Guide rail fixing brackets
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Guide rail fixing brackets






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Guide rail fixing brackets Guide rail fixing brackets Document Transcript

  • ThyssenKruppA company ofThyssenKrupp Elevator ThyssenKrupp Elevator Mfg. Jordan GUIDE RAIL FIXING BRACKETS Operation Manual
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator Guid Rail F de Fixing Bra ackets Table of conten nts: 1- 1 Guide R Fixing Bracket Rail ts 1.1. Introductio on. 1.2. Design Co onsiderations. 2- 2 Descrip ption: 2.1 Guid Rail Fixing Bracket Types. de t 2.1.1 Car Guide Rail Bracket t. 2.1.2 Counterwe eight Guide R Side Br Rail racket. 2.1.3 Combined Bracket. 2.1.4 Combinatio Bracket. on 2.2 Dividing Beam Construct m tion. 2.2.1 Single Brac cket. 2.2.2 Single Com mbination Bracket. 2.2.3 Double Bra ackets (Sing Side). gle 2.2.4 Single Brac (Double Sides). cket 2.2.5 Double Bra ackets (Double Sides). 2.2.6 Double Combinations Brackets. 2.2.7 Bracket an combinat (Opposite Sides). nd tion 3- 3 Load R Range: - Load Range. 4- 4 Bracke Selectio et on. - Rail Br rackets Sele ection Table e. - Combin nation Selec ction. 2
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 1- G Guide Rail Fixing B Brackets 1.1. Introdu uction Lift C and cou Car unterweight both must be guided by at least two rigid st guide rails, teel r which are manufactured f from cold d drawing ste or the r eel rubbing sur rfaces must be t mach hined. Guide rails are f fixed to the h hoistway by means of steel bracke y ets. Faste enings and supporting of the brac ckets, such as building beams and walls, mus be a d st capa able of resis sting the ho orizontal for rces impose due to u ed uneven loading of the car with a total defle ection limite to a valu that will not affect th normal o ed ue n he operation of the f eleva ator. Guide rails are fixed on brackets by means of clips. There are usually th e hree fundamental typ of guide rail clips available. pes e • (M Clips) Hot forged clips that hold the guide rail down by exercising great pres ) g ssure on it. The use is rec eir commended in buildings that are not very high, since warp du to ue buckling might appea in the guide rail, as result of the compressio of ar r on the buildi and the d ing differences in temperatur n re. • (SL Clips Sliding Clips. They ex s) xercise little pressure on the guide s since they are manufacture using shaped plate. They are su ed uitable for being installed in buildings of a great height, althou we recom ugh mmend their use r be restric cted to small stresses. • (SH Clip Combine Clips. The combine the advanta ps) ed ey ages of forg ged clips and sliding clips. Recommen nded for all kinds of heigh k hts. 1.2. Design Considera ations 1- 1 Sustain s side forces d uneven loading of th car, i.e. U to 1000 Kg due he Up rated load d. 2 Adjustable range to cover misalignments of the hoistwa walls (±15 2- f ay mm) over the range li imits. 3 Cover a w range of sizes (form 60 mm up to 400 mm) d 3- wide t depending o on 3 extensions used in each arrange ement. 4- 4 Fixing two different si izes of car th guide rails (T70-1/A & T90/B), wit he s th suitable rail clips (M M3, SL2 & SL4), on the other hand, th M2, 2, he weight guide r can be (T counterw rail T50/A) or (T7 70-1/A) with rail clips (M1 & M2). 1 3 View slide
