Our Ambidextrous Calling


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We are not human being having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having a human experience. ths helps you get the best out of both worlds, a case study of the life of Joseph

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Our Ambidextrous Calling

  1. 1.  Our  Ambidextrous  Calling!    Francis E. MadojemuFriday, April 19, 13
  2. 2. God at work!• Exodus 17:8-9    • Then came Amalek,and fought withIsrael in Rephidim.9 And Moses saidunto Joshua,Choose us out men,and go out, fightwith Amalek:tomorrow I willstand on the top ofthe hill with the rodof God in minehand.Friday, April 19, 13
  3. 3. God at Work!• Exodus 17:10-11• So Joshua did as Moseshad said to him, andfought with Amalek:and Moses, Aaron, andHur went up to the topof the hill. 11 And itcame to pass, whenheld up his hand, thatIsrael prevailed: andwhen he let down hishand, Amalek prevailedFriday, April 19, 13
  4. 4. God at Work!• Exodus 17:12-13• But Moses hands wereheavy; and they took astone, and put it underhim, and he sat thereon;and Aaron and Hurstayed up his hands, theone on the one side, andthe other on the otherside; and his handswere steady until thegoing down of the sun.13 And Joshuadiscomfited Amalek andhis people with the edgeof the sword.Friday, April 19, 13
  5. 5. Genesis 26:12-14• 12 Then Isaac sowedin that land, andreaped in the sameyear a hundredfold;and the Lord blessedhim. 13 The manbegan to prosper, andcontinued prosperinguntil he became veryprosperous; 14 for hehad possessions offlocks and possessionsof herds and a greatnumber of servants.So the Philistinesenvied him.Friday, April 19, 13
  6. 6. The Tension• We must remember that inlife as well as ministry,people who were rich andsuccessful in the sixtieswere not necessarily richand successful in theseventies and the eighties.• As the world changes,anyone who is seriousabout doing ministry, notjust theorizing about itmust live with the tensionof what Bruce and MarshalShelly call “ourambidextrous calling.”Friday, April 19, 13
  7. 7. The Tension• On the other hand wemust minister in anever changing World.• Sadly, many Christiansunwilling to live withthis tension retreat toone of two extremes.• Stay in the Middle ofthe Road!• On one hand we areobligated to remainfaithful to theunchanging Word ofGod.Friday, April 19, 13
  8. 8. Definitionam·bi·dex·trous 1. using either hand: ableto use either the right orthe left hand with equalskill2. skillful in many ways:very skillful and versatilePerspectives that willenable us rethink the manydimensions of church – itsparts and process – andhow best to configure thosecomponents in order tofulfill the mission Jesushas given us.Friday, April 19, 13
  9. 9. God PlansGod’s plan is to restoreHis original design torule the visible earthlyrealm from the invisibleheavenly realm.• This plan isaccomplished throughhuman beings whoproperly executedominion over theearth.• From a spiritualstandpoint, this hasalready happenedthrough the death andresurrection of JesusChrist:Friday, April 19, 13
  10. 10. God Plans• The reason the Son ofGod appeared was todestroy the devil’swork. [1 John 3:8]• In a practical sense,from the beachheadestablished atCalvary we moveforth in an all outattack to freemankind frombondage to the deviland his evil kingdom.• Wars are fought likethisFriday, April 19, 13
  11. 11. Example• Psalm 78:72 So heshepherded themaccording to theintegrity of his heart,And guided them by theskillfulness of hishands.• Acts 13:36 "For whenDavid had served Godspurpose in his owngeneration, he fellasleep; he was buriedwith his fathers and hisbody decayed. (NIV)Friday, April 19, 13
  12. 12. David’s Epitaph• Rick Warren author of ThePurpose Driven Churchsaid, “I cannot think of agreater epitaph. He servedGods purpose in his owngeneration.• David’s ministry was bothrelevant and timely.• He served Gods purpose[which is eternal andunchanging] in hisgeneration [which wascurrent and changing] Heserved the timeless in atimely way. He was bothorthodox andcontemporary, biblical andrelevant.”[6 o clockChristian]Friday, April 19, 13
