An Open letter to Christopher Hitchens"Truth can never be reached by just listening to the voice of an authority." -- Fran...
political, or ecclesiastical control. Hall’s Magnus opus; The Secret Teachings of all Ages tells us that.Francis Bacon is ...
was incomprehensible or He would not be God. Atheists use reason and the power of the mind tostate that infinite and trans...
(Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and many of the most heretical beliefs of the Gnostics arederivatives from it.The scie...
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To Be or Not to Be


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An invitation to all atheists.

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To Be or Not to Be

  1. 1. An Open letter to Christopher Hitchens"Truth can never be reached by just listening to the voice of an authority." -- Francis BaconDear Christopher Hitchens:It’s obvious from what I’ve read that your health crisis isn’t, like some atheists, changing your beliefin God or the need to be converted in the final moments. It’s clear that you’re resisting the idea thatreligious faith is an opiate to avoid suffering. Your reluctance to admit in Vanity Fair that there issomething timeless in the Tyndale/King James Bible synthesis prompted this letter. In his book“The Bible Fraud” Tony Bushby claims "original documents" in the Records Office of the BritishMuseum mention Bacons involvement in the translation of the King James Bible. "They" revealBacon personally selecting the staff of translators and participating in the undertaking in which hewould later "encrypt" secret messages into the Bible.Tyndale’s Bible is credited with being the first English translation to work directly from Hebrewand Greek texts. The term Tyndales Bible is deceptive as Tyndale never published a complete Bible.Under King James 1, the "Golden Age" of Elizabethan literature and drama flourished with writerssuch as William Shakespeare, John Donne, Ben Jonson, and Sir Francis Bacon. King Jamescommissioned Bacon to edit the earlier Tyndale version so it is Bacon’s version that is timeless foratheists. When Francis Bacon was young he was a devotee of Athena Pallas who was depicted in Greek Art with a Helmet on her head. She held the Spear of Knowledge in her right hand, poised to strike at the Serpent of Ignorance writhing under her foot even though Jesus said, “Be ye as wise as serpents”. Athena’s Helmet signified that she waged a silent war against Ignorance and appeared in Greek Temples with a Golden Spear in her hand which glinted in the morning rays of the sun thus appearing to shimmer or shake. Thereafter Athena was known as "the Shaker of the Spear." Francis Bacon, head of a Secret Literary Society known as The Knights of theHelmet, created an elaborate ritual in which the seeker was knighted with the Helmet of PallasAthena to denote he was an "Invisible" in the fight for human enlightenment. A spear was placed inhis hand to shake at the Dragon of Ignorance. He thus became a "Spear-Shaker", under the auspicesof "Shake-Speare" himself, Athenas visible representative on earth.......Francis Bacon.The King’s James’ Bible, which you hold in such high regard, could more appropriately be called theFrancis Bacon Bible as you revere the style of Shakespearian English which Bacon invented andperfected. The first editions of this Bible were written in the same style as the Shakespeare plays,and the decorative pages in the KJB were drawn in pen and ink and on wood by artists underBacon’s supervision.“When Bacon was born, English, as a literary language, did not exist, but after his death the Englishlanguage is thought to be the noblest expression of thought ever possessed by mankind. This heaccomplished merely by his Bible and his Shakespeare." --Edwin D. Lawrence author of Bacon isShakespeare and The Shakespeare Myth from a lecture October 9, 1912The Philosophical Research Society founded in 1934 by Manly P. Hall provides rare access to thedepth and breadth of the world’s wisdom literature. The Society is entirely free from doctrinal,
  2. 2. political, or ecclesiastical control. Hall’s Magnus opus; The Secret Teachings of all Ages tells us that.Francis Bacon is Father of modern science, modern law, editor of the modern Bible, patron ofmodern democracy, and one of the founders of modern Freemasonry, Sir Francis Bacon edited thefirst edition of the King James Bible. At various times Bacon admitted that he was obeying theorders of a power higher and greater than himself. What he did not say was that this superiorpower was the Mystery school which had sent him into the world to accomplish a definite mission.The Comte de St.-Germaine and Sir Francis Bacon are the two greatest emissaries sent into theworld by the Secret Brotherhood in the last thousand years.You argue that the human race no longer needs religion to the extent it has in the past and urge thatscience and reason play a more prominent role in the life of individuals and larger cultures. You saythat de-emphasizing religion will improve the quality of life of individuals, and assist the progressof civilization. There is a Gnostic website that that is also rallying Gnostics and atheists to fight thetheocratic encroachment on free society.There is no disagreement that science should play a prominent role in our lives but astronomy andastrology both have their place. I suggest that you read astro-physicist, Paul La Violette’s book,“Genesis of the Cosmos”? La Violette comes to the conclusion that the ancient world’s scientific andmythically-encoded creation theory puts modern physical theory to shame. The book focuses onvarious mythological characters which fit into La Violette’s scientific “continuous creation” theoryof microphysics. The Babylonian “Enuma elish,” stars the hero Marduk (order) and the villainTiamat (the saltwater ocean, entropy, uniformity, disorder). The central Egyptian myth of Osiris,Seth, and Horus is also featured, along with the anthropomorphic Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon andHermes which are essential to La Violette’s theme of the endless battle between order fromdisorder.Elsewhere in the book he concludes that both the Tarot and ancient astrology provide us with acoherent theory of the microcosmic/sub-atomic processes involved in the creation of the physicaluniverse: “…the Tarot metaphorically encodes the same process-based creation metaphysicsconveyed in the myth of Osiris… [With an understanding of] the emergence of ordered patterns innon-equilibrium systems, we can now for the first time resurrect the Tarot’s