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Magdy thesis evaluation
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Magdy thesis evaluation

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هذا الملف عن تقويم رسالتك سواء باللغة العربية او الانجليزية لجميع طلاب الماجستير و الدكتوراه فى جمع التخصصات …

هذا الملف عن تقويم رسالتك سواء باللغة العربية او الانجليزية لجميع طلاب الماجستير و الدكتوراه فى جمع التخصصات
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  • 1. Thesis evaluation By Magdy M. Aly Faculty of Education Ain Shams University Facebook : Magdy Aly
  • 2. :Originality and significanceTitle / new and not repeated •Problem of research is a real one / it •serves studyThe problem is clearly stated •The research is a contribution to the field •The research has applications and •implications
  • 3. Clarity of theoretical background:The t.b is written according to a clear line of thought/ personalityand the style of the researchNo cut and pasteThe T.b. is related and connected with the problem of theresearchQuestions or hypotheses are formulated in light of the problemand the t.b and related to the research objectivesPrevious studies are relevant to the topic of the research.The research has his own views concerning these previousstudies (analysis, appreciation, evaluation, comment) and the)gaps (handicaps) in these studies which need to be bridged (met
  • 4. :Method of the researchObjectives are related to the problem of the •researchQuestions are research questions that need •procedures and tools in order to be answeredSample is representative • Experimental design is adequate •Tools are reliable and valid •Administration of tools, instructions and •scoring are intact
  • 5. Statistical techniquesAppropriate •Deductions are accurate without fallacies •and exaggerations
  • 6. :Consistency in analyzing resultsTables are readable, their results are •related to questions or hypotheses of thestudyAnalysis of data answered all the •research questions
  • 7. Accuracy in discussing and : interpreting resultsDiscussion of the research results in •comparison with results of other studiesObjectivity in deductions •Recommendations are related to results •and conclusions
  • 8. :Clarity of language:Clarity of language • Readable • Well constructed • Not redundancy •No misleading sentences or phrases •
  • 9. :Style of presentationLogical sequence of research items •(Introduction- Theoretical background-the problem- objectives- questions-sample- tools –results – discussion –conclusion – recommendations – (references – appendicesBalance in presenting these parts •Line of thought •
  • 10. References are enough and •:documentation Accurate •Scientific •Up to date •
  • 11. Ethical ConsiderationsGetting permissions- •Citations- •Honesty- •Confidentiality- •TRIPS- •