  13. 13. Joseph Gifts• He only had two gifts• Managing Households.[Administration] &Interpreting dreams[Spiritual]• Everywhere he wentthats what he used fromgetting food for hisbrothers in the field tomanaging PotipharsHouse, the Prison and theEconomy of Egypt.• He also was interpretingdreams in the same placesbut at different levels.Friday, April 19, 13
  14. 14. Joseph: SpiritualDreams and theInterpretation ofdreamsHis OwnGenesis 37:5-11The Baker’s and theButler’sGenesis 40:5-8Pharaoh and Egypt’sGenesis 41:15-32Friday, April 19, 13
  15. 15. Joseph: SkilfulEgypt’s ResourcesGenesis 41:32-4934 “Let Pharaoh do this, andlet him appoint officers overthe land, to collect one-fifth ofthe produce of the land ofEgypt in the seven plentifulyears.We today would have prayedand said Lord Remove the 7years of famine if we hadinterpreted the dream rightin the first place!His ambidextrous callingmanifested in 20% savingsand investment plan.Friday, April 19, 13
  16. 16. Joseph: Skilful• With His Brothers• Genesis 45:1-11• Joseph realized that hispersonal suffering hadpreserved the family asan instrument of God’swill and was aware thathis rise to power was forthe good of his family, notfor his own glory.• How many of us can seethe practicality of thesufferings we are goingthrough particularly inthe hands of family andclose friends?Friday, April 19, 13
  17. 17. God given Wisdom• Another phrase to describethis is the impact of thekingdom or government ofGod on a Nation throughHis Subjects application ofour ambidextrous calling.• Savings and investment!• It is interesting to note howfollowing God’s kingdomprinciples providedeverything in life we seemto chase after hence Jesussaid “seek ye first thekingdom’ and all the thingsthe Gentile seek afterwould be added unto you.Friday, April 19, 13
  18. 18. Friday, April 19, 13
  19. 19. The Poorest Peoplein the World• Generally speaking areblack. In America,Australia Europe andAfrica• Why?• A study recently said,that in addition toother factors, whenmoney comes into ablack person it isquickly spent but incomparison to theAsians it stays withthem 7 times longer.Friday, April 19, 13
  20. 20. The Poorest People inthe World• If a black person getsmoney it is likely itsgoing to be spent quicklybut with other races themoney is more likely tobe invested, grown,increase and process themoney before it is spent.• How can you tell thedifference between a richman and a poor man?What he wears, the carhe drives, the house helives and what he buys!Friday, April 19, 13
  21. 21. Friday, April 19, 13
  22. 22. Question to Consider• We determine richesby what people spend,yet when you spend,you do not have. For alot of people all theirwealth is on their bodyor in what they driveor the place they live.• For the truly richtheir wealth cannot beperceived on them,because they don’t eator kill what they huntfor but the roast orprocess what theyhave.• Proverbs 21:20Thereis desirable treasure,And oil in the dwellingof the wise, But afoolish man squandersit.Friday, April 19, 13
  23. 23. Money• Dave Ramsey saysthere are only threeuses of Money:• 1. FUN• 2. INVESTING• 3. GIVING• Money is a medium &we really do not needmoney but what it cando for us.• Dave Ramsey is theauthor of the book,Total MoneyMakeoverFriday, April 19, 13
  24. 24. Do all threeYou cannot claimsuccess until you doall threeSomeone who neverhas fun with moneymisses the point.Someone who neverinvests money willnever have any.Someone who nevergives is a monkeywith his hand in thebottle.Do some of Each.Friday, April 19, 13
  25. 25. Giving is the biggestreward of all.• The most mature part ofwho you are will meet thekid inside of you as youlearn to involve yourself inthe last use of money,which is to GIVE it away.• GIVING is possibly the mostfun you will ever have withmoney.• FUN is good, but you willtire of golf and travel, if youeat enough, lobster startstasting like soap.• INVESTING is good, butgoing around thatMonopoly board eventuallyloses its appeal.Friday, April 19, 13
