Mobinil Brand Assessment in the Egyptian Market


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This Research Aims to study the different factors impacting Mobinil's Brand position in the Egyptian customer minds and how they perceive Mobinil with respect to the competitors in the Egyptian Market through detailed analysis consumers’ acceptance of Mobinil brand, its services attributes and developed promotions. First of all, we tried to produce accurate information about consumers’ perceptions in various mobile brand use situations and a thorough Campaign analysis.
The Research serves as good grounds for developing strategies against the competition as well as addressing some problems that consumers encounter in day to day usage of their mobile service.

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  • In the question about positioning Q20: If Mobinil was a person, what would he/ she be like? For example, think of athletes, movie stars, singers, politicians, business people, Sport Clubs etc. we have noticed that the a big chunk of the answers were scattered and non consistent with each other, however some people has answerd this question stating “NaguibSawiris” who was the cofounder and owner of Mobinil and major shareholder in Orascom, in light of the recent political situation in Egypt Sawiris has been exposed to public speech and has stated some comments that has been considered offensive and controversial to the majority of Islamic population in Egypt, and Bycoytt acts has been launched against Mobinil in reaction for these comments and opinions which is assumed to have some impact on Mobinil Business in Egypt, and accordingly we recommend to conduct a further research on the perception about the relation between NaguibSawiris Political activity and opinions and its impact Mobinil/Orasom Business in Egypt in light of the recent political situation in Egypt
  • Mobinil Brand Assessment in the Egyptian Market

    1. 1. Mobinil Market ResearchTeam members:Mahmoud Abdel-HamidMohamed MadkourMohamed HussamKarim MohsenTamer Sabry November 2011
    2. 2. AgendaAgenda:Brand descriptionTarget market profilesResearch objectiveResearch methodologyData analysis & findingsRecommendations
    3. 3. Brand Description• Company Name: The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services is the legal/official company name used in all official documents, phone bills, invoices, receipts, letters, board meetings,...etc• Mobinil slogan or tagline is "Communicate from the heart" which is a advantage for brand image. It is a key to the success of Mobinil brand position? That slogan has built a solid emotional bond with mobinilian customers.• A Brand is not just:A logo exerciseA design style and color schemeA slogan or a sales tag lineAdvertising, TV commercials and press campaignsSignage, outdoors and packaging of the product• The Brand reflects and portrays our:Vision = what do they wantValues = our market statusPersonality = our style of communicationPositioning = how are we different from our competitionImage = how are we perceived by the market
    4. 4. Brand Description Leadership team Company profile TV Adds Mobinil vision statement “Be the telecom operator of Vision & Mission choice in Egypt, fulfilling the community needs praising its heritage, creating value for all stakeholders and proudly contributing to the country’s development.” Mobinil mission statement “Maintain leadership as the Social responsibility most recommended telecommunication brand in Egypt. Provide the most recognized quality and innovation, and grant the highest value to our Mobinil community, while maximizing profitability. Be a desired employer, highly appreciated for its social contribution.”
    5. 5. Target Market Profile Star Control Star Star Star Star Etkalem Smartphone offers Global Online Primo Star OffersAlo taarif plansOffers:Baladna elgedeed, Alo Small & Medium Corporate offersBedoon Shoroot,Al Masry,Ahsan Naas,Alo per second, Business InternetAlo kalam aktar, everywhereGhaniely. Solutions Take your office everywhere Tailored Solutions
    6. 6. Research ObjectiveThe research objectives can be summarized into the following:• Determination of Consumer perception and attitude towards Mobinil.• Describe the factors affecting consumer perception towards Mobinil.• Describe the awareness and impact of Mobinil Marketing campaign "winning Jeep Cherokee" on the consumers.• Describe the main problems Mobinil have from the customers prospective.
    7. 7. Research methodology• Type of the study: Descriptive Quantitative study.• Tool: Probability survey (We used the personal, internet and phone to make the process of distributing the questionnaire)• Sampling unit: Non-probability convenience sample• Sample size: 220 individuals.• Purpose behind choosing this sample: Availability and willingness of respondents to participate in the survey due to time and cost limitation.• Research limitation: – The research is conducted only on the urban residents. – The planning schedule to finalize the distribution of the questionnaire was 3 days only.
