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    • Magdalena-Maria GROSU Magdalena-Maria GROSU Dear Ali you have posted this presentation on Midsummer time! The observance of Midsummer now varies around the world between June 20 and 26. For example Romania celebrates the Sanziene (also known as Dragaica)/ Our Lady's bedstraw on June 24, a pagan tradition which coincides with the Orthodox holiday of the birth of Ioan Botezatorul (St. John the Baptist). This day also marks the middle of summer and celebrates nature and fecundity.The Summer Solstice is a celebration of the longest day of sunlight of the year and the shortest night of darkness of the year. Although we celebrate this day for being the longest day of light, the day after the solstice, days begin to get shorter and the nights begin to get longer once again. This is representative of finding a balance from the longer days of sunlight, through to the long days of darkness, which concludes when we reach the winter’s solstice. The Solstice is the summer’s yin to the winter’s yang. A time where opposites are recognised and attention is paid to the fact that we need both the light and the dark to survive. We need reflections, opposites, mirrors and a balance so that we can constantly adjust and alter our paths slightly and then align again. This Pagan myth celebrates the winter solstice being the birth of the Sun Child from his mother, The Goddess of Night, whilst during the Summer Solstice we celebrate the birth of the Dark Child from his mother, The Goddess of Sun. These two solstices are a representation of opposites. The two children, the Dark Child and the Sun Child are twins: They are two parts of the Pagan Horned God who has both a dark side and a light side and Dark and Sun, are mirrors of one another. The Goddess of Summer and The Goddess of Winter are also twins. From this we see that everything as a whole is a balance and that we are all a myriad of shades that make up one complete being. Just as the darkness needs the light, the light needs the darkness. So that we can brightly shine and glow to our full extent, our darkness must also be present. So that we can see clearly in our darkness, we also need our own rays of light. The dance between darkness and light will always remain—the stars and the moon will always need the darkness to be seen, the darkness will just not be worth having without the moon and the stars. Both light and darkness must exist for us to be at one with our selves, with nature and with all that surrounds us. We are simply a reflection of the universe that also has a mixture of light and dark. When we are afraid of either side of ourselves we will never fully explore and embrace exactly who we are. The sun does not fear the moon and the moon does not fear the sun, instead, they make way for one another and are each comfortable within their own setting, whilst knowing the other is performing a vital duty also. There is no fear, just a silent acceptance that balances the earth. Some of the greatest lessons can be learned from the time spent in darkness, things that could never have fully understood whilst standing in the light. Similarly when being in the light it can be also learned profound lessons. Mostly though, it can be learned that it can’t stay on either side for too long.It also can be learned that just as the light on its own is not fully good, neither is the dark fully bad. Dark and light are both required to make a whole, and when we embrace each of our shades, we can drive out fear and, in doing so, we will be able to embrace, love, accept and understand ourselves exactly as we are.  1 month ago
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    • Magdalena-Maria GROSU Magdalena-Maria GROSU :-) Most people want to protect their reputation and, in Feng Shui, it has its own sector. To bolster your reputation, fame and social life, try adding images of success, fame, and fortune to the northern area of your home. Energize with accents of red, while adding the fire element with candles and lighting fixtures. Finally, add energy to this important area by placing green flowering plants nearby, then watch all your projects flourish and bear fruit. :-)  1 month ago
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