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2- D Descriptio on Guide rail fixing bracke are vary G ets ying accord ding to different arran ngements of lift equipments in the shaft In many c e t. cases each guide rail is fixed as a single unit with s a set of fixin brackets along the s ng shaft; in oth cases 2 or 3 rails s her should be fixed f with w a single bracket to constrain them along the shaft in a specific lo e t ocation. The T followin section w describe the differe types of guide rail fixing brac ng will e ent f ckets and a their wo orking condi itions. 2.1 Guide Rail Fixing Br l racket Typ pes: We W have fou types of g ur guide rail fix bracket as follow. xing ts 2.1.1 Car Guide rail Bracket: The most comm type of rail fixing bracket, it is Used to f the rail b mon f i fix base paralle to el the s shaft wall w standa range o distance from the w to the g with ard of wall guide rail base b varie from 60 m up to 405 mm. the bracket ca fix differe types of guide rails with es mm e an ent their relevant clips (T50/A), (T70-1/A) (T90A) and (T90B) us d sing rail clip (M1, M2, M3, ps SL2, & SL4). Bolt used of b ts bracket fixat are M12 tion 2X40. Fixing bracket co onsists as s shown in the following figure of: e f 1. Wall Brac cket can be fixed to co e oncrete wall using two anchor bo M12. It has ls o olts two fixing positions; the first is the show (normal) and the second is the g wn ), inverted p position to extend the to depth of the bracke otal et. 2. Extension has three standard s n e sizes extension (1) 12 mm, Ext 20 tension (2) 210 mm, and Extension (3) 300 mm; in case of using no e f extension, th rail angle (3) he e is fixed dir rectly to the wall bracke e et. 3. Rail Angle has a drilled flange to mount all previous mentioned gu rails. e o uide 4. Rail clips. 4 View slide
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.1.2. Counter rweight Gui Rail Sid Bracket. ide de . This type of rail brackets c be show only in two cases of this brac can wn cket usage; the first, when the c counterweig is locate to the ba wall of t shaft, so we can us a ght ed ack the o se coup of this b ple bracket to f counterw fix weight guide rails to th back wa The sec he all. cond case when a co e, ombined bra acket is use to mount single rail of the car p ed t perpendicula to ar a sin rail of the counterw ngle weight to th side wall of the shaft so we will need a un of he t, nit this b bracket to fi the other guide rail o the counte ix of erweight to the same w wall. Coun nterweight s side bracke is prepare to fix two types of guide rails (9) (T50A) and et ed (T70-1/A) using rail clips (8 (M1 & M2). 8) ) Bolte connect ed tion betwee extensio and cou en on unterweight rail angle is two bolts t e b M10X X30; the oth connect between wall angle and extension is 2 bo M12X40 her tion e olts 0. Side bracket siz is the distance betwe the wall and the center of the counterwe ze een e eight guide rail in mm e m. Side bracket con nsists as sh hown in the following fig gure of: 1. W angle can be fixe to concre walls us Wall ed ete sing two anc chor bolts M M12. It has two fixing po ositions; the first is the shown (normal), and the second is the inve e d erted position to extend th total dep of the bracket. he pth 6. C Counterwe eight Brack Extensio has 3 sizes to cove distances from 100 mm ket on er s up to 395 mm. 7. Counterwe eight rail angle is suitable for gu uide rails (T T50/A with M1 Clips) and (T70-1/A with M2 Clips). A 5
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.1.3 Combined Bracket 3. t. Combined brack is used only when the arrange ket ement of the lift equipm ments (Car and coun nterweight) a too clos and perpendicular to each othe in a spec point. are sed t er cific Combined bracket can be right or lef hand acc ft cording to G GAD; it can be assembled upsid down du de uring installa ation to be s switched fro right to left hand sim om mply. Combined brack constrai the guid rails in a standard p ket ins de position called (75/85) that means, the distance bet tween the center of car guide rail and the base of f e coun nterweight guide rail is 75mm an the dista s nd ance betwee car guide rail base and en the c center of co ounterweight guide rail is 85 mm. It uses the stan bracket and extensions used for standard car rail brac ndard wall b d ckets givin different s range. ng size Combined brack consists of: ket s 1- Wall Angle can be fixe to concre walls us e ed ete sing two anchor bolts M M12. It has two fixing positions; the f first is the s shown (nor rmal), and t second is the inve the erted position to extend the total depth of the brac o e h cket. 2- Extension, 2 sizes only are used with this typ of bracke extension (1) 120 mm pe ets; and Exten nsion (2) 210 mm in ca of using no extension, the com ase g mbined bracket (10) is fixe directly to the wall b ed o bracket. 