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I have been studying the pagan origins of religions for twenty years and have been waiting for a platform to present the case. And, lo and behold Glenn Beck has accomplished what neither Oprah Winfrey …

I have been studying the pagan origins of religions for twenty years and have been waiting for a platform to present the case. And, lo and behold Glenn Beck has accomplished what neither Oprah Winfrey nor Shirley MacLaine could. Miraculously he persuaded leaders of the religious right and evangelical leaders that it is acceptable for millions of "Christians" to embrace humanistic spirituality and paganism for the purpose of social activism and social change. He constantly directs his listeners to the founders of the American Constitution and his slogan Faith, Hope and Charity. Naturally I was disappointed that he did not expand on the subject and say that there is nothing new under the sun in Christianity as all its rituals are pagan. But hey—it’s a beginning.

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  • 1. The world Is pagan the days and months of thegods and all religious sacred festivals are pagan hugh colmer the crosscircle group• new york It’s A Pagan World 1
  • 2. First published in 2010 by The Crosscircle Group 234 South Street Windham, NY 12496 Copyright © 2010 by Hugh Colmer Cover design by Hugh Colmer Art by Hugh Colmer All rights reserved. No part of this public publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission of the publisher and copyright holder. Reviewers may quote brief passages. Printed in the United States of America The Crosscircle Group www, crosscircle.com2 It’s A Pagan World
  • 3. It’s A Pagan World 3
  • 4. Days and Months of the GodsThe Roman’s adopted the Greek Gods named for Months of the Year God’s giving them Latin names: The original Roman year had ten named monthsZeus (King of the Gods) became Jupiter. Martius "March", Aprilis "April", Maius "May", Junius "June", Quintilis "July", Sextilis "August",Poseidon (King of the Sea) became Neptune. September ", October ", November ", and “De- cember ".Ares (God of War) regarded as the father ofthe Roman people because he was the father of January: Janus is the Roman god of gates andRomulus, cofounder of Rome (850 B.C.) with doorways, depicted with two faces looking in op-Remus, became Mars. posite directions. His festival month in January.Hermes (messenger of the Gods) became Mer- February: Februa is the Roman festival of purifi-cury. cation, held on February fifteenth. It is possibly of Sabine origin.Aphrodite (Goddess of Love) became Venus. March: Martius was the time for the resumption of war. Mars is the Roman god of war. He is iden- tified with the Greek god Ares.Gods named for Days of the Week April: Aprilis is the month of Aphrodite the GreekThe following Days of the Week are after Greco- goddess of love and beauty. She is identified withRoman, Norse, and Germanic Gods: the Roman goddess Venus.Sunday – Day of the Sun. May: Maia (meaning "the great one") is the ItalicMonday – Day of the Moon. goddess of spring, the daughter of Faunus, and wife of Vulcan.Tuesday - Tyr or Tiw was the Norse God of War.Also known as Martius Roman God of War. June: Junius or Juno is the principle goddess of theWednesday - Mercury the messenger God. Also Roman Pantheon. She is the goddess of marriageknown as the Norse God Odin, and Woden or and the well-being of women. She is the wife andWotan to the Germanic Tribes. sister of Jupiter. She is identified with the Greek goddess Hera.Thursday - Thor was the Norse God of Thunder.And Jupiter also chief of the Gods. July: After the first Roman Emperor Julius CaesarFriday - Frigga Norse God (in this case a god- (100-44 B.C.), who was regarded as a God.dess). She was believed to be the wife of Odinand was the goddess of marriage and the hearth. August: After the second great Roman EmperorThe Romans had named this day for Venus their Augustus Caesar (63 B.C.-14 A.D.), who like allgoddess of beauty. Emperors up until Constantine (274-337 A.D., the first Christian Emperor) was also regarded as aSaturday - Saturn Roman God of Time and the God.Harvest. 4 It’s A Pagan World
  • 5. Wednesday is the Day of Our Creator Thoth Odin, Quetzalcoatl, HemesE very Wednesday—the day of the Germanic god Wodan later known as Óðin and equiva-lent with Thoth —should be celebrated because the souls of the dead; both were known for their wisdom cunning and trickery; and both, for ob- vious reasons, had their roots as gods of is truly the day of the creator. Why? Because Thoth/Hermes/Mercury/Woden/Odin/Quetzal-Thoth, under his Sumerian name Ningishz- coatl, were messenger gods whose divine fore-idda, literally created the human race with his sight created the Emerald Tablets, the Tarot, thefather Enki. His Latin name, Mercury is based Runes and the Mayan Calender. Quetzalcoatlon Dies Mercurii, “Day of Mercury”; compare: was known in Peru as Amaru the origin of theFrench Mercredi, Spanish Miércoles, Roma- word America. Amaruca is, literally translated,nian Miercuri and Italian Mercoledì. Wodan ‘Land of the Plumed Serpent.’Thoth as Quet-and Mercury were considered psychopomps, or zalcoatl, is the Savior of the Americas. Perhapsleaders of souls, The Romans found numerous Wednesday should be renamed Quetzalday insimilaries between Woden/Odin and Mercury as America!both, like Jesus, acted as psychopomps guiding It’s A Pagan World 5
  • 6. Days of the Gods6 It’s A Pagan World
  • 7. Days of the Gods It’s A Pagan World 7
  • 8. Paganism = Cosmic or Wisdom ReligionGlenn Beck has accomplished what neither Oprah Against Heresies, an attack on the doctrines ofWinfrey nor Shirley MacLaine could. Miracu- the Gnostics. In this work Irenæus declared uponlously he persuaded leaders of the religious right the authority of the Apostles themselves that Je-and evangelical leaders that it is acceptable for sus lived to old age. Godfrey Higgins observedmillions of "Christians" to embrace humanistic that. "All the ancient Mythologies of the world,spirituality and paganism for the purpose of social which, however varied, and corrupted in recentactivism and social change. He constantly directs times, were originally one, and that one foundedhis listeners to the founders of the American Con- on principles sublime, beautiful, and true." Thisstitution and his slogan Faith, Hope and Charity. review would become Anacalypsis. He notesHe could of course go even further and say that that the doctrine of the crucifixion was a vexatathere is nothing new under the sun in Christianity questio among Christians even during the sec-as all its rituals are pagan. Every Christian since ond century. "The evidence of Irenæus," he says,the council of Nicea has been indoctrinated with "cannot be touched. On every principle of soundthe belief that Christianity was completely new, criticism, and of the doctrine of probabilities, it isand the first true, religion in world history; that unimpeachable."it was given to the world by God himself whichflashed out of Pagan darkness as the first ray of It should further be noted that Irenæus preparedtrue light to illumine the pathway of evolution. this statement to contradict another apparently current in his time to the effect that the ministrySt. Augustine, the greatest Church Father ever of Jesus lasted but one year. Of all the early Fa-shatters this illusion. From remote antiquity, he thers, Irenæus, writing within eighty years afterasserts, there has always existed in the world the the death of St. John the Evangelist, should havetrue religion which Hindu’s call Sanatana Dhar- had reasonably accurate information. If the dis-ma. “That which is known as the Christian reli- ciples themselves related that Jesus lived to ad-gion existed among the ancients, and never did not vanced age in the body, why has the mysteriousexist; from the beginning of the human race until number 33 been arbitrarily chosen to symbolizethe time when Christ came in the flesh, at which the duration of His life? Were the incidents in thetime the true religion, which already existed be- life of Jesus purposely altered so that His actionsgan to be called Christianity.” (Retractt. I, xiii, would fit more closely into the pattern establishedcited by Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn in his Shadow of by the numerous Savior-Gods who precededThe Third Century, He was speaking of the Egyp- Him? That these analogies were recognized andtian religion which was a mixture of the Mysti- used as leverage in converting the Greeks and Ro-cal and Mythical representations of Divine Truth mans is evident from a perusal of the writings ofgiven to the earliest of mankind on this planet. Justin Martyr, another second-century authority.Nowhere in this "TRUE REGION FROM THE In his Apology, Justin addresses the pagans thus:BEGINNING" was there ever a "Karast/Christ" "And when we say also that the Word, who is thewho was to come in "the flesh" for they waited for first-birth of God, was produced without sexuala new zodiacal age and obeyed Natural Law. union, and that He, Jesus Christ, Our Teacher, wasAccording to conventional wisdom, Jesus was crucified and died, and rose again, and ascendedcrucified during the thirty-third year of His life into heaven, we propound nothing different fromand in the third year of His ministry following His what you believe regarding those whom you es-baptism. About A.D. 180, St. Irenæus, Bishop of teem sons of Jupiter. * * * And if we assert thatLyons, a pre-council of Nicea theologian, wrote the Word of God was born of God in a peculiar 8 It’s A Pagan World
  • 9. Paganism = Cosmic or Wisdom Religionmanner, different from ordinary generation, let in Canaan under Abraham (b. Babylon,18th cent.this, as said above, be no extraordinary thing to BC), and the Law of Moses. They are part of theyou, who say that Mercury is the angelic word worlds sacred scriptures, preceded by Hindu,of God. But if any one objects that He was cruci- Mazdean, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Chaldean re-fied, in this also He is on a par with those reputed ligions; which have reached us in a very confusedsons of Jupiter of yours, who suffered as we have and altered form. The Pentateuch is, exoterically,now enumerated." From this it is evident that the a collection of allegorical legends; but, in the lightfirst missionaries of the Christian Church were of the Zohar, the main book of the modern Jewishfar more willing to admit the similarities between Cabala, the first four chapters at least of Genesistheir faith and the faiths of the pagans than were are a fragment of a highly philosophical page intheir successors in later centuries. ancient cosmogony. Hebrews probably adopted the "bulrushes" story from tales of Sargon theMoses comes from the ancient Hebrew blood- Great of Akkad (Babylon). The mother of Sargonline whose roots go back to creation. His belief was a princess who placed her babe in an ark ofin Monotheism —one God—shows him as Pha- rushes, sealing the ark with bitumen and settingraoh Akhenaton and Zoroaster. This dates back it adrift on the river. The ark was found by a wa-to the teachings of the ancient Egyptian Priests ter carrier, Akki, who brought up the child as hisand the Mystery School Teachings which were own.about creation based in the cycles of time. In the3rd century BC, Manetho, a Hellenistic Egyptian Pre-Vedic Brahmanism and Buddhism are thechronicler and priest, alleged that Moses was not double source from which all religions sprang;a Jew, but an Egyptian renegade priest, called Os- Cabalism, Judaism, and our present Christianityarseph. It has been suggested that he may have included—sprang from the two main branches ofbeen an Egyptian nobleman or prince influenced that one the once universal religion, which ante-by the religion of Aten, or simply sympathetic to dated the Vedic ages—we speak of that prehistoricHebrew culture. Moses is an Egyptian name-el- Buddhism which merged later into Brahmanism.ement meaning "-gave birth to him" or "-formed It is not against the primitive Vedas that Gautamahim as in "Ramose" which had the meaning "child protests. It is against the official state religion ofof Ra" or "Ra formed him". Many scholars from his country; and the Brahmans who intended toSigmund Freud to Joseph Campbell suggest that prove that the castes were predetermined by theMoses may have fled Egypt after Akhenaton’s Creator by the very fact that each class of mendeath (ca. 1358 BC) when much of the pharaohs was issued from a more or less noble limb ofmonotheistic reforms were being violently re- Brahma. Gautama-Buddhas philosophy was thatversed. Egyptologist Ahmed Osman) proposes taught from the beginning of time in the innerthat Moses and Akhenaton is the same person sanctuaries of the pagodas. The metaphysics of(Moses and Akhenaton, Dec. 2002). Brahmanism and Buddhism are incorporated in all the fundamental dogmas of the Gnostics. TheIt is alleged that the Pentateuch was written by Gnostics held that the Old Testament was the rev-Moses, and yet it contains the account of his own elation of an inferior god, without a single sen-death (Deut. 34:6); The Pentateuch, the first five tence of their Sophia, the Divine Wisdom. As tobooks of the Bible; contains stories of creation, a the New Testament, it had lost its purity when theflood, the formation of the State of Israel which compilers became guilty of the errors and inac-traces its ancestry to the settlement of the Hebrews curacies which tend to arise during hand copying, It’s A Pagan World 9
  • 10. Paganism = Cosmic or Wisdom Religionespecially over long periods of time. The revela- instrumental role; He was the one we had to havetion of divine truth was sacrificed by them to pro- faith in. George Washington said: "It is the dutymote endless conflict between the proponents of of all nations to acknowledge the providence ofcircumcision and the "Law," and the apostles who Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful forhad given up Judaism. His benefits, and humbly to implore His protec- tion and favor."Although "Allah" has become known as the prop-er name for the Muslim god, Allah is not a name, The American philosopher Manly Palmer Hall,but a means literally, "the god". All pagan cultures wrote of the secret destiny of the United States,have generic terms that refer to their "supreme laid down by Masonic Founding Fathers, as be-god" as "the God". "Allah" was originally no ing a country where religious conflict would notmore a proper name for the Muslim God, than the prevail. He said, "European mysticism was notword Hebrew "elohim" (god) or Greek "theos" dead at the time the United States of America was(god) are proper names of the one true God of the founded. The hand of the mysteries controlled inBible. "Jehovah" is the only revealed proper name the establishment of the new government for thefor the "Elohim" of the Old Testament ( Ex 3:13; signature of the mysteries may still be seen on the6:3) and "Jesus" is the only revealed proper name Great Seal of the United States of America. Care-of "Theos" in the New Testament. (Acts 4:12) ful analysis of the seal discloses the AmericanJesus is called "The God" many times in the New eagle upon the Great Seal is but a conventional-Testament: John 20:28; Heb 1:8. The mere fact that ized phoenix... and the all-seeing-eye on the dol-"Allah" is equivalent to "elohim" and "ho theos" lar bill above the pyramid with the words: "Novusdoes not mean they correspond. Allah is the same Ordo Seclorum," translates as: "A new order ofgod as the Buddhist god, for Buddhists also refer the ages.” Symbols and some of its mysteries de-to their god as "the god". There is one religion scended from ancient Egypt and Babylon.under different names: Christianity, Buddhism,Hebrew Religion, Muslim Religion, etc take off During the 2000 election Robert Roth’s bril-these names and you will find that there is one liant and provocative book, “A Reason to Vote”,religion, Paganism. showed that religion and politics are not strange bedfellows for when the Founding Fathers creat- John Adams called ‘Natural Law’ the Great legis- ed the American Constitution it reflected a deep-lator of the Universe and it pervaded the thinking seated belief in the order of the universe and ourof our founders as they located the source of all place within it. John Dickinson, a delegate fromour rights in natural law and thought of natural Delaware to the Federal Convention in Philadel-law as the supreme government. Our individual phia that drafted the U.S. Constitution, told hisright to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness fellow delegates to let our government be like thatdon’t come from man-made law or from the tra- of the solar system; “Let the general governmentdition of customs and practices known as com- be like the Sun and the states the planets, repelledmon law but belong naturally to all individuals yet attracted, and the whole moving regularly andby virtue of their participation in a universe ruled harmoniously in their several orbits”. This wasby eternal principles of order and universal con- more than a metaphor for Federalism; it reflectedsciousness...God. a deep seated belief among the founders in the or- der of the universe and our place in it.Samuel Adams and the founders felt America wasput together by divine providence God played an This is essentially what Thoth Hermes’s ‘Cosmic’ 10 It’s A Pagan World
  • 11. Paganism = Cosmic or Wisdom Religionreligion encoded in “The Book of Thoth” taught Christianity is tantamount to erasing Christianitybefore it was suppressed by the Roman Church. itself. The Vatican is obviously aware that theThe cosmic aspect of politics and religion is this— majority of myths and religions have a commonhumanity is a Cosmic Entity associated with the origin yet they have not acknowledged this fact.function of this planet as a unit in the Solar Sys- Colonel James Churchward expounds on this ideatem: that System being a still larger cosmic unit in his book “The Sacred Symbols of Mu” in whichwhose life-history is represented by the spiritual he discusses the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu.Sun. It was always the intention of cosmic reli- (Lemuria) including: The teachings of Thoth,gion to teach us about our god-like nature if the Osiris, Moses, and Jesus which Sri Aurobindowhole planet is to be transformed. Mankind, like came from the Overmind. He notes how Moseseverything else in the Cosmos, must return to the condensed the forty-two questions of the OsirianSource, God. When our ‘Founders’ referred to Mysteries into the Ten Commandments and howthe ‘Sun’ they were actually referring to, the ‘The Jesus condensed the texts to suit the language ofGalactic Central Sun’ the principle of intelligent his that pervades the whole universe. Cosmicreligion envisions a transformation of the whole The power of the Vicars of Christ was built on theplanet through instructing humanity about its in- doctrine of being the successors of St. Peter asherent divinity. Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Zoro- the first Bishop of Rome. History, however, doesaster, &c., and all those initiated in the most secret not show Peter to have been in Rome, or to havemysteries, acknowledged one supreme God, the ever been a bishop, anywhere. The first bishop ofLord and First Cause of all. Rome was listed as Linus. “Peter of Rome” took the place of the Pet-Roma, the “Book of Stone”Cosmic religion is encoded in our Holy Day cel- which played a major part in initiation into theebrations. Every year people go about their busi- Eleusinian Mysteries. The statue of Jupiter (Jo-ness and then are happy to take the day off on Peter) in Rome came to be worshiped as the im-these festivals oblivious to the pagan meaning age of Peter, with the claim that it always had beenwhich is the basis of Judeo-Christian religion. the image of Peter. An effective unification of allWhen families gather at Christmas time, and cel- of Rome’s religions had to not only include theebrate the festival of lights, roll eggs at Easter, or major gods of those religions, but to make themtraditional dances, they are unaware of the rea- subordinate to Jesus. The names of the disciples,sons. The revelry during these holy days is a then, corresponded to the names of those gods.distraction. Wisdom is not invited to the party as Matthew was Mithras, Thomas - Tammuz, Mark -it would spoil the fun. The earliest books of our Mars, John - Oannes, Peter - Jupiter, Paul - Apol-Bible are astrological, and are filled with priceless lo. Even the Virgin Mary was a variation on olderancient wisdom told in myth, fable, and allegory myths. The name “Jesus Christ” was actually a- E. Valentia Straiton (The Celestial Ship of the contraction on “Hesus” and “Christos”. The useNorth). of crosses, as symbols, was almost non-existent before. This was generally regarded as a violationMany investigators have pointed out that Vatican- of the second commandment, and the reminder ofstyle Christianity is replete with pagan symbol- Christ’s suffering was usually deemed inappro-ism. Protestant preachers have tried to sanitize priate.their version of Christianity by eliminating moreobvious pagan elements. However, they have not There is not a single element of Judeo-Christiansucceeded— for to erase the pagan elements from doctrine that did not originate in the pagan world. It’s A Pagan World 11
