ZigWheels November 2010: Equestrian Order 'Mahindra Stallio' Put To Test


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Hot-Blooded and Young, Mahindra 2-Wheelers Stallio is for today's strivers who want more from everything in life, including their daily workhorses. Varad More gets astride the Mahindra Stallio to untravel the worthy companion in it!

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ZigWheels November 2010: Equestrian Order 'Mahindra Stallio' Put To Test

  1. 1. 96 PUT TO TEST PUT TO TEST 97 Equestrian Order HOT-BLOODED AND YOUNG, MAHINDRA 2-WHEELERS STALLIO IS FOR TODAYS STRIVERS WHO WANT MORE FROM EVERYTHING IN LIFE, INCLUDING THEIR DAILY WORKHORSES. VARAD MORE GETS ASTRIDE THE MAHINDRA STALLIO TO UNRAVEL THE WORTHY COMPANION IN IT T wo years ago, Mahindra & and the decision to foray into the two established brands like the Hero Mahindra took over Kinetic segments is consciously done Honda Splendor have reigned Motors and forayed into the supported by a massive market survey supreme all these years with their Indian two-wheeler sphere based on inputs from over 7,500 reliability, economy and comfort, even with three scooters, namely people that included current at their premium price-point. - Flyte, Rodeo and Duro. motorcycle owners as well as Although, now the rules of the game The new born bike-maker has now prospective buyers. are changing as Indian masses are ventured into the motorcycle space As the Indian working class grows getting exposed to the outside world armoured with the Stallio, a feature- tenfold, it clearly reflects on a higher with staggering pace resulting in more packed 110cc motorcycle with styling, number of consumers with disposable aspiration-driven purchases in their comfort and value-for-money as its incomes looking for an affordable, day-to-day lives. This is also USP and has also showcased its trustworthy and reliable means of applicable to the motorcycles of today premium offering, the Mojo, a 300cc personal transport. This segment has as can be seen from the slow yet performance motorcycle. M&M is seen a steady growth over the past steady growth in the premium very serious about this new venture two decades and explains why motorcycle segment in India. The | P H O T O G R A P H Y K U N A L K H A D S E | NOVEMBER 2010 | www.zigwheels.com NOVEMBER 2010 | www.zigwheels.com
  2. 2. 98 PUT TO TEST PUT TO TEST 99 1 2 effect has also trickled down to the entry level The well-sculpted fuel-tank mixes form wheeler market in the world, the company segment with buyers not basing their buying and function in an efficient manner with the has its fundamentals in place and it has done decisions simply on economy and pricing but knee-recesses making for excellent thigh and its homework pretty neatly too. For instance, opting for more upmarket motorcycles with knee positioning for riders of varying sizes. under the curvy fuel-tank there are two style and features even if it means shelling Owing to my rather tiny framework I was storage compartments with locks to keep out more moolah. extremely comfortable astride the Stallio, but small tit-bits like sunglasses, documents, With regards to the changing demands of tools-kit and first-aid kit, safe in place. buyers it appears to be a good time for an Maybe the Stallio loses a few points with emerging company like Mahindra 2- regards to tidiness, but that should be taken Wheelers to establish itself in the popular THE care off in due course of time, we think. and burgeoning 110cc segment that has been WELL-SCULPTED The large cushy saddle and the fuel tank recently attacked by all bike-makers FUEL-TANK MIXES are in one line making for a very commuter- including big-wigs like Honda and Yamaha FORM AND FUNCTION ish ergonomics and a welcoming stance. The with the CB Twister and YBR110, tank has a plastic strip running along its respectively. No doubt that the major players IN AN EFFICIENT MANNER length that is more than just a design have a solid foothold in the market with WITH THE KNEE-RECESSES element. According to Mahindra, a lot of strong following and credibility to back their MAKING FOR AN commuters lodge goods on the fuel tank of products and it is certainly a gigantic task at their motorcycles and this plastic band helps hand for the Stallio to impress a buyer that is EXCELLENT THIGH them keep the goods in place by providing hugely spoilt with plenty of options to choose AND KNEE sufficient grip and it also makes for a good from. Going by the looks of it, the Stallio POSITIONING design element. Although, we dont quite 3 4 comes across as an stylish commuter thanks advocate riding a motorcycle with goods to its aggressive lines and pronounced design stacked on the fuel-tank as it can get very touches. Some buyers might find the sharp my colleague Sopan, who is a good six