  26. 26. Giving is the biggestreward of all.Every mentally andspiritually healthyperson I have ever methas been turned on bygiving as long as it didnot mean his own lightsgot cut off.I can promise you frommeeting with literallythousands ofmillionaires that thething the healthy onesshare in common is thelove of GIVING.Friday, April 19, 13
  27. 27. Giving is the biggestreward of all.• Bill Gates & WarrenBuffet the world’srichest men recentlythe largest charitablecontributions in history& Bill Gates gave up hisposition as his companyhead to manage hischarities with his wifeon a full time basis!• We have had theprivilege to know thisfrom scriptureFriday, April 19, 13
  28. 28. Scripture• 2 Corinthians 9:10 Now mayHe who supplies seed to thesower, and bread for food,supply and multiply the seedyou have sown and increasethe fruits of yourrighteousness• Isaiah 55:10-11“For as therain comes down, and thesnow from heaven, And do notreturn there, But water theearth, And make it bring forthand bud, That it may give seedto the sower And bread to theeater,• Duality of God seed to us isevident! -Don’t eat your seedFriday, April 19, 13
  29. 29. Principles• Notice two broadinvestment categories, seedto the sower and bread forfood, notice also the word,multiply!• Seed for sowing into thekingdom and sowing seedsfor your own bread.• The purpose of money is tobring Glory to the house ofGod because we really donot own the money since thesilver is HIS and the gold,even the cattle on athousand hills are His. –• We are just custodians!Friday, April 19, 13
  30. 30. Rule 1 [ The Only Rule]“If you want to be rich,you’ve got to read andunderstand numbers.”“The rich acquire assetsand the poor and middleclass and acquireliabilities.An asset is somethingthat puts money in mypocket. [Feed Me] SEEDA liability is somethingthat takes money out ofmy pocket. [Eat Me]BREADFriday, April 19, 13
  31. 31. God given Wisdom• The strength of any nation isnot in the wealth of its naturalresources, but in the wisdomof its people – Dr MensahOtabil• Deuteronomy 4:5-6 “Surely Ihave taught you statutes andjudgments, just as the Lord myGod commanded me, that youshould act according to themin the land which you go topossess.6 “Therefore becareful to observe them; forthis is your wisdom and yourunderstanding in the sight ofthe peoples who will hear allthese statutes, and say, ‘Surelythis great nation is a wise andunderstanding people.’• Japan & Singapore forexample!Friday, April 19, 13
  32. 32. TradingGenesis 41:53-5756 The famine was overall the face of the earth,and Joseph opened all thestorehouses and sold tothe Egyptians. And thefamine became severe inthe land of Egypt….57 Soall countries came toJoseph in Egypt to buygrain, because the faminewas severe in all lands.Famine - the lack of a supply of food orwater. Drought and conditions of warbrought famine to besieged cities (1Kin. 18:2; Ezek. 6:12)Trading = Occupy till I come, dobusiness until I come! Exchange whatyou have for what you need!Friday, April 19, 13
  33. 33. Money• Genesis 47:13-14• 13 Now there was no bread inall the land; for the faminewas very severe, so that theland of Egypt and the land ofCanaan languished becauseof the famine. 14 And Josephgathered up all the moneythat was found in the landof Egypt and in the land ofCanaan, for the grain whichthey bought; and Josephbrought the money intoPharaoh’s house.• When Joseph traded heobviously was selling for aprofit and was makingmoney!Friday, April 19, 13
  34. 34. LivestockGenesis 47:15-1715 So when the moneyfailed in the land ofEgypt and in the land ofCanaan, all the Egyptianscame to Joseph and said,“Give us bread, for whyshould we die in yourpresence? For themoney has failed.” 16Then Joseph said, “Giveyour livestock, and Iwill give you bread foryour livestock, if themoney is gone.”Note trading gives you moneybut money is be invested inindustry & productionFriday, April 19, 13
