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  • 1. HowT M ke Homema L sa o a de a gna By: Maerisha Bell
  • 2. Ba Ingr s sic edient 1 16oz. pa ge ofl sa noodl cka a gna es 1 l ofgr beef b. ound L sa sa a gna uce Differ cheeses ent
  • 3. L sa Sa Ingr s a gna uce edient 8oz. ca oft t sa n omao uce 28oz. ca ofcr n ushed t t omaoes T bl a espoon ofchopped fr pasl esh r ey Cl e ofcr ov ushed galric ½t spoon ofdr or no ea ied ega ½cup ofminced onion 1/ t spoon ofw e suga 8 ea hit r 1 ½t spoon ofdr ba a sat ea ied sil nd l
  • 4. Cheese M ur Ingr s ixt e edient 1 l of smalcur cota cheese b. l d t ge 1 l ofr t cheese b. icota 3eggs ¾cup ofgr t pamesa cheese aed r n 2 t spoons ofsat ea l ¼t spoon ofbl ck pepper ea a 1 l ofshr b. edded mozzaelacheese rl
  • 5. St 1 ep Pr tov t 3 degr ehea en o 75 ees Boilal r potofl l sat w t age ighty led aer Cook noodl for810minut es - es Dr in a seta a nd side DON’TL TY NOODL SBR A E OUR E E K!!!
  • 6. St 2 ep Cook mea ov medium hea in skilet t er t l M t l sa sa ingr s t her ix he a gna uce edient oget St t sa int t skiletw h mea ir he uce o he l it t Cook ov medium hea for3 minut er t 0 es St occa ly ir sional
  • 7. St 3 ep Combine alcheese ingr s l edient M int al r bow ix o age l G a9x13ba dish forcooking et king Pl ce t t side unt r dyforuse a o he il ea
  • 8. St 4 ep Putt o l yer ofnoodl on botom w a s es t L yer¼ofl sa sa on t a a gna uce op L yer¼ofcheese mixt e on t a ur op R tunt alused a l yer epea il l nd a ed
  • 9. St 5 ep Cov ba dish w h auminum foil er king it l Ba in ov for3 - 0minut ke en 04 es R e foiloffofdish emov Cont ba fora iona 5- minut inue king ddit l 10 es L st nd fora oximael 10minut befor cuting et a ppr t y es e t
  • 10. St 6 epSer e a E oy!!! v nd nj
  • 11. R ences efer•