footer, nasty. Best is to get the bike fitted with a arrow-shaped bikini fairing upfront a little returned from our TV show shoot and was panniers if you are to carry a lot of equipment quirky for their taste, but if one looks at the impressed how comfortable and easily the on a daily basis. entire design of the bike, the sharp and bike welcomed his rather unusually long legs. Even with edges and cuts, the Stallios muscular design touches add a lot of Even as Mahindra 2-Wheelers is striving to design has a smooth flow from front to end. character to the Stallio. get a foot-hold in the second largest two- The tank gels into the centre panels that flaunt the Stallio moniker in widely dispersed through the 4- does a good job even when its 1 The 106.7cc engine of the 3 One of the few bikes in its chrome. No jazzy graphics here, speed transmission that results in put through the paces over a set Stallio is frugal and efficient with segment to boast of parking a peppy power delivery. The lights, the Stallio’s front-end is just subtle yet appealing design. fantastic in-town rideability. That of arm-wrenching corners. lockable storage compartment contemporary and aggressive in The plastic quality is decent with said, the gearbox on our test-bike For road-testing, handling and under the fuel tank offers good its styling. Rubber indicator stocks no gaps or ragged fits found was clunky and had a rubbery feel chassis dynamics play a very functionality are a good functional touch anywhere on the bike. Although but it was a lot better on some of important role in order to connect 2 The fully digital instrument 4 The ergonomically designed we feel the welding on the joints the other test-bikes that we rode. with a motorcycle and while console complete with a digital aircraft-like fuel-filler cap adds a tachometer is taken directly from lot of style and practicality when could have been a little more Weighing just over 120kg, the many would equate the feel factor Mahindra’s Rodeo scooter refuelling at the gas stations neatly and tidily done. Rest of the Stallio enjoys a good power-to- largely to power and excitement, bike has a fairly good fit-and- weight ratio that directly in reality it is a lot about how finish with a host of features - one influences its overall much comforting and especially when caught in tight and for them a comfy ride quality of them being the fully digital performance as well involving the bike feels. spots like parking spaces or traffic plays key role in the purchase console taken from the Mahindra as fuel efficiency THE And quite jams. Stopping power comes from decision. And with the Mahindra Rodeos parts bin albeit without as was found WEIGHT unexpectedly for 130mm drum brakes on both ends brand already a household name the choice to choose from jazzy in our tests. a commuter and they offer okay braking in rural India as countrys leading multiple backlights as seen on the The Stallio DISTRIBUTION ON bike, the performance with the Stallio tractor-maker, it would not be Rodeo. The rear shock absorber took THE STALLIO IS SPOT ON Mahindra taking 30.72 metres and 3.7 very hard for the company to springs coloured in bright red add 8.2seconds FOR A COMMUTER BIKE Stallio does seconds to come to a halt from promote the cost-effective Stallio a nice sporty touch to the bike in the 0- an 60km/h but there is also severe in these rural markets as well. But but the under-stated design of the 60km/h WITH A LIGHT FRONT-END exceptional brake-fade that we experienced. the most significant factor in exhaust looks a bit bland in dash, THAT GREATLY HELPS job at it. The Suspension duties on the purchase decision for most contrast to the Stallios overall which is IN SWIFT steel tubular Stallio are handled by telescopic commuters in rural as well as stylish appeal. The parts quality is fairly okay if DIRECTIONAL double cradle forks upfront while 5-step urban India remains to be, good and the switchgear too feels not something frame is light adjustable Gabriel twin shocks "Bhaisaab, average kya hai?" well-built and sturdy. to scream about. CHANGES weighted and rigid in work on the rear. Tuning of the The answer is 70kmpl under Thumb the starter button and But the Stallio holds its its design and coupled suspension is slightly on the mixed riding conditions including the 106.7cc motor promptly jumps own against the might of the with the 1,265mm wheelbase, it softer side to aid comfort and to city commutes as well as highway to life. The feel from the engine entrenched rivals in the roll-on presents the Stallio with neutral keep away the impact of bumps long hauls. And with 13.7litres of clearly speaks about the bikes acceleration. Slotted in third gear, handling as well as sure-footed and potholes from reaching the fuel-tank capacity, the Stallio can frugal nature and its econo- the Stallio