    8. 8. Research methodology• Questionnaire Design breakdown : – General Perception/Attitude About Mobinil • Cognitive • Affective • Behavioral – Questions about Campaign (30 Jeep Cherokees)/Promotions – Questions about consumer’s feedback about Mobinil services. – Questions about Mobinil prices and tariffs convenience to customers.• Result tabulation and analysis: survey.php?surveyID=OLKKIN_52ca8994
    9. 9. Data analysis & findings Age:-• Respondents Demographics o51 and above o – 50 41 Age:- o31- 40 Age demographics o21 - 30 51 and above 0% 0 20 40 60 80 100 3% 41 – 50 0% 3% Gender demographics 31- 40 24% 21 - 30 Female 70% 33% Male 67%
    10. 10. Data analysis & findings• Mobinil User VS Non user Mobinil Users Non Mobinil 39% Mobinil 61%
    11. 11. Data analysis & findings• Consumption rates Consumption Rates Above 500 EGP Above 500 EGP Axis Title 200 EGP to 500 EGP 200 EGP to 500 EGP 50 EGP to 200 EGP 50 EGP to 200 EGP Below 50 EGP Below 50 EGP 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Axis Title Mobile Consumption in the selected Sample is High
    12. 12. Data analysis & findings • Experience rateMore than 80% from total Satisfaction Ratesubscribers answered Very Unsatisfied Very Satisfiedpositively regarding Unsatisfied 4% 6% 10%overall satisfaction about SatisfiedMobinil network product 27%and services while lessthan 15% has somereservations about thesatisfaction from Mobinil Normalwhich could represent 53%some loyalty and churnrisk
    13. 13. Data analysis & findings• Information Source Information Source TV Commercial Friend or family Customer Care Newspaper Facebook Page Web Site 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Web Site Facebook Page Newspaper Customer Care Friend or family TV Commercial Series1 13% 4% 11% 20% 25% 27% Visual communication channels are found to be the most effective channel to convey information about Mobinil products and services to their customers, while the word of mouth via friends and family are in the second place
    14. 14. Data analysis & findings• Campaign awareness Campaign Awareness NO Yes 0.00% 20.00% 40.00% 60.00% 80.00% Yes NO Percentage 63.56% 36.44%The Campaign awareness in the target segment was a bit lower thanwe expected as this segment is supposed to be exposed to more thansingle marketing communication channel , and we justify this resultfrom our team perspective to the reason that the launching date ofthis campaign
    15. 15. Data analysis & findings• Marketing Campaign Channels Information Source Billboard Friend Radio Newspaper TV 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% TV Newspaper Radio Friend Billboard Series1 67.11% 13.16% 9.21% 3.95% 6.58%This result confirms that the visual marketing communicationwas the most effective channel for creating awareness about thiscampaign, while others was not as much effective for the targetsegment as the TV
    16. 16. Data analysis & findings• Marketing Campaign Message Marketing Campaign Message 31.65% 46.84% 21.52% For each Megabit customers usage online will increase their chances to enter a draw on one of 30 Jeep Cherokees. For each 1 EGP: customers internet use online will increase their chances to enter a draw on one of 30 Jeep Cherokees Highest 30 customers spending online will win 30 Jeep Cherokees. 47% only from the segment was able to decode the marketing message from the Campaign which means that the message was not so clear and created some confusion to the subscribers
    17. 17. Data analysis & findings• Marketing Campaign Attractiveness Market Campaign Attractiveness Strongly Disagree Strongly Disagree Disagree Disagree Neutral Neutral Agree Agree Strongly Agree Strongly Agree 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% Almost 80% of the target segment has been attracted to the campaign and this means that the content of the message across different marketing channels was able to draw customer attention
    18. 18. Data analysis & findings• Marketing Campaign Likeness Market Campaign Likeness Strongly Like Some How Like Neutral Dislike Strongly Dislike Strongly Dislike 3.19% Dislike 9.57% Neutral 58.52% Some How Like 19.15% Strongly Like 9.57% Almost 60% of the target segment were with neutral feelings towards the campaign while only 30% liked it which means that over the segment the research applied on, the campaign will not much added value to Mobinil in term of internet consumption.
    19. 19. Data analysis & findings• Marketing Campaign Effect on Us Campaign Effect on Usage Yes No Not Applicable Not Applicable 28.7% No 59.4% Yes 11.9% The Market Campaign wasnt able to motivate almost 83% the subscribers to increase their mobile internet consumption, which here implies that the Marketing objective might not be necessarily met as a result of achieving the communication objective (attractiveness of the Campaign)16.7% 83.3%
    20. 20. Data analysis & findings• Usage After Campaign Campaign Effect on Usage Frequent Moderate Neutral Neutral 60.5% Moderate 23.7% Frequent 15.8% This question confirms that the campaign was not able to motivate the subscribers (NON CONSISTENT RESULTS with previous one)
    21. 21. Data analysis & findings• Mobinil Positioning Mobinil Positioning Quality Customer Care Network Coverage Prices and Tariffs Technology Promotions Promotions 23% Technology 5% Prices and Tariffs 18% Network Coverage 35% Customer Care 13% Quality 5%Among the 5 measures that has been selected to evaluate MobinilPositioning, the Brand image is associated with Network coverage in thefirst place 35% in our target segment , while for other slice of the segmentpromotions on the service offerings has represented 23% and then pricesand tariffs 18%, this scattered brand perception from our perspective isconsidered as a draw back from Mobinil about its positioning strategy