  • 12. Cosmic Religion and Natural LawWhen Christians bend their knees before their that the words "religion" and "dharma" denote"Lord," for example, they are unaware they follow two entirely different concepts and perspectives.a ritual sacred to Thoth, Egyptian God Of Wis- Religion is comprised of rituals, customs, anddom. When Christians bury their dead beneath the dogmas surviving on the basis of fear and blindground they emulate the rites of the Osirian priest-faith. Dharma—a word, unfortunately, with nohood who believed the soul can transcend to high- English equivalent—encapsulates those greater planes of existence after traversing the "Under- laws and disciplines that uphold, sustain, andworld" (known as Duat, Amenta or Nekya). ultimately lead humanity to the sublime heights of worldly and spiritual glory. Established in theSri Aurobindo, an Avatar of The Supreme, the name of God, a religion is an institution that re-liberator of India from British rule, came here to quires a growing number of adherents for its ex-transcend the Overmind consciousness that has pansion and future existence. A religion discrimi-been the highest spiritual influence until now, and nates against human beings who do not belongcause the descent of the Supramental Conscious- to its particular order and condemns their way ofness. Sri Aurobindo observes that the Over- mind living and being, whereas dharma is eternal, look-has produced Rama, Cristna, Buddha, Jesus and ing for no followers for its propagation. With noall the highest creative forces, and we have lived discrimination whatsoever, it leads a human be-under their auspices — sometimes through the ing beyond the realms of man-made, institution-voices of our prophets and religions, sometimes alized dictums. Instead of creating fear of God,through the voices of our poets, musicians and it makes God manifest in the human heart, not inartists. Yet none of them have transformed the an anthropomorphic form, but as the absolute andworld. universal One in whom all diversities reside in perfect harmony.After the death of the Master and his direct dis-ciples, the ‘Truth’ of their teaching becomes dis- Cosmic or Wisdom religion is encoded in ourtorted. For centuries we have been on the quest Holy Day celebrations. Every year people gofor the grail but we have found only half of the about their business and then are happy to takeSecret. The other half, according to Sri Aurob- the day off on these festivals oblivious to the pa-indo, is to be found in the depths of Death and gan meaning which is the basis of Judeo-Chris-Unconsciousness, and in the very heart of ‘Evil’. tian religion. Many investigators have pointedThe key to divine life is to transform the darkness out that Vatican-style Christianity is replete withwithin ourselves. It is essential that we make our pagan symbolism. Protestant preachers havepeace with the gods and goddesses and disconnect tried to sanitize their version of Christianity byfrom them and our religions so that our minds are eliminating more obvious pagan elements. How-free to experience Sanatana Dharma. ever, they have not succeeded— for to erase the Sanatana Dharma means: pagan elements from Christianity is tantamount Eternal Path to erasing Christianity itself. Never Beginning nor Ending Way Perennial Philosophy The regalia of Vatican priests was worn before Universal Tradition by pagan priests. Phoenician priests wore sur- All-Pervading Truth plices. Lambskin was worn by Persian priests. Natural Flow The custom of canons wearing fur coats is aSri Aurobindo and the great sages of India teach throwback to animal sacrifice. Russian bishops 12 It’s A Pagan World
  • 13. Cosmic Religionsuspended small silver bells which were also Catholicism is pulsating with Paganism.worn on the robes of the priests of Persia. The One of the common elements of Pagans is theirPope’s mitre is adopted from the headdress of common symbol for eternal life, evergreen,the priests of Oannes/Dagon, the fish head god. trees and bushes and the Pine Cone is reveredLike an Assyrian king, he carries a pine cone because it is the “seed” for more evergreens asmounted on his staff. This same pine cone staff it is a powerful, and ancient symbol of Eternalis a symbol of the solar god Osiris, the Egyptian Life.Messiah, who died for the good of his people,and whose wife, Isis, was worshipped as the Vir- The Vatican is obviously aware that the major-gin Mother. Osiris was the Egyptian counterpartity of myths and religions have a common ori-of Jesus Christ! gin. Colonel James Churchward expounds on this idea in his book “The Sacred Symbols of Mu”Investigators believe the pine cone represent- in which he discusses the Sacred Inspired Writ- ings of Mu. (Lemuria) including: The teachings of Thoth, Osiris, Moses, and Jesus. He notes how Moses condensed the forty-two questions of the Osirian Mysteries into the Ten Commandments and how Jesus condensed the texts to suit the lan- guage of his day. There is not a single element of Judeo-Christian doctrine that did not originate in the pagan world. When Christians bend their knees before their "Lord," for example, they are unaware they fol- low a ritual sacred to Thoth, the ibis-headed god of the moon. When Christians bury their dead beneath the ground they emulate the rites of the Osirian priesthood who believed the soul can transcend to higher planes of existence after tra- versing the "Underworld" When families gather at Christmas time, and cel- ebrate the festival of lights, roll eggs at Easter, or traditional dances, they are unaware of the rea- sons. Astrology, Sabeanism, and Uranography mean nothing to them. The revelry during theseed the third eye and spiritual enlightenment. It holy days are a distraction. Wisdom is not inviteddenoted Dionysus, and “messiahs” (anointed to the party as it would spoil the fun. The earliestkings). It represented virility and potency. As an books of our Bible are astrological, and are filled“eye” symbol it would have been the equivalent with priceless ancient wisdom told in myth, fable,of the “Eye of Horus.” and allegory - E. Valentia Straiton (The Celestial Ship of the North).The Roman Catholic Church utilizes the PineCone which is even more evidence that Roman It’s A Pagan World 13
  • 14. Amaruca: Land of the Winged SerpentI n a world filled with holy days and holiday tradi- tions few seek to understand their origin. Mostgenerally accept common religious practices with- the sun, creating a period of sultry weather. They named this period of time, from 20 days before the conjunction to 20 days after, “dog days” afterout question so that they are accepted in Christian the Dog Star.society. This defect has created great conflicts be-tween those of different faiths especially in the “When Marduk [now called Ra], returned to Egyptobservance of Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, he found Ningishzidda [called Thoth in Egypt]Halloween, Valentine’s Day and other supposed as its master. With the aid of the offspring of theChristian holidays. Millions honor these days Anunnaki [astronauts from Nibiru] who Earth-without knowing why—or where they originated. lings espoused did Ningishzidda the land oversee,Many believe that they are “found in the Bible” what Marduk had once planned and instructed bybecause millions of Christians observe them and Ningishzidda was overturned.” [Sitchin, Z., 2002,cannot be wrong even though they themselves do The Lost Book of Enki, page 284]. When Thoth-not really know the significance of them. July 4th, Hermes leaves Egypt, he arrives in Mexico un-is a good day to read the Declaration of Indepen- der the name of Quetzalcoatl, he is said to havedence, signed by our Founding Fathers on July 4, come out of the sea, bringing with him a mys-1776. We hold these truths to be self- evident, that terious cross. On his garments were embellishedall men are created equal, that they are endowed clouds and red crosses. In his honor, great ser-by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights pents carved from stone were placed in differentthat among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit parts of Mexico.of Happiness. That supposedly is the reason whyGovernments are instituted yet religious institu- The cross of Quetzalcoatl became a Mayan sa-tions have taken these unalienable rights away cred symbol, and Maya Indian angels had crossesfrom us. The most important being that of know- of various pigments painted on their our own divinity. Similar crosses were placed over the eyes of those initiated into their Mysteries. When Cortez ar-Yet perhaps when you have read rived in Mexico, he brought with him the cross.the following August the 13th, Recognizing this, the natives believed that he wasthe day when Quetzalcoatl the Quetzalcoatl, for He had promised to come backwinged serpent was born, will in the future and redeem his even more appropriate to cel-ebrate the birthday of America In his epic book, Anacalypsis, Godfrey Hig-(Amaruca). gins sheds light on the cross and its symbolism in America: “The Incas had a cross of very fineThis day also has a Venus-Sirius connection marble or beautiful highly polished jasper wor-which was important to the Egyptians. The bright- shiped in a sacred chamber of a palace. The Span-est of the stars in Canis Major (the big dog) is iards decorated this cross with gold and jewels,Sirius, which is coincidently the brightest star in and placed it in the cathedral of Cuzco. Mexicanthe night sky. In fact, it is so bright that the an- temples are in the form of a cross, and face thecient Romans thought that the earth received heat four cardinal points.from it. In the summer, however, Sirius, the “dogstar,” rises and sets with the sun. During late July quetzalcoatl is represented inSirius is in conjunction with the sun, and the an- the paintings of the Codex Bor-cients believed that its heat added to the heat of gianus nailed to the cross. 14 It’s A Pagan World
  • 15. Amaruca: Land of the Winged Serpent breath. The great spiritual masters of Central America long for the return of Quetzalcoatl when the feathered-serpent will replace the Christian Cross. Quetzal is the name of the paradise bird and coatl, the word for serpent. Its Maya equivalent is Kukul-Can, and Gu- cumatz for the Quiche in the Popol Vuh. No one knows exactly when the winged serpent colonized the Americas but H.P. Blavatsky says the Mayas existed in Plato’s Atlantis. The Maya civilization arrived in the Americas as a mature culture with art, architecture, re- ligion, and a system hieroglyphics which be- came phonetics. Thoth-Hermes migrated from Egypt and became known in the Americas as Quetzalcoatl, the first ruler of the Toltecs, and Mayans. In Peru he was called Amaru LordS ometimes even the two thieves are there cru- cified with Quetzalcoatl. In Vol. II. Plate 75,the God is crucified in the Heavens, in a circle of of Amaruca, literally translated as ‘Land of the Plumed Serpent. The origin of the name America is commonly attributed to the Ital-nineteen figures, the number of the Metonic cycle, ian explorer Amerigo Vespucci and not Ama-the Moon’s 19 year cycle where the Moon returns ruca. Quetzalcoatl is said to have been bornto exactly the same place (at the same longitude on August 13th. So perhaps now that Land ofand against the same constellation) in the sky with the Great Plumed Serpent, is finally gainingthe same phase. A serpent is depriving him of the more credibility among scholars, it is time tohis sexual organs. In the Codex Borgianus, (pp. restore the name Amaruca to its rightful place4, 72, 73, 75,) the Mexican God is represented and celebrate the birthday of America then.crucified and nailed to the cross, and in anotherplace hanging on it, with a cross in his hands. The Recent discoveries in Peru may lead to morecrucifixion of the Logos in space and the cruci- conclusive evidence concerning the relation-fixion of the dove are common in pagan religious ships between North and South American in- symbolism. The digenous Indians. As discoveries continue to fact that a cross unearth ancient Inca cities, writings pertain- is formed by the ing to the mysterious origins of Amaruca are spread wings of sure to be found. The Incas abandoned their a bird in relation towns and cities and retreated from the trea- to its body is no sure-hunting Spanish invaders after the Con- doubt one of the quistadors captured and executed the last Inca reasons why the leader, Tupac Amaru, in 1572. Some of the Egyptians used cities have since been rediscovered, but manya bird to symbolize the immortal nature of man, more are believed to lie hidden in the denseand often show it hovering over the mummi- jungle.fied body of the dead and carrying in one of itsclaws the sign of life and in the other the sign of The Book of the Quiches of Guatemala is It’s A Pagan World 15
  • 16. Amaruca: Land of the Winged Serpentsaid to have been written by Votan, their name coatl tried to suppress thes atrocities and urgedfor Quetzalcoatl. Votans, priests of Quetzalcoatl the substitution of fruit, flowers, treasured pos-existed for perhaps for thousands of years. Votan sessions, and self sacrifice. The Codex Vaticanusis the son of a virgin, sent to save mankind; con- A bears so close a resemblance to the Egyptiannected also with earthquakes, deluge and wind. Pert-Em-Hru that it has been called “The Mexi-Although there is hardly a single cultural custom can Book of the Dead.” The Pert em Hru is thewhose origin was not from Quetzalcoatl, he is es- oldest book of Scripture in the world. [It’s wherepecially connected with the planet Venus, and the the Bible, Qur’an and Torah comes from]. TheMayan calendar. As god of the morning star, he Pert is erroneously known as the Egyptian Bookbore the name of Ce Acatl, one of the dates mark- of the Dead because Arab tomb raiders called the ing the periodical re- copies they found “kitaabi-m-mayyit” (books turn of Venus. Mex- of the dead men). Like some corpses today are ican paintings depict buried with Bibles, ancient Egyptians were often Quetzalcoatl with buried with scrolls of the Pert em Hru. The title is a wand resembling correctly translated “Coming Forth By Day,” or the brazen serpent “Becoming Awake.” The above passage indicates rod of Moses. The that the Muslims knew the 99 names of Allah to Torah says that Mo- be various attributes of the One God, not separate, ses lifted a ‘fiery independently existing deities. The Mayan calen- serpent’ to cure the dar added thirteen days every fifty-two years. At Israelites from ser- midnight of the closing cycle, determined by the pent bites. (Book position of the Pleiades, the high priest lit a fireof Numbers, chapter 21:4-9). The reign of Quet- and the people rejoiced at deliverance of the worldzalcoatl was the golden age of the Toltecs. The from destruction by flood. Perhaps the propheciesdeparture of Quetzalcoatl marked the decline of of December 21, 2012 won’t come true but that’sthe Toltecs before the ascension of the aggressive no reason to continue celebrating Christmas asAztecs who practiced human sacrifice. Quetzal- usual. 16 It’s A Pagan World
  • 17. Saturnalian Christmas R omans celebrated Saturnalia, a feast named for Sat- urn which was inherited from an earlier Babylonian priesthood, on December 21, the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. They believed the shortest day of the year was the birthday of the sun. The Christmas sea- son is the time when the sun enters Capricorn, one of the houses of Saturn, who is interchangeable with his feminine counterpart, Virgo/Ceres, who holds a stalk of grain or corn. Placing grain in the open hearth are an- cient Scandinavian and Anglo Saxon yuletide rituals. Chronos, our Father Time, was depicted in Greco-Ro- man mosaics turning a zodiac wheel and later pictured as an old man with a hood over the back of his head, holding a sickle in his hand. Words such as chronology, chronic, and chronicle derive from Chronos. It’s A Pagan World 17
  • 18. Saturnalian ChristmasT he Chrismas holiday season the world cel- ebrates each year on the 25th of December isactually thousands of years older than Christian- T he festival began when Roman authorities chose “an enemy of the Roman people” to represent the “Lord of Misrule.” Each Romanity itself -- So Why Does There Continue To Be community selected a victim whom they forcedSo Much Controversy Over This Day? Christmas to indulge in food and other physical pleasuresis one of the biggest events on the Christian cal- throughout the week. At the festival’s conclusion,endar, yet the customs we associate with the event December 25th, Roman authorities believed theyare steeped in Paganism. Pagans designated 25th were destroying the forces of darkness by brutallyof December as the birthday of the Solar Man. murdering the innocent man or woman who theyThey rejoiced, feasted, gathered in processions, chose to represent “the forces of darkness”.and made offerings in the temples. The darknessof winter was over and the glorious son of light Saturnalia became one of the most popular Romanwas returning to the Northern Hemisphere. With festivals. It was marked by a reversal of socialhis last effort the old Sun God had torn down the roles, in which slaves and masters switched plac-house of the Philistines (the Spirits of Darkness) es— with masters serving their slaves. Schoolsand had cleared the way for the new sun who was and courts were closed, and the whole commu-born that day from the depths of the earth amidst nity would give itself up to feasting, gamblingthe symbolic beasts of the lower world. It’s a trag- and drinking. It was also a time for exchangingedy that the Easter and Christmas traditions have gifts – particularly of wax candles (also knownlost the transcendental spirit of the festival of hu- as cerei) and earthenware figurines known as sig-man evolution. Many Christians today believe illaria. Saturnalia continued to be celebrated upthat December 25, is a Christian holiday. The fact until around the end of the fourth century. It wasis that people have been celebrating Christmas, then moved to January, where it was merged intolong before the birth of Christ. The festivity was the festival of the Kalends of January, yet anotherknown then, as Saturnalia, a festival in which the significant part of the Roman Midwinter celebra-Romans commemorated the dedication of the tem- tions.ple of the god Saturn. As winter approached, theywere losing harvest and needed the sun in order In the 4th century The Roman Catholic Churchfor their harvest to bear fruit. Saturn, the Greek adopted the Saturnalia festival in an effort to con-God Chronus, was the Roman god of ‘Time’, ag- vert large numbers of pagans by promising themriculture and harvest. Saturn could be thought of that they could continue to celebrate Saturnalia asas Father Christmas and Father Time. “Christmas”. Christians adopted the Roman prac- tices of Saturnalia for the earliest Christmas holi-Saturnalia is rooted in pagan and Celtic traditions. days were celebrated by drinking, sexual indul-They believed that winter was due to a losing gence, singing naked in the streets (a precursor ofbattle between the sun god and the god of dark- modern caroling), etc. The problem is that thereness. Then on December 25, the sun reverses its no relationship between Christianity and Saturna-power on the darkest night of the year. The Ro- lia. To remedy this, these early Christians adoptedman pagans introduced into law December 17-25 Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun, as more ap-as Saturnalia. During this period, Roman courts propriate to Saturnalia’s final day, December 25thwere closed, and law dictated that no one could as Jesus’ punished for damaging property or injuringpeople during the week long celebration. 18 It’s A Pagan World
  • 19. Sol Invictus If Christ is born anew in our consciousness we can have a mass of Christs all year long. December 25, is the festival of the unconquered sun. It’s A Pagan World 19
  • 20. Sol InvictusS ol Invictus or Deus Sol Invictus (“the Un- conquered Sun God”) was created by Romanemperor Aurelian in the year 274, which contin- The Great Central Sun of the Cosmos is the source of all physical-spiritual creation. It is the Nucleus of the “Cosmic Egg.” The star Sirius is the focusued until the abolition of paganism in the Roman of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Gal-empire by Theodosius the Great. The title of Sol axy, which magnifies the radiations of a particularInvictus referred to three distinct divinities; Sol, constellation for 2,160 years during any particularMithras, and El-Gabal. Emperor Constantine, zodiacal age. When Mithras and Theseus slay thewho founded Christianity, worshiped Sol Invic- Bull it signified their Hyper-Cosmic power to endtus, the Roman Sun God, until the day he died. the Age of Taurus as the spring equinox movedOn his death bed he ordered coins with his image into the constellation of Aries. The power of theon one side and the Sun God on the other, then Sun is a living power identical with your spiri-took Catholic communion for the first time in his tual power. All our energy comes from the Sun,life, and then died. and we in turn must radiate the energy we receive from it. The Sun rules the intellect and highlightsOn December 25th, the Romans held a festival hidden desires that cloud the awareness of Divin-known as Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, “the birth- of the unconquered sun.” By using the title ofSol Invictus, the Romans could worship severaldifferent solar gods collectively. Under the for-mer Julian calendar, introduced by Julius Caesarin 45 BC, the Winter Solstice fell on December25th, thus it was the day when the Sun was “un- Bconquerable.” Under the modern-day Gregorian oth Christians and Secularists losecalendar, the solstice has been moved to Decem- when they miss the spiritual messageber 21st, although it sometimes occurs on the22nd. Many scholars believe that the Sol Invic- of love that can be created if people actedtus festival is the source of the December 25th in a Christ-like way. The more importantdate of Christmas, especially since Jesus Christ question is are you in a deep, devotedis viewed as “the sun of righteousness” or “the communion with the spirit of Christ atson of light.” Christmastide?The Sun for the ancients was the Hyper-CosmicSun and source of consciousness, located at thecenter of the Milky Way Galaxy, which our solarsystem shares with at least 200 billion other starsand their planets, and where thousands of clus-ters and nebula coexist. There are many namesand symbols for the central Sun of the Galaxy:The Egyptian Eye of Ra or Horus depicted as aHawk and Uraeus (a cobra) either side of the sundisk; the Greek Helios and Apollo; the PersianMithras; and the Mayan Galactic Butterfly orHunab Ku.20 It’s A Pagan World
  • 21. Chronus of the North PoleC hris Van Allsburg’s book on which the Po- lar express is based is a heartwarming story T he engraving of the tablet of Cebes in Manley Hall’s, The Secret Teachings of the Ages could have inspired the film post-about the power of belief that resonates across er for The Polar Express. Further researchgenerations and cultures and to some extent sup- revealed that this tablet was at the altar inports this Xmas exploration. What touches the the temple of Chronos, the primeval god ofheart in this film goes far beyond the sentimental- Time who emerged self-formed at creation.ity of Santa Claus and reindeer bells. Once one Chronos ushers in the New Year and heunderstands that this is a parable about a child’s tells us that the world is represented as abelief in God, who is the searchlight along the great mountain. Ancients saw God as theshadowy pathway in life, the film makes total Polestar to guide them upward in searchsense. The highlight was when the conductor of truth and immortality. Above the cloudstells us that sometimes the most real things are which conceal the summit of the mountainthose you can’t see.” Harry Potter fans would is the goal of human attainment—true hap-agree with that. piness. Isn’t that what Father Xmas and Fa- ther Time would want for us. It’s A Pagan World 21
