Software designing & development brochure pvt. ltd.


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Software designing & development proposal sample

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Software designing & development brochure pvt. ltd.

  1. 1. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.1 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inSoftware Designing & Development ProposalProject Title Basic: Website Designing & DevelopmentPrepared By Mr. Rohit JadhavDate 17/06/2013Order Receipt Date NAConditions NAContact Person Mr. Darshan RaikarKindly note that, this is not a final quote but an estimate of the kind of website to be designed in the given time frame. Magellanic SolutionsPvt. Ltd. will provide with a precise quote after a thorough information gathering process.This quotation is only valid for 30 calendar days after the date of presentation. The price quoted onthis proposal is an estimate and may not be represented on the final invoice. However, any kind ofchanges in the price may be discussed and agreed upon by the client.In addition, after reading this complete proposal, you would be agreeing that any informationcontained in this document would remain confidential and would not be shared with any partieswithout authorisation.
  2. 2. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.2 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inCompany OverviewSoftware Designing & DevelopmentIntroduction:Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is has been focused on services like Website Hosting, DomainHosting, Website Designing, Website Development and Website Maintenance for years now to thetop notch clients. We provide total commitment towards world class service, transparency, clientsatisfaction and customer oriented approach.Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has also been developing web application software’s includingdatabase solutions and client & server applications along with customised software’s.Our MissionOur mission is to consistently deliver high value to our clients through solutions and services thatenable efficiency in companies’ production and operation with higher level of efficiency in order forour clients success and growth.Our VisionWe intend to change the way how end-to-end services are delivered to corporate customers whilebridging the gap between the functional and technical aspects of the business service requirements ina seamless manner.Our TeamWe are a group of people with a creative vision and talented minds aiming towards our clientssatisfaction. Our strengths are skill diversity, adaptability, and our ability to meet and exceed theexpectations of our clients. Our software designing and development team involves a wide variety oftalents and including software programmers, web designers, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters and technical engineers.
  3. 3. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.3 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inOur BeliefsWe believe in establishing long term relationship with our clients and customers by consistentlydelivering creative and value added solutions and services constantly maintaining with the productsand services we deliver.We have gained the trust and confidence of our partners and clients through a robust process and corevalues, which are: Future oriented Team Work Shared Vision Utter Focus on Quality Open Communication Professional Integrity Responsiveness Exceeding ExpectationsWe have been investing our time and money for continuously upgrading our knowledge database andto promote our technical, functional and industry level expertise.Why Magellanic? We offer customised solutions delivered as per clients’ specific needs. Our approach is offers timely solutions. Best in class solutions at affordable cost.Solutions, Scope of Work & DeliverablesThe basic purpose of this project is creating a website with the use of latest designs trends andtechnology skilfully designed for portraying Pvt. Ltd.’s aims and objectives. The entireprocess of website designing and development will involve a single aim to build a visualrepresentation and integration with high end technology.Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. involves a five step methodology in delivering entire website solution.The five step process will involve the given deliverables for developing a high end database drivenwebsite and cutting edge web application which features all the specifications which have beendiscussed earlier:
  4. 4. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.4 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inPreliminary Research and Discovery: Collecting projects final specifications. In depth research in relation to the target population, market pool and business field. Strategy and Budget establishment for accomplishment of Pvt. Ltd.’s goals withinan appropriate time frame. The full and final scope of the project is to be determined.Strategic Planning: To optimise the navigation as per Pvt. Ltd.’s goals. To prepare a detailed chart and wireframes which show the different areas of the websitealong with the technologies and features implemented. Conception of the website’s flow Conception of the primary goals of the website and of the users pathways.Website Designing: Conceptualising and creating all of the websites graphic elements. Final designs for the website and web applications based on the structures and layouts. Conceptualising and creating website’s graphic themes along with web applications withcolour scheme, atmosphere and the expected look and feel.Front End Programming: Best quality hand coding (XHTML/CSS/JavaScript) of all the web pages. Integration of and advanced programming of the latest front end web technologies forenhancement in user experience and usability.Quality Assurance & Launch: Further all the final details will be fine tuned in order to enhance website designs and features. Setting up and configuration of the server which will be hosting the website. Migrating site on a live server and launch.By following the given five step methodology we will not just deliver the services designed but alsomeet and exceed the expectations and needs of Pvt. Ltd. A project manager fromMagellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will stay in constant touch with your project manager or the concernedperson so that you may constantly stay updated on the projects growth.Every single step of the methodology would be supported by appropriate documentation and wouldhave to follow its own QA process. Each phase of the methodology will be fully approved Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.5 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inHosting & MaintenanceYou may prefer to host your website with our affiliates or with the hosting company of your choice,provided that your hosting plan supports the appropriate php/apache/mysql/lamp technologies.In case of website being hosted by the third party, recommendations and guidance will be offered forcertain specific features which require special attention. The fees for hosting may vary from a fewINR per month to a few thousands of INR per month, based on the hosting company, the sitesrequired bandwidth usage and the hosting plan.For initial website launch, you may consider the basic plan for as low as 15,000 INR includinghosting and domain name registration.Maintenance:We will recommend you a specific maintenance plan as per system specifications on annual retainerwhich will include all necessary maintenance/updates which may be necessary for the website. Wemay discuss the maintenance budget if necessary upon the completion of this project or before we canbegin with the website Pvt. Ltd. Responsibilities Our assumption as per the solution we have provided is that: Pvt. Ltd. will offer a main point of contact so that the feedback and communicationcan flow smoothly. The team provided by Pvt. Ltd. would ne cooperative and responsive through theproject. Companies branding materials would be provided which may include the digital source files,logos, profiles and other information which may be related.
  6. 6. Magellanic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.6 | P a g ePhone: +91 22 25444500, Mobile: +91 8108113651/52/53/55, info@magellanicsolutions.inwww.magellanicsolutions.inClosingWe believe our personal interests, experience and vision lend themselves to accomplish your creativebusiness goals.In case of any questions, feel free to call us anytime on 022 25444500 or 8108113651/52/53/55 orvisit our website at Through our website you can learn further about ourwork, technology and services we use.We appreciate your business and I am looking forward to do business with you.Warm RegardsDarshan RaikarGeneral Manager8108113651/52/53/55022-25444500darshan.raikar@magellanicsolutions.inMagellanic Solutions Pvt.