Magnet 360 iSeries: Mobilizing the Customer Experience. The power and potential of Salesforce1.


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Salesforce1 was the talk of Dreamforce. But what does it mean for your organization and your customers? Join us for a deeper dive into’s most compelling platform innovation yet. Hear perspective from Magnet 360 consultants about how Salesforce1 will help you connect in new ways with your customers and the next generation of apps and devices.

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  • We have a passion for working with our clients to help them engage with with their audiences to provide meaningful and measurable outcomes.That is the basis for our Mantra: Engagement for Outcomes.Provide a relevant story here based on what you know about the customer you’re meeting with and their audience(s).
  • Through our Deep Technical Expertise, we map that Strategy to the platform. We have been a leading partner since 2004 -- helping clients innovate and educate on all that Salesforce does beyond the core of Sales and Service Cloud.salesforce.comAt the center you have – Sales and Service Clouds which are ranked number 1 by Gartner was recently named “Forbes Most Innovative Company” for the 2nd year in a row. Branded Sites, Apps, and CommunitiesMost people don’t realize they also have a Community/Portal platform (Chatter Communities), the #1 Facebook development platform (Heroku), and the Web Content Management System ( of .com’s (sites), communities, and apps from a maturity level.Marketing Automation and Channel AutomationSalesforce doesn’t have a pure marketing automation platform, that is where the power of the AppExchange comes in. The AppExchange is the iTunes for business apps. With 1,500+ apps it gives us the ability to see if something is available vs. building it. That is the case in Marketing Automation, because the Marketing automation space is very mature, there are integrations between the major players and Salesforce in order to track engagement.The three market-leading platforms: Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot have 70% of their customers using applicable - In the B2B space we also see a need for Marketing Fund Management for distributors and partners. Our partner, Marketing Bridge can handle that.Social Campaign managementFinally, Salesforce has invested over $1Billion into their social campaign management suite called the Marketing Cloud. It allows you to listen, create content, track engagement, buy ads based on the best performing content and integrates it all back into your CRM.
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  • And, of course, end users demand a new user interface. They have a wide variety of new devices, and the software that we built in 1999 is great on PCs and laptops, but it needs to be amazing on mobile. So we've looked at the best mobile apps -- apps from companies like Twitter and Facebook and others, who have led this charge in the consumer world, and we've looked at their metaphors, just as we looked to Amazon in the past, and we've created this phenomenal new application called Salesforce1, which is available today on Google Play and Apple’s Appstore.So now, all your customer data, all your analytics, all your customizations, custom apps, custom objects, everything is right there on the phone with modern features you come to expect, like a notifications platform, a feed-first UI and publisher actions that are completely customizable for the end user.The Salesforce1 App is available today on Google Play and Apple App Store.
  • SFDC1 is a merger of the Chatter App and the SFDC Touch AppAccess to all your custom objects.
  • Custom actions are super powerful. Chatter actions introduced the ability for you to create record via the chatter feed – and now publisher actions allow us to customize what we can do via the mobile app. Integrates with your phone’s camera.Example: We’ve created custom actions for clients to search/find/create contacts and accounts in one interface – all on their mobile device.
  • The apps section of SFDC1 is now open for visualforce customizations.
  • Customer Journey (Established Profile)Awareness (Marketing)Active Evaluation (Marketing/Sales)Onboarding (Sales/Service)Service (Service)Engage and Grow (Service/Marketing)
  • With Spring ‘14 communities will be available via SFDC1. * The Chatter tab is divided into three menu options in Salesforce1. If your community includes the Chatter tab, you’ll see Salesforce1 navigation menu items for Feeds, People, and Groups.* When accessing a community, the navigation menu shows only tabs that are included in that community.* There is no All Company Feed.* branding is not supported.* External users accessing communities don’t see a help link.* Search is scoped by community and returns only items from the current community. The only exception is records, since they are shared across communities.* A user’s list of notifications includes notifications from all communities the user is a member of. The name of the community in which the notification originated appears after the time stamp.The URL for an external user accessing Salesforce1 is slightly different. For instance, if your domain is and your community prefix is customer, the URL to access the community in Salesforce1 is user license types can access Salesforce1.• Salesforce users• Salesforce Platform and users• Chatter Plus users, Chatter Free users, and Chatter customers• Customer Community and Partner Community external users• Portal users who are a member of a Salesforce community
  • Customize the group layout and publisher actions to suit your organization’s needs.• Add the New Group global action to global, group, and object-specific publisher layouts to allow users to create groupsfrom the publisher.• Add the New Group Member action to the group publisher layout to allow users to add group members from the groupPublisher.• Add the Announcement action to the group publisher layout to allow group owners and managers to post announcements.• Customize the fields in the Group Detail section to allow users to edit group details from Salesforce1. Depending on thefields you include, group owners, group managers, and users with the “Modify All Data” permission can:◊ Update the group name, description, owner, and access levels on the group detail page.◊ Select or deselect the IsAutoArchiveDisabled checkbox to disable or enable automatic archiving for a group.◊ Select or deselect the IsArchived field to archive or activate groups.Mobile Salesforce1 Enhancements in this Release
  • Salesforce1 users can now leverage the power of social media to connect with their customers—anytime, anywhere. Users calocate, associate, and view Twitter profiles for Salesforce accounts, contacts, and leads. Once a Twitter user profile is associatedwith a record, it’s easy to view recent Tweets. And the new People in Common feature, exclusive to the Salesforce1 app, helpsusers discover common connections to accounts, contacts, or leads.Twitter in Salesforce1 requires that Social Accounts and Contacts is enabled for your organization, and that the Twittercomponent is added to the Mobile Cards section of your accounts, contacts, and leads page layouts. See Add the Twitter Cardto a Page Layout for details.
  • Report charts that you add to page layouts are now automatically visible in the Salesforce1 app. You can embed report chartsin record detail pages for any standard or custom object.Users can get the report data they need right where they are working in the app, without having to go to the full Salesforcesite. Charts are automatically filtered based on the object they are embedded in.To refresh the chart, just tap the component view.
  • With Spring ’14 SalesforceA allows you to search for users so that you can edit the users. Reset password, assign permission sets, or unlock (if locked), freeze, or deactivate the user account. Can also connect to a Sandbox environment.
  • Magnet 360 iSeries: Mobilizing the Customer Experience. The power and potential of Salesforce1.