recorded an impressive stability. Shod with Dunlop riders back, which certainly take you 910km on a single conscious approach. Producing figure of 5.05seconds in the 30- rubber on both ends, the tyres helps when riding on broken tankfull! Thats the second best 7.3PS of power at 7,500rpm and 50km/h roll-on acceleration, offer excellent grip and good feel village roads. Mahindra has paid tank-range amongst all Indian 8Nm of torque peaking at which is where most of Stallio along with precise feedback. The a fair amount of attention on rider bikes currently on sale, with the 5,500rpm, the Stallios engine users will ply in. And the smooth weight distribution is spot on for comfort for fatigue-free riding, Suzuki GS150R taking first place feels peppy and energetic power delivery of the powerplant a commuter bike with a light taking into consideration the fact with a tank range of 961km. throughout its rev-range. The is complimented by an equally front-end that largely helps in that a sizeable number of Stallio Couple that to the four years of torque is handy and has been adept and able chassis setup that swift directional changes, buyers will ply on the rural roads manufacturers warranty, twice NOVEMBER 2010 | www.zigwheels.com NOVEMBER 2010 | www.zigwheels.com
  3. 3. 100 PUT TO TEST MAHINDRA STALLIO MAX. SPEED (with speedo error) 80 60 100 40 120 20 140 88.7 km/h 0 160 km/h km/h ACCELERATION FROM STANDSTILL SIDE VIEW 60 km/h 100 km/h 400m 1000m 8.2s NA 24.28 NA 0 km/h 0m ADIL JAL DARUKHANAWALA The storage compartments located underneath the fuel tank of the IN-GEAR ACCELERATION Mahindra Stallio offer excellent place to store the first-aid kit and tool- A good first effort from 30 km/h 50 km/h 70 km/h 90 km/h 110 km/h kit along with other small accessories like sunglasses and pouches 3 Mahindra 2-Wheelers, but 5.05 sec we’re not sure if this is the segment that a first timerof what most other Indian bike- The Mahindra Stallio offers 4 13.42 sec should have been dabbling in,makers offer and all those decent styling, host of features where thanks to strong rivals,apprehensions about tidiness and like LED taillights, parking NA only a properly stellar product 5 can leave its mark behind.parts quality of the Mahindra lights, full digital console, 5-Stallio seem of lesser significance. spoke alloys and electric starter BRAKING DISTANCE FUEL CONSUMPTION (KMPL) CHEERS/SNEERSWhat is of a higher significance without compelling the buyer to 100 80 60 0 Fuel Tank: Fuel economy 79 67 70here is the detail that the Stallio is part with a huge sum of money. 13litres Ergonomics NAMahindras debut motorcycle It carries a simplistic approach of Neutral Handling Range: Needs disc brakeoffering and it does a fairly decent being an easy to ride everyday 68.26m/6.0sjob at what its designed for. But, motorcycle that will serve you as 30.72m/3.7s Highway City Overall 910km Scope for improvement on built qualitytoday there are a number of a trustworthy personal modeproducts in the 110cc of transportationsegment that areequally matched MAHINDRA THE along with a good bang for the S P E C I F I C AT I O N Sor even better buck. The ENGINE TYRESon a few STALLIO IS AN EASY Stallio is Cylinder Single, air-cooled , 4-stroke Tyre Size (F) 2.75-R18” Tube Fuel supply Carburetor Tyre Size (R) 3.00-R18” Tubecounts than TO RIDE EVERYDAY welcoming Bore x Stroke (mm) 52.4 x 49.5mmthe Stallio MOTORCYCLE THAT and friendly Compression Ratio 9.6:1 BRAKESwith well- for anyoneestablished SERVES AS A to just hop Cubic capacity 106.7cc Front Drum Transmission 4-Speed Rear Drumcompanies TRUSTWORTHY on and start Clutch Wet Multiplatebacking PERSONAL MODE riding. The Starting Self SUSPENSIONthem. And bike does notalthough the OF flaunt any Gear Shift-pattern 1-Down, 3-Up Front Telescopic Fork Rear Hydraulic twin shock absorbersStallios price-tag of TRANSPORT pseudo-traits of CHASSISRs. 44,690 (Ex- being different, powerful Type Steel double tubular cradle DIMENSIONSshowroom, Pune) is competitive, or anything unusual. Be it the Fuel Tank Capacity 13.7 litresMahindra could have hugely mundane daily commute to work ENGINE OUTPUT Kerb weight 125kgbenefited from a lower price-point or a trip to the store down the Max power (PS) 7.3 Wheelbase 1,265mmfor the Stallio that would have road or the daily pick up and Power peak (rpm) 7,500 Overall Width 720mmsignificantly brought attention drop for the kid, the Stallio does Max torque (Nm) 8.0 Saddle Height 800mmonto their debut offering in the all of it in an unfussy manner Torque peak (rpm) 5,500motorcycle space and helped the albeit with the confident poise of PRICE (Ex-showroom, Pune) Rs. 44,699Stallio make its presence felt. a trusty workhorse. Overall height 1,050mm Ground clearance 165mm Wheelbase 1,265mm Overall length 2,000mm Kerb weight 125kg NOVEMBER 2010 | www.zigwheels.com