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Magento Mobile Theme is Magento extension has some great functionality makes your store fits all mobile devices. Setup your mobile store within minutes.

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Magento Mobile Theme | Mobile Magento Store

  1. 1. MAGENTO MOBILE THEME Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform on the internet and there is thousands of Magento themes can be used with Magento, however juts a few of them is really optimized for mobile market. We can easily to find a Responsive Magento theme which can display your shop on both desktop and mobile devices, but sometimes it is very difficult to use these responsive themes if you have to do many theme customizations. No things fit all!
  2. 2. Another situation: when you are using a Magento theme which is old versions and does not support responsive features, but you cannot bear the development cost to hire someone to develop a mobile version of your current theme, then you need a cost-effective solution! Our Cmsmart Magento mobile theme is really a Magento theme extension designed to help your Magento website working for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7, Palm Pre, Kindle and many other devices. Give your visitors a beautiful interface to your Magento store. How it works? Magento mobile theme is a Magento extensions which you can install into your Magento website, and set up the configuration on color, layout.. to fit with your current Magento website theme. Whenever a shopper browses your website via mobile devices, the mobile system automatically detects the devis and switch to the mobile layout. Then you have a perfect mobile supported website and user can easily do shopping and payment via their mobile interface. You do not have to alter any code of your current website theme. Features of Mobile Magento theme: Beautiful Magento mobile theme with effective layout design, multiple color configurations. Easy installation as normal Magento extension Works with iPhone, iPad, Android & other major smart phones Works with the latest Magento versions Can works independently on all kind of Magento themes or templates Supports device orientation changes. Visitors can switch between the mobile theme and the main website. Works even with customized Magento stores. Configurable store logo, button color… Featured products in the front page. Supports configurable product options and varieties. Full support for the shopping cart and checkout pages. Supports product search. Supports multi-language and multi-currency stores.
  3. 3. Performance improvements for various devices, 50-150% faster rendering. All types of products are supported (simple, configurable, virtual etc). All of Magento's payment methods are supported, including PayPal's express checkout from the product page. Customers can register, log in, log out, retrieve forgotten passwords, checkout as guests, list of order in profile, etc. Optimized contact form Optimized Menu on mobile screen We support Installation & Customization service together with the total price High definition display ready Easy, Simple, Beautiful & Powerful Magento mobile theme Layout 1. Browser all products / categories: You can go though all your departments and sub-departments. Quickly find any your product. 2. Search for a product: Use search feature to display a list of product matching a search phrase. 3. View details of each product: Display every detail from your database about a product - description, custom fields, discounts, weight, size etc... 4. Add the product to your cart: Full support of on-line cart add/remove/browse products from the cart 5. Checkout: Once all products are in the basked use checkout. It will ask you to log in or sign up to your store. And then proceed with payment.