Vice-Chair begins soliciting volunteers for committee appointments.
      • Secretary submits agendas to ACRL.
      • Committee chairs send out agendas to committee members.
  • 18. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Midwinter
      • Each committee chair sets up the virtual meeting space, attends and leads assigned meetings
      • Vice-Chair
        • Attends ACRL Conference Programming meeting
        • Solicits volunteers for committee appointments
      • Secretary
        • Record minutes for Executive and Advisory meetings and post to the ALA Connect space
        • Collects minutes from committee chairs
        • Consolidates all minutes into one pdf file to post to the EBSS web page and the ALA Connect EBSS space.
  • 19. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Midwinter
      • Members-at-Large
        • Coordinate and/or lead a virtual Current Topics Discussion meeting
      • Committee Chairs
        • Chair their committee
        • Make sure minutes are taken and posted to the ALA Connect committee space and the link sent to the secretary.
        • Attend Advisory Council (virtual at Midwinter)
  • 20. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Post-Midwinter
      • Committee chairs posts minutes to ALA Connect and sends link to Secretary (by deadline)
      • Secretary distributes minutes to appropriate groups
      • Chair submits “From the Chair” column to newsletter editor
    • February
      • Vice-Chair completes committee appointments
  • 21. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • March
      • Officers, chairs and members submit articles for Spring newsletter (by deadline)
    • April
      • Chair requests agenda items for Annual Executive and Advisory Board meetings.
      • Secretary requests agendas from committee chairs.
      • Webmaster publishes Annual conference schedule
  • 22. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • May
      • Chair
        • Sends agenda to Executive Committee & Advisory Board members
        • Post/publish Annual conference schedule to EBSS-L
      • Committee chairs
        • Send agenda to committee members and Secretary
        • Post agenda to ALA Connect (your committee space)
      • Secretary
        • Sends agendas to ACRL
  • 23. EBSS Calendar for Committee Chairs
    • Annual Conference
      • Same responsibilities as at Midwinter with slight variations for some officers.
      • Committee chairs will provide a brief update after the consolidated meeting
    • A detailed calendar can be found on pages 15-16 in the EBSS Manual
  • 24. Keys to Success
    • Read the EBSS Manual
      • Become familiar with the policies, procedures and guidelines of the section
        • Ad-hoc committees
        • Reimbursements
        • Programs
        • Publications
        • Meeting attendance
  • 25. Keys to Success
    • Review the Checklist for Committee chairs on pages 24-26
      • Know the charge of your committee
      • Know who’s on your committee
      • Come prepared to your meetings.
      • Communicate with your members throughout the year. Don’t wait until Annual/Midwinter to get everything done.
  • 26. Keys to Success
    • Know what you are responsible for
      • You are responsible for the working of the committee
      • You are part of the Advisory Board and are expected to attend that meeting.
      • You will be asked to give a report of your committees work at the end of the Consolidated meeting.
  • 27. Keys to Success
    • When in doubt -
    • ASK!
    • Have a successful Year!