    22. 22. Data analysis & findings• Etisalat Positioning Etisalat Positioning Quality Customer Care Network Coverage Prices and Tariffs Technology Promotions Promotions 31% Technology 7% Prices and Tariffs 50% Network Coverage 6% Customer Care 3% Quality 3%Among the 5 measures that has been selected to evaluate Etisalat Positioning, theBrand image is associated with Prices and tariffs in the first place 50%, whilepromotions comes in the second place 31%, and this is consistent with theapproach the Etisalat has followed after launching to provide the market placewith a new innovative and attractive service offering in the market place, while inits launching Etisalat was focusing on the technology advancements positionwhich we think is not very decisive in the Egyptian market in the service providerselection
    23. 23. Data analysis & findings• Vodafone Positioning Vodafone Positioning Quality Customer Care Network Coverage Prices and Tariffs Technology Promotions Promotions 6% Technology 13% Prices and Tariffs 6% Network Coverage 12% Customer Care 21% Quality 42%Among the 5 measures that has been selected to evaluate VodafonePositioning, the Brand image is associated with Quality of the offeredservices in the first place 42%, while customer comes in the second place21%, and this result is realistic when as Vodafone has succeeded overmany years to convey this message to the market place and to itscustomers
    24. 24. Data analysis & findings• Consumer perception of Competition Radar plot Brand Image/Perception Profile Vs Competition Mobinil Etisalat Vodaone Quality Promotions 4.2 Customer Care 3.1 4.2 3.9 3.3 3.2 3.0 2.9 3.1 2.9 3.7 4.0 3.8 4.5 3.0 3.3 Technology 4.2 Network Coverage Prices and Tariffs
    25. 25. Data analysis & findings• Brand Mind Map
    26. 26. Data analysis & findings• Mobinil wrt others Consumer Perception much better Somewhat better Same worse Much worse Dont know Dont know 6% Much worse 3% worse 23% Same 37% Somewhat better 23% much better 7%Mobile telecom Market is very competitive and the 3 providers offeringsand bundles are very close, the competitive edge does exist in three mainareas, service quality, network coverage, customer care, other measuresare almost equal in the 3 providers, and so customer perception majorityperceive Mobinil Wrt to the others are same, while 2 equal camps worseand somehow better scores the same.
    27. 27. Data analysis & findings• Problems Perception Mobinil mostly percieved problem by Consumers Quality Network Coverage Prices and Tariffs Technology Promotions Customer Care Customer Care 27.2% Promotions 13.2% Technology 16.7% Prices and Tariffs 6.1% Network Coverage 14.0% Quality 22.8%Mobinil Customers mainly experience 2 main problems on customercare/support as well as the service quality as concluded from the abovegraphs, and these are the areas that we recommend that MobinilManagement should investigate further and devise some strategies tohelp eliminate those drawbacks.
    28. 28. Data analysis & findings• Mobinil Reaction Towards Problems Customers expectations for Mobinil reaction towards its main problem Yes I fully Agree Yes I Agree I don’t Know No I don’t agree No I don’t Agree at all No I don’t Agree at all 6.14% No I don’t agree 7.89% I don’t Know 45.62% Yes I Agree 30.70% Yes I fully Agree 9.65% Almost 60% of the sample are not aware or don’t agree about Mobinil actions towards problems recovery which may lead the consumers to port-out.
    29. 29. Data analysis & findings • Operator Selection Criteria Main Selection criteria for Operator selection Other 14.16%Technological Advancements 7.08%r Care and Technical Support 17.70% Service Quality 30.09% Prices and promotions 13.27% Network Coverage 17.70% Our Target segment selection criteria are mostly inclined towards the service quality measure/criteria as main selection factor
    30. 30. Data analysis & findings• Prices expectation Consumer expectation about Mobinil PricesNo I don’t agree at all 1.82% No I don’t agree 23.64% I don’t Know 24.55% Yes I Agree 40.91% Yes I fully Agree 9.09% Mobile telecom Market is very competitive and the 3 providers offerings and bundles are very close, the competitive edge does exist in three main areas, service quality, network coverage, customer care, other measures are almost equal in the 3 providers as the price is being outlined and controlled by the NTRA
    31. 31. Data analysis & findings• Customers Loyalty Consumer Purchasing decision to continue using Mobinil Not Sure 17.6% Definitely not 0.0% probably not 19.8% probably 40.7% Definitely 22.0% 62% of customers are loyal to Mobinil, and Mobinil is facing a churn risk for the rest of 38%
    32. 32. Data analysis & findings• Customers Recommendations Customers perception to recommend Mobinil to other users Not Sure 20.54% Probably 29.46% Definitely Not 13.39% Probably not 20.54% Definitely 16.07% Negative word of mouth is 34%
    33. 33. RecommendationsRecommendations• As a first step to enhance the bad Quality perception, it should start work on renovate their network by using advanced technology and increasing the network capacity to reduce call cutoffs.• Promote for such network renovation and expansions.• Enhancing the customer care system through: – Increasing number of customer care representatives – Enhance the system by providing feedback to the representatives from different technical teams. – Reprocess the internal interaction process between departments to provider shorter SLA. All this should lead to availability of the representatives to provide the feedback to the customers and so showing more attention and intimacy.
    34. 34. RecommendationsFurther Research Recommendations• We Recommend Further research on the perception about the relation between Naguib Sawiris Political activity and opinions and its impact Mobinil/Orasom Business in Egypt in light of the recent political situation in Egypt
    35. 35. IntroductionThank YouWorking Together For Better Environment.