  • 22. Santa’s Artic HomeS anta Claus is going to be very unhappy this year as he is caught between a melting NorthPole and a frozen economy. Santa Claus is argu- gan. Therefore Santa Claus’ rule of the North Pole should be over and the ‘Unconquered Sun’ should rule.ably the greatest philanthropist in the world. Noone person dispenses as many gifts in one day. In his book,” Arctic Home,” (published in 1903),What can he do to solve the world’s economic Gangadhar Tilak was convinced that ancient In-woes after all He has been given all the attributes dian Vedic texts point unmistakably to a “realmof a God? If we follow this hypothesis it’s un- of the gods” where the sun rises and sets oncederstandable that many Christians believe that the a year, which indicates that these writers under-Santa Claus tradition robs the Lord Jesus Christ stood the astronomical symbolism at the Northof His glory. The problem is that every religion Pole. So, if you are celebrating any of the west-thinks their God is better even though they are ern traditions of Christmas this year, rememberall the same ‘One God’ with different names. that you are also enjoying the rituals of several ancient polar gods from the Hindus, Greeks,Just Google "The Devil Is In Your Chimney! Scandinavians, and Romans.Satan Claus and the Anti-Christ! The Great Im-poster! Recent film in the Santa Claus franchise Few dispute that Santa Claus’ annual visit calmsbrings more fuel to the yuletide fire and exposes us as he sails through the darkest night of the yearJack’s evil plan to turn the North Pole into a theme bringing hope and light to the world’s children.park and renaming Dec. 25 “Frostmas” – literally His Christmas presents also promise, through sea-taking Jesus out of Christmas. Unfortunately in sonal renewal, that the world is eternally young.this scenario no one wins except the creators, pro- Why would a secularist or a Christian complainducers, and cast whose slapstick clichés pander about that? Christ is a mystical expression for theto secularists. The current controversy between human inner god, while chrest is the latent ChristChristians and secularists during the Xmas season spirit which is regenerated by good thinking, liv-could be settled if both parties were aware of the ing and actions. In the language of the Mysteries,genesis of Santa Claus and Christ. Chrestes, Chrestos, Chrestians chrestos (Greek) is a title of respect equivalent to “the worthy.”Christians think ancient Gods are nothing butmyths. What about the Christian God? Isn’t hejust a myth also? Greeks used myth to explain the The word Christos was easier to con-unexplainable. Ancient civilizations created Polar vert Middle Eastern religions withGods and Sun Gods to rule their universe. The at- than the word “Messiahtributes of Santa Claus can be traced back to PolarGods such as Siva, Chronus, and Apollo.Zep Tepi is the Egyptian Genesis. Zep meansTime.Tepi means First. Together they are the‘First Time’ or the Golden Age (Alchemy) wherethe Pantheon of Egyptian Gods, Ptah, Ra, Su, Geb,Set, Osiris, and Thoth (associated with Orion, godof resurrection and rebirth,) Horus, Ma’at , andThoth ruled after the last ice age approximately13,000 years ago when the Age of Leo (Sun) be- 22 It’s A Pagan World
  • 23. Paganism influenced ChristianityE ntertheNewYearwithgreaterspiritualeffortev- erydayandredeemyourselfbyyourself.Nooneelsecandoitforyou.ThiswasthemessageinCharles B ut in the process of this amalgamation, the true spiritual power of the Christian Gnostics was forgotten, and it is the reason why America is soDickens’s most popular book, “A Christmas Carol,” polarized at Christmas. The Teachings of the Origi-whichintroducedtheGhostsofChristmasesPast,Pres- nal Gnostic Christians were fervently suppressed byent,andFuture,toshowScroogetheerrorofhisways. the Roman Church because they portray Jesus andMost people think that Santa Claus has nothing to Mary Magdalene as initiates of the Mystery Schooldo with the religious side of Christmas. Santa Claus of Osiris and Isis. The gospels are a dramatic reen-is actually supposed to be Saint Nicholas. Up until actment of spiritual allegory that leads to spiritualthe 1930s Santa was shown in paintings to look like enlightenment, for the Mystery Schools taught howanordinaryperson,dressednormallybutwearinga we have the power to transform our world by ex-red cloak. Then in the 1930’s the Coca-Cola Com- ploring consciousness.panyrananadvertisementshowingSantaClaustheway we know him now; rather fat and jolly, with hisredsuitandlongwhitewhiskers.Hewasmuchmoreappealing to children this way, and so the image re-mained. Few dispute that Santa Claus’annual visitcalms us as he sails through the darkest night of theyearbringinghopeandlighttotheworld’schildren.His Christmas presents also promise, through sea-sonalrenewal,thattheworldiseternallyyoung.WhywouldasecularistoraChristiancomplainaboutthat? T he answer to why we honor Santa Claus and Father Time is simple, for he brings back memories embeddedFor centuries in Western countries Christmas wasthought to be a purely Christian celebration, com- deep in our collective consciousness ofmemorating the birth of the Christ. During this the idea of an ancient polar god rulingtime Christianity berated the Pagan world and itsreligions.Yetparadoxicallyitsmostimportantfesti- from the North Pole. The religions of allvaloftheyearincorporatestheverysamePagancel- ancient nations associate the abode ofebrationritesthatithascondemned. Afterthefallof the supreme God with the North Polethe Roman empire the priests of the Roman Churchconquered more minds than the centurions were as the centre of heaven.everabletodo,bycondescendingtoallowitsPaganconvertstopracticetheirancientreligiousfestivalsatChristmas. So in essence it was Paganism that influ-enced Christianity. It’s A Pagan World 23
  • 24. The Great Bear: Ursa MajorT he seven large stars in the Great Bear, Ursa Major, corresponds with the seven creativeRishis, the Seven Timekeepers. the progenitors I n Egypt the Great Bear was the constellation of Typhon, the Dragon of Life with seven heads assigned to her son, Cronus, or Saturn. Thereof mankind, who mark the duration of events in were two constellations with seven stars each.our septenary life cycle. They are as mysterious We call them the Great and Little Bears. But theas their supposed wives, the Pleiades. The Pleia- seven stars of the Lesser Bear were once consid-des (Krittika) are the nurses of Karttikeya (Mars), ered to be the seven heads of the Polar Dragon,the commander of the celestial armies —or the which are the beast with seven heads in the Ak-Siddhas (translated Yogis in heaven, and holy kadian Hymns and in Revelation. The mythicalsages on the earth) which makes Karttikeya iden- dragon originated in the crocodile, which is thetical with St. Michael, the “leader of the celestial dragon of Egypt. We call them the Two Bears.hosts.” Hence also the War in Heaven of Michael But the seven stars of the Lesser Bear were onceagainst the Dragon (Jupiter and Lucifer-Venus), considered to be the seven heads of the Po-when a third of the stars of the rebellious host lar Dragon, which we meet with - as the beastwas hurled down into Space. The stars of our en- with seven heads - in the Akkadian Hymns andtire galaxy are all intimately connected together, in Revelation. The mythical dragon originatedspiritually, intellectually, psychically, vitally, and in the crocodile, which is the dragon of Egypt.physically, which means a connection extending In The Book of Enoch these two constellationsback to a remote past that can be only calculated are identified as Leviathan and Behemoth or thein astronomical figures. Dragon and Hippopotamus = Great Bear, and they are the primal pair that were first created in the Garden of Eden. 24 It’s A Pagan World
  • 25. The Cosmic AxisI n his book,” Arctic Home,” (published in Magdalene as initiates of the Mystery School of 1903), Gangadhar Tilak was convinced that Osiris and Isis. The gospels are a dramatic reen-ancient Indian Vedic texts point unmistakably actment of spiritual allegory that leads to spiritu-to a “realm of the gods” where the sun rises and al enlightenment, for the Mystery Schools taughtsets once a year, which indicates that these writ- how we have the power to transform our worlders understood the astronomical symbolism at by exploring consciousness.the North Pole. So, if you are celebrating anyof the western traditions of Christmas this year,remember that you are also enjoying the rituals T he shopping mall has now replaced the North Pole where the avatar Santa Claus resides. Santa Claus has the three major charac-of several ancient polar gods from the Hindus,Greeks, Scandinavians, and Romans. teristics of God: Omniscience (knows everything) Omnipotence (can do anything) OmnipresenceFew dispute that Santa Claus’ annual visit calms (can be everywhere.)us as he sails through the darkest night of the yearbringing hope and light to the world’s children. Santa Claus’ workshop at the North Pole as-His Christmas presents also promise, through sea- sociates him with the cosmic axis on which hesonal renewal, that the world is eternally young. descends and ascends. Our chimneys also sym-Why would a secularist or a Christian complain bolize the cosmic axis which carries Santa fromabout that? For centuries in Western countries one realm to another. Christmas night is totallyChristmas was thought to be a purely Christian mystical for his sleigh is pulled by eight fly-celebration, commemorating the birth of the ing reindeer that traverse the whole world inChrist. During this time Christianity berated the one night. Like God, Santa knows everythingPagan world and its religions. Yet paradoxically about us and is omnipresent. Santa Claus isits most important festival of the year incorpo- in essence a secular version of the Hindu god,rates the very same Pagan celebration rites that it Siva, of the celestial pole. All aboard the po-has condemned. lar express through the labyrinth of deception that has clouded the true meaning of Christmas.After the fall of the Roman empire the priests ofthe Roman Church conquered more minds than John O’Neill (Night of the Gods, two volumes)the centurions were ever able to do, by conde- insisted that mankind’s oldest religions centeredscending to allow its Pagan converts to practice on a god of the celestial pole. Jocelyn Godwin’stheir ancient religious festivals at Christmas. So book, Arktos: The Polar Myth, tells us that: “It isin essence it was Paganism that influenced Chris- in medieval Iran that we find extant literature ontianity. the Spiritual Pole and the experience of mystical ascent to it. The Iranian Sufis, drawing not onlyBut in the process of this amalgamation, the true on Islam but on the Mazdean, Manichean, Her-spiritual power of the Christian Gnostics was metic, Gnostic and Platonic traditions, blended aforgotten, and it is the reason why America is so sacred knowledge said to be ‘scientific’, mysti-polarized at Christmas. cal and philosophically practical. “The religion and mythology of a polar god was first formu-The Teachings of the Original Gnostic Chris- lated by the priest-astronomers of ancient In-tians were fervently suppressed by the Roman dia, Babylon, Sumeria and Egypt and spreadChurch because they portray Jesus and Mary to Greece, Rome, and the rest of the world. It’s A Pagan World 25
  • 26. Christmas Myths N umerous parallels have been made be- tween Santa Claus and Odin, a major god amongst the Germanic peoples prior to their Christianizing. Odin was depicted as a tall, old man with a white beard and wearing a cloak. He rode the skies and the seas on his fast white horse Sleipnir with his 8 (the number of transfor- mation) legs, while carrying his constant spear Gungnir (clear and focused intent) in his hand. He had one eye, for he had offered the other eye in exchange for gathering wisdom at the well of the head Mimir (Norse representation of Su- preme Consciousness) and with that he became a shape shifter, able of seeing in the outward world with his normal eye and understanding the inward worlds with his black, removed, eye. He was beloved among his friends and followers Odin who felt happy and energized in his presence26 It’s A Pagan World
  • 27. Towers symbolize the Polar AxisT he parallels between the origins of Santa Claus (Santaism) and Buddhism are striking.The altar of a Buddhist temple has a statue of acorpulent laughing Buddha/Santa with an offeringof fruit or food which mirrors offerings of milkand cookies to Santa, while Buddhist prayers aregenerally offered up with incense to God. Bud-dhism teaches that we incarnate many times untilwe attain God realization, Santa knows who hasbeen naughty or nice that year which parallelsBuddhism and Hinduism’s cyclic judgment of all Tower of Babel beings. The second most striking parallel between Santa- ism and Hinduism is their focus on pilgrimages to a holy mountain where God resides. Almost every tradition has its name for this mountain with the same significance; the Persian Alborj, the Montsalvat of Western Grail legend, the Arab mountain Qaf and the ancient Greeks had several sites that were considered places of the ompha- los (navel) stone, such as the oracle at Delphi, while also maintaining a belief in a world tree, the Xmas Tree, and Mount Olympus as the abode of the gods. Buddha Many religious structures symbolize the polar axis. The stupa of Hinduism, and later Buddhism, reflects Mount Meru, and Siva is often mysti- cally connected with Mount Meru, which esoteri- cally is both the cosmic and terrestrial axis with its north and south poles. The upright bar of the cross is sometimes seen as representing a world axis, while the steeple of a church or minaret of a mosque indicates a place where the earthly and heaven meet. In Mesopotamian civilizations, the ziggurat works as a polar axis. Structures such as maypoles in pre-Christian Europe, linked to the Saxons’ Irminsul, and totem poles among Pacific Siva It’s A Pagan World 27
  • 28. Towers symbolize the Polar AxisN orthwest Native Americans also formed local or temporary world axes. Many cul-tures equate a hill, a mountain or a pyramid as a T he great Rishis imparted knowledge of the Holy Trinity orally through numerous gener- ations. The Christian Holy Trinity—Father-Son-symbol of the polar axis or axis mundi. For ex- Holy Ghost corresponds with the Hindu Trinity,ample, the Sioux consider the Black Hills to be Aum-Tat-Sat. God, the Father is Sat, spirit beyondthe axis mundi, while Mount Kailash is holy to all creation, Christ the Son is Tat, the Christ intel-several religions in Tibet. Often, within the same ligence in all creation, The Holy Ghost is Aum orbelief system, several places may be considered Amen, the Word/Logos or Cosmic Vibration thatthe axis mundi; in Islam, the Dome of the Rock, structures creation.where Muhammad was raised and lowered fromheaven, as well as the shrine at Mecca play thisrole. The Temple Mount, site of the Dome of theRock, is also holy to Judaism and Christianity.Other nearby sites that are considered sacred andare on hills include the Mount of Olives and Cal-vary.Hindu fundamental belief is that the Vedasare eternal (sanatana) and not composed bya human being (apaurusheya). They believedthat: at the end of a creative cycle God, Para-matma, dissolves everything within Himself,there is only one principle, Spirit: everlast-ing, ever conscious, ever new Bliss. But ineach new creative cycle Spirit again projectsItself as the Trinity—Father-Son-Holy Ghost.We, ourselves, are the epitome of the wholeof creation. The material universe is thevast body of God, the cosmic electrical en-ergy is the astral form of God, and the soulor life in everything is the essence of God.Even a grain of sand has life.28 It’s A Pagan World
  • 29. Sirius and OrionO rion was known by Egyptians as ’The First Time’ of Osiris. The Three T he Star of Bethlehem (Matt. 2:2) symbolizes the brightest star in the winter sky, Sirius, which is part of the winter triangle in the constellation, CanisKings represent the three divine aspects Major. In Sanskrit, Sirius is known as Mrgavyadhaof Will, Love and Intelligence. The name (“deer hunter”) or Lubdhaka (“hunter”). As Mrgavy- adha, the star represents Siva. At 4:00 PM, the threeOrion literally means “the breaking forth stars in Orion align along a south east direction to-of light, and therefore, symbolizes Spirit. wards Sirius and the Star of Bethlehem rises and pointsIn South America Orion’s Belt is known to the birthplace of Christ. Since stars, like the sun,as “Las Tres Marias” or “As Três Ma- always rise from the east, it would appear as three stars were following one bright star, or as the star of Bethle-rias” (The Three Marys), in honor of hem guiding the Magi. If the magi were on land, theyMary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, couldn’t come from the east and follow a star from theand Mary of Bethany,three major New east. But if they are in the sky, it makes sense. Siri-Testament figures us would appear to stop, like the star of Bethlehem, when it is directly above the stable where Christ is born. The Star of Bethlehem and the three Magi symbolize Sirius and Orion respectively. The Babe in a manger born among animals in a stable or a cave, and wrapped in swaddling clothes was common in many ancient religions. It’s A Pagan World 29
  • 30. Sirius and Orion J esus, the Sun was born in Bethlehem “house of bread” as Bethlehem represents the constel- lation of Virgo, depicted with a sheaf of wheat. T he three Magi followed the star rising in the east until it rested over the place where the baby Sun rests in the west. Arriving in Bethle- Virgo is related to the concept of the “womb of hem they saw the Sun Child with his mother time”. The sun has moved out of Virgo in Judea Mary [Virgo], and bow down and worship him. during the time of King Herod symbolizing night. Then they presented him with gifts of gold and of frankincense and of myrrh. Gold is bright like the Sun. Frankincense when burned was considered to be the essence of God on Earth. Myrrh was a symbolically appropriate gift for the baby Jesus because it was used in embalming at the time. Therefore, while gold and frankincense symbol- ize the infant’s royalty and divinity, respectively, myrrh makes reference to His future death. And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they, the Orion belt. returned back to the east under the earth where they rise. T he word orient in the Christmas car- ol, “We Three Kings From Orient Are”, should be replaced by Orion. The three Magi (Matt.2:1) who searched for the newly born Christ are symbolic of the Constellation of Virgo three stars in the hunter’s belt in the con- The three Magi from the east; the three stars in stellation of Orion. the belt of Orion, rise in the east came to Jerusa- lem. The Magi enquire, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? Where is the new Sun? We saw his star, Venus, the which is always seen near the Sun when it rose in the east and have come to worship him King Herod represents darkness which is always fearful of sunrise when the sun, Jesus, in this case, is born and conquers him. Herod, Egyptian Herut, asked his astrologers where the Christ [the Sun] was to be born. Then Herod secretly called the Magi [astronomers] and discovered the exact time Venus appeared as the star Venus is closest to the sun. He then sent them to Bethlehem, the house of Virgo] and said, find the child, the Sun in Virgo, so that I too may go and worship him.” Osiris symbol of Orion 30 It’s A Pagan World
  • 31. Mother Goddesses Aphrodite born from the sea T here have been many different mother god- desses who came from the sea, including such goddesses as the Hindu Lakshmi (“Good Fortune”). She, like Aphrodite, is goddess of love and beauty who brings wealth. She is the wife of Vishnu, and was born from the Sea, fully grown ,and beautiful. In some forms of Neo-paganism, and in the Hindu idea of Shakti, all mother goddesses are considered aspects of the one God. Aphrodite, Roman Venus, goddess of love, beauty and fertility was worshipped as Aphrodite Urania, Queen of the Sea, and tran- scendental love. She bore several children to vari- ous gods: Her daughters were Peitho/Suada/Suadela goddess of persuasion, and Harmonia (harmony/ healing). Her sons are Eros god of love (the zo- Lakshni born from the sea diacal sign Pisces represents Aphrodite and Eros hiding as fishes from Typhon), Hymen god of marriage, and Hermaphroditus (son of Aphro- dite and Hermes). It’s A Pagan World 31
  • 32. Mother Goddesses Judgment of ParisT magical girdle in order to distract Zeus from the he poet Hesiod said that Aphrodite was born fray. This garment causes men (and gods) to fall from the foam of the sea. Her symbol was hopelessly in love with whoever is wearing it.the Swan. Homer, on the other hand, said that she .was the daughter of Zeus and Dione. When the Catholics call the Virgin Mary (Mare is Latin forTrojan prince Paris was asked to judge who of Sea) Queen of Heaven and Star of the Sea, tothree Olympian goddesses was the most beauti- appeal to pagan traditions. Because of this Prot-ful, he chose Aphrodite over Hera and Athena. estants often accuse Catholics of viewing MaryThe latter two had hoped to bribe him with power as a goddess, but the Catholic Church always hasand victory in battle, but Aphrodite offered the condemned "worship" of the Virgin Mary be-love of the most beautiful woman in the world. cause Catholics pray as a means of communica-This was Helen of Sparta, who became infamous tion rather than as a means of worship. Catholicsas Helen of Troy when Paris subsequently eloped believe that the dead, who follow Jesus, havewith her. In the ensuing Trojan War, Hera and eternal life and can hear prayers in heaven fromAthena were implacable enemies of Troy while people here on earth. Some Christians regardAphrodite was loyal to Paris and the Trojans. In Mary, the Mother of God and other many be-his epic of the Trojan War, Homer tells how Aph- lievers, as a "spiritual mother," since she not onlyrodite intervened in battle to save her son Aeneas, fulfills a divine mediator for humanity, but she isa Trojan ally. Even though Zeuss Queen Hera not worshiped as a divine "mother goddess".and Aphrodite are on different sides in the TrojanWar, the goddess of love loans Hera her32 It’s A Pagan World
