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Vidya Shah edel give

  1. 2. EdelGive Foundation Edelweiss ’ not-for-profit subsidiary Formed in 2008, although activities ongoing since 2005 Focus on strategic philanthropy and capacity building support for nonprofits Twin sector focus: Education and Livelihoods Dedicated eight-member team, headed by ex-CFO, Edelweiss
  2. 3. Approach Combining grant-making with hands-on capacity building support in planning, review and management for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs Strong focus on rigorous analysis of outcomes of philanthropic investments Leveraging Edelweiss’ intellectual capital by encouraging employees to volunteer and use their skills to support nonprofits and social entrepreneurs
  3. 4. Capacity Building Highlights Workshops and ongoing active engagement in strategy building, financial and operating plan development along with capacity building/mentoring of the founders Strategy and Leadership Systems, Processes and Technology solutions Financial planning and sustainability strategies HR Assessing and improving systems and processes in accounting, reporting and HR, besides measurement of programme outcomes and efficacy of programme delivery, using technology where possible Building financial plans with financial sustainability in mind. Advice on sustainability through partnerships with government and other nonprofits and fundraising strategies Manuals, people hiring, evaluation and retention strategies and second line leadership development
  4. 5. Thoughts on Sport for Development EdelGive Foundation
  5. 6. <ul><li>Our education system is largely focused on language and numeracy related literacy </li></ul><ul><li>The focus is also on examination-based assessment where team-work, conceptual understanding and verbal articulation are not tested at all </li></ul><ul><li>Moreover, the method of delivery is teacher-centric and largely text-book dependent </li></ul><ul><li>Children are unable to draw parallels and reinforce conceptual understanding of the real world with that depicted in our text-books </li></ul><ul><li>Thus math becomes “sums to solve” with no practical examples drawn from concepts such as percentages or time </li></ul><ul><li>Similarly science becomes a series of difficult concepts as children cannot see the application of weather or basic physics in their everyday life </li></ul>Issues with the Current Education System
  6. 7. <ul><li>What we call “Education for Life” is the strong need of the hour as it prepares young children and youth to be responsible citizens and members of the workforce </li></ul><ul><li>Education for Life puts the child at the centre of the learning process and uses myriad methods to deliver life learning </li></ul><ul><li>In addition to curriculum, this system uses math and science to ignite the spirit of curiosity, inquiry and reasoning </li></ul><ul><li>It uses language to reinforce written and verbal communication skills.  </li></ul><ul><li>It also uses sport , drama and art to promote teamwork, competitiveness and the importance of constant practice to achieve perfection.  </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul>Education for Life
  7. 8. <ul><li>Direct Spin offs : Social integration, Communication, Leadership and strategy development, Building team work, enjoying success and accepting failure, Confidence building </li></ul><ul><li>Sport to strengthen Child and Youth Education: Ensures participation of girls, children with intellectual and physical disabilities, out-of-school children and youth. Also engages parents </li></ul><ul><li>Health and Nutrition : Helps students acquire the knowledge, attitudes, behaviour and confidence needed to maintain a physically active lifestyle </li></ul><ul><li>Sport to Enhance Transferable Skills and Employment Opportunities : Creating opportunities for children and youth to participate in dialogue and decision-making with regard to the day-to-day activities of sport </li></ul>Sport should be an Integral Part of Education for Life
  8. 9. Light of Life Trust, Maharashtra; Parivaar Education Society, Kolkatta; Samaritan Help Mission, Kolkatta   AIM   Sport to Enhance Transferable Skills and Employment Opportunities : Creating opportunities for children and youth to participate in dialogue and decision-making with regard to the day-to-day activities of sport   Focus of sport programmes on education and development (not winning), emphasizing skills improvement, tactical knowledge, success for all participants, enhanced confidence and positive social relationships   METHODOLOGY   Sports Training – Investing in Coaches Sport Days Participation in Competitions Some Examples
  9. 10. EdelGive partners with Olympic  Gold Quest – , a program of the Foundation for Promotion of Sports and Games which is committed to bridging the gap between the best athletes in India and the best athletes in the world and helping Indian athletes to win Olympic Gold medals   OGQ tries to do everything possible to create a level playing field for our athletes to enable them to be competitive at the highest level of sport   EdelGive supports one of OGQ’s athletes financially- a four-time world boxing champ - Mary Kom.   OGQ also works with employees and senior management of corporates (as a development and advocacy effort) using 'Thinking Big' as a motivational theme. Viren Rasquinha,former India hockey captain and COO of OGQ believes that there is no better example than sport to emphasize the discipline, committment and self belief required to be an Olympic champion - basically the best in the world. So he has combined the motivational talk with examples of the challenges that he faced as an athlete, now as the COO of OGQ and how OGQ pays attention to minute details and strives to make our athletes Olympic champions and make the entire nation proud. Olympic Gold Quest
  10. 11. Survivors of human trafficking in the country often face mental problems and find it difficult to participate in typical counseling processes   Kolkata Sanved, takes a different approach to traditional rehabilitation, using physical, rhythmic movement –the very foundation of all sport – as a teaching tool   It facilitates workshops with the end goal to change the participants’ self image and outlook on the future   Through movement therapy sessions, they are taught to move on and control their own lives. Along with these sessions, Kolkata Sanved teaches survivors to be employed as peer educators and trainers. The organization is committed to preparing trafficking victims for employment and, in some cases, even providing the job opportunities themselves.   Kolkata Sanved – Saving Lives through Dance Movement Therapy
  11. 12. Mission – to empower the visually impaired, disabled and underprivileged through education, techno logy and sport   Has cricket training and coaching for the visually impaired using special equipment   Strongly believes that this training develops leadership, a “play-to-win” attitude and team work   Organises matches between the Samarthanam team and corporates to create awareness and raise funds Samarthanam Trust , Bangalore
  12. 13. There are several organizations in the country focusing on curriculum development and teacher training to deliver this system   We need to focus away from literacy and use “Education for Life” to create a productive and vibrant workforce of the future   Secondly, greater importance needs to be placed on vocational/employability related training as the costs of higher education are soon becoming unaffordable for large sections of society.    Skills-based training on the back of “Education for Life” is crucial to provide viable employment for the huge addition to the work-force we will see in the coming decade or two   Sport needs to be used extensively and as an integral part of the curriculum   Industry will have to become more supportive and encouraging of these initiatives in order to create a more productive and effective workforce for itself – more partnerships between ‘innovators’ and ‘influencers’ – those with the resources and decision-making power to support projects striving to trigger change through sport In Summary
  13. 14. 5th floor, One India Bulls Centre One, Tower 1, 841 Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road (w) Mumbai - 400013 Tel: +91 - 22 - 4342 8291/93/94 Email: EdelGive Foundation Contact Us