Marketing Automation + Communities = Customer Love


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Slides from Magnet 360's Marketing Automation + Communities = Customer Love NYC event on July 15, 2004. Featured speakers include Eric Scheel (CTO, Magnet 360) and Dave Wisdom (Senior Business Consultant, Studio Orange at ExactTarget)

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  • Other interesting FACTS about Marketing Cloud customers:

    55% of the Fortune 100
    8 of the 10 largest advertisers
    And thousands of customers both B2B and B2C

    FACTS about the Marketing Cloud product leadership:
    Recognized by Forrester, Gartner, and AdAge as the top providers in their studies of social marketing.
    Only company in the industry today that is both: a preferred marketing developer for Facebook AND Twitter certified in both engagement and analytics

    WHY is this IMPORTANT? You can trust the Marketing Cloud to deliver the most innovative and powerful solutions to enable your company with social.

    Some of the best social brands on the planet are powered by the Marketing Cloud.
  • Marketing Automation + Communities = Customer Love

    2. 2. Join the Conversation: @Magnet360 @Salesforce @dwisdom @ericscheel #CustomerLoveNYC
    3. 3. OUR MANTRA
    4. 4. S A L E S F O R C E E X P E R T I S E
    5. 5. C L I E N T T R U S T E A R N E D E V E RY D AY
    7. 7. Andrea Miller VP Commercial Sales
    8. 8. Our Mission: Cloud Computing Driver, Catalyst & Evangelist Mainframe Client/Server No Hardware/Software Subscription Model Automatic Upgrades Constant Innovation Enterprise Cloud Computing Today1960s 1980s
    9. 9. #1 in Enterprise Cloud Computing & CRM #1 Salesforce: World’s #1 CRM Enterprise Cloud Computing Market Share #1 World’s Most Innovative Company 2011, 2012, 2013 #1 Market Leader: Enterprise, MidMarket, SMB & Sales Force Automation #1
    10. 10. Third Wave of Computing: • “Internet of Things” LAN/WAN Client Server Millions SNA Mainframe Terminal Thousands LTE Cloud Social . Mobile . Cloud . Connected 75 Billion Connected “Things”
    11. 11. Behind every is a customer.thing
    12. 12. 58%Faster Deployment A Whole New Way to Engage Customers connected products by 2020 Dashboard to our lives 1T Connected Sensors Mobile Connected 75B Connected Products By 2020 5B Smartphones by2017 4.5B Aggregate Social Users Cloud Social
    13. 13. In the Internet of Customers, Companies Create 1:1 Journeys Connected Customers Connected Employees Web Store Community Connected Partners EmailSocialMobileProduct Connected Experiences Stadium
    14. 14. Your Customers Cloud . Social . Mobile . Connected Sales Cloud Service Cloud ExactTarget Marketing Cloud AppExchange Salesforce1 Communities Salesforce1 Mobile App Salesforce1 Platform Services Heroku ExactTarget Fuel Salesforce1: A New Customer Platform for the Future
    15. 15. The Internet of Customers Has Changed Marketing Forever Fragmented 1:Many Untargeted Seamless 1:1 Experiences
    16. 16. The Customer Platform for 1:1 Marketing Build a single view of your customers Manage the customer journey Deliver personalized content on every channel
    17. 17. #1 in Digital & Social Marketing 10,000+ Customers 8 of 10 Largest Advertisers 8 of 10 Largest Online Retailers • Strong Momentum • Market Leadership • Customer Success #1 Forrester Wave Leader Gartner Magic Quadrant Engagement & Analytics
    18. 18. Powering 1:1 Marketing Across Every Industry Retail/CPG Travel & Hospitality Communications & Media Internet & eCommerce Technology Financial Services & Insurance ™
    20. 20. SALESFORCE COMMUNITIES @ericscheel
    21. 21. ENGAGEMENT FOR OUTCOMESE N G A G E M E N T S T R AT E G Y /// Partner Since 2004 /// 2,000+ Platform Projects /// 100+ Certifications /// 8.9 Customer Satisfaction Score @ericscheel
    22. 22. MYSTARBUCKSIDEA.COM • One of the earliest branded communities on • Key element in turnaround at Starbucks over the last five years. » 150,000 ideas submitted » 2 million votes » 250+ ideas were implemented @ericscheel
    23. 23. GENERAL MILLS INNOVATION NETWORK Key partner engagement tool Post challenges and briefs for innovation opportunities Create direct connection between General Mills and partners Connected to internal resources and processes @ericscheel
    24. 24. THE HOME DEPOT - DRIVING INTERNAL INNOVATION Large public facing community Customers, employees and experts community Advocate Engagement Search Engine Optimization of content @ericscheel
    25. 25. WHY COMMUNITIES @ericscheel
    26. 26. WHY COMMUNITIES Sales • Create value added services • Expand customer mindshare • Increase collaboration & reduce friction in the sales process Service • Self service case deflection • Service reinvention… be like Amazon • Reduce cost & improve experience Marketing • Defend & enhance the brand • Build customer & partner advocates • Conversation is happening, companies need to join @ericscheel
    27. 27. DRIVING COMMUNITIES ROI Increase sales: • Engaged customers in communities spend 19% more (University of Michigan 2013) • 55% of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience • GE found engagement online resulted in a 15% increase in sales Decrease costs: • 10% case deflection providing $2.5M in savings • Support can handle 3.8 issues simultaneously online vs. 1.2 over the phone. • 42% of service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications Build brand advocates (get closer to your customer/partner): • 78% of community users 'research a problem' as part of their buying lifecycle • 24x more conversations happen in a community than on social channels • 11% share to other social networks via community (Facebook, Twitter, etc) @ericscheel
    28. 28. COMMUNITY MATURITY MODEL 2 – Presence • Stake your claim • Direct partner and customer engagement • Create feedback loops 1 – Planning • Listen & Learn • Develop business case • Internal cultural alignment 3 – Engagement • Dialog Deepens • Internal Users Engage (Sales, Support, Product Development, Marketing) • Profile / Identity aggregation 4 – Formalized • Organized at scale • Global coordination • Governance • Optimized at scale 5 – Strategic • Across enterprise • Employee, partner and customer • Consolidation of sites and channels Functionality ExtensiveLimited Business ImpactHighLow 6 – Converged • Community embedded into products, services and processes @ericscheel
    29. 29. S A L E S F O R C E E X P E R T I S E @ericscheel
    30. 30. THANK YOU @ericscheel