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The golden rule   think win win

The golden rule think win win



The golden rule, life changing principles

The golden rule, life changing principles



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    The golden rule   think win win The golden rule think win win Presentation Transcript

    • Think Win-Winor No DealFrancis MadojemuSaturday, April 20, 13
    • Review of The HabitsThe Maturity ContinuumAdopting the firstthree of the SevenHabits takes theindividual fromdependence toindependence, thusachieving a privatevictory.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Review of The HabitsThe Maturity ContinuumMoving furtheralong, one by one,the next four habitsmoves the individualinto a state ofinterdependenceand continued self-improvement.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Ideas Into Action Do unto others as you would haveothers do unto you. Accept full responsibility for your owncharacter and behavior. Understand that very often the wayyou see the problem is the problem.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Ideas Into Action Use the “inside-out” approach toeffectiveness, advancing from privatevictories to public success. Remember that effectiveness is afunction of both what is producedand the capacity to produce.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Ideas Into Action Do not apply pressure forshort-term results at the expenseof long-term capability. Replace quick fixes withcontinuous self-improvementSaturday, April 20, 13
    • Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Critical Habit!I regard as this asone critical habit weneed in our countryand culture, wherewe have beentaught to think that ifI succeed someoneelse has to fail.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Win-Win is inspired by scriptures The GoldenRule,Mathew 7: 12“Do to others whatever youwould like them to do to you. Thisis the essence of all that is taughtin the law and the prophets.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The BLENHEIMBIBLE STUDYExplains that the contentand message of the firstthirteen books of theBible as listed by theRabbis of the Talmud.These books areknown in Jewishtradition as “the Lawand the Prophets.”Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Rabbis list them in the following orderTHE LAWGenesis Exodus Leviticus NumbersDeuteronomyAND THE PROPHETSJoshua, Jeremiah, Judges, Ezekiel, Samuel,Isaiah,Kings And the Book of the Twelve.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • In other wordsThe essence of thebible and this issignificant as weseem to focus on theminor things in thebible instead of themajor and glaringlyobvious crucial thingsSaturday, April 20, 13
    • In his article, "This Is the Law and the Prophets"Eric Lyons wrote:"Most people who are familiar withthe Bible would agree thatMatthew chapters 5-7, oftenreferred to as the Sermon on theMount, contain some of the mostmemorable sayings in the world.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • In his article, "This Is the Law and the Prophets"Eric Lyons wrote:Jesus’ list of beatitudes (5:3-12), Hisinstruction to “do to others what youwould have them do to you” (7:12, NIV),and His parable of the wise man and thefoolish man (7:24-27) often are recalledeven by those who rarely (if ever) readthe Bible.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • In his article, "This Is the Law and the Prophets"Eric Lyons wrote:When people implement theseprinciples and rules that Jesus taughtnearly 2,000 years ago, individualsgrow stronger, families become moreunited, and society becomes a betterplace in which to live."Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Most ImportantCommandmentI hope thischallenges us to givethese principles aplace in our lives.Scripture teachesabout The MostImportantCommandment"Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Jesus reduces the Ten CommandmentsMatthew 22:34-3934 But when the Pharisees heard that Hehad silenced the Sadducees, they gatheredtogether. 35 Then one of them, a lawyer,asked Him a question, testing Him, andsaying, 36 “Teacher, which is the greatcommandment in the law?”Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Jesus reduces the Ten CommandmentsMatthew 22:34-3937 Jesus said to him, “ ‘You shall love theLord your God with all your heart, with allyour soul, and with all your mind. ’ 38 Thisis the first and great commandment. 39And the second is like it: ‘You shall loveyour neighbor as yourself. ’Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Jesus reduces the Ten CommandmentsMatthew 22:40 (NKJV)On these twocommandments hang allthe Law and theProphets.”Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Key phrase “hang!”In other words remove it and everything falls down.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Another Example1 Timothy 1:3-73 As I urged you when I went intoMacedonia—remain in Ephesus that youmay charge some that they teach no otherdoctrine, 4 nor give heed to fables andendless genealogies, which cause disputesrather than godly edification which is in faith.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Another Example1 Timothy 1:3-75 Now the purpose of the commandment islove from a pure heart, from a goodconscience, and from sincere faith, 6 fromwhich some, having strayed, have turnedaside to idle talk, 7 desiring to be teachers ofthe law, understanding neither what they saynor the things which they affirm.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Another Example1 Timothy 1:55 Now the end of thecommandment is charity outof a pure heart, and of a goodconscience, and of faith unfeigned:Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Another Example1 Timothy 1:55 The purpose of my instruction isthat all the Christians there would befilled with love that comes from apure heart, a clear conscience, andsincere faith.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Key phrases END or PURPOSEof the commandment.WhatCommandment?Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Commandment AgainMark 12:28-3128 Then one of the scribes came, and havingheard them reasoning together, perceiving that Hehad answered them well, asked Him, “Which is thefirst commandment of all?” 29 Jesus answeredhim, “The first of all the commandments is: ‘Hear,O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Commandment AgainMark 12:28-3130 ‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all yourheart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and withall your strength.’ This is the first commandment.31“And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love yourneighbor as yourself.’ There is no othercommandment greater than these.”Saturday, April 20, 13
