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PowerPoint of the Easter Triduum.

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Anna kelly

  1. 1. THE EASTER TRIDIUM By Caitlin Fitzgerald 7.1 Religion Miss Partridge
  2. 2. ...HOLY THURSDAY... Holy Thursday was the day Jesus celebrated a big feast with his disciples. We call this event ‘the last supper’ because it was the last meal Jesus was going to share with his friends in peace. Jesus shared his body and blood with his disciples that meal and said “Do this in memory in me” We still recognise this event now by taking the hosts and wine at mass. Later that night Jesus showed his gratefulness by washing his friends feet. This showed his friends they were just as important as he was. After the big feast Jesus and his disciples went to go and pray in a big, beautiful garden at midnight. However when Jesus finished praying he opened his eyes and was disappointed to see his friends asleep.
  3. 3. ...HOLY THURSDAY CEREMONIES... On Holy Thursday as a catholic you are required to go to mass. This mass is called the Mass of the Lord's Supper. At this mass we listen and then reflect on the gospel. In some parishes they choose 12 special representatives who get their feet washed by the priest. This represents the washing of the 12 disciples feet.
  4. 4. ...GOOD FRIDAY... On Good Friday we remember how and why Jesus died on the cross for us. For forty days and nights before Jesus’ death he prayed and fasted (had nothing to eat) in the desert. However, the night before Jesus died he prayed the whole night in the garden of Gethsemane.
  5. 5. ...GOOD FRIDAY CEREMONIES... On Good Friday there are two liturgies At both of these liturgies the altar is held. One of them is held in the morning, bare and the tabernacle (the hosts home) and one in the afternoon. The morning is empty with the door left open. This is liturgy is called The Stations of the Cross. because Jesus has died so its as if theres At this the priest goes step by step nothing else left. through all fourteen events that happened from when Jesus was sentenced to death until his burial. The other liturgy at 3:00pm called The Passion. Catholics fast on Good Friday and do not eat meat as a sign of their sadness. Some people eat hot cross buns on this day which represents how Jesus died on the cross for us.
  6. 6. ...EASTER SATURDAY AND EASTER SATURDAY CEREMONIES... Easter Saturday is the day Jesus lay in the tomb. On Easter Saturday, there is no communion given at mass or at any time. This day is a day of quiet prayer and fasting as we wait and hope for Jesus to come back from the dead.
  7. 7. ...EASTER SUNDAY... On Easter Sunday we should not be sad because it is the happiest day in the Church. We should rejoice and celebrate Jesus’ life and more importantly the resurrection of Jesus. We celebrate and remember everything Jesus did for us now that he has risen from the dead.
  8. 8. ...EASTER SUNDAY CEREMONIES... On Easter Sunday we as catholics are required to go to mass on Easter Sunday or Holy Saturday night at the Easter Vigil mass. On this mass the Paschal candle is lit at the start of the mass and the people at the mass walk into the The lighting of church in darkness. This is The Paschal the Paschal because when the pashcal Candle Candle. candle is brought in it lights the church representing Jesus’ guidance to us.
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