  • 33. Assasination of Saviors The attempted assassination of newly born saviors was also not unique to Jesus Isis and Horus Mary and JesusT housands of years before Mary nursed the baby, Jesus, the Madonna and the Child ex-isted in Egypt as Isis holding her infant, Horus. Guide to Greece 9.2.7. The Babe in a manger born among animals in a stable or a cave, and wrapped in swaddling clothes was common in many ancient re-Isis (Sirius) “Virgin of the World,” On the walls of ligions. According to legend, Hermes was born in athe temple of Luxor, there were carved four scenes cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus had impreg-adopted by the Gospels. The first scene depicts a nated Maia at night while all other gods slept. Whengroup of angels on a cloud making the annuncia- he was born at dawn broke Maia wrapped him intion of the coming of the Messiah King to a band swaddling clothes. Mithras was also born in a cave,of shepherds in the fields. The second represents a with shepherds in attendance, on the twenty-fifth ofsingle angel announcing to a young maiden that December. Mithras was known to his followers asshe is to be the mother of the awaited Messiah. A “The light of the world,” or “The Good Shepherd,”third pictures the Nativity scene, with the two ani- and urged his followers to share ritual communionmals, the ox and the ass, present. And the fourth of bread and wine. Mithras’s priests were calledshows three magi kneeling before a babe and offer- “Father.” When King Herod heard about the birthing gifts, at a date as early as 1700 B.C. The Egyp- Jesus he asked the Magi from the East who fol-tian Sun God Horus taught that the Christ spirit is lowed the star to Bethlehem to inform him whenin us all so he was anticipating a mass of Christs. they found the baby so he could come and wor-That’s what we need to focus on today instead of ship Him also. Known for his hatred of Jesus asthe polarization that’s caused by religious dogma future King of the Jews he ordered all the babiespropagated by those who are unaware of the origins up to the age of two in Bethlehem to be killed. Theof the Christmas season. Hindu Krishna birth story is another variation on the same theme. Krishna’s uncle Kamsa hears a “On entering [the temple of Hera at Plataia, Boi- heavenly voice which predicts that the eighth sonotia] you see Rhea carrying to Kronos the stone of his sister, Devaki, will kill him. Devaki and herwrapped in swaddling clothes, as though it were husband agree to be held captive and to give anythe babe to which she had given birth.” - Pausanias, children to Kamsa. The eighth child, Krishna, was It’s A Pagan World 33
  • 34. Assasination of Saviorsborn at midnight and Kamsa tries many ways to kill which Athena rescued. From this organ the rest ofKrishna but fails. The “Bagaveda-Gita and Brahmini- the god was resurrected. In the Osiris/Isis Mysteriescal traditions,” states that the body of Krishna: “was Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis and rightful heir tosuspended to the branches of a tree by his murderer, the throne of Egypt, was killed by Set in the form ofthat it might become the prey of the vultures...[Later] a scorpion, but Thoth brought him back to life, as histhe mortal frame of the Redeemer had disappeared-- destiny was to rule Egypt, and avenge of the crimeno doubt it had regained the celestial abodes...” against his father. Horus grew to be a strong and brave warrior and his father Osiris appeared to him In the Greek Orphic religion Dionysus is born from a in a vision, and urged him to overthrow Set. Herut isunion between Persephone and Zeus in serpent form. another name for Set does that sound familiar?Jealous Hera persuaded the Titans to attack the infantgod as he looked into a mirror. Not only did they tearhim to pieces, but the Titans ate him --all but his heart the similarity of the lives of Krishna and JesusAuthor Kersey Graves (1813-1883), a Quaker Saki."from Indiana, compared Yeshuas and Krishnas 60: Both claimed: "I am the Resurrection."life. He found what he believed were 346 ele- 64: Both referred to themselves having existedments in common within Christiana and Hindu before their birth on earth.writings. #6 & 45: Yeshua and Krishna were 66: Both were "without sin."called both a God and the Son of God. 72: Both were god-men: being considered both 7: Both was sent from heaven to earth in the human and divine.form of a man. 76, 77, & 78: They were both considered omni- 8 & 46: Both were called Savior, and the second scient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.person of the Trinity. 83, 84, & 85: Both performed many miracles, 13, 15, 16 & 23: His adoptive human father was including the healing of disease. One of the firsta carpenter. miracles that both performed was to make a leper 18: A spirit or ghost was their actual father. whole. Each cured "all manner of diseases." 21: Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent. 86 & 87: Both cast out indwelling demons, and 27 & 28: Both were visited at birth by wise men raised the dead.and shepherds, guided by a star. 101: Both selected disciples to spread his teach- 30 to 34: Angels in both cases issued a warn- that the local dictator planned to kill the baby 109 to 112: Both were meek, and merciful. Bothand had issued a decree for his assassination. The were criticized for associating with sinners.parents fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; 115: Both encountered a Gentile woman at aKrishnas parents stayed in Mathura. well. 41 & 42: Both Yeshua and Krishna withdrew to 121 to 127: Both celebrated a last supper. Boththe wilderness as adults, and fasted. forgave his enemies. 56: Both were identified as "the seed of the 128 to 131: Both descended into Hell, and werewoman bruising the serpents head." resurrected. Many people witnessed their ascen- 58: Jesus was called "the lion of the tribe of Ju- sions into heaven. Religioustolerance.orgdah." Krishna was called "the lion of the tribe of34 It’s A Pagan World
  • 35. Christna-Karast-Christos-ChristT he symbolism of midnight, winter and the solstice universally pictured the moment ofthe birth of Christ consciousness taught by Horus her torch. Referring to Jesus as the “light of the world” also followed existing pagan beliefs about the birth of the sun. The ancient “return of the sun”many centuries before the birth of Jesus. Gerald philosophy had been replaced by the “coming ofMassey (1828-1907) found nearly two hundred the sun” message of Christianity.similarities between the life of Horus and Jesus.Language historians trace the Egyptian and Greek It wasn’t until A.D. 440 that thelanguages to the oldest Indo-European language, church Officially proclaimedSanskrit. The origin of the word “Christ” can be December 25, as the birth oftraced to the Greek “Christos” which is almost Christ.identical in sound and spelling to the Sanskritword “Krista”, means all-attractive. The intel- Early Christians probably adopted pagan beliefsligence throughout the cosmos is called Christ to enable them to make their religion more pal-Intelligence. This is the reflection of God’s intel- atable to the pagans around them. It’s quite un-ligence present in all creation. Jesus and Krishna derstandable why Father Xmas and Father Timewere that Consciousness. would seem have little or no connection with the ancient Gods Chronos and Saturn as Greek mythAs Xmas is so significant to Christians will be a created brutal myths to describe scientific and as-shock for them to learn Christians celebrated the tronomical cosmologies. Legends of newly bornbirth of Jesus on the spring equinox, March 25th, gods wrapped in swaddling clothes have existedfor the first three and a half centuries of Christian- from the earliest times. Unfortunately we takeity. The decree issued by the Pope Julian II, in the these myths literally without understanding theiryear 345 A.D., stated that henceforth the follow- allegorical meaning. The religious mess we’re iners of Jesus Christ must unite with the followers stems from this problem. Chronos and Saturn areof Mithras, Dionysus and Bacchus in celebrat- respectively the Greek and Roman version of Shi-ing the rebirth of Mithras under solar symbolism va and the Vedic description of Lord Siva as theat the winter solstice on December 25th. AlvinBoyd Kuhn’s 1934 lecture, The Great Myths ofthe Sun Gods, urges us to know that we ourselvesare the Sun-gods, and that ancient allegory is nota “myth,” but the very essence of our own Self.The emperor Constantine made Jesus’ officialbirthday coincide with the Unconquered Sun,Mithras’ birthday in 312 A.D. December 25 was asignificant date for various early cultures. AncientEgyptians celebrated the birth of Horus, the sonof Isis, and Babylonians believed that Tammuz,the son of the queen of heaven, Semiramis, wasimmaculately conceived by the rays of Baal, theSun God on the same date, The statue of Libertyand the British Britannia mirror Queen Semira-mis the wife of Nimrod king of Babylon holding Shiva It’s A Pagan World 35
  • 36. Christna-Karast-Christos-ChristGood Lord and the Greatest God (Mahadeva) and Now compare the Greek variation on the theme.God of Gods (Devadideva). There seems to be There is a song of Orpheus which tells how Ophionno similarity between them. Yet further compari- was supplanted by Chronos, and Eurynome byson shows they both mutilated their wife’s sons. Rhea. In Greek myth Chronos devoured his ownShiva’s wife Pavarti was angry that Shiva inter- children (Poseidon representing the sea, Demeterrupted her ablutions. In response to Shiva left her the earth, Hera the air, and Hestia heavenly fire).for six years letting Parvati’s anger diminish. Par- Chronos, as the King of the Golden Age controlsvati then decided she needed her own attendant. the revolution of the seasons and cycles of timeThen Parvati collected all the Sandalwood paste by devouring them. In Greek legend Chronosaccumulated from Shiva’s devotees. Through her castrates and deposes his own father Uranus (theausterities Parvati had accumulated extensive oc-Sky) from the throne. Chronos swallowed each ofcult powers which she used to give life to a moldhis children as soon as they were born as it wasof her son, she called Ganesh. The next time Par-prophesized that he would in turn be overthrownvati took a bath she ordered the devoted Ganesh by his own son, Zeus. Rhea managed to save Zeus by feeding Chronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. When the Titans were born, Uranus feared them and ate his children. Then Chronus, also fearing his children would usurp his throne, ate them as they were born. Rhea. furious about the treatment of her children, birthed her sixth one, Zeus, in secret on a island and gave Chronus a rock to eat instead. Then Zeus poisoned his father and his siblings were vomited out. Then Zeus declares war on the Titans and defeats them with Ganesha the help of Hercules and Mount Olympus wasto keep everyone out. Then Shiva returned from secure again.his self imposed exile and found this young boyrefusing entry to his him. Shiva became furiousbut couldn’t overpower Parvati’s son. Humiliat-ed, Shiva called on Brahma and Vishnu for helpand they devised a plan to out maneuver Ganesh.They managed to defeat him by cutting off hishead and then Parvati discovered her belovedson Ganesh had been decapitated by her own herhusband Shiva. Mortified, Shiva asked the helpof Brahma and Vishnu to bring him back to life.But unfortunately Ganesh’s head had alreadybeen disposed of. Therefore the three cosmicGods went into the forest to look for a suitablehead. The first animal they came across was anelephant so they took his head and put it on toGanesh’s body and were able to bring Ganeshaback to life and resolved that Ganesh should be Chronusthe first god to be invoked to remove obstacles.36 It’s A Pagan World
  • 37. Symbols of the Cosmic AxisC osmocratores establish cosmic order T and symbolize the cosmic axis that sta- his image shows the Kurma Avatar ofbilizes the cosmos. This chart of Siva is an Vishnu, the sustainer of life, in the form ofillustration of the same concept. The dome a tortoise churning the Milky Way. In the Pura-stands for the sky, and the umbrella pole nas, a portion of the cosmic Vishnu descendedthat emerges from the top is the cosmic axis. as the Tortoise to restore the essence of life andDomes symbolize the divine character of the truth, the mystic nectar amrita, to and the cosmic axis channels awareness Vishnu ordered the gods to churn the sea ofand enlightenment to the Buddha sitting at milk by placing mount Mandara on his back tothe base. This cosmic chart of Gautama Bud- use as a churning stick. Using the serpent-kingdha represents Him as the Cosmic axis being Vasuki as a rope, they began to churn the ocean.turned by angels. His enlightenment, dated The demons took hold of one end of Vasuki andto 528 B.C., puts him under a symbol of the devas held the other, twirling Mount Man-cosmic order, the bodhi tree. The leafy can- dara about. Cosmically this churning of the seaopy of this Tree of Knowledge symbolizesthe divine character of the sky, and its trunk of milk relates to a period before the earth’schannels the awareness and compassion of formation, the sea of milk being the expanseenlightenment to the Buddha meditating at of space populated by the nebulae and diffuseits base. Buddhist stupas are shrines built to seeds and substance of future worlds and theirhonor Buddha, and they represent the uni- hierarchies.verse with symbols of its elements. It’s A Pagan World 37
  • 38. Symbols of the Cosmic AxisT he Nordic Yggdrasil or “Odin’s Tree” was conceived as an eternal ash tree. The gods ofScandinavia were known as the Aesir or Asir, a fruits of Tree of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life are forbidden from Adam and Eve so that they might not know immortality as the gods doword very close to Asir (the Egyptian Osiris). Gar- has its origins in the Sumerian epicdens and trees etc, were important to Akkadiansand Sumerians since the pictograph for their greatcity of Lagash was, again, a garden. The realmof the Nordic gods was known as Asgard, gardmeaning “grove” or “garden.” The name of the Ti-tan Atlas may also derive from ash. Atlas was oftenseen holding a globe, but he was given the titles of“the wizard,” and “guardian of the heavens.” Ac-cording to tradition, Atlas was the son of Gaea theEarth Mother or Goddess. Interestingly her Romanname was Terra which derives from Eri, the god-dess of Ireland (or Eire). Atlas held up the heavensas did the Yggdrasil tree. He was related to theHesperides, the nymphs who watched over the sa- Yggdrasill Treecred apples of immortality. One of Atlas’ daughters of Gilgamesh. In Teutonic and Norse mythologywas named Maera (Ma Eri). The word altar may Yggdrasil, the World Tree, supports the universederive from alder, another tree sacred to the an- from the netherworld to the apex of the heavens.cient adepts. An alderman would have been iden-tical with a Druid priest. Indeed, the word mayor The branches of the Yggdrasill tree umbrella theis near to the Irish mayo, which denotes yew trees. earth with a celestial awning, while its trunk passes through Midgard—our world—on its way to various levels in the underworld. Midgard is centered in this universe and it is essentially a flat disk. A dwarf at each cardinal direction helps hold up the sky on the horizon, and Midgardsormr, the “World Serpent” curls around us in the surround- ing world ocean. Asgaard, like the Hindu mount Meru and the Greek mount Olympus, is the main sanctuary for the gods. A second root is watered from the well of the giant Mimer whose waters are the experience of life. Odin forfeited an eye inThe sacred tree, originally assigned to the goddess order to drink from the well, while Mimer has thewas a sidereal motif signifying the polar axis. The use of Odin’s eye which is sunk in the bottom offruits of the “tree” were the stars and planets. Spe- the well. The third root is watered by Hvergelmir,cifically, they were the stars of the circumpolar source of all the rivers of nature which rises in Ni-region. The Sumerian World Tree, Huluppu, con- flheim, the world of mists (nebulae) where worldsnects heaven, earth, and underworld and paralells are born. Odin, the equivalent of the Greek Zeus,the Biblical story of the Tree of Knowledge of Good self sacrificed himself and hung on the the Ygg-and Evil, The Tree stands at the universe’s center drasil tree for nine days so that he could bring thewhere it passes through the middle and unites wisdom of the runes to his people. The tree is athe underworld, earth, and sky. In Genesis, the symbol of human awareness and consciousness.38 It’s A Pagan World
  • 39. Christmas Trees symbolize the Cosmic World Tree a turtle, a xoc monster--that is, shark, or a sea monster. The Pleiades were seen as the tail of the rattlesnake. they called it “Tz’ab.” Mayans thought of the Milky Way as a mystic road along which souls walk into the Underworld. Crossing the Milky Way at the constellation Scor- pio is the ecliptic, the apparent path of the sun, moon, and planets as they move against the back- ground of stars. Mayans believed that the point at which the Milky way appeared as a vertical band in the night sky represented the moment of creation. Mayans used Mayan World Tree astronomy to predict future human events.T he Milky Way was venerated by the Maya. They called it the World Tree, which wasrepresented by a tall majestic flowering tree, the Carl Calleman’s re- search about theCeiba. The Milky Way was also called the “Ser- Mayan Calendarpent”. The World Tree was erect when Sagittarius concludes that the on-was well over the horizon climbing North. The going process of di-star clouds that form the Milky Way were seen vine creation that weas the Tree of Life where all life came from. The are living in is soonMayans gave special attention to Sagittarius, the Hunab Ku to be fulfilled. Con-center of our galaxy, where the World Tree meets sciousness has been evolving for billions of yearsthe Ecliptic. The Ecliptic is represented as a bar and within a short span of time we will realize thecrossing the major axis of the world tree, forming higher purpose of our lives and what evolutiona cross on which the Christian Cross is based. has been all about. The changing energies of time encoded in the Mayan calendar is propelling ourWhen the “Winter” Milky Way dominates the consciousness to evolve to a Cosmic Time Plan,sky, it was called the “White Boned Serpent.” and increasing numbers of people want to know ifHere the Ecliptic crosses the Milky Way again, we are here to deliver the completion of a divinenear the constellation of Gemini which was the plan? Calleman, of course, is not observing a con-approximate location of the Sun during Sum- ventional calendar. He’s talking about the Source,mer Solstice. The Maya portrayed the Ecliptic in the creative principle of continuous creation, ortheir artwork as a Double-Headed Serpent. The the Cosmic World Tree, what the Mayans callecliptic is the path of the sun in the sky which is Hunab Ku. The Mayan calendar is a codificationmarked by the constellations of fixed stars. Here of the evolution of consciousness being pulsatedthe moon and the planets can be found because by the World Tree, and its glyphs and numbersthey are bound, like the Earth, to the sun. The symbolize these energies. A prophetic calendarconstellations on the ecliptic are also called the system must be based on pulses of consciousnesszodiac. rather than the relative mechanical movements of the Earth, Moon and Sun. Do we, asks Calleman,Some other constellations on the ecliptic are want a calendar that supports our resonance withidentified as a jaguar, at least one serpent, a bat, It’s A Pagan World 39
  • 40. Christmas Trees symbolize the Cosmic World Treethe energies of divine process of creation or themechanical movements of our local solar system?Many Pagan cultures used to cut down evergreentrees in December, moved them into the temple,and decorated them. Modern-day Pagans still do.In ancient civilizations the Xmas tree was a polarsymbol of a stable cosmos and its annual returnto our homes represents the constant cycle of re-newal which we still long for in our uncertainworld. The ancient Romans decorated their treeswith bits of metal and replicas of their god, Bac-chus. They also placed twelve candles on the treein honor of their sun god, Mithras.In Northern Europe, the ancient Druids tied fruit Sepiroth Treeand attached candles to evergreen tree branches,in honor of their god Woden. (Wednesday) The tree characterize our possession of these twelvetrees joined holly, mistletoe, the wassail bowl and “treasures of light,” and are the real gifts fromthe Yule log as symbols of the season. Mistletoe God during Christmas. This is stated clearly inwas considered a divine plant and it symbolized Revelation 22, where it is said that the tree of lifelove and peace. The tradition of kissing under the shall bear twelve of fruits upon its branches, andmistletoe is Druid in origin. Trees were viewed as its leaves shall be for the healing of the nations.symbolizing eternal life. All predated Christianity. This Christmas let’s focus on this chapter ofScandinavian solstice traditions greatly influenced Revelation rather than the apocalyptic chap-our celebrations besides the hanging of ornaments ter 19: 11-16 And I saw heaven opened, and be-on evergreen trees. Their ancient festival was called hold a white horse… which fundamentalistsYuletide and celebrated the return of the sun. One of have taken literally and are using as an excusetheir traditions was the Yule log which was the cen- for the apocalypse between them and secularists.ter of the trunk of a tree that was dragged to a large Unfortunately fundamentalists await the Apoca-fireplace where it was supposed to burn for twelve lypse with anticipation as they think only they candays. From this comes the twelve days of Christmas. be saved. Carl G. Jung‘s interpretation of the 12thThey set a candle in the window to send a glimmer Chapter of Revelation saw the possibility of the di-of light into the dark December night. The colors vine Christos being born in all of humanity evenred and green were important as they symbolize the though chapter 12, verse 1, describes the Universalgreenery of nature and our bright red Christ spirit. Mother, Isis, with the sun, and the moon under her feet and, with a crown of stars—the signs of the zodiac.The concept of the winter solstice is to encour-age us to let our spiritual enlightenment af- Moslems interpret this woman to be the Law offect those around us. The Cabala, the mystical God that descended upon Muhammad. The sunwing of the Jews, and its Sephirothal Tree, with with which she was clothed, and the moon un-its three higher and the seven lower lights ra- der her feet, are the Persian and Ottoman kingdiating on its ten branches symbolize human doms; for the emblem of Persia is the sun,chakras. The bright ornaments on the Christmas and the Ottoman Empire is the crescent moon. Thus the two kingdoms shine like stars 40 It’s A Pagan World
