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Mahindra MotoGP


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Mahindra MotoGP

  1. 1. EENNEVY, COLEMAN n co tro _hiv _$031 @Mito Tiiiiiijt* llwizilllgij) li#jl'l`ll; * ngono: : ; lw llll^l_ii_l^i`_jy-_tljv trit: : : llitl : maintain-say y n j : _r u, .. vl 'An , ' , A r . ,. ,_ i ; IH . I 'nsp. H i" 'i -h '-_`_ll; __i. {.i-_. V.i mM u , iri . Irma 1 ruri. nutrisi : lflMll - « , . , 4 CDABAD BAVGALOR( CHAMMQW CHENNALBVDVERAEAD KOIKAYA IUKrKNOW [JEMYDElHI PUNE 7 V WWWICONOMICYIMESLOMM W : MDNDAUVSNUVEMBERZPHI MUMBAl 38 PARE& fglctr-z 500K ; lgioaifoilgwiyyq m5 [lt-Ags on; “- a r- J-rw -h-A- *i Tñ-l-"l 'T 3 ~ i-- &ZA-uk u- yls. ) J-4~. . r . -v-nlagj hrg. ) `_; 'v. r'- d* i| ` dl" il* t" 4 d' r' « . - a r! a ; l - , "ñ ñ f l ' `, 4 iv`lil `i l! u, " l êl Zi l * I l j . l l i ' i ? I i ; * y. -`/ .-; / --. -~`. &'. l- `, _ ora-l. - J -. -ag/ l . J . Lijee Philip Consultants. He said the association MotoGP, established as a world ANAND | ,1,"'-. H|NDRA MUMBAl ' willgiveitsproductsajumpstaninthe championshipbytheFédératlonlnter- U, ydañuétñnmmunm international market, while its domes- nationale de Motocydisme, has three N l INDIA will debut in MotoGP, the tic sales willbenelit from the halo ef- racing categories: IZScc, where the ~ world's premier motorcyde champi- fect. 'Mahindraa-Mahindrawill gain maximum engine displacement is onshrp, nextseasonwhen the country's recognition and Credibility in a highly l25ocMoto2, the 600ocfour-stroke en- youngest motorcycle maker Mahindra 2Wheelers enters the race that may give a big push to the Company's mar- keting and brand-building efforts. The two-wheelerarm of Mahindra fr Mahindra will participate in the l25cc category oi the world's oldest motorspons event startedin 1949 and having 18 Grand Prix races across 14 countries from Mardi 2011. "This category (l25cc MotoGP) is relevant to people in India as bulk of the bikes are in the l loccand l2Scc, ' said Anand Mahindra, vice-chairman and managing director of the Mahirr- dra & Mahindra group. "The advertising in the recent Foot- ball World Cup (ior the group's tech- nology arm Mahindra Satyarn) made us understand the power of global branding and benefited the group. So this is an interesting sequential chapter to our global branding effort. ” he said. Marketing experts believe the asso- ciation with MotoGP will provide an ideal plationn for Mahindra to show- case its two-wheeler technology and give its brand aboost in a market dom- irratedby Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto. "The participation in MotoGP will give Mahindra 2Wheelers a leap oia few years as compared to a conven- tional marketing route, ” said Jagdeep Kapoor, MD of Samsika Marketing competitive market, " said MrKapoor. Adil Jal Darukhanawala, editor of Times Zigwheels, said it is a big event for the country. "Itwillbe a red letter day to see an lndianmanufacrurertumout on the Grand Prix circuits with a bike of its own and lighting for technological bril- lianoe against the elite, " he said. Mahindra 8 Mahindra, a leader in SUVs and tractor segments, entered the two-wheeler market with gearless scooters in September last year alter acquiring Pune-based Kinetic and rode in to the motorcycle market this September with the l l0cc Stallio and the 300cc Mojo. “Since we are new in the motorcycle business, participating in such an event will help build the brand equity, show- case teclmology and will be a testing ground for technology that we will offer tolndian and global consumers, " said Mr Mahindra. "It will en- hance ourentire auto- motive range, auto components and lT gine category and MotoGP. where mm- peting bikes must be prototypes with maximum engine capadty oi 800cc. MrMahirrdra said his company will leverage the MotoGP platform to prove its engineering design and endurance skills and compete with the best in the world. “Wewillbe takingoveraneirist- ing racing team and call them dra Racing TeamC' he said. M&M has submitted the names of its two bikers to the International Road- Racing Teams Association and Dorna Sports, which administrates and or- ganises all Grands Prix, and is expected to hear from them by the month end. L. ; The advertising in the recent football world cup made us understand the power ol' global branding and benetitod the group. So this (125cc MotoGP entry) is an interesting sequential chapter to our global branding ettort