What is Spark the Rise


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Spark the Rise is a platform where "project champions" can submit Sparks in 5 categories and where volunteers can get involved to help people Rise.

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What is Spark the Rise

  1. 1. SparktheRiseA Mahindra Group InitiativeSeptember 2012 Spark the Rise
  2. 2. 2ContentsKey questions that are answered in this presentation What is Spark the Rise? How does it work? How can I participate? For more information email questions@sparktherise.com, or visit www.sparktherise.com Spark the Rise
  3. 3. What is Spark the Rise? Spark the Rise
  4. 4. Spark the Rise is a platform where“project champions” can submitSparks in 5 categories and wherevolunteers can get involved to helppeople Rise.The 5 categories are : • Technology • Infrastructure & Transportation • Energy • Agriculture & Rural Development • Social Entrepreneurship (includes Health, Education, Arts & Culture, Sports and Environment-related fields) Spark the Rise
  5. 5. A Spark is a project or idea thatchallenges conventions andinnovates to help people Rise.Anyone can create a new projector idea, or submit existingprojects in the specifiedcategories and seek support fromthe public.Applications can be made onlineon sparktherise.com Spark the Rise
  6. 6. What’s in it for YOU? Spark the Rise is a collaborative platform of social entrepreneurs across India. By joining the community, you: • Can win a grant of up to 40 lakhs • Gain visibility for your Spark • Find volunteers, investors, equipment, and experts • Connect and learn from like minded people and organizations Spark the Rise
  7. 7. The journey so far We received over 6000 submissions from August 2011 until April 2012 1,463 entries were approved and published on Spark the Rise. Mahindra funded approx. INR 3 crores in grants that were distributed across 48 winning projects 1,032 supporters got involved 743 volunteers came forward 473 experts gave advice Spark the Rise
  8. 8. How does it work? Spark the Rise
  9. 9. In each round, 12 Sparks willreceive grants ranging from INR 2 –4 lakh each.Winning Sparks are selected by acombination of public voting andjury evaluation.These Sparks will be provided withmentors and specialized training.After 4 rounds, we will select 18Sparks to enter a Grand Finale tobecome eligible to receiveadditional grants. Spark the Rise
  10. 10. Program went live on 17 Sep. 2012 and runs until March 2013Entries submitted online every month for 4 months, as per a specified calendar 12 Sparks (8 projects + 4 ideas) chosen monthly by a combination of public vote and jury selectionThese monthly Sparks are awarded a grant by Mahindra Top 18 Sparks across the four rounds will enter a Grande Finale in March 20135 winners from the 18 finalists are awarded a further grant Spark the Rise
  11. 11. Who can participate? Institutions NGOs Individuals or Businesses Teams Spark the RiseInstitutions = Educational Institutions, Not-for-profit labs, Societies & Partnerships Spark the Rise
  12. 12. Framework for Evaluating Sparks (Projects & Ideas)* IMPACT INNOVATION TEAM INNOVATION FEASABILITY How much will it Does the person(s) Is the Spark Does the plan look affect the target have relevant creative or achievable? Is it group’s lives? How experience? Are original? Does it scalable and/or many people will it they uniquely demonstrate replicable? If this help? Is it a one- positioned and alternative thinking Spark receives a time improvement driven to make it that we can learn grant, is it likely to or a long-term work? something new succeed? continuous from? change? The jury will give priority to awarding grants to projects that could not be implemented otherwise.* May be subject to last minute change. Refer to the Spark the Rise website on/after 17 Sept. for the final details Spark the Rise
  13. 13. 13Monthly Rounds: Total pool of grant money* 12 Grants per month • 8 project grants of 4 lakh each • 4 idea grants of 2 lakh each Round 1 (8 x 4) lakh + (4 x 2) lakh 40 lakh Round 2 (8 x 4) lakh + (4 x 2) lakh 40 lakh Round 3 (8 x 4) lakh + (4 x 2) lakh 40 lakh Round 4 (8 x 4) lakh + (4 x 2) lakh 40 lakh Total: 1.6 crores * May be subject to last minute change. Refer to www.sparktherise.com for the final details. Spark the Rise
  14. 14. 14Grand Finale: Total pool of grant money* 5 Grants • 3 project grants: 1 of 40 lakhs & 2 of 20 lakhs • 2 idea grants: 1 of 20 lakhs & 1 of 10 lakhs 1 Project Winner 40 lakhs 40 lakh 2 Project Runner-ups 2 x 20 lakhs 40 lakh 1 Idea Winner 20 lakhs 20 lakh 1 Idea Runner-ups 1 x 10 lakhs 10 lakh Total: 1.1 crore * May be subject to last minute change. Refer to www.sparktherise.com for the final details. Spark the Rise
