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  • 1. Virtuemart Extensions - Ajax Drop Down Cart For Virtuemart All well-known ecommercial shopping sites has a powerfull drop down cart which instantly reflect the added-to-cart product in a nice effect drop down list. It make your shopping website looking clean and extremely professional, moreover, your shoppers enjoy the conviniences of reviewing all products has been selected by their shopping activities. Virtuemart Ajax Drop Down Cart is a Virtuemart module and can be installed like normal Joomla installation. After activate the module and place in the your choosen position of Joomla template ( recommended the top/header postion), you can immediately use the drop down cart. Module features: Instant Ajax update product into the cart detail Instant update the total price of your cart ( work with Virtuemart price caculation system) Include the selected Custom Field for each product Can remove any product from cart right away with remove product button Collapsed state shows how many products are in the cart Expanded state shows each product, the quantity, product thumbnail, product name and product subtotal Preview the drop down cart detail just by hovering your mouse on cart button Display the product thumnail Update product number and price for more than 1 same product Go to Cart page button Install this Virtuemart Ajax Drop Down Cart for your site and you will see the difference This module compatiple with latest Virtuemart version VM 2.0.12 and Joomla 2.x.x Ajax Drop Down Cart For Virtuemart
  • 2. Virtuemart Extensions - Add Virtuemart Product Frontend Virtuemart 2.x.x are well developing its core functions and some front-end administration is till taken time to be finished. One of the key feature request for Virtuemart 2.x.x is the Adding product from frontend. We also need this features as soon as possiple for our website and we do not to give administration account to many persons. So, finally we create a handy tool to help Add Virtuemart product frontend module and you can begin to use this. This is not Multi Vendor functions for Virtuemart 2.x.x. This tool only help to submit Virtuemart product from front end and does not restrict permission base on Vendor. Visitor, Register, Admin all can submit new product, but you can use Joomla Menu Access Right to restrict the access to the submit product from frontend for diffrerent Joomla user group. The “ Delete” button can be enable and disable by comment code. For default we comment the “Delete” button on the module. The module is compatiple with Virtuemart 2.x.x only. PRODUCT DETAIL: Add Virtuemart Product Frontend
  • 3. Virtuemart Extensions - Attachment For Virtuemart Product This plugin will help you to upload file to attach Virtuemart product discription. The attachment can be User Manaual in PDF format, or Microsoft word, or Excel, Zip and Media file extension ( Mp3, Mp4).. Main feature Virtuemart shopper then can download the attachment to view. Plugin support Multiple upload at 1 click, so it will save a lot of time for you if you have more than 1 file need to attach to product page. This plugin is compatiple with VMV2.x and Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 PRODUCT DETAIL: Attachment For Virtuemart Product
  • 4. One Page Check Out for Virtuemart One Page Check Out for Virtuemart View demo: PRODUCT DETAIL: One Page Check Out for Virtuemart One Page Check Out for Virtuemart plugin - no HACK, 100% AJAX, Compatiple with Virtuemart 2.0.x All Virtuemart site need One page checkout to make the check out process as simple as possiple while remain the powerfull function your payment and customer information. There are some One page Check out product on the market, but none of them is default Virtuemart plugin. If One page Check out for Virtuemart is a Virtuemart plugin, then all you need to do is to install the plugin while keeping other Virtuemart files no hack, as well as to make the installation is easy for any Virtuemart shopper. Study's have shown that one page checkouts increase conversion up to 70% One Page Checkout Virtuemart Features: Coming Soon ( buyer can download the updated within 6 months after purchase): - Coming: We are working to include the Auto IP Geo Location feature to One page check out for Virtuemart, to automatically fill in the Country, City of shopper into the Billing + Address form - Coming: We are working to create more layout option for One page check out for Virtuemart so Virtuemart admin can choose in front end - Coming: We are working to include the Responsive Template features for Ipad, Mobile so One page Check Out can automatically convert to Responsive layout when viewing on Mobile devis All checkout steps in one page, all data in loaded within 1 page using Ajax ( login, billing, delivery
  • 5. contact, payment method, total cost, virtuemart custom product fields, tax, coupon…) (feature) Update Product Quantity and Price with Ajax, no reload page. Automatic Tax update when the location change with Ajax Virtuemart One page check out support any Virtuemart Shipping methods, any Virtuemart Payment gateways Support International languages as One page check out for Virtuemart just use default Virtuemart multi languages files so you can update, edit lanagues text in your own Virtuemart and Joomla languages files. One page check out for Virtuemart supports AWO coupon system Free or Pro Support Downloadable product and Download Selling Site using Virtuemart Virtuemart One page checkout plugin can run with or without SSL (setting from Virtuemart configuration). Ajax loading, INSTANT UPDATE PRICE, INSTANT FORM DISPLAY, no page reload, your shopper update any information on the same page. Enable check box for approval of terms and conditions (terms displayed in pop up) Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods such as Paypal, Moneybooker, Sagepay, 2Checkout,... (Featured) Change check out page template /style color in the backend configuration (new checkout page theme option updated) Customers can add or subtract items from their cart on the checkout page with Ajax, no page reload (Featured) New customers can create an account when checking out Customers can make comments when checking out The checkout page allows customers to enter their discount codes, and the price is instant update (Featured) Change layout from 2 columns to 3 columns to suite with your Joomla template layout With the optimization of java script, the product runs 40% faster (Featured) Works perfectly with popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, IE 7,8,9,10 and Safari (Featured) Installation is easy as normal Joomla plugin, no Virtuemart hack, no module or component. Configuration is easy and flexible with simple backend management Front end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS 100% open source Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods (Featured) Delivery can be made to different address than billing
  • 6. Can work well with Date/Time/Location Delivery plugin (Exclusively Featured) - Note: you have to buy the Delivery plugin and Install seperately with One Page Check Out plugin. Support and Update: - We provide support and download any new updated versions of Virtuemart One Page Check out pro for buyer within 6 months after purchase. You can then buy new download & support periods but can use One page check out for Virtuemart forever on your site. View demo: Virtuemart Extensions - Product Delivery Date For Virtuemart 2 Plugin This is a Joomla plugin, but work exclusively for Virtuemart. After install the plugin like normal Joomla extension, activate the plugin and now your shopper can chose a delivery date and delivery time/location by drop down list during the check out process.