    1. 1. Mobilizing the Customer Experience: The Power & Potential of Salesforce1
    2. 2. JOIN THE CONVERSATION @magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes #iSeries
    3. 3. OUR MANTRA
    4. 4. SALESFORCE EXPERTISE /// Partner Since 2004 /// 2,000+ Platform Projects /// 95+ Certifications /// 8.9 Customer Satisfaction Score
    6. 6. AGENDA • • • • • • • What is Salesforce1? Salesforce1 Mobile capabilities Customer Journey What’s on the Roadmap? What to do next? Q&A Networking Happy Hour #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    8. 8. Q: WHAT IS SALESFORCE1? "Salesforce1 was the big development revealed at's huge Dreamforce 2013 conference. But many left the conference wondering the same thing: What exactly is Salesforce1? A new mobile app? New sales, service, and marketing applications? A new set of application programming interfaces (APIs)? New development tools?” - John R. Rymer, Forrester #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    9. 9. SALESFORCE1 – PLATFORM Salesforce1 App Salesforce1 Platform APIs Heroku1 ExactTarget Fuel Salesforce1 Platform Services #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    10. 10. SALESFORCE1 – WHAT’S NEW APIs Rest APIs Bulk APIs Tooling APIs Metadata APIs Analytics APIs Social APIs ET API Streaming APIs Mobile SDK Developer Mobile Packs Offline Support Geolocation Custom Actions Identity Private App Exchange Mobile Notifications Visualforce1 Chatter Mobile Services Soap APIs Workflows Analytics Apex Multilanguage Heroku AddOns Email Services ET 1:1 ET fuel Multi-tenant Infrastructure Cloud Database Data-level Security Scheema Builder Sharing Model Translation Workbench Search Heroku1 Monitoring Core Services #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    12. 12. EXPERIENCE SALESFORCE1 APP All your past investments... …now in the future CRM AppExchange Apps Custom Apps Notifications Platform Feed First UI Gelocation #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    13. 13. CUSTOM OBJECTS… NATIVE APP #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    14. 14. PUBLISHER ACTIONS #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    16. 16. VISUALFORCE APPS #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    19. 19. CUSTOMER JOURNEY Engage & Grow Awareness Regular Use & Support Active Evaluation Onboard #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    20. 20. CONNECTING CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE • Customer Journey - Current/Future • Map Journey to Technology/Data – Current/Future • Iterate-to-business value #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    21. 21. WHAT’S ON THE ROADMAP – SPRING ‘14
    22. 22. ROADMAP - COMMUNITIES • Communities will be available in the Mobile browser app #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    23. 23. ROADMAP – CHATTER GROUPS • Customize the group layouts and publisher actions #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    24. 24. ROADMAP – SOCIAL • People in Common • Associate and view Twitter profiles for Accounts, Contacts and Leads #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    25. 25. ROADMAP – CHARTS • Embed report charts in record detail page • Automatically filtered based on the object they are embedded in #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    26. 26. ROADMAP – SALESFORCEA • SalesforceA – Administration on your Mobile #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    27. 27. WHAT TO DO NEXT
    28. 28. WHAT TO DO NEXT? • • • • • • Download Salesforce1 if you haven’t already Start using the app, as-is, out of the box Watch online videos, read the release notes Engage your users and your teams Find the gaps and prioritize enhancements Create the roadmap to start your journey – Start small and Iterate – Don’t boil the ocean Download Salesforce1 App #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes
    29. 29. THANK YOU – Q & A #iSeries @Magnet360 @smurphy_m360 @tjdupes