  • 41. The Lovers the great god pan is known as the Great God Pan, Abraxas,Thanateros, not dead on Valentine’s day. or the Horned God. The goat-god Aegipan was nurtured by Amalthea with the infant Zeus. In Greek mythology Amalthea is the Greek she- goat who suckled the infant Zeus with her milk when his mother Rhea concealed him in a cave in Crete to keep him from being devoured by his father Cronos, Father Time. Amalthea is asso- ciated with the cornucopis, the broken-off horn of the goat. As the horn of Amalthea it became a symbol of inexhaustible abundance and was adopted by various gods, among them Hermes, Demeter, Gaia, Pluto, and Cybele. When Zeus reached maturity he created his thun- der-shield (aigis) from her hide and the horn of plenty or cornucopia from her crown. Amaltheia was placed amongst the stars as the constella- tion Capricorn, The rising of Capella marked the onset of stormy weather for the Greeks. Indeed,J ust as scholars speculate that Christmas and Easter holidays coincide with pagan holidaysthey question whether Valentine’s Day was cho- the word aigis denoted both “stormy weather” and “goat-skin,” hence their close connection in myth. So Lupercus is one component in the festi-sen to usurp the Lupercalia festival of purification val of Lupercalia, but the name has roots in otherheld on February 15, originating from a pastoral mythology and the Romans changed the she-goatfestival before the foundation of Rome. Although into a she-wolf. The cave in which Romulus andLupercalia has its roots in Lupus, the wolf, it is Remus were cared for by the she-wolf (tradition-more specifically connected to the goat god Pan, ally called Lupa), was called the Lupercal. ThisBaphomet, and Azazel, god of victory; equiva- cave was the spot where Lupercalia was cel-lent of the Greek Prometheus who gave the spark ebrated on the ides of February (February 15th).of life to mankind. The goat in ancient animal There are records of the festival taking place in symbology signi- 44 B.C. after the Lupercal cave had been rebuilt fied regeneration by Augustus, thus solidifying the theory that this and reproductive festival had been going on for many years. power.According to the Zohar, the The purpose of the festival was to announce goat-men min- spring by purging impurities and preparing for gled with mortal the fertile months. The Pentateuch records how women, having each year on the Day of Atonement a goat would come to earth to be cast into the wilderness “for Azazel”, carrying do so (Genesis on its back the sins of the Jewish people. More- 6:2-4). Baphom- over, Azazel, one of the two leaders of the fallen et, the Sabbatic angels, was said to have fostered a race of de- Goat, is also mons known as the seirim, or ‘he-goats’. They It’s A Pagan World 41
  • 42. The Loversare mentioned several times in the Bible and the heart of our spirituality. The eagle, Scorpio’swere worshipped by someJews. There is even higher form, soars above Persephone. The con-some indication that women actually copulated stellations of Sagittarius and Scorpio reside onwith these goat-demons, for it states in the Book opposite sides of the heart of the Galactic Centerof Leviticus: “And they shall no more sacrifice from which the Milky Way is formed.their sacrifices unto the he-goats (seirim), afterwhom they go a whoring”, perhaps a distant echo The Hindu star design formed of two opposed in-of the way in which the Watchers in the Book of terlocking triangles symbolizes Siva/Shakti, theEnoch, had taken mortal wives. Happy Valen- union of masculine and feminine principles. Lov-tines Day. ers are a union of opposites but complimentary components. Venus seeks to unite the seemingly opposing forces of Gemini into harmony. Venus, as the ruler of six, creates the urge for peace and love with family and friends. Love is generally understood as roman- tic, passionate or as the meeting of a new soul-mate. But, at a deeper level, this key represents personal choices to be made in some sphere of life. This choice is not an easy one, since there are usually too many options. The Lovers key role is to relax and access inner wisdom, encouraging surrender to the profound energy of Love, even if it seems impractical. To dance on the royal road with your ‘Beloved,’ is the most power- ful energy of all. This key urges you to feel the life-giving energy of Love for all those around you. Pure love is a state of ‘Being.’ AllYet the real significance of this day is the love obstacles in life can be overcome through uncon-affair with the Galactic Center represented by ditional love, a force, which is an expression ofthe arrow of Cupid, Eros and Sagittarius. In this the soul. Universal love has nothing to do with in-image the Lover, Adonis, must make a decision fatuation, attachment or lust. When unconditionalbetween Aphrodite exposing her breasts (Vice) love is experienced there is no separation. Love isand Persephone hiding her breasts (Virtue). Cu- the totality of ‘Oneness.’pid hovers over Adonis aiming his arrow at Aph-rodite. Cupid aiming his arrow at Aphrodite isinterchangeable with Sagittarius, the archer, aim-ing his arrow at the heart of the galaxy. Sagit-tarius points to the Galactic Center to direct us to42 It’s A Pagan World
  • 43. Good Friday—the day of the Fish Catholics are taught that Good Friday is a special day, a day of abstinence from meat, a day to eat fish! Friday was not the day of the crucifixion of Christ and neither was Easter Sunday morn- ing the time of His resurrection, so this is ob- viously not the true foundation of Easter. From where then does Easter observance come? Did the apostles ever observe Easter? Did the early Christians dye easter eggs or go to the bakery and buy hot cross buns? Did Peter or Paul ever conduct an Easter sunrise service? Where did all of these customs come from? Pagans! Dagon,the Fish God, wears the pope’s mitre Bibical scriptures never associate Friday withT he Christian Church has always been associ- ated with fish in the role of “Fisher of Men.”Christ himself was, as was John the Baptist, fish. The word “Friday” comes from “Freya”, who was the goddess of peace, joy and fertility. And as the symbol of her fertility, the FISH wasand the early Christians used the fish sign of the regarded as being sacred to her! The very word“icthys” to designate themselves. Paradoxically “fish” comes from the original word “dagon” im-the church will tell you Ichthus is an acronym plying fecundity. The Romans called Venus thefor; Jesus Christ God Son Savior. But in truth it goddess of sexual fertility which spawned ouris the continuation of Dagon worship. And this modern word “venereal”. Friday was regarded asis why we have all the fish symbols in Christi- her sacred day, because it was believed that theanity. Dagon, Oannes and Enki are essentially planet Venus ruled the first hour of Friday andsynonymous and originate from the Hindu Fish thus it was called dies Veneris. The fish was re-avatar of Vishnu. Dagon plunged into the waters garded as sacred to Ashtoreth, the name underof the womb to be reborn. This may be why the which the Israelites worshipped the pagan god-Catholic Church pray to Mary (mare or maris, the dess. And in ancient Egypt, Isis is representedLatin name for the ocean or the sea). In Chaldean with a fish on her head. times the head of the church was Easter is not unique to Christianity for 2,000 the representative years before Christ Babylonians honored the res- of Dagon, he was urrection of their god, Tammuz, who was brought infallible and peo- back from the underworld by his mother/wife, ple had to kiss his Ishtar (after whom the festival was named). The ring and his slip- King James Version is the only version of the per, and he was Bible that has inserted the word Easter instead of also addressed as Passover. It is well known that the word “Easter” ‘Your Holiness’. is not a Christian term as it comes from the the he also wore the goddess of spring. Easter is a contemporary form fish mitre and of Ishtar, Eostre, Ostera, or Astarte. Ishtar, the robes. divine personification of the planet Venus wasVishnu,the Fish God, wears the pope’s mitre pronounced “Easter” as we pronounce it today! It’s A Pagan World 43
  • 44. The Cosmic Christ E aster is symbolized by The Cosmic Christ, an aspect of the Cos- mic Over-Soul, meaning that every Soul is a reflection of the Lo- gos – the cosmic intelligence within everything Orpheus represents the Cosmic Christ which symbolizes the universal cycles of death and resurrection. The Cross represents the Great Celestial Conjunction when the Earth Cross of the Zodiac aligns with the Galactic Cross of the solar zodiac which occurs every 6,500 years when one of the four fixed signs of the zodiac align with the Galactic Equator at solstices or equinoxes. This Cosmic In- telligence has been named God, Christos, Ain Soph, or Parabrahmam. When you understand that you are not the personality/body/mind/complex but the spiritual essence of the Galactic Center, you will experience being, I AM. There are numerous crucified saviors who, in their various forms, represent the crucified Cosmic Christ, whereby God’s spirit is symbolically spread amongst humanity.44 It’s A Pagan World
  • 45. A Hard Days Nightthe Egyptian Mystery Schoolswere adopted by ChristianGnostics and the Roman Cath-olic Church. T his dramatic ritual becomes debatable when presented as historical fact. The New Tes- tament tells us that Jesus is nailed to the cross in company with two thieves who witness his final agony. Here we have the record of facts claimed as historical truth, found only in one book, with four variations by writers who were not there to wit- ness the drama. And, on investigation the whole event as virtual truth crumbles under the pressure of comparative myth and religion. We can only understand the life of Christ through the symbols of the Mystery Religions which dramatized the death of the ego and the resurrection of the divine Christ soul. These two concepts are at the core of ancient wisdom. The image of Jesus earthly in- carnation to shows us how to be victorious over mortality and how to gain victory by vulnerabilityT he last night of Jesus is based on the story of and surrender on the cross is Food for thought for the last night of Horus in the Egyptian Book any ‘Doubting Thomas’!of the Dead. The drama of the temptation, cru-cifixion and resurrection only make sense when The thesis of Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s, A Rebirth ofunderstood in the light of archetypal, universal Christianity, is that had the gospels been present-events. If we take Leonardo’s painting of The ed as an invisible reality of inner experience andLast Supper as reality it would have lasted for eternal truth, they would have become meaning-several hours. After that came the walk and re- ful for us all. All the drama of temptation, cruci-turn from the Mount of Olives. Then the scene fixion and resurrection can be elevated from Pass-changes to the Garden of Gethsemane includ- over realism to the true significance of all souls ining Jesus’ long agony and sweat; the incident of human experience. Sincere religious worship canthe disciples falling asleep; the arrest and Jesus’ dissolve separation between the human and thetemporary victory over his captors. “This is your divine integrating them into one divine human, sohour,” Jesus says to his captors and, believe it or making peace. The Cross of the Crucifixion hasnot, there are three separate trials which involve been a burden on our backs for two thousand years.the organizing of all the requirements of a fullblown trial. From his conviction at the trial we go The early Church Fathers changed spiritual alle-to the mockery of the soldiers who put a crown gory into historical fact and denied Christianity’sof thorns on his head and march him to Golgotha connections with older religions even though St.with the cross on his bleeding shoulder. Paul proclaims that the whole Gospel story is an allegory. The age-old emphasis of Christianity has been in the heavens now that millions have been ex- posed to the Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts they are recognizing the value of human relation- It’s A Pagan World 45
  • 46. The Mystery of the Mummyships and the search for self knowledge. We must Now let’s focus on the Egyptian word Karastunderstand that we are a universe in miniature and which was used to designate the mummy on thethat God sends us to earth to become the master of coffin lid. The “Kr” consonant can easily meta-that universe. If Christianity recognizes that the morphize into the Greek Chr, we can not dismisstime has come to become truly Catholic and join the similarity of the word to the Greek Chrestos orthe world’s great religions it must focus on awak- Christos. When, then, Osiris is called the Karast-ening the divine spirit, the Christos, in mankind. mummy, the meaning is that of the incarnate spirit. Alfred Boyd Kuhn’s book, Ancient Egypt,Thus the Egyptian krast was the pre-Christian the Light of the World makes the connection be-Christ, and the pictures in the Roman Catacombs tween Karast and Christ which was continued bypreserve the proof. The Gospels adopted the Krst, the Christian Gnostics. Immediately connectedor mummy-Christ, from the Egyptians who in with the Christos is the term Messiah, since bothturn adopted the Hindu God Krishna whose story terms, the one Greek, the other Egypto-Hebraic,is the same as that of Horus, also takes his name mean “the anointed.” The word Messiah is tracedfrom the Sanskrit root ‘krst’ meaning ‘Christ’ and to the Egyptian mes, to anoint or to be born. Mes-was formerly spelled ‘Christna’ su was the Egyptian word for “the anointed” initi- ate in the Mystery rites. The mystery of the mummy is the mystery of Christ. The word mummy is derived from the Egyptian mum, to “initiate into the mysteries. ‘ 46 It’s A Pagan World
  • 47. The Mystery of the MummyC hrist the anointed is none other than the Osiris-karast, and that the karast mummyrisen to its feet as Osiris-sahu was the prototypalChrist. The word krs denotes the embalmmentof the mummy, and the krst, as the mummy, wasmade in the process of preparation by purifying,anointing, and embalming. To karas the deadbody was to embalm it, to bandage it, to makethe mummy. The passing of the karast into theChrist is depicted in the gnostic iconography. It isin the form of a child bound up in the swaddlingclothes of a small Egyptian mummy, with thehalo and cross of the four quarters round its head,which show its solar origin. It is the divine infantwhich has the head of Ra in the Ritual who says,“I am the babe; I renew myself, and I grow youngagain” (chs. 42 and 43). T he crocodile is the first to meet the devouring fires of the morning sun, and soon personi- fied the solar heat. When the sun arose, it was like the arrival “of the divine soul which informs the Gods.” The mummy donned the head of a croco- dile to show that it was a soul arriving from the earth. “Osirified” became the god Khem, the name for ancient Egypt,Egyptian Pharaohs were anointed with theoil of the sacred crocodile and thus gainedthe Messeh’s strength. From Messeh” comesfrom the word “Messiah” which means toanoint. The mystery of the Mummy is themystery of the Christ. It’s A Pagan World 47
  • 48. The Secret of the Cross QuetzalcoatlThe eight pointed cross symbolized the alchemi- way. Within a thirty-four minute period, the serpent,cal marriage of the the Sun and the Galactic Cen- formed by this play of light and shadow will appearter when they are in alignment with each other. to descend to the earth, as the sun leaves each stair,It is a cosmic wedding that is celebrated every going from the top to the bottom. This combined26,000 years. Easter should be a festival of joy if effect creates the visual appearance of the body ofthe Mayans are right. the serpent descending the pyramid. In addition, on December 21, 2012, the tail of the serpent projectedI t is difficult to dismiss Mayan Cosmology be- up from the top of the pyramid will be pointing pre- cause they left extraordinary evidence that their cisely to the star cluster Pleiades. What this means“Time” keeping methods are extremely accurate. is that Quetzalcoatl will return either from VenusTheir pyramids like the one at Chichen-Itza in or the East or from both. This does not mean thatMexico are precisely aligned to the annual Sol- Quetzalcoatl is human, for he was a winged feath-stices and the Equinoxes caused by the precession ered serpent, but rather an energy that will returnof the Earth’s axis as it orbits the Sun. The Pyra- to transform us. Many believe that the energiesmid of Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) at Chichen-Itza of Christ and Quetzalcoatl are a highly accurate time keeping devise of the“Precession of the Equinoxes”. The ancient Ma- The pyramids at Teotihuacán ( “City of the Gods”)yan astronomers accurately predicted, over 1500 constructed just north of Mexico City preceded theyears ago, the exact alignment of the Earth, the Mayas. The book “The Pyramids of Teotihuacan,”Sun, the Pleiades and the Galactic Center in 2012. examines the internal structure and placement ofDecember 21, 2012 coincides with the Winter theses pyramids which imagines the Mayas countingSolstice when the Sun sets west of Chichen-Itza. orbits and cycles of the planetary bodies in a sym- bolic fashion on the pyramids. They are also alignedThen an extraordinary event occurs: As the Sun to the Pleiades as are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza.sets in the early afternoon, the shadow of the pyra- The Mayas predict that on December 21, 2012 atmid’s northwest edge will project a moving pattern around 11:11 universal time, there will be a pre-of light that joins and illuminates the sculpted ser- cise alignment of our Sun with the Galactic Center.pent head of Quetzalcoatl at the base of the stair- 48 It’s A Pagan World
  • 49. The Secret of the Cross When the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. decided that human sal- vation could only be achieved by the suffering Jesus on the Cross, who rose on the third day to judge the living and the dead. A bloodbath between religions would not have occurred if the foremost Christian Gnostics, Clement of Al- exandria, Origen and others had been listened to. 2 011 and 2012 is projected as the beginning of a new Era of heightened Con- sciousness. Perhaps, a colossal emission of a yet unknown form of energy will burst out of our Galactic Center on that date hopefully to transform the world. Perhaps the recent signals from the galactic center are cosmic codes of awareness sent from the Creator to put us on another cycle on the royal road to life. This is not the end but the beginning of a new state of consciousness predicted by the Mayan Calendar. As the Tarot and the Mayan Calendar were created by Thoth and Quetzalcoatl, the same god with two different names, they both will prepare you for this monumental event. Vo t a n Quetzalcoatl, Thoth The first chapter of the Egyptian “Book of the The last night of Jesus is based on the last night Dead” entitled “The Coming Forth by Day” of Horus in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The refers to a state of unconsciousness that is Cross of the Crucifixion has been a burden on transformed by rigorous self examination and our backs for over two thousand years. The the longing to become enlightened. The cru- early Church Fathers threw caution to the wind cifixion symbolizes the victory of the higher when they changed spiritual allegory into his- self over the false ego by realizing its true torical fact The Church disassociated itself from Self at One with God and the universe. The earlier religions even though St. Paul proclaims human body of Christ on the cross symbol- that the whole Gospel story is an allegory. The ized the death and surrender of the ego and turmoil caused by the cover-up by the Passion the resurrection of the True Self, the Christos. Week is even more serious than the rampant pe- These two concepts are at the core of ancient dophilia among the Catholic priesthood today. wisdom going back to the Vedas and the Tarot. It’s A Pagan World 49
  • 50. The Secret of the Cross P gave it." Likewise St. Paul declares (1 Cor. I5:35) agans designated the winter solstice as the date that "some man will say, How are the dead raised of the rebirth of the solar god in the year, and up; and with what body do they come?" And the it is evident that by 345 A.D. the consensus of tra- dition forced Christians to conform to the Pagan apostle then gives the answer to this pivotal ques- tion, which, had his Church heeded it, would have calendar of festivals. And all this points to the ob- spared it the agonizing confusion that has plagued vious... that neither the vernal nor the winter date is not the actual date of Jesus’ human birth. Can it for centuries. "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body." And he reminds us that Christians face the fact that Christs birth and resur- rection are astrological and not historical events?we have a spiritual body. Had Christians contin- ued the science of the soul, of which the ancient The only grounds for debate are over seasonal Sages were adepts, Church theology would have symbolism. Easter does not mean a physical resur- preserved knowledge of the inner spiritual es- rection. We find the Book of Ecclesiastes saying: sence. " "The body returns to dust, but the soul to God who For the first three hundred and fifty years of the Piscean Age Christians celebrated the birth of the Christ on March 25! This custom was changed by an encyclical of Pope Julian II, in the year 345 A.D.50 It’s A Pagan World
  • 51. The Secret of the Cross and the CircleNick Anthony Fiorenza, Earth’s Precessional Cycle This symbol is a promise of an event leading to theThe Sacred Geometry of Global Change, tells us spiritual evolutionary fulfillment of all life. Thethat just as Earth nests within our solar system, Earth’s Precessional Holy Cross is catalyst for aso too does our solar system nest safely within the tremendous acceleration of change on Earth. Thecare of our galaxy.”… “These three intersecting as- Galactic Center according the Maya and manytrophysical planes, the galactic plane, the ecliptic other cosmic cultures is where time and space haveplane, and the Earth’s equatorial plane, all tilted collapsed totally and do not exist. We are aligningat unique angles to one another, create the geo- with the Galactic Center as we complete the Greatmetric orientation of the two intersecting lines or Cycle. This alignment is called the second comingcross members of the Holy Cross. The cross in a of the Christ. It is the Alchemical Wedding. It iscircle, is often depicted in ancient esoteric societ- the Galactic Crucifixion of the Earth. It is whenies, in sacred religious orders of today, in indig- we become One with the higher vibrations fromenous cultures, and in petroglyphs around the the Galactic Center. Now, as we complete thisglobe. This symbol not only represents a funda- great cycle, we move through the Galactic Cen-mental foundation upon which many faiths are tre beyond birth and death into a higher dimen-built, but is also made to remind us, especially in sional Solar System to become a Sun. As the Suntimes of darkness, that something profound is to becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun becomesoccur for the entire Earth and for all of her people. a Greater Central Sun… Infinitum. The true message of Jesus, the Christ is that each human could become, as He was – a Christ- ed being, fully aware of the soul’s true essence. It’s A Pagan World 51
