Maidan Summit 2011 - C Chandramohan, Planning Commission


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In an elaborate presentation at Maidan Summit 2011, Mr Chandramohan expressed his concern over the lack of a sport culture in India, which is the most youthful nation in the world. He attributed this to reasons like lack of adequate investment in sports, a lack of interest from the states, inadequate infrastructure and training facilities, a weak federal structure of sports bodies, a lack of transparency and accountability in their functioning, an absence of a maintenance plan for existing infrastructure, the erosion of playfields in villages and a degradation of open playfields in urban areas. All this is compounded by an improper or no evaluation of schemes.

Taking the audience through a presentation on the state of affairs of sport in the entire country, Mr Chandramohan linked sport to the personality development of India’s youth. He recommended a dedicated investment in physical education, advocating fitness to be a part of human resource development, and an immediate need for a young country like India.

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Maidan Summit 2011 - C Chandramohan, Planning Commission

  2. 2. MAGIC BUSSPORTS FOR DEVELOPMENT Dr. C.Chandramohan Sr. Advisor (Education & Sports) 2
  3. 3. • India, the most youthful nation in the world with 410 million youths lack sports culture !• A nation that had a very rich sports and cultural heritage since Harappa -Mohenjodaro and Vedic ages had slipped some where.• Our epics of Ramayana & Mahabharata reveal not only excellence in sports but also International Competitions and Rules of fair-play!• Swami Vivekananda had advised our young men to be strong. “you will be nearer to heaven through football than through the study of Gita’’.• Missionaries got the message and found it easier to accomplish their mission through a friendly sports - football ! Coromandel coast bears testimony. Goa is the best sporting State.NE is coming up.• We pioneered Olympic Movement in Asia - Asian Games, 1951. Our hockey gold in Olympics was almost of bygone era ! Today, tiny nations are in the World Sporting Map! We lament! 3
  4. 4. LOST SPORTS CULTURE- WHY?1. Our Constitution links “Sports” with “entertainment & leisure time activities” in the State List- Not as a necessary Physical Education and Fitness needed for a youthful nation.2. Rural and indigenous sports (kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Jallikattu, Kalaripattu), have been systematically sidelined – Even yoga is for 100% exports! Chinese-Japanese martial arts gained status! Ours? Not yet! Some media savvy ‘Gentlemen’ sports and games rule the roost.3. School sports, zonal tournaments have virtually vanished . No meaningful funding for school sports - for Talents Search. Greedy civic bodies disposed open grounds and play fields - Declining CPRs virtually eliminated rural sports fields.4. Our sports persons lack adequate incentives, even medal winners are languishing in poverty and squalor. Sports lacked career options. Sports quota meant peon’s job in Government.5. Our Sports Administration- choked with bureaucratic controls & Sports bodies lack a federal set up.6. Our sports infrastructure poor – maintenance of existing ones poorer- we lack a credible competition structure for sports. 4
  5. 5. SOME AREAS OF CONCERN YOUTH AFFAIRS SPORTSNYKS • Lack of adequate investment• Very little involvement of in sports. the States in NYKS.• About 80% funds spent on • Many States show less administration & only 20% interest. is for youth development • Inadequate infrastructure and activities! training facilities for sports.• Low female representation • Weak federal structure of in NYKS. sports bodies.• UC problems with NGOs. • Lack of transparency and• Poor visibility in villages. accountability in functioning.• NSS/NCC/Scouts and • No Maintenance Plan for Guides not made already created sports compulsory co curricular infrastructure activities in school. • Erosion of CPRs used as• NSS constrained in terms of playfields in villages. funding, training, • No protection of open management & coverage. playfields in urban areas.• No evaluation of schemes • No evaluation of schemes 5
  6. 6. 1. Our Plan expenditure in Sports and Youth Affairs is very low and has been declining as a %age of Education Expenditure VIII Plan 4.6% IX Plan 3.8% X Plan 3.5% X I Plan 2%- 7%(Annual Plans)3. Higher expenditure noted in some states is on account of National Games and CWG-YG 2008 &CWG-20104. State’s share in YA&S expenditure has been shrinking 6
  7. 7. Structure of Plan Expenditure-YA&S VIII PLAN IX PLAN X PLAN XI PLAN 38% 44% 42% 57%62% 56% Centre States 58% 43% VIII PLAN IX PLAN X PLAN XI PLAN Centre 434 895 1938 8390 States 712 1143 2649 6374 Total (Rs. Crore) 1146 2038 4587 14764 7
  8. 8. Some Good Developments in the 11th Plan1. CWG - 2010 has been successful . It brought many good things - World class infrastructure, country’s talents, a great medal tally, medals in swimming, gymnastics, athletics !!! Something else also raised its ugly head. Law takes care of it, now.2. Broad basing of sports & mass participation through PYKKA.3. Creation of competition structures at sub-State levels.4. Opening made for development of schools sports.5. RTE Act, 2009 mandates for school sports facilities.6. NPE 1986, NCF 2005- Integration Physical education with School education.7. National games gaining importance and States fund sports infrastructure.8. National Playfields Association formed.9. Legislation for sporting bodies has been moved. 8
