Who would be the audience for your media product?


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Who would be the audience for your media product?

  1. 1. Who would be the audience for your media product?
  2. 2. • 13-15 year old girls• Live in UK, magazine will be distributed throughout the whole of it and will be of a local magazine to many small towns and cities, as well as large• Religious background will be varied, as UK has large areas of multi-cultural communities• Hobbies: shopping, going out with friends and family, enjoying life, love fun, upbeat dance music, go to a dancing/drama school, sing• Fashionable clothing such as fancy tops/t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skinny jeans, jewellery, head accessories, hand bags
  3. 3. The ideal target audience for my media product will bepredominantly 13-15 year old girls who enjoy listening to popgenre styled music. As my media product includes a white,young woman on the front cover, this will attract a majoritygroup of white girls as they may feel they would like to be likethat particular celebrity. Engaging a specific gender straightaway attracts that specific gender. If you were to buy achildren’s magazine, it would have a child on the front cover asthat is who it is aimed at.ALSO, this type of magazine attracts middle-classed familiesas they have a disposable income whereas working class orunskilled labourer may fail to meet these costs. A reasonablepriced magazine for this genre would be in the range of £2-£4,which will be distributed weekly or monthly.My magazine has a limited target audience, as 13-15 year oldgirls are very specialized because they have similar interestsand so, there music tastes along with fashion ideas grouptogether well.
  4. 4. I have included a couple of music videos from ; American country pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and British and Irish pop girl group based in London The Saturdays Birth name Taylor Alison Swift Born ) December 13, 1989 Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S. Genres Country pop Occupations Singer-songwriter Instruments Vocals, guitar, ganjo, piano,ukulele Years active 2006–present Labels Big Machine Website Taylorswift.comTaylor Swift appeals to teenage girls, because of her musical talentand the way she presents herself – her make up and hair are alwaysdone up. This is what the target audience like, as they aim to be likethem.
  5. 5. Background information Origin London, England Genres Pop electropop, dance-pop, R&B Years active 2007–present Labels Polydor, Fascination Website Members Una Healy Mollie King Frankie Sandford Vanessa White Rochelle WisemanThe Saturdays are a popular girl band of today, and as there are not awide range of girl bands in the UK; they are extremely popular and theirfashion and music makes them individual. Teenage girls like the idea ofdance music and bright fashion, so these are the perfect representationof not only music, but style too.