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Social Media Analysis: Pinterest


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The coming of the digital age and the booming of social media bring us to the world of communication and connection among brands and people. Social media has been growing tremendously for a couple of …

The coming of the digital age and the booming of social media bring us to the world of communication and connection among brands and people. Social media has been growing tremendously for a couple of years, and it is still continuing. Many brands use social media as a tool for leveraging their brand and connecting with their audiences. However, there are a lot of social media that brands can jump into but which one should they consider? In this project, my team and I would like to talk about one of the most popular social media outlets in this age. It has the highest growing rate compared to other social media outlets. It is “Pinterest.” How do brands take advantage of Pinterest? What is the Return on Investment (ROI) that brands will get from Pinterest? What are the key takeaways from Pinterest’s success? What should brands do and not do in Pinterest? Also, we bring that knowledge to creative starting ideas for three example brands: Blue Bottle Coffee, Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream and American Giant.

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  • 1. New KID on the Blockhi we’re cool.
  • 2. How many of you areFAMILIARwith how Pinterest Works?
  • 3. AgendaPastPresentFuture
  • 4. PastBig IdeaEarly Success
  • 5. Big Idea“To me boards are avery human way oflooking at the world,”said Silbermann, whoadmitted he sees theworld as a series ofpeople’s collections. Heeven referred to his wife’scloset as a collection ofshoes and clothes.“Move fast andbreak things. Exceptfor data. And hearts.Breakdancing OK”“Pinterest lets youorganize and shareall the beautifulthings you find onthe web.”New KID on the BlockNew KID on the BlockNew KID on the Block
  • 6. Early SuccessNew KID on the BlockNew KID on the BlockNew KID on the BlockLots of buzz &curiosityThe fastest site toreach 11 millionusersDec ’11, just oneyear ago, it was inthe top 10 largestsocial media sitesToday, its in the top3 behind FB andTwitter, with Linkedinright behindFrom Q2 2011 to now,Pinterest has grownfrom representing1.2% of social mediarevenue for e-com-merce sites to 17.4%.
  • 7. PresentBrand Pinners: LovelyBrand Pinners: AwfulWhat for?Who’s using it?Pin It
  • 8. Who’s using it?25-34 women make up thelargest age demographic60% female 40% male50% of users have kidsNorth Central/South EastStates = high usagePurchasing power:81% of women surveyed trustPinterest more than FB andTwitter.60%40%50%
  • 9. What for?Planning, Organizing, CuratingTop PinboardTopics: Crafts, Gifts/SpecialEvents, Hobbies, Interior Design, Fashion, Blog-ging Resources, Food/ReceipesKeeping up with trend
  • 10. What for?66% of usersregularly followand repin retailers.59% of Pinterest userspurchased an item theysaw on the siteOnline U.S. consumersfollow retail companies:Pinterest = 9.3Twitter = 8.5Facebook = 6.9
  • 11. “Those who will succeed in Pinterest, from a brandperspective, will take that attitude because if you goup there and start just pinning your own stuff, withouthaving the mood and the spirit of the community,you’re going to turn people off.”—Johanna Murphy,VP/eCommerce, Kate Spade.Brand PinnersLovely
  • 12. Brand PinnersLovely
  • 13. Brand PinnersLovely“This is great content marketing at work: sharingideas in which your products can be used, butmaking it more about education than selling.”—Renee Decoskey, a writer and the managingeditor for Business 2 Community.
  • 14. Brand PinnersLovely
  • 15. Brand PinnersAwful
  • 16. Brand PinnersAwful
  • 17. Pin It
  • 18. 1. Increase brand referral traffic + sales2. Create brand experience3. Visually tell story4. Connect on a human level1. Not all brands are visual (might have toget creative or not use it)2. Unbalanced demographic (mostly female)3. Copyright Issues4. Link can be easily broken5. Content can be lost through repinning(over time)
  • 19. But does it pay offROI/Metrics SlideReferral Traffic
  • 20. FuturePinPointingeCommerce ChannelPinterest PromotionsMen using PinterestDesign Influence
  • 21. Men using PinterestEye CANDY for MenMale-focusedbusinesses wouldbe wise to beearly-adoptersThey may alsouse it to find outmore about whatSHE wants--brandsshould take thisinto considerationMore and moremen are looking todiscover products,and Pinterestisn’t exclusivelyfor womenIn the UK, menare actually theones doing morepinning, 56% vs.44% female
  • 22. The idea is for brands to use the platform to set upcontests and sweepstakes on Facebook or the brands’own sites that tie in the social scrapbooking siteConvert their Facebook fans into Pinterest followers,cross-pollinating the bases.Could have time-sensitive sales/promotions exclusivelyfor Pinterest followersPinterest Promotion
  • 23. Zappo’s separate site thataggregates pins and makessuggestions on productsoffered by Zappo’s likeshoes, accessories, etc.PinPointing
  • 24. eCommerceFor smaller retailers andboutiques, Pinterest couldintegrate, acquire orbuild their own version ofShopify and let merchantssell directly on thePinterest platform.
  • 25. Design InfluenceEbay, basically has thesame pinfeed format thatthey’ve just begun using
  • 26. Design InfluenceMyspace redesign, VERYimage-oriented notdissimilar from Pinterest.
  • 27. Key Takeaways forPinterest SuccessHave a personality.Focus on lifestyle,taste, and interests.Social shopping is moreabout discovery, conversationsand relationship building.The trick to succeeding onPinterest isn’t necessarily aboutshowing off your products orservices directly.