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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-m sc-renewable-energy-rene
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Maghrenov workshop-on-capacity-building-eu-m sc-renewable-energy-rene


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. MSc Renewable Energy RENE Prof. Enrique Velo Programme Director June 2014 EDU activities Entrepreneurship Leadership Innovation Research Barcelona Stockholm Lisbon Paris
  • 2. The KIC InnoEnergy concept of master programs Universi(es   Graduates Top  performing   engineering  students   with  entrepreneurial   and  innova(ve  talent   Students’ selection Internships Curriculum design Teaching Companies   Knowledge of new market developments and needs Scholarships for selected students Skills are a key input in innovation Human Resources Knowledge and expertise transfer Life-Long Learning Promotion EITlabelling EIT-LABELLED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES FOSTER STUDENTS TO BECOME MORE CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURS. 2
  • 3. A challenging project §  RENE graduates are expected to be hired by leading companies and public organizations, or to start their own innovative business, providing -in all positions- a strong leadership in the renewable energy sector. 3 §  MSc RENE strives to be one of the world’s most highly recognized master’s programmes in the renewable energy field by 2015. §  The programme shall attract top performing students from around the globe and deliver the right type of engineering graduates to advance leadership, industrial practice, innovation and entrepreneurship in the field.
  • 4. 4 MSc RENE partnership * * * * Coordinating CC MSc RENE is a cooperation between
  • 5. Programme Overview
  • 6. MSc RENE. Programme Overview 6 •  Focused to the renewable energy technologies where the partners of KIC InnoEnergy are excellent. •  RENE is an EIT labeled program –  Robust entrepreneurship education –  Highly integrated, innovative "learning-by-doing" curricula –  International and cross-organisational mobility •  Aligned with the objectives of the European SET plan –  accelerating knowledge development, technology transfer and up-take; –  maintaining EU industrial leadership on low-carbon energy technologies; –  fostering science for transforming energy technologies to achieve the 2020 Energy and Climate Change goals; –  contributing to the worldwide transition to a low carbon economy by 2050;
  • 7. MSc RENE. Programme Overview 7 two-years full-time programme (120 ECTS) top performing students entrepreneurial spirit polygeneration (KTH) wind Energy (IST and ParisTech) hydropower (IST and ParisTech) ocean energy (IST) energy vectors (ParisTech) solar PV (ParisTech and UPC) Grid Engineering (ParisTech and UPC) concentrated solar power – CSP (UPC) core training specialization The first year includes core training in advanced technology concepts and methods, as well as in sustainable energy production and utilization. Topics like energy economy and markets, and energy and environment are also included. Management and Entrepreneurship Summer School This course aims to provide the students with the necessary concepts and tools so they can successfully tackle and prepare a business plan. master thesis internship double degree + EIT diploma
  • 8. 8 MSc RENE. Accreditation MSc in Energy Engineering Master Degree (MSc) in Energy Engineering and Management Master of Science MSc in Energy Science Specialization in Renewable Energy Science and Technology EIT KIC InnoEnergy diploma and-templates/msc_rene_booklet_2014 More details about RENE:
  • 9. Teaching / Learning approach
  • 10. The Knowledge Triangle Business  /   Innovation Higher   Education Research  and   Technology New  knowledge  is   the  source  of   innovation Knowledge  of  new  market   developments  is  important  for   education Skills  are  a  key   input  in  R&D 10
  • 11. MSc RENE V2 or more Graduates Candidates  holding  a   high  GPA  in  a  degree   in  Engineering  (e.g.   mechanical,  electrical   or  chemical)  or   Science  (e.g.  physical   or  chemical),  fluent   in  English,  and  with   entrepreneurial  and   innova(ve  talent   Students’ selection Internships Curriculum design Teaching Knowledge of new market developments and needs Scholarships for selected students Skills are a key input in innovation Promotion EITlabelling industry is involved and leading RENE PhD 11
  • 12. EIT overarching learning outcomes (OLO) Levels of learning outcomes. Working with the European Level Knowledge Forms (QF-EHEA), as well as the EIT Criteria. 12
  • 13. Link between RENE ILO and the Knowledge Triangle Business  /  Innovation Research Higher  Education Students Ability  to  think  beyond  boundaries   and  systematically  explore  and   generate  new  ideas. Ability  to  use  knowledge,  ideas  or   technologies  to  create  new  or   significantly  improved  products,   services,  processes   or   policies  or  new  business  models.   Ability  to  transform   innovations  into  feasible   business  solutions KIC  Added  Value   Activities Knowledge  and  understanding  of  cutting-­‐edge   research  methods,  processes   and  techniques;   and  their  application,   within  their  study  field Ability  to  transform  practical   experiences  into  research   problems  and  challenges Leadership  and   decision-­‐making Appreciation  of  ethical,  scientific  and   sustainability  challenges Students’ development of skills and competences in the MSc RENE environment 13
  • 14. The learning by doing approach of MSc RENE Renewable  Energy  Technologies  (Specializa(on)   Sustainable  energy  systems,  energy  sources  and  usage   Engineering  principles,  methods  and  techniques   Research  &  innova(on  methods,  processes  and  techniques   Energy  management,  planning,  economy  and  markets   Business  management   Master  thesis  internship   KNOWLEGE AND UNDERSTANDING innova3ve  ,  entrepreneurial      and  sustainable  solu3ons   Research   internships   SKILLS AND ABILITIES Business  case  studies   Industrial  case  studies   JUDGEMENTS AND STANDPOINTSCreate 2 KIC InnoEnergy Renewable Engineering Business Case Studies 14
  • 15. 15 RENE Engineering & Business case® q  PROPOSAL: §  Introduce the business case through the whole life-cycle of a product. §  All students in RENE will work in the same case study in a multi-country team managed by a project supervisor. §  Students receive ECTS. q  OBJECTIVES: §  Students must demonstrate their ability to develop new ideas that contribute to improve methods and results of their research. §  Students will be able to design a business plan for an innovation in the field identifying needs for commercializing the innovation.
  • 16. 16 Ambitions and plans for future
  • 17. Dr. Enrique Velo Programme Director Associate Professor – Department of Thermal Engineering Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech