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Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
Pay it forward
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Pay it forward


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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    2011- 2012
    48th Generation
  • 2. Characters
  • 3. Characters
  • 4. Time Line
    After of class he takes home a vague to give him to eat and help him to found a work and be successful. Then we can see that his mom is a drunk and how he want help her.
    Trevor was in his 1st day of school and knows the teacher of social studies, who let his a homework that change his life. The homework is think of an idea to change our world.
    The movie started with a crash and with a man who gives his car to the guy affected t who is a journalist.
    4 monthsearlier
    But Jerry the vague come to drugs again and Trevor thinks help to his teacher making a relationship whit his mom, and helping his mom to leave the alcohol.
    Then back to Trevor, he explain his idea of the network of favors, and the vague is in his house getting better and explaining to the mom of the Trevor the idea of his son.
    Then we back to the journalist, he ask why he gave his car, to the man. He answer that is because the network and explain him of what is. The journalist get impressed and starts an investigation to get at the starting point.
  • 5. Then with the journalist, he ask why he helps the man of the car, to the guy who helps the man in a hospital. He answer that is because someone help him to escape and told him that he have to help someone else like she do with him.
    The teacher starts a relation of friends with the mom of Trevor and both feels affection but they have fear to fall in love and run away.
    And the guy told journalist where find the woman. And he starts the trip to find the woman in other state and find the starting point of the network of favors.
    Then Trevor feel that his idea to help the persons doesn't work and talk with the teacher about the relation with his mom, how they could be a nice couple and that we have to strive and take risks, the teacher tell him that he is very proud of his work and that we can't help others always.
    The teacher leave the fear and with the mom of Trevor, they show their feelings and see that they can be happy as a couple. In other place Jerry the vague helps a woman to avoids her suicide.
    The relation of the teacher and the mom of Trevor is getting stronger, but when this happens the teacher starts to be introverted and he starts get away from her.
  • 6. Trevor's dad comes to his house and his mom make a mistake accepting him in the house. She told the Trevor that she make the mistake of let his dad come back, and he told her that everybody makes mistakes.
    The journalist find the woman and she tells her story of how her daughter (the mom of Trevor). Forgives her for the life that she gave her. And she will have to do something important for someone like she do with her.
    Trevor asks to the teacher come back with his mom, if he considers important and if he want help him to be happy.
    Then they are in the school making the report of how the teacher inspired his idea and how it develops in his life and the life of the people who he help. Also he talk about the kind of people like the teacher that have fear and don't want change his lifes.
    the teacher come out and saw Trevor's mom, then he talks with her and told her that he don't want be like the people that Trevor mentions and that he wants to be with her.
    The grandmother goes to the birthday of Trevor and there the journalist came to see the creator of the network of favors to make a report of how he crate this beautiful idea.
    When Trevor go out, saw how some boys bother a little boy, then he full of courage try to help him, and one guy kills him. And a lot of people goes to his house to veil for him and his honor.
  • 7.
  • 8. Comment
    Well at first I had curious because I never had seen this movie complete. Then I started to listen some comments about that the movie was really beautiful, that makes you think, that the end is sad but realistic, and more comments like these. When I started to see the movie I felt interested, committed to see it because when you listen good comments of a movie, you have to see it.
    The movie is really impressive, and really make you think about, what do you do for a better world?, do you really think about what happens around you?, do you think you know the world?
    Also make you think what kind of person you are, because we think that we are normal or maybe just one more in the world but we have to think like this phrase of Winston Churchill: “Sure I am this day we are masters of our fate, that the task which has been set before us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance. As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.”