  • 52. The Secret of the CrossT rue religion taught that God is love not wrath. God waits patiently while we destroythe layers of illusion that cloud our knowledge of T he Swastika is a mystic symbol -- an emblem of the the ‘Sacred Four’. The two crossed lines represent spirit and matter, male and fe-theTrue Self. God does not judge our behavior and male, positive and negative. It shows man to be asend us to hell for in the spirit world there is no link between heaven and earth, for the horizontalheaven or hell. Hell exists in a mind that is uncon- arm having one hook pointing up, the other down.scious of its divinity. For the ancient Egyptians The symbol is engraved on Buddhist temples andthehumanmindwasinnerarenaofconsciousness every prehistoric building in India, as well as inwhere the lessons of the soul were learnt. The es- Greece, among the ancient Scandinavians, and insential truth of the resurrection is of the One life ancient Mesoamerica. It has been called the Jai- na Cross; Fylfot, Mjolnir, or Thor’s Hammer byforce, the One soul, the One Sustaining Power the Scandinavians; and in the Chaldean Book ofconstantly renewing itself in the human mind. Numbers the Worker’s Hammer. It contains the key to the seven great mysteries of Cosmos.Long ago Angelus Silesius, a Christian mys-tic, admonished Christendom: Though Christa thousand times in Bethlehem be born, butnot within thyself, thy soul will be forlorn,The cross on Golgotha thou lookest to in P rometheus’ name means forethought and originates in the Sanskrit word Pramantha, the Swastika. Prometheus’ liver being eatenvain, unless within thyself be set up again. every day and regenerating itself is the Greek version of the Dying and Resurrecting God.52 It’s A Pagan World
  • 53. Crucified Saviors Orpheus on the crossT here are numerous crucified saviors who Q in their various forms represent the cruci- uetzalcoatl himself wore a robe lined withfied Cosmic Christ whose god spirit is sym- crosses and there were crosses as well as thebolically spread amongst humanity. The Karast paintings on the temple walls. The Borgia CodexMummy was the Prototype of the Corpus Chris- shows Quetzalcoatl and other humans crucifiedti, the Body of Christ. Osiris is the Karast, the with him. The spiritual meaning of the cross andanointed Son of the Father, of the Egyptian the swastika is buried under two thousand years ofMystery Schools which were adopted by Chris- religious intolerance. These symbols were origi-tian Gnostics and the Roman Catholic Church. nally sacred to all religions as they symbolize theThe Orphic religion is based on the life of Or- polar axis as it rotates through the solar system.pheus, the Greek god of love, who suffered a The Cross is the best-known religious symbol ofsimilar death to Osiris who was cut into fourteen Christianity. It is generally seen as a represen-pieces. The Hindu god, Krishna was pierced by tation of the crucifixion of the Christ, but thearrows and died in the river Ganges. His murder- Cross in the Tarot represents the Great Celestialer then nailed him to a cross shaped tree so that, Conjunction of the fixed Galactic Cross and Zo-like Prometheus, he would be prey to vultures. diac Cross (equinox solstice axis). Worship of the Djed pillar is a ritualistic practice of ancient Egypt. The Djed was stated to have arisen from the primordial mound of creation and believed to be the backbone of the Egyptian god Ptah, al- ternatively Osiris. The kings of Memphis per- formed a seven day ceremony known as “raising the djed pillar”, which not only served as a meta- phor for the stability of the monarch, but also symbolized the resurrection of Osiris when the Nile flooding was at its height. This seven day delay represented the god’s seven-day gestation in the womb of Nut, his mother. On the last day, the king and priests raised a djed pillar as a sym- Djed Pillar bol of Osiris’ rejuvenation and strength. It’s A Pagan World 53
  • 54. Crucified SaviorsT he origins of the symbolical slaying of a god or a zodiacal age are explained in Da-vid Ulansey’s book, “The Origins of the Mith- T he phenomenon of the precession of the equi- noxes provides the key to unlocking the secret of the astronomical symbolism of the Mithraicraic Mysteries.” Mithras was a solar deity whose Tauroctony or bull slaying. His killing of the bullworshippers called him redeemer; his religion symbolizes His supreme power: namely, the powerdied out in the Roman Empire not long after the to move the entire universe, which he had demon-advent of Christianity. Obviously the Church strated by shifting the cosmic sphere in such a waywanted Jesus Christ to be as powerful as Mith- that the spring equinox had moved out of Taurusras so that He could compete with the plethora the Bull to Aries, the Ram. In another variationof ancient Middle Eastern Gods of the time. on the theme Hercules slays the Nemean lion of the constellation Leo said by the Greeks to have been placed in the heavens after Heracles slew it. Theseus slays the Minotaur Mithras slays the Bull Hercules slays the Lion Christ on the Cross with Pisces two Fish 54 It’s A Pagan World
  • 55. Crucified Saviors World Tree YggdrasilJ esus came in human form to embody the Christ Spirit from the Central Sun of Suns.If he were to do otherwise how could we as- man figure nailed to the cross but the figure was not Jesus but the Greek God Orpheus of the Orphic religion on which much of early Christianity waspire to, as he exhorted, become even “greater based. The Roman God, Mithras was also crucifiedthan He?” Yet we have not listened and con- and rose again on the 25th of March. The myth oftinue to see life through a “dark glass” as the dying crucified God is the center-piece in allthere is still too much darkness in our world. ancient religions.But, as we immerse ourselves in self-exami-nation and integrate the Laws of the Universe One of the myths surrounding the God Odin isencoded in the Tarot we begin to see the path that he hung on the World Tree Yggdrasil. Óðinsto our own enlightenment, our own Christ- Rune Song is a section of the Hávamál wherehood as Jesus, the Christ, wished for all of us. Odin reveals the origins of the runes, or of secret knowledge. In section 138, Odin describes his Christian imagery self-sacrifice (to himself): placed the lamb on the cross symbolizing the I know that I hung on a windy tree end of the Age of Aries. nine long nights, The Lamb of God had wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin, been worshiped previ- myself to myself, ously for 2160 years. on that tree of which no man knows Christian churches from where its roots run..have been found before the 4th century with a hu- It’s A Pagan World 55
  • 56. Vesica PiscesT he Old Testament, recorded in the Age of Aries, has many references to the sacrificeof the Lamb and Ram. The Ram sphinx is theastrological gateway to the age of Aries. JesusChrist often used the symbolic reference tothe Lamb in his teachings and Parables. In an-cient Greece it was associated with the Golden AFleece. The Age of Aries was also the time of s we approach the end of the Piscean Age,the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten; who tried to there is much talk of the “Second Coming.”replace polytheism with monotheism. Moses For years Christian doctrine stated that Jesusis thought to have ushered in the Age of Aries himself would come as he had before. But when(Ram or Lamb), which is why Moses condemns we look at the teachings on ‘Love’ contained inhis own people for worshipping a “golden calf” the Nag Hammadi scrolls discovered in Decem-(Bull) after coming down from Mount Sinai. It ber, 1945, we see that the ‘Second Coming’ ofwas the end of the Age of Taurus in 2860 B.C. Christ is really the inner Christos awakening inThis is confirmed with the accuracy of the an- Man. The scrolls, which prophesied the crucifix-cient Mayan calendar. ion of the Old Testament God, Jehovah, the en- emy of the true spiritual God, ‘Love’ teach us thatWhen Jesus is called the Lamb of God in John this spiritual awakening is the true revelation.1:29 and John 1:36, it is in reference to His be-ing the perfect and ultimate sacrifice for sin,not for being Lord of the Universe. Jesus issupposedly born on the cusp of Aries and Pi-sces and as Christians were aware of the pagansymbolism they correctly placed the Lamb,symbolizing the Age of Aries, on the Cross atthe end of the Age of Aries and it was muchlater that an idealized form of Jesus Christ isplaced on the Cross. The birth of Jesus wasknown by the “three wise men,” – who are thethree stars of Orion – because, in reality, theywere following the Rising Sign of the Fish, (Pi- Floor mosaic of two fish in the sign of the crosssces) and so began this Age of Vesica Pisces. from the Big Basilica at Heraclea Lyncestis. 56 It’s A Pagan World
  • 57. Fish Gods Enki-Oannes-PoseidonT here is also another layer to the ‘Fish’ sym- bolism. The earliest gods and goddessescame from the sea in all mythology. Oceanus build the ark. Oannes, the earliest Babylonian god was, according to Apollodorus, a compos- ite of man and fish. Representations of this fish-was the Titan god of the sea. In Sumerian my- god have been found among the sculptures ofthology, Capricorn, the fish goat is associated Nineveh. En-ki, and Oannes, the Chaldean Dagwith Ea/Enki, Lord of the watery deep. Enki, also have a connection with the Hindu Matsyacreated a man of clay to replace the Igigi gods as (Fish-Avatar) of Vishnu, who preserved the Ve-laborers in his underwater ‘Garden of the Gods.’ das and the seeds of life from age to age. VishnuHis brother Enlil (God of the Wind) who is later told Vaivasvata to build an ark. With an im-called Jehovah wanted to destroy the human race pressive lineage such as this why wouldn’t Je-but Enki told Utnapishtim (Noah in the Bible) to sus be called son of “dag” which means “fish?’ Matsya (Fish-Avatar) of Vishnu, It’s A Pagan World 57
  • 58. Galactic Cross Cross (four pointed cross) is placed on top of the Earth Cross (four pointed cross), an eight pointed cross is created. This esoteric knowl- edge can be traced back to the Rosicrucians, (creators of the Raider Waite Tarot deck) whose Rose Cross is an eight pointed cross (symbol of the Great Celestial Conjunction). However it is said that the real origins of this esoteric knowl- edge can be traced back to the Knights Templar who encoded it in their cathedrals and the Tarot.O n the winter solstice at 11.11 am on Decem- ber 21st, 2012 the sun will be located at theexact centre of the cross that is formed when the The cross is a pagan symbol that was worshiped in Egypt thousands of years before Je-Ecliptic and the Galactic Centre meet where amassive black hole called Sagr A sits in the cen- sus was born. The Roman Cath-tre of the Milky Way. This is the birth canal of olic Church adopted thethe Age of Aquarius whose water will wash away cross symbol at least 600 yearsthe religious dogma of the Piscean Age. This con- after Jesus was crucified.junction between the sun and the black hole (theblack sun) is the moment when the old Platonic The Serpent upon a Cross was an Egyptian Stan-(25,920 year) zodiacal cycle ends and a new Pla- dard. It occurs repeatedly upon the Grand Stair-tonic Year begins. case of the Temple of Osiris at Philæ; and on the pyramid of Giza are represented two kneelingMoira Simms, archaic futurist, reminds us that: figures erecting a Cross, on the top of which is“according to the texts of the Temple of Horus a serpent erect. The Crux Ansata was a Crossat Edfu, the Djed revealed when one world age with a coiled Serpent above it; and it is perhapsends and another begins.” The above image the most common of all emblems on Egyptianshows the ahker of the two horizons, two lion- Monuments, carried in the hand of almost everyheaded sphinx-like figures facing opposite direc- figure of a Deity or a Priest. It was, as we learn bytions, falling on the Leo/Virgo and Aquarius/Pi- the monuments, the form of the iron tether-pins,sces equinox axis and crossed by the Djed pillar used for making fast to the ground the cords bymarking the galactic meridian of center/edge. which young animals were confined: and as used by shepherds, became a symbol of Royalty to theThe cross is the best-known religious symbol of Shepherd Kings. They worshiped the Serpent andChristianity. It is generally seen as a representa- the Cross since the beginning of recorded history.tion of the crucifixion of the Christ, but the Cross Priests of the Mystery Schools gradually corrupt-represents the Great Celestial Conjunction of the ed themselves and were destroyed by Christianity.fixed Galactic Cross and Zodiac Cross (equinoxsolstice axis). It is encoded in Tarot cards X (Wheelof Fortune) and XX (Judgment). When this crossis projected onto the zodiac where the Galactic58 It’s A Pagan World
  • 59. Divine Mothers Mary and Jesus Winged IsisO f course we can’t have the birth of the Mes- siah without the Divine Mother figure. Yet,her existence in history and pre-history has been the fertility bearing menat necklace. When the earliest teachings of the church first emerged, it was devoid of a mother-goddess.fraught misinformation and mystery. The role ofthe Sacred Woman in the Christian tradition has However, since the ancient world was perme-caused the most consternation to the Church. ated with the cults of Isis, Demeter, and Cybele,Going back as far as the rule of Constantine, the it was It is impossible for Christianity to conquershrines and temples of Isis (the Egyptian goddess) the hearts and minds of the Roman Empire with-were destroyed because by 58 B.C.E. the Cult of out filling the void with a Divine Mother Goddess.Isis had altars on the Capitoline and fifty-three So Isis was transformed and her image became thatchapels in Rome alone and almost every Greek of The Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, and Per-city and village had its Isis-temple. Yet, Cyril, the fect Mother. Isis was the revered Madonna of theBishop of Alexandria, had openly embraced Isis pre-Christian world. For centuries, Catholics mis-and transformed her into Mary, the mother of Jesus. took these images for Mary and Jesus. Sometimes,When examined closely the highly revered ‘Black Osiris was depicted with his wife and child; andVirgins’ in the Notre Dame Cathedrals proved to the three became the prototype of the Holy Fam-be statues of Isis! Originally Isis was pictured as a ily. The depiction of Isis suckling the child Horuswoman wearing a long sheath dress and crowned is reminiscent of the imagery of Mary and Jesus,with the hieroglyphic sign for a throne , sometimes but preceded Christianity by thousands of yearsholding a lotus. After her assimilation of Hathor,Isis’s headdress was replaced with that of Hathor:the horns of a cow on her head, and the solar discbetween them. Usually, she was depicted with herson, the god Horus, and sometimes as a bird fly-ing above Osiris’s body. Isis is most often seenholding the ankh sign, but is sometimes seen withHathor’s attributes, the sacred sistrum rattle and It’s A Pagan World 59
  • 60. Sun GodsA nother, more subliminal problem for the Church is the Tarot number XIX, the Sun.As we have seen above, Jesus was called the Sun, transmits the highest vibration that we are capa- ble of absorbing. No religion owns the ‘Spiritual Sun,’ but The Church wanted us to believe that Je-but not the local Sun in our solar system, which is sus, like Mithras, was the Roman Deus Sol Invic-just one of approximately 200 billion suns (stars), tus, the Unconquered Sun God who personifiedwhich constitute the Milky Way. The Sun in this the spiritual force that assumes the characteristicsTarot refers to the hyper-cosmic (Spiritual) Sun of each zodiacal sign. The collage below depictsat the Galactic Center from which all stars in all gods that are symbols of the sun. Mithras,Horus,galaxies are born. This is the spiritual Sun which Apollo, and Osiris.T he Egyptians called the Galactic Core the ‘Eye of Ra” which represented Ra’s or theGalactic Core’s explosive nature as they saw hisglancing eye as the way the zodiac’s stars andplanets were created which they poetically calledRa’s children.. Most researchers think that Rarepresents our local Sun but Ra really representsthe Galactic Core from which all is created in oursolar system. The Galactic Core transmits its en-ergy through Alcyone the central sun of the Ple-iades which in turn transmits through our Sun. 60 It’s A Pagan World
  • 61. Cosmic EggK alahansa, the swan in eternity; becomes Parabrahman. The ‘Swan (Hansa) isthe symbol of the ‘First Cause’ which had vantara of a solar system or Life of Brahma is a period of 311,040,000,000,000 terrestrial years. It typifies the great Circle, or O, itselfno name in the beginning. Later it was pic- a symbol for the universe and its sphericaltured as an ever invisible, mysterious Bird bodies” (SD 1:359).that dropped an Egg into Chaos, which Eggbecomes the Universe. Hence Parabrahman In the Vedas it is referred to as tat (that) aswas called Kalahansa, ‘the swan in ‘Space opposed to the world of manifestation calledand Time.’ who lays a ‘Golden Egg’ at the idam (this). It is No-thing because it is impos-beginning of each Mahamanvantara. Maha = sible to know that which there is in this prin-great + manvantara =a great cycle of cosmic ciple because it is, as the Zohar says, abovemanifestation and activity, whether of a uni- Wisdom itself.verse, solar system, or planet. The mahaman- It’s A Pagan World 61
  • 62. Cosmic EggT he Easter egg derives from the pagan custom of exchanging eggs at the birth-time of theyear. Originally it had a deep esoteric meaningcompletely lost today where the custom is stillheld in the East although commonly candies inthe shape of eggs are exchanged. Giving a fel-low disciple an egg in the old Mystery schoolssuggested the rebirth of nature, so apparent inthe springtime, or again the initiation ceremoniesthat prevailed at the spring equinox, thereby ex-pressing the hope that he too might at some timebe “reborn,” able to free his spiritual nature fromthe enveloping shell as a chick frees itself fromthe egg.The Egyptian god, Ptah, like Parabrahman, ges-tates in the ‘Egg of the Universe.’ This is theEgg that gives life to the gods, the planets and The Cosmic Egg is a living library of knowledge from which anything can be created. It contains theconstellations. which in turn is given life by the formulas, and blueprints , stored in the life forms onsolar energy of Shu. The Egg is sacred to Isis earth for all sorts of realities to be created.and to Christians of the Greek and Latin Churchesas a symbol of eternal life. Osiris was also born The egg stands for pri-from an Egg and Apollo and Artemis were born mordial chaos, thefrom Leda’s egg which was fertilized by Zeus, in universal matrix, thethe form of a swan. The Scandinavian poem of great Deep, the VirginVoluspa sings of the mundane egg as a phantom Mother, and also forgerm of the Universe, which is represented as ly-ing in the cup of illusion and the boundless void. the Cosmos or worldSeb is one of the older Egyptian gods, the son of egg produced from it.Shu and Tefnut, brother and husband of Nut, fa- As chaos or space, it isther of Osiris and Isis, Set and Nephthys. In The the virgin egg fertil-Book of the Dead, Seb is spoken of as the father ized by the spiritual rayof the gods, and as the goose that laid the egg out from which issues theof which the earth and man were formed—remi-niscent of Kalahansa. Third Logos. The simile of an egg also expresses the primordial form of everything. 62 It’s A Pagan World
  • 63. Cosmic EggL eda the Swan is the mother of the Gemini twins Castor and Pollux by Zeus. In one al-legory, Leda takes the form of a swan and, after tending to be a Swan pursued by an eagle who took refuge in Nemesis’ bosom, where he rav- ished her. In due course she laid an egg, whichbeing impregnated by Zeus in the form of a swan, Hermes threw between Leda’s thighs, as she satlays two eggs, which connects her with Kalahansa on a stool with her legs apart.and similar mythological birds. One allusion ofthe allegory is to the egg-born third root-race of Latona, another name for Leda, quarreled withmankind, Lemuria. Niobe, who taunted her with having only one son and one daughter, whereas she herself had sevenAs the story goes, Zeus took the form of a swan sons and seven daughters. As a result, the 14 chil-and raped or seduced Leda on the same night she dren were slain by Apollo and Artemis. Latona,slept with her husband, King Tyndareus. In some geographically, represents the polar region for-versions, she laid two eggs from which the chil- merly the Hyperborean continent. Niobe is thedren hatched. In other versions, Helen is a daugh- Atlantean race, with its seven sub-races and theirter of Nemesis, the goddess who personified the seven branches; as this race degenerated it is de-disaster that awaited those suffering from the stroyed by the god and goddess of light, Apollopride of Hubris. and Artemis; while an allusion to the Atlantean flood is seen in the copious tears of Niobe (SDHyginus’ Poetic Astronomy presents Zeus pre- 2:770). It’s A Pagan World 63
  • 64. Cosmic Egg O siris is also born from an egg sacred to Isis, and therefore the priests never ate eggs. Ptah, the Egyptian god of creation, is represented as bringing forth beings from a lump of clay on a potter’s wheel. This lump of clay represents the world egg, out of which all the beings creep. And the winged globe, also prominent in Egyptian symbol- ogy, is another symbol of the world egg.V ishnu and Garuda, the bird of Vishnu, were born from an egg for Garuda symbolizes theGreat Cycle of Time. In Hindu mythology Garu-da is a gigantic half-man and half-bird, born froman egg brought forth by Vinata, wife of Kasyapa.Garuda is a manifestation of Vishnu himself whois often described as riding on Garuda as repre-senting space and time.Seb and his wife Nut produced the great Egg ofSpace, out of which emerged the sun god in theshape of a phoenix (Bennu). For the EgyptiansSeb symbolized the Creator, the vitalizing divinityof cosmic space, often called earth: the earth wasdescribed as being formed of Seb’s cosmic body,and was called the house of Seb which held aprominent place in the scenes of the Underworlddepicted in The Book of the Dead. Another of histitles was Erpat (chief of the gods), he is even morelike the Hindu Parabrahman than Brahma. A fa-vorite representation of Seb is that of a prostratedman, one hand pointing to heaven, the other toearth —the prostrated form representing the earth-- over whom bends the goddess, Nut, her bodybeing spangled with stars representing the sky. 64 It’s A Pagan World
