Presentation at the Next Step 2014 Henry Majale Siata from MYSA

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Presentation at the Next Step 2014 Henry Majale Siata from MYSA

Presentation at the Next Step 2014 Henry Majale Siata from MYSA

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  • 2. Sport for Development and Crime Prevention
  • 3. How does Sport contribute to Positive Youth Development? Sport contributes to advancing youth development in many ways:  Through creation of employment as professional sportsmen.  Inculcating values of teamwork, fairness, hard work and responsibility for positive community well being.  It gives Youth the opportunity to discover their talents, abilities and realizing their potential.  Sports can be linked to other key development areas in society like education, health and environment. This helps the youth develop awareness of key societal issues early in life.  Sports leads to Discipline and focus in an individual life
  • 4.  Does Sports contribute to social inclusion for young people?  In MYSA teams are formed on the basis of neighborhood, proximity to each other’s house, school etc and never on the basis of tribe, religion or others  Sports leads to reconciliation and peace, by inclusion of all persons irrespective of ethnicity or race or gender .  Sports fights discrimination especially for the disabled groups
  • 5. What is the role sport can play in crime prevention essentially? Sports can be used to nurture community values, like Respect for elders Rules Responsibility Morality, Teamwork, Respect and fairness which are essential in molding holistic athletes and citizens Teaches social skills to the young girls and boys and influences them positively.  Sport reduces idleness among the youth and helps in developing whole citizens and athletes who discover their roles in the society. Sport creates employment in diverse ways. These values are the foundation in preventing crime at later stage
  • 6. What is the role youth themselves play in crime prevention? The youth play a key part in crime prevention and as they are the most vulnerable to crime. Their role is based on:  Discovering positive programs they can do for their community. Serving their own communities as youth leaders and role models ensures they keep away from crime. Youths learn from other youths through peer education and role models  The desire to be part of an organized group like MYSA encourages the youth to keep away from crime.
  • 7. What is the role girls/women play in crime prevention? As girls/women are the most vulnerable when it comes to crime. -Taking up leadership roles as elected members of youth committees where they play a role in decision making. -Mentorship of young girls and women, increases the confidence of girls an understanding their rights. -Having places to go and report cases of abuse and other crimes they see around with confidence and no fear of retribution. E.g. sms reporting. --Creation of forums to discuss girls/women issues and coming up with solutions
  • 8. Can sport be used as a preventive tool for crime or is crime prevention a by product of sport for development youth programmes? Crime prevention is more a by product of sports for development rather than a tool for crime prevention in MYSA. MYSA has no direct interventions targeting crime but we do fight crime using the activities:  Around 20,000 young people participating in weekly activities keeps them busy and engaged reducing chances of committing crime. Peer to peer counseling , sms counseling, help desk Leadership roles as elected council members, coaches, referees and other team leaders. Leadership awards to 500 awardees every year keeps them in school Community libraries encourages a culture of reading and setting positive goals for the future. Participation in youth exchange programs either abroad or locally e.g Norway cup, East Africa cup where besides participating in sports they also learn in workshops. MYSA value systems
  • 9. Asante Sana Thanks you