  • 7. How it works: Shopper select delivery date by a calendar window at check out page. Shopper select delivery location by a list of time/ location ( can be changed on your need). Shoper does not have to log-in, still can chose the delivery date + delivery location/time Admin can see the Required Delivery date in the order. Delivery date can be displayed in the order confirmation email The plugin store delivery date time inside Virtuemart order database.
  • 8. PRODUCT DETAIL: Product Delivery Date For Virtuemart 2 Plugin Virtuemart Extensions - Quicklook Plugin For Virtuemart Product Many shoppers want to have a quick review of product detail when they are browsing the product listing page. The Quicklook functions will not only reduce the shopping time but also will bring the convenient experience to shopper. That why your Virtuemart website should have this function. From, we develop excellent Virtuemart template to work with your Joomla template as well as to ensure that you can keep current Virtuemart modules, plugins. So the Quicklook function is not a template hack, but it is a Virtuemart plugin, so you can install into your current Virtuemart website, and have Quicklook feature immediately. Main features: This is a Virtuemart plugin No hack into Virtuemart core files No hack into your Virtuemart template You can keep using your current Virtuemart template Update new Virtuemart version as you want. Show Rating Yes/No Show Prices Yes/No Show Custom Field Yes/No Show Cart Yes/No Show PDF, Mail, Print icon Yes/No
  • 9. Translate “Quick View” text into your languages in plugin Configuration Change Quick View window margin, font size, font weight, text color, background color Change Width + Height of Pop up window Change price color All below features will give you the Maximum flexibility control to your own Quicklook Viewer to suite with your Virtuemart shop for any template you are using. PRODUCT DETAIL: Quicklook Plugin For Virtuemart Product Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module This Joomla Virtuemart Extension is a great add – on module for your Virtuemart store. The module will help your shopper to easily find the product base on Keyword Search. With Ajax empower technology, website visitor do not have to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload to see their search results. They just need to type 3 character of Keyword and the products with the same keyword will beatifully display together with product photo thumbnail and Price. You can set number of search result to be displayed in case you have many products of same keyword. The module is very simple to use and compatiple with VM 2.0 and Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5
  • 10. PRODUCT DETAIL: Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Cart Pro Module This great little cart is just that, simple! It's great for any site that just needs to show the cart total in left / right side of the site and it comes with ajax functionality. Your site visitors can have the possibility to update their shopping cart on the fly, without waiting the page load each time that they add an item to their cart Chose to display in left center / right center side of your website for easy to see.When click the “ Add to cart” button, the products will fly into the cart. This great effection make the customer easy to understand their action.Visitor can turn on / turn off cart display PRODUCT DETAIL: Virtuemart Cart Pro Module
  • 11. Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Currency Languages Converter This is a very useful Currency Converters and Languages Switcher for Virtuemart in only 1 plugin. How it works: Auto Language Switcher base on geographical IP. It will automatically switch the Joomla + Virtuemart languages into the shopper’s language base on his country IP address. Example: if shopper come from China, they will be automatically redirect to Chinese language of your Virtuemart website. Note: You have to download and install languages packages ( Joomla + Virtuemart) before. You can set redirect languages for different country IP Example: You want all the shoppers come from Asia to Chinese languages, than just choose a list of Asia countries and redirect them to the Chinese language URL of your website. Or you can set up the default re-direct all visitors to your main languages URL Virtuemart currency plugin that support lots of currencies by using the currency exchange rates from Google or Yahoo. Just choose the currency in front-end and the system will automatically update all your product price with the new rate and currency. Example: you are selling tools for 10 EUR. You client come from US and they want to change all the rate into US, so they choose US Dollar in currency selector and all you product will display price in US, the tool price now will be 13,27USD (depend on Google Currency rate of that day). Front-end shopper can choose Currency and Languages base on front-end module ( the Package also include Virtuemart Currency Converter module and Virtuemart Languages Switcher Module, after install them, you publish them in any module position you want). The plugin and both 2 Virtuemart module combine very well, give you POWERFUL solution to your shopper Example: they can even read the product text in English but see the price in Euro €, unlimited combination base on shopper choice
  • 12. PRODUCT DETAIL : Virtuemart Currency Languages Converter Virtuemart Extensions - Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module All big ecommercial shops ( Ebay, Amazon... ) understand How to help client find product faster, and they focus on the central Search module on the Top of site structured to support this objective. Now we develop this module for Virtuemart with that concept! Instant keyword Suggestion when user type the keyword matched with your products title, product discription, category name Filter base on Virtuemart Category which is drop down list Ebay stylish which can be install on top of your web shop header PRODUCT DETAIL: Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module