  • 65. Cosmic Egg in two out of which emerged; the sun, moon, planets,T he Pelasgian Creation Myth recounted in Robert Graves, The Greek Myths, is the feminine ver-sion of the first chapters of Genesis and goes like stars, the earth, the trees, the mountains, herbs and all living creatures. Eurynome and Ophion live on Mount Olympus where Ophion angered her for trying to takethis: In the beginning Eurynome, the goddess of ‘All credit for the creation of the universe. Forthwith, Eu-Things,’ rose naked from Chaos and danced wildly rynome bruised his head with her heel, kicked out hisbut she found nothing substantial for her feet to stand teeth, and banished him to the dark caves below theupon and therefore divided the sea from the sky, earth.dancing lonely on its waves. She danced towards thesouth, and the wind set in motion behind her seemed This Greek creation myth foreshadows Genesis 34:17something new and apart with which to begin a work “And the Lord God, the Elohim, said unto the serpent,of creation. ‘And I will put enmity between thee and the woman’, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thyWheeling about, she held the north wind, the pres- head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.’ It is significantence of God, rubbed it between her hands, and be- that the Serpent coiled around her seven times as thishold! The great serpent Ophion. Eurynome danced would refer to the seven days of creation in Genesiswildly until Ophion coiled around her divine limbs. which obviously would be seven vastly long periodsNext she assumed the form of a dove, the Holy Spir- of time similar to the seven periods, of a Manvan-it, and laid the Universal Egg. At her bidding, Oph- tara, and extending throughout a Mahakalpa or theion coiled seven times around the egg, until it split ‘Great Age’ -- 100 years of Brahma -- making a total of 311,040,000,000,000 of years” (SD 1:36) It’s A Pagan World 65
  • 66. The EggC hristianity has its links to Orphism and the Greek Orphites adopted their rites fromserpent worship and. Sun worshipers crossed of the so-called “sweat-born” of the earlier Le- murians. According to H.P.Blavatsky the human race passed through different modes of reproduc-over into Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon from In- tion which again depended upon the physiologi-dia where we find the priests generally styled cal characteristics of the various phases throughthemselves as sons of the Dragon and Serpent. which humanity progressed from ethereal throughModern theologians are reticent to seriously astral into physical types. At first humanity wascontemplate that we might have actually origi- sexless and then, through various phases of seed-nated from the Serpent in the Garden of Eden ing, budding, and egg-bearing, became androgy-yet mythology tells us that the tradition of the nous, its offspring as time passed appearing withDragon and the Sun is echoed in every part of one or the other sex predominating, and finally,the world, and was established through the once during the latter third root-race distinct malesuniversal worship of the Sun. If we study the and females appeared from birth as at present. Instories of various Rishis and their multifarious the 1st Chapter of Genesis, animals, whales andprogeny, Pulastya is found to be the father of allthe egg-bearing Nagas who are human serpents. fowls of the air are created before the AndrogyneKasyapa was the grandsire, through his wife Adam, some Cabalists see them as the sacred ani-Tamra, of the birds of Garuda. The first Nagas mals of the zodiac and other heavenly bodies. Inare born before the complete separation of the the second chapter, Adam the sexless comes first,sexes, “matured in the man-bearing eggs” pro- and the animals only appear after him. The deepduced by the power of the holy sages of the early sleep of Adam symbolizes the unconsciousnessLemurians. The Nagas, in spite of their serpent’stail,do not creep but manage to walk, run and of the first two Races. The Secret Doctrine datesfight in the allegories. Some of the descendents the second and third races of the Hyperboreansof the primitive Nagas, the Serpents of Wisdom, and Lemurians before the Triassic/Jurassic periodpeopled America when it arose during Atlantis. over sixty-five million years ago. It was the ageThe medicine men of Mexico are called Nagals, of the reptiles of the gigantic Megalosauri, Ich-and Quetzalcoatl was the name of the winged thyosauri, Plesiosauri, etc. and of gigantic men.serpent. The Lemurians produced their offspring Science denies the presence of man in that period.from eggs— as animals and reptiles still do. Thisrace’s method of reproduction was the outcome If this is so why is it that men can describe these monsters. 66 It’s A Pagan World
  • 67. Holy Ghost I n Christianity, the Holy Ghost is symbolized by a dove which appears to Jesus at his baptism. The dove plays a prominent part in many cosmologies. In the Biblical deluge, Noah sends out first a raven, symbolizing darkness which was regarded as prior to light; and then a dove. In the Chaldean version, Noah is represented by Ishtar, a lunar goddess corresponding to Artemis and of Venus also symbolized by a dove. In several cosmologies the dove also sym- bolizes the soul. In the Hundu tradition, The Holy Ghost was the Holy Breath which, moved on the face of the waters at creation, and imparted life and vitality into everything created. A similar concept is rec- ognized in the Christian Scriptures. In Psalms xxxiii. 6, we read, "By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made, and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth." Here is the Brahminical con- cept of the act of creation by the Divine Breath, which is the Holy Ghost, which was also breathed into Adam, by which he became "a living soul." Prana, is the breath of life, by which the Creator (Brahma) animates the clay, and man became a living soul. host of them by the breath of his mouth.” Here is the Brahminical con- ception, square out, of the act of creation by the Divine Breath, which is the Holy Ghost, the same, also, which was breathed into Adam, by which he became “a living soul.” Prana, is the breath of life by which the Creator (Brahma) animates the clay, and man became a living soul.” This why Nisargadatta Maharaj urges his students to ‘Worship the Breath’ It’s A Pagan World 67
  • 68. Golden Lotus A fter the sound of the first Om, the vast primordial ocean brought forth “a golden lotus, resplendent as the sun, floating in space.” From Om came forth the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva, who are represented seated on golden lotuses The creation of Vishnu followed: he slept on a lotus, and a lotus stem issued from his navel. In The Secret Doctrine Blavatsky says that the growth of the lotus from Vish- nu’s navel, as he rests in the waters of space on the serpent of infinity, illustrates the universe’s evolution from the great central sun, “the ever-concealed germ” (1:379). The waters are the womb of space and the stalk is the umbilical cord.68 It’s A Pagan World
  • 69. All-Hallows Day All Saints Day, All-Hallows, Hallowmas was originally on the first of May in the zodiacal sign of Taurus. “The Druids un- derstood the meaning of the Sun in Tau- rus, as Taurus is the first fixed sign of the zodiac and not Aries, therefore, while all the fires were extinguished on the 1st of November, Scorpio, the second fixed sign of the zodiac, their sacred and inextin- guishable fires alone remained to illumi- nate the horizon. Druid rites, therefore, were concerned with mak-E astern Christians continue to celebrate All Saints’ Day in the spring, as the Roman Chris-tians had originally. Since the Celts, like many ing contact with the spirits of the departed, who were seen as sources of guidance and inspiration. The dark moon, the time when no moon can becultures, started every day at sunset of the night seen in the sky, was the phase of the moon whichbefore, Samhain became the “evening” of “All Hal- ruled this time, because it represents a time whenlows” In the 7th century, Pope Boniface instituted the invisible forces becomes visible.All Hallows Day “hallowed” = “holy” = “saint”which was eventually contracted into “Hallow- Christianity transformed this festival intoe’en” on May 13 to replace a pagan festival of the Hallowe’en (31 October), All Hallows [All Saintsdead. In 834 the day was moved to November 1st Day] (1 November), and All Souls Day (2 No-by Gregory III and was then celebrated for all the vember).saints. The Greek Church celebrates it on the firstSunday after Pentecost. Closely connected with Halloween appears to have forgotten the meaningthe celebration was the keeping of the preceding of All Saints’s Day and has become a celebrationevening, known as the vigil of Hallowmas or Hal- of early folklore based upon the Grail and Drag-loween. The Celts kept two festivals, one called on traditions. The very concept of ’fairies’ (’fairBeltane in which fires were lit on the eve of May folk’) derives from fée or ’fey’ and especially to1st, and the other called Samtheine on the eve of ’fate’. In the Celtic world, certain royal familiesNovember 1st, in which people jumped over two were said to carry the ’fairy blood’ — that is toclosely placed fires. The Christian Church was say, the fate or destiny of the Grail Bloodline—unable to stop their devotees celebrating this hol-while the Grail Princesses of romance and historyiday, so they simply sprinkled a little holy wa- were often called ’elf-maidens’ guardians of theter on it and gave it new names, as they did with earth, starlight and forest. The other star of Hal-other pagan holidays and customs. loween is Count Dracula whose bodily condition- ing through melatonin and other hormonal secre-The Druids knew that these three days had a spe- tions made him the Prince of Darkness; whichcial significance. The veil between this world and give heightened awareness, above-normal powersthe World of the Ancestors was parted on these and longevity from the Star Fire - the lunar bloodnights, and for those who were prepared, journeys of the Anunnaki Queens and the priestly Scarletcould be made in safety to the ’other side. The Women. It’s A Pagan World 69
  • 70. All-Hallows Day was known within the Court from 1431. Vlad-S ir Laurence Gardner’s book. Bloodline of the Holy Grail, details the brutal Catholic In-quisition’s treatment of heretics who supported Dracula was portrayed as a vampire — a Prince of Darkness who imbibed the blood of virgins! Vlad’s method of execution for crimes againstthe Messianic Blood Royal (the Sangréal) of the the state was impalement upon wooden stakes.Dragon Kings against the corrupted dogma of This was quite compatible with other hideousthe bishops. Many of the victims were classified punishments of the time (boiling in oil, burn-as occultists and witches, and they were charged ing at the stake, drawing and quartering, etc.).with upholding the ancient and heretical cult of But Vlad’s impalement methods came backDraco, the Prince of Darkness. The Church re- to haunt him in Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic-viled them as vampires! novel which calls for Dracula to be killed with a wooden stake. The Church’s real fear ofGardner gives the significance of the ancient Dracula, however, was not his brutality whichEgyptian Court of the Dragon, pointing out that was the norm then, but his in-depth knowledgeafter some 4,000 years this Sovereign Order is of alchemy and the ancient Star Fire customs.still operative today. Back in the 15th century Having attended the Austrian School of Solo-Prince Vlad III of Transylvania-Wallachia built mon in Hermannstadt, he had an in-depth sci-the citadel of Bucharest. Vlad is perhaps better entific understanding of the bodily effects ofremembered, however, as Count Dracula, mean- melatonin and serotonin which enhance lon-ing ’son of Dracul’ - a name by which his father gevity and increase consciousness. Merlin, the Alchemist 70 It’s A Pagan World
  • 71. The Sacred Four are the Mystery of the Sphinx O n each of these four occasions during the last 26,000 years the fixed constellations have aligned with the galactic center. At the end of each zodiacal age in the precession of the equinoxes the vernal point changes as it will in the near future from Pisces to Aquarius. When that happens, the three other constellations mak- ing the three key points will also change from Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius—to Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. The big question is why Ezekiel’s vision saw the constellations of the Aquarian Age and not the four constellations of the Piscean AgeT he Sacred Four are the four great prima- ry forces which emanate from the creatorknown as the Four Powerful Ones. They are the which in his time would have been the next in the precession of the equinoxes,key to the universal movement of the four fixed “From thecardinal points which change every 6,500 years beginningsymbolized by the cross and the circle in the various sym- form of a swastika. The bols for the wheels symbolize the Sacred Four dome of the Celestial began to Sphere which rises first creep in. Also in one constellation of a plurality of the zodiac and then an- names was other throughout the given them Great Year. When the at different gears of heaven change Tetramorph times by vari-the old age comes crashing down and a new zo- ous people. I have a collection of over fifty namesdiacal age is born. given to them. Among them are: the Four Great Ones, the Four Powerful Ones, the Four GreatThe Sacred Four are the key images and symbols Kings, the Four Great Maharajas, the Four Greatthat crop up in most myths—notably those that Builders, the Four Great Architects, the Fourconcern a ‘derangement of the heavens’ which Great Geometricians, the Four Great Pillars; andare encoded in the ancient traditions of world- today we call them the Four Archangels.” —Col.wide cataclysms. Graham Hancock’s book, James Churchward in Sacred Symbols of Mu.“Fingerprints of the Gods’ explains: The fourkey points of the year are the spring and summer Josef F. Blumrich’s book entitled “The Space-equinoxes and the winter and summer solstices. ships of Ezekiel” convinced many people that theAt each point the sun is seen to rise in a different four living creatures in “Ezekiel’s Wheel” wereconstellation. Thus if the sun rises in Pisces at the the four rotary blades of a space ship yet furtherspring equinox, as it does at present, it must rise research refutes that theory. The number fourin Virgo at the autumn equinox, in Gemini at the was greatly revered by the Atlanteans. To them,winter solstice and in Sagittarius at the summer it represented the four great cosmic forces with,solstice. It’s A Pagan World 71
  • 72. The Sacred Fourwhich the Creator gave birth to his entire creation. Sphinx and the Cherubim are “hybrid” beingsFour sacred animals appear in Ezekiel and Caba- combining two to four creatures: The Eaglela as the Cherubim, and in the Bible, as the four (Scorpio), the Lion (Leo), the Bull (Taurus) andArchangels, and are the secret of the Sphinx. the Man (Aquarius). These creatures represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac. When they are“I looked, and behold, a whirlwind, a cloud and aligned with the Galactic Equator, every 6,500fire unfolding it.—also out of the mist thereof years in the 26,000 year cycle of the Precession ofcame the likeness of four living creatures. And the Equinoxes around Alcyone, major and minorevery one had four face and four wings”. In the cataclysmic events occur.series of beings claimed by Christian symbolism MATTHEW - Taurus the Bullto form the mysterious crown of Christ, a group MARK - Leo-the Lionof four animals is notable for the important place LUKE - The Eagle (Scorpio)they hold in the sacred art and the mystical litera- JOHN - Aquariusture of all religions. These celestial animals arenot unique to the Bible for they are the Adonai ofall nations. They are the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle T he name John, originates as Jahan (Oannes, the Fish God), connotes the month of Janu- ary which falls during the astrological period ofand Aquarius, the man, originally Cherubim (He- Aquarius. Jahan or Jahn give us other names,brew: fullness of knowledge). such as Jane, Joan, and Janus. It gives us the word January. January is the month that corresponds with the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a southern sign symbolized by a man carrying a pitcher from which water flows. This is why we have the bibli- cal character John the Baptist, the initiator of Je- sus. The sign of Aquarius became associated with baptism, cleansing, and purification by water. This idea was adopted by Jews and Christians. The lion was assigned to Mark. It is the AtonistIn the Tarot they appear in the cards X and XXII. symbol of the city of Venice and the Vatican. TheThese four animals are, in reality, the symbols lion symbolizes the Tribe of Judea, and can beof the four cardinal points of the zodiacal circle seen on numerous buildings and flags of manyduring the winter solstice. Both the mythical royal houses. in Biblical astrologically, however, the lion belongs to Luke. 72 It’s A Pagan World
  • 73. The Sacred FourIn Christian art we see one of the four Evange- syrian sphinxes, but these figures are also carvedlists symbolized by a Bull. This relates to Mat- on the walls of nearly every Hindu pagoda. Thethew/Aries, because both Aries and Taurus are Cherubim were the fiery serpent/dragons placedconstellations or houses on the Eastern hori- at the gate at the Garden of Eden after the sozon. They are the eastern signs always seen in called fall. This originated from the Biblical bookthe sky together. And in ages past the symbols of the Jewish prophet Ezekiel, who while in ex-connected to both these pervasive signs were im- ile in Babylonia circa 580 BCE describes his vi-portant. Christ is often depicted carrying a lamb sion in which the likeness of four living creaturesand in nativity scenes a small lamb is often seen. came out of the midst of the fire thus: These fourIn the Christian iconography we have one of the animal figures are also depicted in the St. JohnsEvangelists represented by a Lion. In the Nativ- Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament,ity scenes we see four animals around the cradle where they surround the throne of Christ, the set-of Jesus. One of these is also a lion. Christians ting most usually seen in Christian art. John al-probably wonder why a lion would be near Jesus’ ludes to Ezekiel’s vision thus: And the first beastmanger. Furthermore, Jesus is often termed the was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf,“Lion of Judea.” The Fixed Signs are also the and the third beast had a face as a man, and thefour archangels Taurus—Uriel —Leo—Michael fourth beast was like a flying eagle. Revelation—Aquarius—Raphael——Scorpio—Gabriel 4:7. At the center of most Christian Tetramorphs is the Pantokrator (from Greek pan-all, krater -In the second midrash it is said: “When Solomon ruler) Jesus the Christ, following the Book of Rev-wished to sit on his throne, the Bull took him gen- elation.tly on its horns and handed him over to the lion,which in turn delivered him to to the Eagle, andso on until the seat was reached. This indicatesthat Taurus is the first sign of the zodaic. “ThenSolomon sat on the throne of the Lord” (I Chron.xxix. 23), the second midrash remarks that Sol-omon’s throne, like that of God, was furnishedwith the four figures representing a man, a lion,an ox, and an eagle, with cherubim and wheels (comp. Ezek. i. 5 et seq.) The Hindu Interestingly, in Egyptian mythology the four ar- Cabalistic chetypes appear as the four sons of Horus, whose derivation of names are: the books of Imsety - (human-headed) Ezekiel and Tuamutf - (or Duanmutef, jackal-headed) Revelation Kabhsenuf - (baboon-headed) are shown Hapi - (falcon or hawk-headed) in nothing During the mummification process, the body’s more plainly organs were removed and placed in four jarsthan in this description of the four beasts, which adorned with the heads of these four sons whotypify the four elementary kingdoms -- earth, air, were the “protectors” of various, and water. As is well known, they are the As- It’s A Pagan World 73
  • 74. The Mayan Sacred FourW hen will we learn that we are a living The breathing zodiac and to realize our own Maya believed the Earth was flat with four cor-consciousness is the “little sun” within? We are ners. Each corner represented a cardinal direc-the heroes undergoing the trials of Osiris, Horus, tion. Each direction had a color: east-red; north-or Hercules or any sun god. When will we real- white; west-black; south-yellow. At each corner,ize that consciousness, like the zodiac, has four there was a jaguar of a different color that sup-cardinal hemispheres? ported the sky.Mayans believed the universe was divided intothirteen layers, each with its own god. Ahau-Kinpossessed two forms— one for the day and oneat night. During the day he was a man with somejaguar features, but between sunset and sunrise hebecame the Jaguar god, a lord of the underworldwho traveled from west to east through the lowerregions. The Earth was conceived by the Maya asflat with four corners.Mayans believed the Universe was divided intolayers, each layer containing only one sort of ce- Mayans believed that the Sun and the Moonlestial body. Heaven was formed with thirteen passed through the Earth when they disappearedlayers, and each of them seemed to have had its below the horizon. On his night journey beneathown god. The underworld was formed with nine the earth, the Sun was believed to have become the fearsome Jaguar god of the underworld, Ki-layers with nine corresponding lords of the night. nich Ahau. 74 It’s A Pagan World
  • 75. Fisher Kings the Mayans, Hindus and Akkadians who spawned the Babylonians and Sumerians who came from Orion, Sirius, and Lemuria. The Dogon tribe of North Africa call these fish-men “the Monitors.” And that, according to The Mayan Factor, is what the Maya did best—.monitor, and calibrate galac- tic time cycles for the planet. Letters, as much as numbers, were all mystical, the most sacred of all is the letter M symbolizing the great deep. In Aryan esotericism, as in the Se- mitic, this letter has always stood for the Sanskrit‘Between the Devil and the word MAKARA—the tenth sign of the Zodiac. Deep Blue Sea.’I don’t know where this maxim originated but Sumerian cuneiform texts may give a clue. Theytell us that we were created by the first ‘Fisher The Hindu zodiac portrays Makara as a crocodile or an aquatic monster. The tenth sign of the Zo- diac in the west is portrayed with the head andKing’, Enki and his wife, Ninmah/Mammu, our the fore-legs of an antelope and the body and tailMother, in the Abzu, an under water laboratory in of a fish which is the form of the constellation ofthe depths of the ocean. The Abzu is essentially the Capricorn ruled by Saturn, the planet which pre-‘Garden of Eden.’ Paradoxically this same Enki is sides over Christmas and the New Year as Fatherthe ‘Lord of Darkness,’ the devil of the Christian Time. Is this another reason why Jesus is said toreligion. Who do we believe the Church or Sum- be born on December 25, and called Son of Da-erian texts? Robert Temple’s book, The Sirius gon, another name of Enki and Oannes. MedievalMystery documents many historical references Hermetists connected the goat with Christ andto the pre-Flood founders of civilization as fish- Christianized who arrived from the stars. They were saidto have descended into and arisen out of the seawhich no doubt gave rise to the idea of mermaidsor aquatic beings. All this bespeaks of the constel-lation of Capricorn as intricately associated with It’s A Pagan World 75
