Importance of People management in Small Businesses


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Small businesses often neglect to look at the vital issue of People Management - even though people are one of their greatest and most expensive assets. This presentation gives small businesses a starting point to look into this area of managing their businesses successfully.

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Importance of People management in Small Businesses

  1. 1. 270 Large companies in Australia employ 2,000,000+ Small businesses employ the other 50% Of the Private Sector labour force Data sourced from Australian Human Resources Institute Of the Private Sector labour force
  2. 2. The Rate of Failure of Small Businesses in Australia is Staggering
  3. 3. Insolvency in Small Businesses keep increasing 1,123 1,095 Data sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics
  4. 4. Two Big Reasons Are 1.Poor cash management 2.Poor Marketing Image Credit: Winners & Losers in Retail by Peter Evans-Greenwood @ under CC/BY modified by cropping the original
  5. 5. There is a third silent assassin POOR PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Image Credit: Local 12103 on Strike @ under CC/BY
  6. 6. A Business is only as good as its PEOPLE
  7. 7. People bring uniqueness to their jobs by combining EXPERTISE AND PASSION Image credit: worker cutting metal pipe by marin and doctor woman by Luigi Diamanti/
  8. 8. Big Businesses focus on harnessing this power
  9. 9. Small Businesses have to deal with the same challenges as their Big Corporate Brothers HIRING EVER CHANGING LEGAL ISSUES PAYING MARKET RATES TRAINING MANAGING STAFF
  10. 10. In Addition,
  11. 11. They compete with BIG BUSINESSES to recruit TALENT Image credit: Stockimages/
  12. 12. They have to comply with laws that are more suitable for large businesses BUT APPLY TO THEM AS WELL
  13. 13. And yet, for most small businesses PEOPLE ARE NOT ON MANAGEMENT’S RADAR Yes Compliance Pro-active Staff Management No May be
  14. 14. Managing People = Problem NOT A PRIORITY Image Credit: Stress!! by Marsmet549 @ under CC/BY
  15. 15. Resulting into 1. Industrial Relations Issues with financial and non-financial costs
  16. 16. 2. Loss of Productivity adding THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS annually to the running costs
  17. 17. Bring PEOPLE MANAGEMENT at the forefront of your mind
  18. 18. Understand your legal obligations as an EMPLOYER
  19. 19. You can get assistance from: • Fair Work Commission • Fair Work Ombudsman • Australian Taxation Office
  20. 20. Download this FREE e-book from our website. This will help you to get started. Download Now
  21. 21. Create a PERFORMANCE FOCUSED workplace
  22. 22. Start by hiring RIGHT people in every role CREATE A
  23. 23. Ensure they are TRAINED To do their job well
  24. 24. Make every employee feel as a VALUED MEMBER of the Team
  25. 25. It doesn’t have to be an EXPENSIVE exercise
  26. 26. What matters most are COMMUNICATION, UNDERSTANDING, ENCOURAGEMENT, INTEGRITY, RESPECT and FAIRNESS. Slowly these help build a PERFORMANCE CULTURE Image credit: Stuart Miles/
  27. 27. Pro-active People Management Want to know more? Contact Us on This presentation is owned by Next Gen Teams Pty Ltd. All rights reserved © 2014