substation automation


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substation automation

  1. 1. K E M A , I N C . Modern Energy Management Systems Georgia Tech Atlanta, Georgia Wednesday, November 12, 2003 John McDonald, P.E. KEMA, Inc. Substation Integration and Automation – Approaches and Best Practices
  2. 2. K E M A , I N C . 2 Overview – Approaches and Best Practices n System Architecture v Substation Integration and Automation Levels v Primary and Secondary Substations v Architecture Functional Data Paths v New Versus Existing Substations n Communication Protocols v IED Standalone Capabilities v IED Integration Capabilities n Utility Case Study v Functional Architecture v Vendor Installed Architecture v Equipment Photographs
  3. 3. K E M A , I N C . 3 Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) n Any device incorporating one or more processors with the capability to receive or send data/control from or to an external source (e.g., electronic multifunction meters, digital relays, controllers)
  4. 4. K E M A , I N C . 4 Substation Integration and Automation Levels Power System Equipment (Transformers, Breakers) IED Implementation IED Integration Substation Automation Applications Utility Enterprise
  5. 5. K E M A , I N C . 5 Substation Integration n Integration of protection, control and data acquisition functions into a minimal number of platforms to reduce capital and operating costs, reduce panel and control room space, and eliminate redundant equipment and databases IED Integration Substation Automation Utility Enterprise
  6. 6. K E M A , I N C . 6 Substation Automation n Deployment of substation and feeder operating functions and applications ranging from SCADA and alarm processing to integrated volt/VAR control in order to optimize the management of capital assets and enhance operation and maintenance (O&M) efficiencies with minimal human intervention Substation Automation IED Integration Utility Enterprise
  7. 7. K E M A , I N C . 7 DAC Server IM Corporate WAN Substation Integration System IED (legacy) SCADA RTU IED (RP-3599 compliant) Time Sync Source IM IM IM User Applications Corporate Data Repository Bridge/Router/ Gateway/ Comms Processor Local Substation LAN IED (legacy) IED (RP-3599 compliant)IED IED IED Communications Link (radio, dedicated line, etc) IM IM IM EMS Local/Remote Individual IEDs Local UI & Applications Dial-Up Link (modem) Local/Remote location, eg, on feeders, or at Remote Customer Substations Comms Comms (direct link) IM = Interface Module = Other possible configurations (migration and future) = Station environment Example of “Primary” Substation and “Secondary” Substation Secondary Substation Primary Substation
  8. 8. K E M A , I N C . 8 Primary Substation Automation System
  9. 9. K E M A , I N C . 9 Secondary Substation Automation System
  10. 10. K E M A , I N C . 10 Architecture Functional Data Paths Utility Enterprise Connection SCADADatatoMCC Historical Data to Data Warehouse Remote Dial-In to IED Substation Automation Applications IED Integration Via Data Concentrator/Substation Host Processor IED Implementation Power System Equipment (Transformers, Breakers)
  11. 11. K E M A , I N C . 11 TelCo SystemTelCo SystemLAN/WANLAN/WAN Web Pages with:Web Pages with: ooRealReal--time valuestime values ooRelay settingsRelay settings ooFault recordsFault records DFR recordsDFR records Custom filesCustom files Fault/OscillographyFault/Oscillography data filesdata files Web BrowserWeb Browser RealReal--timetime SCADASCADA RealReal--timetime data & controlsdata & controls 44--wire lease linewire lease lineFrame relayFrame relay ORACLE RdBORACLE RdB Web serverWeb server DNP3.0DNP3.0 All WANAll WAN communications arecommunications are via secure TCP/IPvia secure TCP/IP RelaysRelays MB+MB+RouterRouter RTURTU RealReal--time SCADAtime SCADA data and controlsdata and controls (any IED’s data)(any IED’s data) Fault records, summariesFault records, summaries and waveform data fromand waveform data from relays (and settings)relays (and settings) Web pages with AppletWeb pages with Applet and Servlet (Java)and Servlet (Java) software for updatessoftware for updates
  12. 12. K E M A , I N C . 12 New Versus Existing Substations n New Substations v IEDs With Digital Communications v PLCs for Direct I/O v No Conventional RTUs n Existing Substations v May Integrate IEDs With Existing RTUs (Not Support Non-Operational and Remote Access Data Paths) v Integrate Existing RTU as IED or Eliminate Existing RTU and Use IEDs and PLCs for RTU I/O
  13. 13. K E M A , I N C . 13 Protocol Fundamentals n Communication Protocol v Allows Two Devices to Talk to Each Other v Each Device Must Have the Same Protocol Implemented, and the Same Version of the Protocol n Both Devices From Same Supplier, and Protocol n Both Devices From Same Supplier, with Industry Standard Protocol n Devices From Different Suppliers, with Industry Standard Protocol
  14. 14. K E M A , I N C . 14 Protocol Considerations n North American Electric Utilities Specify the IEDs to be Used in a Substation v Chosen Based on IED’s Standalone Capabilities (Relay for Protection of Power System) and Not IED’s Integration Capabilities v IEDs From Various Vendors (Will Not Accept Turnkey Approach From One Vendor With All IEDs From that Vendor)
  15. 15. K E M A , I N C . 15 Protocol Considerations…(continued) n Once IEDs Specified by Utility Based on Standalone Capabilities, Then Consider Each IED’s Integration Capabilities v IED Protocol Support • Modbus, Modbus Plus, DNP3 • UCA2 MMS • May Lose Some IED Functionality When Choose Other Than IED’s Native Protocol v IED Networking Support • RS-232 and RS-485 (Serial) • Ethernet
  16. 16. K E M A , I N C . 16 IEC TC57 Harmonization with UCA2 7-2 7-3 7-4 Compatible data objects Data Templates for Substations Abstract Communication Service Interface (ACSI) Mapping to MMS8-1 Common Application Service Model (CASM) Standard Data Types and Common Components Common Class Definitions GOMSFE Device Models Device Models Device Models UCA2 61850-x-y x - y
  17. 17. K E M A , I N C . 17 North American Projects • Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) – Two Substations and One Training Simulator • MidAmerican Energy Company (Iowa) – Two Substations and One Training Simulator • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power – 179 Substations, Two Development Systems, One Training Simulator Over Five Years • EPCOR Utilities (Edmonton) – Two Substations • Minnesota Power – Strategic Plan • Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) – all 4kV, 13kV, 69kV and 230kV Substations • Frankfort Electric and Water Plant Board (Kentucky) – Sixteen Substations and One SCADA System With Two Dispatch Centers
  18. 18. K E M A , I N C . 18 Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) • EPRI Tailored Collaboration (TC) Project • Two Substations, One Training Simulator • Require all IEDs with UCA Capability to be Integrated Using UCA2 MMS Protocol and Ethernet Networking • Discovered that IEDs Thought to Have UCA Capability Did Not (Beckwith M2002B LTC Control) • Discovered that IEDs Achieve UCA Capability By Adding a Separate Box (Rather Than Integrating Into IED) (RFL 9745 Teleprotection) • Integrators Not Need SEL 2030 Communication Processor – Integrate SEL Relays Directly • One Substation System and Training Simulator System Being Installed
  19. 19. K E M A , I N C . 19 OPPD Simplified SA Functional Sketch
  20. 20. K E M A , I N C . 20 Simplified OPPD SA System