10- Combined Bracket can fix car guide rails (T70-1/A with M2 & SL2 Clips or - r s) (T90B with M3 Clips) with counte h erweight gu rail (T50A with M1 Clips) or (T uide T70- 1/A with M Clips). M2 6
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.1.4. Combination Brack ket: Combination bra acket is use to moun both rails of counterw ed nt weight with one rail of the h f car a shown in the followin bracket. as ng The shown type of combin e nation brack kets is used for rated loads not m d more than 1000 kg an for maximum count nd terweight ga auge (distan between guides) 10 mm. nce n 040 Wall bracket (1 is fixed to the wall using two anchor bolt M12 in e 11) ts each side, front f chan (12) and side arms (13) are w nnel s welded toget ther forming a single unit. g Car rail angle (3) is the st tandard rail angle that can fix gu t uide rails (T70-1/A) (T9 90A) and (T90B) usin rail clips (M1, M2, M3, SL2, & SL4); bolts used of brac ng cket fixation are n M12X X40. nterweight rail angle is also the standard one that can fix guide ra (T50/A with Coun ails M1 C Clips) and (T T70-1/A with M2 Clips); bolts used of bracket fixation are M10X30. d e 7
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.2 Dividing B Beam Cons struction. Divid ding (Separa ation) beam are used when the shaft walls are not pre ms d epared to carry c loads imposed through guide rail fixin brackets due to une s ng s even loadin of the ca or ng ar when the shaft w n walls are is too far to th arranged guide rails he d s. The most comm case o using div mon of viding beam is in multi lifts arr ms rangement in a single shaft (dup plex, triplex, … etc.). Fixat tion of all guide rail brackets to th dividing beams is d he done by usiing steel plates repla wall bra ace ackets, the plates w ese welding on dividing beam at fac ctory or at site acco ording to the source. eir Divid ding beams should be originally m mounted to the wall by client; othe erwise they can be added to the shaft by f e fixing two h heavy wall brackets to the shaft w b walls by anc chor bolts and assem s mbly each dividing beam which is HEA120 in most ca ases to the two align brackets by Hex. Bo M12X40. ned s olts Divid beams carry guide rails in mo cases in seven arrangements a shown in the ding e ost as n follow drawin wing ngs. 2.2 Single b 2.1 bracket. 8
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.2 Single C 2.2 Combination Bracket. 2.2 Double Bracket (Single Side) 2.3 9
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.2 Single B 2.4 Bracket (Do ouble Sides s). 2.2 Double Brackets (D 2.5 Double Sides). 10
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 2.2 Double C 2.6 Combinatio (Double Sides). ons 2.2 Bracket and Comb 2.7 bination (Op pposite Sides). d 11
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 3- L Load Rang ge: The following t table shows the rang of rated loads and sizes for all mentio ge d oned brackets. Size Range ge Max. Rated Load R d Bracket Ty Type App plication (mm) (kg) Car B Bracket Low load 60 6 up to 40 05 630 Car Rail + CW Rail Car B Bracket Hig load gh 60 6 up to 40 05 From 750 to 1600 Car Rails 7 0 s CW S Side Bracket 110 to 395 5 1600 1 CW Rail Com mbined Brac cket 175 to 405 5 1600 1 Car/CW R Rails Com mbination Bracket Up to 1040 0 1000 1 CW/Car R Rails 12
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator 4- Bracket S Selection: 13
  • ThyssenKruppA comppany ofThyssen nKrupp Ellevator Thy yssenK Krupp E Elevator Com mbination B Bracket Se election 14