and I Ching’s ancientwisdom”.I have been inspired by the works of Sri Aurobindo and was drawn to make some comparisonsbetween you both. You read Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Balliol College, Oxford. SriAurobindo was born in Calcutta on the 15 August 1872. When he was seven years old, his parentstook him to England. In 1889, He got a scholarship in classical studies at St Pauls School of Londonand continued his studies at Cambridge University. Aurobindo as a Yogi, a philosopher, a poet andrevolutionary had set the stage for your atheistic crusade 80 years earlier quote; “Atheism is anecessary revolt against the politics of the Churches and the narrowness of its creeds.”Anyone who experiences the path of Sri Aurobindo finds it impossible to worship gods orgoddesses. Have you considered the idea that the Atheist is God playing hide and seek with himself.Atheism should not be a reaction against God but a reaction against the misconceptions oforganized religion. By what standards is God to be judged? Anyone who lays down that God must bethis or that is on a super ego trip.Have you thrown the baby out with the bathwater when you announce, “God is not Great?” The onlyreason that God is not great is because God is a human concept. God for the pagan mystery schools
  3. 3. was incomprehensible or He would not be God. Atheists use reason and the power of the mind tostate that infinite and transcendent consciousness is nonexistent. Existence and consciousnesscannot be negated as it enlivens our body, mind, intellect and senses to do what we have to do. Sohow do we escape the God Trap?Sri Aurobindo observes that excommunication and hell is the religious way to control us. Thehistory of religions, the Mysteries, or Knights in shining armor throughout the world testify to thefact that, after the death of the Master and his immediate disciples, everything becomes distorted. Ifevolution is to triumph, then life must be transformed in its entirety. For centuries we have beenon the quest for the grail but we have found only half of the Secret. The other half according toAurobindo is to be found in the depths of death and unconsciousness, and in the very heart of evil.The key to divine life is to transform the darkness within ourselves. His maxim is,” We do not needa Super Consciousness; what we need is another consciousness”.Transcendental Consciousness cannot be explained within the narrow confines of mentalreasoning? A true lover of ‘Universal Cosmic Consciousness’ will never feel the need to defendhimself against atheism. For Advaita Vedantists, spirituality is not about proving anything toanyone for spirituality is about the inner journey; if others are not ready to follow a spiritual lifeand believe in God, a real aspirant has no need to try to convince them as they feel it is not theirresponsibility - it is Gods or, more appropriately, the “Universal Mind.”Zen Buddhists and forms of Advaita Vedanta are essentially atheistic. The Buddha never talkedabout God. Does that mean the Buddha was an atheist? No, the Buddha never talked about Godbecause he felt the infinite, all pervading consciousness of nirvana could never be described inwords. To talk about God, was so unsatisfactory that Buddha felt silence was more powerful. But,the Buddha was a shining example of the transforming power of the transcendent consciousness,which some refer to as God.Adwaita does not dwell on the illusionary nature of historical events which become the basis forreligion, such as the creation of life on Earth, the birth of Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira, Krishna, Ramaor Muhammad. It urges the seeker to seek the truth within oneself, not outside. Hence externalphenomena such as miracles and personal Gods do not help the seeker to experience the ultimatetruth. External entities can be useful indirectly but focusing too much on them only delays therealization of ultimate truth. The real journey to the realization of the ultimate truth is anintrospective journey within one’s own Self; the only requisites for this journey. Meditation,introspection and the knowledge of the Self is the only refuge.There is no disagreement that philosophy begins where religion ends, but there was no need toplace chemistry over alchemy as to paraphrase the German chemist Justus von Liebig s words,“There has never been a difference.” Internal Alchemy understands the human body to be anecessary resource for our spiritual journey, rather than as something to be ignored ortranscended. The less well known goals of the alchemists were the creation of a "panacea”, aremedy to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. Panacea derives from Pan which means‘All’.Hermeticism is one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the world, and while no direct evidence linksthe Book of Thoth (Tarot) to Eastern religions, it shares uncanny similarities in concepts andterminology with Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. In the West, the Hermetic traditions found ahome not only with pagan tradition but also in all three of the orthodox Abrahamic religions
  4. 4. (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), and many of the most heretical beliefs of the Gnostics arederivatives from it.The science of alchemy together with its underlying philosophy of inner transformation opens up abroad range of power in our lives. Understanding this traditions symbol meanings is a first step inaccessing that power. My book “The Galactic Wave Tarot” is replete with alchemical symbolism. As Ilay in hospital last summer contemplating a strong possibility that I may lose my foot I rememberedthat I am the Magus who has the power to change the mind of the cells in the body. My right foot isstill intact.My hope is that there is some inspiration in this message from Manley P. Hall: “The criers of theMysteries speak again, bidding all men welcome to the House of Light. The great institution ofmateriality has failed. The false civilization built by man has turned, and like the monster ofFrankenstein, is destroying its creator. Religion wanders aimlessly in the maze of theologicalspeculation. Science batters itself impotently against the barriers of the unknown. Onlytranscendental philosophy knows the path. Only the illumined reason can carry the understandingpart of man upward to the light. Only philosophy can teach man to be born well, to live well, to diewell, and in perfect measure be born again. Into this band of the elect–those who have chosen thelife of knowledge, of virtue, and of utility–the philosophers of the ages invite YOU.”