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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-mpcsolar-flash-drying-process-for-phosphates






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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-mpcsolar-flash-drying-process-for-phosphates Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SOLAR FLASH-DRYING PROCESS FOR PHOSPHATES InnoTherm III.13 Centro Tecnológico Avanzado de Energías Renovables S. Vaudreuil T. Bounahmidi R. El Mrabet V. Ruiz-Hernandez P. Pozzorini
  • 2. Project target •Development of a drying process using solar thermal energy as an energy source: • Types of dryer: Flash and Rotary • Materials to be dried: Phosphates and mining sludge EXAMPLE OF THE PROCESS 2 CHAMP  D’HÉLIOSTATS RÉCEPTEUR CONCENTRATEUR  SOLAIRE COLONNE   DE   SÉCHAGE VENTURI CAISSON   D'AIR   CHAUD DISTRIBUTEUR   À  VIS MÉLANGEUR ALIMENTATION PRODUIT RECIRCULATION SÉPARATEUR   CYCLONIQUE VENTILATEUR AIR  FRAIS ÉCHANGEUR
  • 3. Project Objectives •Develop a solar drying process for phosphates and mining sludge • Enhance scientific and technical knowledge on the flash drying process • Evaluate the technical feasibility and the economics of solar drying phosphates and mining sludge 3
  • 4. Project Components 1) Development of a test bench for empirical studies on flash- drying. 2) Modeling of the flash dryer and rotary dryer. 3) Development of a solar thermal technology. 4) Utilization of the model for the preliminary draft of the solar flash-dryer. 5) Fabrication of the solar flash-dryer pilot plant. 6) Study draft of an industrial flash-drying unit. 7) Study draft of the adaptation of a rotary drier for mining sludge. 4
  • 5. Roles of Partners 5 Ÿ Project coordination Ÿ Scientific Expertise Ÿ Supervision of PhD students Ÿ Site for test bench Ÿ Fabrication of the solar collector (Test bed and semi-pilot) Ÿ Technical Expertise Ÿ Hosting doctoral students: training and testing Ÿ Scientific expertise Ÿ Technical Expertise Ÿ Hosting doctoral students: training and testing Ÿ Technical expertise Ÿ Provision of HR (P.Eng, tech.) Ÿ Industrial Testing Ÿ Installation site of the semi-pilot solar flash- dryer Centro Tecnológico Avanzado de Energías Renovables
  • 6. Example of the CSP Experience of • Simple operation: use of air as heat transfer fluid without intermediary heat exchanger • Air temperature output: up to 650 ° C • Less expensive solar collectors than other types: Simple construction with locally produced materials, fewer imported components. 6 Cimar, Italcementi Group Ait Baha
  • 7. Potential benefits • Financial savings from reduced energy consumption of fossil sources • Protection of the environment through reduction in CO2 production • Training of 4 PhD students and one post- doctoral on the industrial applications of solar energy • Generate Intellectual Property (3 patents, 12 publications) 7