  9. 9. TWELFTH PLAN FORMULATION• The 12th Plan is being formulated with a very wide consultative process.• A Matrix approach identified key challenges for various sectors.• A participative approach involved, setting up of Steering Committees, Working Groups and Sub-Groups.• These were preceded by Consultative Groups which appraised XI Plan.• Representatives from Sports Bodies, State Governments, Academics, current stars from various sports disciplines, Arjuna Award Winners, Sports Administrators, NGOs, Sports goods Industries, School Managers, Principals, Armed Forces, Social Thinkers and others participated and contributed to the formulation of the Plan on YA&S. 9
  10. 10. Sports and Educational Institutions• School based investments for sports and games.• Revival of zonal competition structures.• Grades/Marks for sports.• Federations to scout for talents in schools/colleges.• Sports stipend for talented students.• School adoption by national/ international sports stars/corporate bodies.• Tax incentives for investment in school infrastructure.• School Sports sponsorship promoted.• Physical education universities /colleges in Western, Northern and Eastern Zones.• NCTE to relax restrictions on B.PEds/M.PEds to expand intake capacity to meet increased demand.• Sports and games for persons with disabilities supported in schools under the guidance of Paralympic Committee of India, All India Sports Council for Deaf and Dump.• Schools to encourage children to participate in SAI’s ‘Come and Play’ scheme. 10
  11. 11. SARVA KHRIDA ABHIYAN• The 12th Plan envisage launching of Sarva Krida Abhiyan on the line of SSA.• Steep reduction in physical activities of population.• Children too shared this reduction, not good for the nation.• Physical education, Games and Sports made integral part of school curriculum. Sports culture to be inculcated among children right from pre- primary classes.• PT period in school time table, minimum 30 mins /day.• RTE mandates all schools to have Play ground, Play Materials, Equipments and Sports Instructors in all Elementary Schools.• Funding under RTE harmonised SSA.• Plan envisages supply of quality Sports Kits/Consumables to Schools.• Untied grants to the States.• School grounds developed in convergence with PYKKA,MGNREGA and State Schemes.• Support to Bicycle Schemes by the State Government.• Mid-day Meals to Secondary School students.• Sports infrastructure disabled friendly. 11
  12. 12. RASHTIRYA MADHYAMIK SHIKSHA ABHIYAN• RMSA to fund sports activities in Secondary Schools.• School curriculum to include Sports and games.• School playgrounds of NVs and KVs will be opened up for neighbourhood schools with mutual understanding.• Local bodies will be impressed upon to extend support in earmarking open spaces and community playgrounds for neighbourhood schools in urban areas, as many private schools and even publicly funded schools do not have playgrounds of their own in cities and towns.• Nominal charges could be levied for the institutions for upkeep and maintenance.• Full or part of Playgrounds reserved for utilization by children during school hours.• A full time sports teacher will be made available under RMSA.• SAI to support identifying PET/PT Masters.• Sports scholarships/Stipend introduced. 12
  13. 13. NATIONAL PHYSICAL FITNESS PROGRAMME• National Physical Fitness Programme will be revived in schools first.• Simultaneous nation wide awareness about health and physical fitness launched through NGOs/NSS/NYKS/NYC.• ICMR/NIN to be supported for developing standards to assess health related physical status, age wise norms. Pending ICMR norms, NHFS norms adopted.• All schools to maintain students’ health cards & basic parameters of physical fitness such as height, weight, BMI, BP and Pulse recorded once in three months.• States to revive school Health Programme.• Provision will be made for supply of requisite equipments to schools either under National Fitness Programme or under SSA/RMSA.• On line counselling through ICT in schools/ Help line through NGOs.• School adoption by RMP/Nursing Homes/ Private providers of health care services promoted.• Support to fitness testing innovative devices . Simple fitness card for measurements devised and norms printed overleaf. Schools supplied with equipments under SSA/MDMS. Private Physical fitness testing booths promoted. Unit cost fixed. 13
  14. 14. FELT NEEDS• Investment in physical education & fitness is human resource development, a need for the most youthful nation in the world.• We should have a new perspective on sports – personality development. -Physical fitness. -Employment & employability, career options. -Empowerment of Youths. -Development of sports science- Sports medicine , a super speciality. -Autonomous sports federation, but transparent and accountable . - Jalandhar and Meerut to achieve international fame for sports goods. 14
  15. 15. DO NOT MISS THE LITTLE 1Yours truly, LBSNAA, Mussoorie,1979 15
  16. 16. YA&S EXPENDITURE IN STATES (Rs. Crore)States Plan Expenditure 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11YOUTH AFFAIRS & SPORTS 1014 1538 1228 1293TOTAL EDUCATION 16125 20097 60613 35590TOTAL STATES PLAN 226731 279076 310407 414703YA&S as a %age of Education 6.29 7.65 2.03 3.63YAS as a %age of States Plan 0.45 0.55 0.40 0.31 17
  17. 17. PERCAPITA PLAN EXPENDITURE (Rs. Cr)• VIII PLAN IX PLAN X PLAN• CENTRE 434 895 1938• STATES 712 1143 2649• TOTAL 1146 2038 4587------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Per capita Expenditure Annual Plan 2005-06 --------------------------------------------------------------------• CENTRAL PERCAPITA PLAN EXPENDITURE Rs.10/-• STATES PER CAPITA PLAN EXPENDITURE Rs.17/-• NATIONAL AVERAGE Rs.27/- 18