  • 76. Fisher Kings sun all consistent with his function as God, king,T he Sumerian god Enki is often depicted as a goat with a dolphins tail. Enki’s brother Enlil,like Zeus, is remembered as the god who brought priest, regenerator of Cosmos. As the birthplace of the Sun, Capricorn was the “sea goat” hybrid whose fishtailon the deluge. Enki is recognized as the god who enabled it tosaved mankind by warning the Sumerian Noah, live in a caveXisuthrus, of the impending disaster. Enki’s beneath theunauthorized creation of Homo sapiens estranged ocean prior tohim from Enlil. The antagonism between the two the winter sol-erupted again after the flood and the Middle East stice. The goatwas awash with the blood of their conflict. part enabled it to climb—like aThe constellation of Capricorn presides over goat up a moun-the area as far north as Panuco in Mexico and tain — high intoas far south as Panama Capricorn is associated the sky after thewith Pan,the bearded Greek nature god who was Goat with Caduceus solstice.half goat and half man and as we have seen isthe source of Valentines day. Midway between The Greeks and earlier civilizations believed thatPanuco and Panama is Mayapan, the capital of the ancestors of the Hellenic races were amphibi-Yucatan, founded by the bearded Kukulcan, the ous, for at that time primitive man had gills andMayan Quetzalcoatl. There are various descrip- was partly covered in scales. For them Oceanustions of the Mexican god Quetzalcoatl. One is the was the father of the Gods; in the Mexican Popol-plumed serpent and another that he had a beard, Vuh, man is created out of mud or clay taken fromand in other accounts he is a pale -skinned white under the water. Alchemists claim that the primor-man. The same confusion is found in Sumerian dial earth, when reduced to its first substance, is inimages of Enki. He is portrayed as an Ibex, a man its second stage of transformation like clear water,with water flowing from his shoulders, and a goat the first being with a high ph. The human embryowith a dolphin’s tail as in the common form of has this primordial substance as it is said to containCapricorn. A parallel appears to exist between the essence of all that goes to make up man; it hasthe man, the myth, and the heavens, the connect- not only all the elements of his physical being, buting link of which appears to be the goat’s beard even the “breath of life” in a latent state, ready toof Capricorn. be awakened. The earliest Christian images of Je- sus before the crucifixion were the Lamb, symbol-The constellation of Capricorn was called Capra, izing the Good Shepherd in the Age of Aries, and“the Bearded One,” by many ancient peoples, the Fish representing the Fisher of Men in the Ageand Nuccu, “the Beard,” in Peru.’ From the very of Pisces. Jesus was known as Joshua son of Nunearliest known times, the sun was considered to and Nun of course is the name of Jesus’ femalebe reborn each year when it entered the sign of devotees, the fishes who at the time of baptism,Capricorn immediately after the winter solstice. return again into the sea of Christ.This celestial event has been celebrated in an-nual festivals throughout history by indigenous Louis Jacolliot, the Sanskrit scholar and philolo-peoples all over the world. In Peru it was known ger, noted that the Puranas were written long be-as, “the Festival of the Beard;” and men wore fore Sumerian and Babylonian texts. When he ana-bearded masks symbolizing masculinity and the lyzed the word Oan, or Oannes, he found that 0 inseasonally renewed reproductive powers of the Sanskrit is an invocation, as 0, Swayambhuva! 0,76 It’s A Pagan World
  • 77. Fisher KingsGod! etc.; and An signifies in Sanskrit a spirit or a Viracocha, the ‘Plumed Serpent’ in the Americas,being. “What an extraordinary antiquity,” Jacol- are remembered in ancient worldwide legends asliot remarks, “this fable of Vishnu, disguised as a group of being collectively referred to as thea fish, gives to the sacred books of the Hindus; Fisher Kings. American Indian shamans tell ofespecially as the Vedas are estimated to be more holy men from the sea dressed in bird feathersthan twenty-five thousand years old.” But there is who instructed them in arts and crafts.The fishmore to the story. The Babylonian god Oannes is has often been associated with the World Saviors.the Hindu Vishnu and the Sumerian Enki. Vishnu, the Hindu Savior, who reincarnates in ten physical forms for the liberation of the universe,In the Hari-purana, the Baghaved-Gita, and sev- was expelled from the mouth of a fish in his firsteral other sacred texts, the god Vishnu is shown as incarnation. Isis, while nursing the infant Horus,having assumed the form of a fish with a human is often shown with a fish on her headdress.head, in order to reclaim the Vedas lost during the Oannes, the Chaldean Savior (borrowed from thedeluge. Having enabled Visvamitra to escape with Brahmins), is depicted with the head and body ofall his tribe in the ark, Vishnu, pitying a weak and a fish, from which his human form protrudes atignorant humanity, remained with them for some various points.time. Vishnu taught them to build houses, cultivatethe land, and to thank the Supreme God Parabrah- Manley P. Hall of the Philosophical Researchman, whom he represented, by building temples Center, noted that a scientist had arranged a tableand instituting worship; and, as he was half-fish, showing the relationship of the human brain tohalf-man, at every sunset he used to return to the various animals during the prenatal period. Heocean, where he passed the night. “It is He,” says followed exactly the list of incarnations of Vish-the sacred book, “who taught men, after the ‘Del- nu, while totally unaware that he was linking to-uge’ all that was necessary for their well-being. gether Oriental Mysteries and Occidental embry-‘‘One day he plunged into the water and returned ology. In his gem of a book, The Occult Anatomyno more, for the earth had covered itself again of Man, he relates how the cosmogony myths offrom the deluge with vegetation, fruit, and cattle. nearly every nation are based upon embryology.“But he had taught the Brahmas the secret of all The formation of the cosmos is said to have takenthings” (Hari-purana). This account is the original place in the same way that man is formed, only onof the story given by the Babylonian priest, Bero- a larger scale. For example, in the Vishnu Puranassus, about Oannes, the fish-man, who is no other we are told that creation took place within the than Vishnu — unless womb of Space (Meru) which was surrounded we believe that it was by great mountains and cliffs (the Chorion). There Chaldea and Sumeria is a wonderful parallel between the life of the new who civilized India! seed and the creation of the universe for the uni- verse was created out of water and floated in a Legends from Mex- great sea (the amniotic fluid) down a ladder (the ico to Sumeria, an- umbilical cord) came the gods. Four rivers flowed cient Egypt to India, into the new land, as told in Genesis. These are recount the arrival of the blood vessels of the umbilical cord . amphibious gods ap- pearing after the At- In all cosmology the gods divide their planetarylantean deluge. India’s Vishnu, Enki and Oannes kingdom into sky, earth, sea, and inner earth.of Sumeria and Babylonia, Quetzalcoatl and The Greek Poseidon, brother of Zeus, the Roman Neptune, the king of Atlantis in Plato‘s Critias It’s A Pagan World 77
  • 78. Fisher Kings Abzu. The Abzu housed his laboratory to create mankind. The half sister of the two gods Ninhur- sag, the creator goddess Ninmah/Mam-mu, from whence came our word Mama. Enki and Nin- hursag directed biological experiments in their underwater laboratory, the Abzu. The Sumerian Atra-Hasis epic records its division of earth: AB- ZU, or APSU in Akkadian, is derived from the combination of AB or AP meaning the “Father, the Creator, or the great One” and ZU or SU mean- ing one who knows, the wise one,” thus suggesting that it was the source of all wisdom and knowl-and Timaeus, rules the sea and builds an under- edge. Originally Abzu was the term for our Sun.water palace where he married Amphitrite, called In the Sumerian creation myth which deals withalternatively Thetis, or Nereis who bore him three the formation of the universe, the Abzu is calledchildren. He too is omnipresent in the deluge cre- the primeval one and the begetter of our planets inated by Zeus to rid the world of evil. In the story our solar system. Later when the Anunnaki godsof Deucalion’s flood, Deucalion, a Greek Noah, is arrived here and begin to set mining operations,told to build an ark by his father Prometheus. Po- the Abzu is clearly the abode of Enki located nearseidon is the Sumerian Enki, the Chaldean Ea, the the city of Eridu. Christians call Enki the Devil or more appropriately a Sea Devil. The Book of Job’s Le- viathan is also a Fish- er King, and like the Serpent or Dragon, another benefactor of man; the Leviathan has been turned into a sea monster just as Genesis turns the LEVIATHAN serpent into the devil. The “whale” of Jonah is based upon Dagon part creature, hippocampus, part sea-horse and part dolphin Christian statuesBabylonian Oannes, the Celtic Merlin, the Pal- and carvings show a composite form and not a trueestinian Dag, the Greek Dagon, the Irish Dagda whale. H.P Blavatsky thinks that Cetus, the greatand the Cretan Baal, who all carry a trident like whale, is derived from keto, a name for the fishPoseidon and the Hindu Vishnu. All of these gods god, Dagon, and that Jonah was actually held in thewarned their respective Noahs of the impending body of a gigantic statue of Dagon after he had been‘Flood’ and told them to build arks to save the captured by Phoenician sailors and carried to onegenetic codes of humanity. of their cities. There is no doubt a great mystery in the gigantic form of Cetus, which is still preservedThe cylinder seal in the British Museum circa 2200 as a constellation. All symbols having serpentineBC below shows Enki in his underwater palace or form or motion signify the solar energy in one of 78 It’s A Pagan World
  • 79. Fisher Kingsits many forms. In Arabic, nūn means large fish lestial “Ichtys” the great Fish, which they must fol-or whale. This great creature of the sea therefore, low and imitate in everything. Constantine placedrepresents the solar life force imprisoned in water the Greek letters X and the P over the acrostic andand also the divine energy of man, where, until it was sometimes shown supported by the divinetransmuted, it manifests itself as writhing monster ‘Fish.’ When St.Peter established his first Epis-—man’s greed, passion, and lust. copal See in Antioch, the heart of Dagon/Oannes country, he made a connection between Christ andNun originates from a pictogram of a serpent (the the God-Fish. In ancient Rome the fishes shapeHebrew word for serpent, nachash begins with or its name were written everywhere, their mean-a Nun and snake in Aramaic is nun). Some have ing a mystery which only Christians could under-hypothesized a hieroglyph of a fish in water for stand. The first Christians called themselves’ sonsits origin The Phoenician letter was named nūn of the celestial “Ichtus” the great Fish which they“Fish”, but the glyph has been suggested to de- must follow and imitate in everything. We smallscend from a hypothetical Proto-Canaanite naḥš fish, wrote an early Church father, Tertullian, in“Snake”, based on the name in Ethiopic, ultimate- the second century, “like our Fish, Jesus Christ,ly from a hieroglyph representing a snake, swims in the baptismal water, and we can only be saved by remaining in it.”Jesus was often symbolized by a fish and wascalled son of Dagon. He told His disciples that In Ad 325, the Roman Catholic Church was creat-they should become ‘Fishers of Men.’ The sign ed by a pagan emperor named Constantine. It wasof the fish was also the first monogram of the only superficially a Christian Church. The FirstChristians. The mysterious Greek acrostic ‘Ichtys’ Nicean Council was assembled to finesse the de-is the name for Fish and the name of Jesus. As tails. While it was supposed to have been made upChristians were intent upon identifying Jesus as of Christian elders from five major Christian cen-their Christos, the Messiah of the Old Testament, ters (Rome, Athens, Alexandria, Jerusalem andthey forgot that its true origin might be traced still Antioch), it also included elders of all the majorfarther back to the incarnation of Fish avatar of Pagan religions of Rome. Bishops from the cultsVishnu from which the symbol of the fish origi- of Mithras, Tammuz, Oannes (Dagon), Ceres,nated. The Greek word IXOYC, Fish, became the Janus, Bacchus, Apollo, Osiris, Jupiter, and Con-acrostic for Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior. The stantine’s own religion: Sol Invictus, were invited.first Christians called themselves sons of the ce- Constantine’s wanted all of the Pagan religions, then creating unnecessary conflicts, to be unified into one “Catholic” church. “Catholic” means universal. Constantine ruled the Nicean Council with an firm hand, and insisted upon, Pistis— a belief that Jesus is the Messiah, through whom we obtain eternal salvation in the kingdom of God. Gnosticism was suppressed because it encour- aged its members to question Church authority. Pistis was thus politically expedient, because it forbade questioning. ICHTUS = FISH The power of the Vicars of Christ was built on the doctrine of being the successors of St. Peter as It’s A Pagan World 79
  • 80. Fisher Kingsthe first Bishop of Rome. History, however, does garded as a violation of the second command-not show Peter to have been in Rome, or to have ment, and the reminder of Christ’s suffering wasever been a bishop, anywhere. The first bishop of usually deemed inappropriate.Rome was listed as Linus. “Peter of Rome” tookthe place of the Pet-Roma, the “Book of Stone” Thoth-Hermes said that the divine spirit of the Lo-which played a major part in initiation into the gos wheels in vast circles in the heavens knowingEleusinian Mysteries. that all that has being is expanding to encounter other beings. This immortal spirit descends intoThe statue of Jupiter (Jo-Peter) in Rome came to human form and pervades the whole body andbe worshiped as the image of Peter, with the claim becomes Christ consciousness. Every one can be-that it always had been the image of Peter. An ef- come a Buddha or a Christ. And so throughoutfective unification of all of Rome’s religions had eons of time every Great Platonic Year or a 2,160to not only include the major gods of those reli- year Zodiacal Age sends the divine spirit in hu-gions, but to make them subordinate to Jesus. man form. Our journey through the festivals ofThe names of the disciples, then, corresponded to the year has taken us through the mists of ‘Time’the names of those gods. Matthew was Mithras, and are now entering the Age of Aquarius. It isThomas - Tammuz, Mark - Mars, John - Oannes, time for the pure clean waters from Aquarius’ urnPeter - Jupiter, Paul - Apollo. Even the Virgin Mary to clean the ocean of life from the impurities ofwas a variation on older myths. The name “Jesus the Piscean Age so that the little fishes are free toChrist” was actually a contraction on “Hesus” and swim outside the Vatican which is drowned with“Christos”. The use of crosses, as symbols, was its own dogmas. The Catholic Church has deniedalmost non-existent before. This was generally re- its origins for 2000 years. True reformation would be to acknowledge them. The Little Angels escaping from the Vatican 80 It’s A Pagan World
  • 81. Supramental ConsciousnessS ri Aurobindo, an Avatar of The Supreme, came here to transcend the Overmind consciousnessthat has been the highest spiritual influence until Sri Aurobindo and the Mother called it, is able to awaken the biological matter of our body cells, the same supramental power which as anow and cause the descent of the Supramental ‘seed’ has been lying dormant since the beginningConsciousness. Sri Aurobindo observes that the of our evolution. Her momentous discovery con-Over- mind has produced Rama, Cristna, Bud- cerned the capacity that her own body cells haddha, Jesus and all the highest creative forces, and over the years acquired to receive the new energywe have lived under their auspices — sometimes correctly. Moreover, she found that this capacitythrough the voices of our prophets and religions, was ‘contagious’! That is, it could be passed on tosometimes through the voices of our poets, mu- cells in other bodies almost automatically if theysicians and artists. Yet none of them have trans- are receptive, The Mind can only devise systemsformed the world. and seek to confine everything in them. The Mind takes one a bit of truth, one drop of divine illumi-After the death of the Master and his direct dis- nation, and makes it a universal law; it constantlyciples, the ‘Truth’ of their teachings become dis- confuses unity with uniformity. The over-mind istorted. For centuries we have been on the quest a godlike consciousness, of the greatest prophetsfor the grail but we have found only half of the the world has ever known. Yet the over-mind canSecret. The other half, according to Sri Aurob- only broaden the human scope, not change it. Weindo, is to be found in the depths of Death and do not need super consciousness; what we need isUnconsciousness, and in the very heart of ‘Evil’. another consciousness.The key to divine life is to transform the darknesswithin ourselves. It is essential that we make our Each person must find their own method, withoutpeace with the gods and goddesses and disconnect effort so that Grace or the Universal Mind fromfrom them and our religions so that our minds are above moves the spirit in the individual Mind. Wefree to experience “Truth Consciousness.” do not know who we are, and still less what we are capable of until the Mind is clear of thoughts.Satprem has produced many books on Sri Aurob- This is not beyond ordinary human possibilities.indo and the Mother’s teachings, and the future The mistake is in judging with our present Mindevolution of Man. They all came to the conclu- that which belongs to The Universal Mind. Oncesion that physical consciousness itself has so on the path a whole range of invisible forces,far never been entirely transformed. The overall that far exceed our normal possibilities, are ableconsciousness of the body has been transformed to transform our human bio-computer. The firstby being liberated from thoughts and habits that sign of this transition is the ‘Divine Discontent’are no longer valid. But they believe that what with our perception of the world. Spiritual seek-remains to be changed is the consciousness of ers begin to understand that they are being bornhuman cells. Satprem concentrated and worked to another life, with new eyes, and new senseson bringing this change in the consciousness of not yet formed; they are like newborn child justthe cells in the physical body. That is the Way for coming into the world. There is not a lessening ofconsciousness to create a new Life. A new Earth. consciousness but, in reality, a passage to a newAnd a new Evolution 2. That work is Satprem’s consciousness: In fact, gradually we discoverunique contribution to the mankind. that there is no necessity to think. Univeral Con- sciousness does all the work, with a precision andOnly the ‘supramental’ consciousness-force, as infallibility that grows as we get into the habit of referring to it. It’s A Pagan World 81
  • 82. Consciousness of the CellsThere is no necessity to remember, since the ex- Greeks had no sole right toact information comes when needed; there is no take the name Hellas and He-need to plan any action, since a secret spring sets lenes, the bright and shiningit in motion without thinking about it, and makes do exactly what is needed with a wisdom andforesight of which our mind is incapable. Even- Babylonians had no sole righttually, after many trials and tribulations, we will to take the name Chaldeans,understand that the mind is not an instrument ofknowledge but only an organizer of knowledge, as Chaladim, the archangels.Sri Aurobindo puts it, and that knowledge comesfrom some where else. When the mind is silent, Germans had no sole right towords come, speech comes, action comes, and ev- call themselves Herrenvolk.erything comes automatically. It is a much lighterway of living. For there is nothing the mind can Christians had no sole rightdo that cannot be done in thought-free stillness. to usurp the Christos fromFinally, there is the physical consciousness itself the Hindus, Egyptians andwhich has never been entirely transformed. The Greeks.overall consciousness of the body has been trans-formed by changing habits but what remains to bechanged is the consciousness of the cells. Latter Day Saints had no sole right to call themselves Chil- dren of Judah any more than Hebrews had no sole right to use of the name Israelite for Israel is a composite of Isis-Ra-El. Mother-Father-God. All the above names signi- fied the spiritual nexus which is the potential source of en- lightenment for all of human- ity. 82 It’s A Pagan World
  • 83. It’s A Pagan World 83
  • 84. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hugh Colmer, artist and philosopher, has completed his “Opus Magnum” on the subject of Cosmic and Wisdom Religion. Hugh possesses an array of talents that have led him from agent/ producer of art and photography to the investigation of compara- tive myth and religion. Inspired by his initial searches, he co-wrote a novel with Anthony Masters in 1995 called “Hidden Gods: The Doorway,” wherein a news photographer is on an urgent quest to find the secrets of Atlantis encoded into the Great Pyramid. His last book, “The Galactic Super Wave Tarot” delves into the mys- tery of a greater unseen “Power,” that not only exists, but controls the everything of who and what we are. The Tarot belongs to the same iconographic tradition as Egyptian hieroglyphics and is a Perfect Language of Images. Punctuated with 78 stunning images replete with ancient symbolism. During Hugh’s examination of myth and religion, he realized that the Cross and the Circle were the most profound symbols of all time and so inspired him to register The Crosscircle Group to publish books and writings on spiritual ‘Truth.’ His core inspiration and commit- ment is to share the wisdom of the ancients, like that found in the ‘Book of Thoth’ and its subsequent incarnations as the Tarot. Like those who were part of the Knights Templar, he is dedicated to un- covering and sharing the Truth of the Ages, which is the raison d’etre for the art and text he created for “The World is Pagan.” Hugh and his wife Carol run a spiritual retreat center in Windham, NY.84 It’s A Pagan World