    • This is Meant to Be OurCulture & Plumb-lineIf you put goodpeople in badsystems you getbad results. Youhave to water theflowers you wantto grow - Stephen R.CoveySaturday, April 20, 13
    • What is Culture?Simply stated,culture is theway people thinkand act.Culture is the anthropologist’slabel for the sum of thedistinctive characteristics of apeople’s way of life.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • What is Culture?1: way of looking at the world2: filter through which weperceive what is around usand what happens3: a set of assumptions andattitudes that are shared by avast majority4: shared assumptions thatenable us to know who we areand how we fit into the world.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Culture is theSolutionIts not hard to makedecisions when you knowwhat your values are. -Roy DisneyNigeria and Culture etcCommitment requiresvaluesJapanese Culture duringthe tsunamiSaturday, April 20, 13
    • Culture"Culture—not vision orstrategy—is the mostpowerful factor in anynation, organization,establishment etc.It determines the receptivity of staffand volunteers to new ideas,unleashes or dampens creativity,builds or erodes enthusiasm, andcreates a sense of pride or deepdiscouragement bbbb working orbeing involved there.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Lords Plumb Lineby Wayne BlankA plumb line is a simple butaccurate tool used fordetermining whether or notsomething is perfectly verticali.e. upright.Used since very ancienttimes, a plumb line consistsmerely of a line and a weightof some sort, at first just astone, but later a weightmade from lead.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Lords Plumb Lineby Wayne BlankThe Latin word for lead isplumbum, from which the weightcame to be called a plummet(hence also the origin ofplumber, originally a worker oflead - including lead pipes).Plumb lines were known tomany people throughout BibleHistory, including Jesus Christwho would have owned a set ofvarious weights of them for Hisuse in the building trade.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The Lords Plumb Lineby Wayne BlankThe Lord also used, anduses, a "plumbline," HisWord, to determine howupright His people truly arein His sight.How upright they thinkthey are, or how uprightthey proclaim themselvesto be, means nothing toGod.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • A Vision of a Plumb LineAmos 7:7-8 (NLT)7 Then he showed me another vision.I saw the Lord standing beside a wallthat had been built using a plumbline. He was using a plumb line to seeif it was still straight.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • A Vision of a Plumb LineAmos 7:7-8 (NLT)8 And the Lord said to me, “Amos,what do you see?” I answered, “Aplumb line.” And the Lord replied, “Iwill test my people with this plumbline. I will no longer ignore all their sins.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • DEFINITIONSIn Christianity weseem to havecapitalized on Meansand not on what weshould have, Ends, weseem to have majoredon the minors andminored on themajors.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • ENDGoal: a goal, object,or purpose· For purely politicalendsEnds- to set out on adefinite Goal, thepoint aimed at as alimit.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • MEANSsomething enabling somebodyto do something: somethingthat is available and makes itpossible for somebody to dosomething (takes a singular orplural verb)· You can’t live out there alonewith no means of transportationMeans on the other hand is themethod used to getting to thatgoalSaturday, April 20, 13
    • WE NEED TO DISTINGUISH IN OUR CHRISTIAN WALKWHAT ARE GOALS OR ENDS AND WHAT ARE MEANS.There are General or Common Goalsfor all of us and there are specific andindividual goals.From what we have read so far is TheGoal of His commandment is Lovetowards God and Men.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Which leads to two of the most important desiresand purposes in the Heart of God.FELLOWSHIP and WORSHIPIf we have not been trying to achievethis in our preaching and teaching weare missing Gods Goals. God hasgoals for individuals, churches andNations [Acts17:26-27]Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Poor horizontal relationshipswith people will harm ourvertical relationship with God(we need to be forgiving,merciful, non-judgmental,loving etc.A poor verticalrelationship with Godwill harm our horizontalrelationship with people(Case studies: Adam &Eve; Cain & Abel)Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The CrossThe Holy Spirit at the centerof the cross . . . at the centerof our hearts . . . at thecenter of our relationships.The cross is all about heart-centered, soul-centered,vertical and horizontalrelationships.The cross is all about JointOperations!Saturday, April 20, 13
    • The CrossBefore we begin our work . . .before we connect with our friends,family, colleagues, clients, andprospective clients, let’s rememberto do what David was advised inPsalm 46:10: “Be still, and knowthat I am God.”We must connect to our PowerSource.We must connect to the Divine.Only then are we ready to connectwith one another.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Outstanding life and service to God, transformingour worldAmazingly our vision statement isoutstanding life and service toGod - love The Lord with all yourheart soul and might &transforming our world - yourNeighbour as yourselfSaturday, April 20, 13
    • Outstanding life and service to God, transformingour worldYou transform and live your neighboras yourself when you obey lay pawsbut also when you produce goodsand services products that make lifebetter and your rights come fromenjoying the reward of your inventionor labourSaturday, April 20, 13
    • Sinfulness, Repentanceand the Dignity of ManA reform movement is builton the assumption thatman - including theinsignificant and enslavedman - is worth fighting for.How does the Christianview that man is a sinnerprovide the basis for a fightfor the dignity of man?Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Sinfulness, Repentanceand the Dignity of ManMan became human - acreature endowed with freewill and moral choice - onlywhen he was given thecommand, ‘Thou shalt not.The concepts ofresponsibility and dignityhave no meaning without areal choice being given toman.Saturday, April 20, 13
    • Sinfulness, Repentanceand the Dignity of ManThe command gives manthe opportunity to exercisehis free will. Instead ofobeying his instincts alone,he can make real moralchoices too.Instead of obeyinginstructions as a robot, hecan choose to obey out oflove and gratitudeSaturday, April 20, 13