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February Company meeting presentations from V,

February Company meeting presentations from V,

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  • 1. Veronica
  • 2. Vizmo’s Spanish Stroll
  • 3. The Challenge 115 kilometres over 5 days Walking on average 7 hours per day At the end you receive a certificate if you’ve completed a minimum of 100k on foot or 200k on bike
  • 4. Passport
  • 5. The Route
  • 6. Evidence!
  • 7. 115 kms later... ...we arrive!
  • 8. My toenails are still black
  • 9. Rebecca
  • 10. Wildfire / Technology Face Substitution
  • 11. Wildfire / Technology Throwable Panoramic Ball
  • 12. Wildfire / Technology Wacom Inkling
  • 13. Wildfire / Technology Play It Down
  • 14. Emma
  • 15. Contagious – Google+ Hangouts 29th February 2012
  • 16. Google + Hangouts • Social media site Google+ launched last year, now has over 90 million users • Opened to brands in November 2011 • Hangouts Video chat tool enables multiple people to communicate at once using webcams • Establishing market leading position of real-time presence, merging group chat into a social experience • Google+ Hangouts has been adopted by brands, personalities and even politicians
  • 17. Cadbury – Olympic Spots vs Strips sponsorship • Cadbury enlisted British BMX rider Shanaze Reade to participate in a Hangout Cadbury UKs Google+ page. • Fans engaged directly with the Olympian in a Cadbury led Q&A • Footage of the Hangout posted to You Tube and generated PR for Cadbury’s • Reade’s involvement was linked back into Cadbury’s Keep Singing Keep Team GB Pumped campaign
  • 18. Barack Obama • Post-State of the Union session part of the White House focus on social media • 30th January, Obama answered questions submitted via YouTube • ‘Interesting’ exchange between the president and Jennifer Wedel, a Republican 29-year- old Texan, left her planning to vote for Obama in this year’s election
  • 19. The Muppets • With pre-activity including promotion on the Muppets own blog, the Hangout generated 40,000 followers in record time • Aimed for fans to interact with the stars but suffered technical failures • Instead they were treated to a rendition of the Bowie / Queen hit ‘Under Pressure’ • Google is working closely with the Muppets franchise to promote the film & demonstrate their own new features – TV ad featuring a new dad, which aired during "Miss Piggy has been primping for hours the Grammys showed Google+ Instant Upload to see you and you dont want to upset us."
  • 20. Considerations • Google+s new functionality presents real opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience in a new way • Careful consideration should be applied to who sits in front of the webcam but could add value to people’s brand experience • And it has the potential do more than just conversing with a brand... “I am thinking about hangouts for business. Would you like to be able to connect with your Dell service and sale teams via video directly from” Michael Dell - Dell CEO
  • 21. Are you a Man or a Muppet?