  15. 15. Spark the Rise Cycles* Announcement ofRound Submission Period Voting Period Winners 1 17 Sep – 05 Oct, 2012 11:59:59 PM IST 06 Oct – 21 Oct, 2012 01 Nov 2012 2 Upto 31 Oct, 2012 11:59:59 PM IST 01 Nov – 21 Nov, 2012 01 Dec 2012 3 Upto 30 Nov, 2012 11:59:59 PM IST 01 Dec – 21 Dec, 2012 02 Jan 2013 4 Upto 31 Dec, 2012 11:59:59 PM IST 01 Jan – 21 Jan, 2013 02 Feb 2013Grand 25 Feb – 15 Mar, 2013 (Tentative) Date TBDFinaleA 3-day training and on-ground event in April 2013 to recognise all the winners of the Grand Finale* May be subject to last minute change. Refer to www.sparktherise.com for the final details. Spark the Rise
  16. 16. How can I participate?Multiple avenues exist… Spark the Rise
  17. 17. Enter your Spark Got an idea that will help people to Rise? The best way to encourage people is to lead by example. Convince your peers to start or support a Spark with you. Enter and show others that there are those who accept things as they are, and those who Rise to change. Spark the Rise
  18. 18. Anyone can Spark the Rise. You Spread the sparkmay know people with greatideas that will help other peopleRise.Word of mouth is very effectivefor collaborative concepts suchas Spark the Rise.The most-voted projects willreceive grants from Mahindra, sothis is a real opportunity forpeople you know to get involvedin the movement. Spark the Rise
  19. 19. Volunteer or Vote for An idea may need your help to a Spark get off the ground or scale up. Put your resources where your mouth is and get involved in the Spark(s) of your choice. Think you’ve spotted a great idea? Help it win! Vote for the Spark and inspire others to vote, too. Spark the Rise
  20. 20. So—you can enter your Spark, Debate the Sparksvolunteer to help a Spark or votefor your favourite Spark. What elsecan you do?Participate in discussion forums.Voice your opinions on topicsconcerning how India can Rise orhow the world can be made abetter place! Spark the Rise
  21. 21. Thank youVisit our website at www.mahindra.com For more information, you can email questions@sparktherise.com, or visit sparktherise.com Spark the Rise
  22. 22. Spark the Rise
  23. 23. 23Disclaimer The information herein is subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to www.sparktherise.com for more information. Mahindra & Mahindra herein referred to as M&M, and its subsidiary companies provide a wide array of presentations and reports, with the contributions of various professionals. These presentations and reports are for informational purposes and private circulation only and do not constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities mentioned therein. They do not purport to be a complete description of the markets conditions or developments referred to in the material. While utmost care has been taken in preparing the above, we claim no responsibility for their accuracy. We shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from the use thereof and the viewers are requested to use the information contained herein at their own risk. These presentations and reports should not be reproduced, re- circulated, published in any media, website or otherwise, in any form or manner, in part or as a whole, without the express consent in writing of M&M or its subsidiaries. Any unauthorized use, disclosure or public dissemination of information contained herein is prohibited. Unless specifically noted, M&M or any of its subsidiary companies is not responsible for the content of these presentations and/or the opinions of the presenters. Individual situations and local practices and standards may vary, so viewers and others utilizing information contained within a presentation are free to adopt differing standards and approaches as they see fit. You may not repackage or sell the presentation. Products and names mentioned in materials or presentations are the property of their respective owners and the mention of them does not constitute an endorsement by M&M or its subsidiary companies. Information contained in a presentation hosted or promoted by M&M is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. M&M or its subsidiary companies assume no liability or responsibility for the contents of a presentation or the opinions expressed by the presenters. All expressions of opinion are subject to change without notice. Spark the Rise