Photographic Evidence


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Photographic Evidence

  1. 1. Photographic Evidence Beth Maggs
  2. 2. Why I have chosen these images This is the image I have chosen for the front cover of my magazine. I have chosen this because the students are smiling and are giving a happy image towards the reader. It includes a boy and a girl, which represents that, it’s a unisex school. I changed this image to a black and white setting.
  3. 3. <ul><li>I have chosen this image for the front cover of my magazine because the lighting is reasonably bright and is in day time hours. The model’s facial expression is smiley and approachable giving the school a good reputation. Although, an error I did make was that I had to crop out the bottom section of the photo where the blue jeans are as that is not school uniform. I cropped the background out so that it was just the model as I wanted to experiment with the lasso tool and makes the magazine look professional. </li></ul>Why I have chosen this image
  4. 4. <ul><li>I haven’t chosen this image for my school magazine because it doesn’t represent the school, as it is not taken in a school setting despite the fact she is wearing a uniform. Her body language is too posed, and the school needs to portray a natural environment, which is real to life. </li></ul><ul><li>Even though this image has been taken in a school environment, the lighting is too dark and the flash can be seen in the background. Also, an error I made was that she is wearing jeans which is not the school uniform anyway. </li></ul>Why I haven’t chosen these images
  5. 5. I have chosen this image for my contents page as it shows consistency with the students, which could mean that these particular students are working on a project together and are being rewarded by being presented in the school magazine. The smiling faces will make the parents see that students do enjoy their school life.
  6. 6. I have chosen this image for my contents page as it is bright, refreshing and gives a busy vibe with the amount of students there. It also targets the cultural bias point, as it shows different races being represented from the school. The positioning of the students is very posed and gives the impression that the reputation of the school is important to them and they want to look professional.
  7. 7. I thought this image is good because the students are organised and the camera positioning shows that I have focused on other ideas other than the average mid shot that other schools may do. I did however crop the window and pole section of the photo because I thought it was too much and distracted the fact that the students are what the audience are looking at.
  8. 8. I used this image because it shows the different areas of the school. This is obviously in the school library showing that they have a good collection of books and the models posture and facial expression looks interested in taking images for the school magazine.
  9. 9. I did not choose this image as the two female models are not fully in the picture showing that the camera has not being fully taken care of or the positioning of the students is not practical enough for the photo. Despite this, the photo would have been good as the facial expressions are constantly striving to show their happiness and joy.