  35. 35. Livestock• The wisdom of planningahead!• Proverbs 27:23-27 23 Bediligent to know the state ofyour flocks, And attend toyour herds; 24 For richesare not forever, Nor does acrown endure to allgenerations. 25 When thehay is removed, and thetender grass shows itself,And the herbs of themountains are gathered in,26 The lambs will provideyour clothing, And thegoats the price of a field; 27You shall have enoughgoats’ milk for your food,For the food of yourhousehold, And thenourishment of yourmaidservants.• The “flock” was an important economicfactor in the ancient Near East. The animalswere eaten (1 Sam. 14:32; cf. Ps. 44:11),shorn for their wool (Gen. 31:19), andmilked (Deut. 32:14). They were also offeredas a sacrifice, as when Abel sacrificed afirstling of his “flock” (Gen. 4:4).Friday, April 19, 13
  36. 36. Sunday Adelaja’s Notes• For the preachers ofprosperity, financialprosperity is much morethan a blessing—it is the rightof every believer who claimsit. In fact, God wills wealthand riches to all His children.• The prosperity movementpresents an erroneous viewon the Gospel of prosperityby limiting wealth creation tothe power of confession.• You often hear them teach“what you say is what youget”, or “confessing it meanspossessing it.”Friday, April 19, 13
  37. 37. Sunday Adelaja’s Notes• “Start speaking about itand it will come into beingas God creates what youare speaking.”• This is the “Wheel ofFortune” approach tofaith, and it amounts toextortion because itpurports to teach peoplehow to make God work attheir behest.• Most teachers ofprosperity teach anincomplete aspect offinancial empowerment.Friday, April 19, 13
  38. 38. Sunday Adelaja’s Notes• They emphasize faith andbelief, and never teachabout the production ofgoods and services, andoften because they are notcomfortable with havingto release their controllinggrip on the congregation.• They never tell theirpeople that trueprosperity comes bygetting involved in theprocess of productionbecause they themselvesdo not understand it.Friday, April 19, 13
  39. 39. Sunday Adelaja’s Notes• They emphasize faith, beliefand sowing a financial seed,and never teach about theproduction of goods andservices.• Amazingly, the DonaldTrumps of this worldprofess no faith at all, andyet they sit on top of thepile in the world of finances.It is high time we beganlearning the importance ofproducing goods andrendering services as aprerequisite to beingwealthy.Friday, April 19, 13
  40. 40. Sunday Adelaja’s NotesIt is not enough just tobring money to the churchor pastor; if we do notproduce goods andservices, we are deceivingourselves if we expect togain or sustain wealth.Because of this kind ofteaching, even in richwestern societies like theUnited States you oftenfind most people living inthe clutch of persistentneed instead of living in theabundance they profess.Friday, April 19, 13
  41. 41. Friday, April 19, 13
  42. 42. Money Failed• They requested for bread andnot for seed SEED — a fertilizedand ripened egg cell of a plant,capable of sprouting to produce anew plant. The word seed is alsoused figuratively in the Bible toexpress several importanttruths. It refers to humandescendants or offspring (Gen.21:12). The apostle Paulexplained that the seed ofAbraham not only referred to hisphysical descendants, “but alsoto those who are of the faith ofAbraham” (Rom. 4:16). InGalatians 3:16, Paul went evenfurther, stating that Abraham’sseed is Jesus Christ rather thanthe nation of Israel.Friday, April 19, 13
  43. 43. Land and ServantsGenesis 47:18-2218 …“We will not hidefrom my lord that ourmoney is gone; my lordalso has our herds oflivestock. There isnothing left in the sightof my lord but our bodiesand our lands.19 “Why should we diebefore your eyes, both weand our land? Buy usand our land for bread,and we and our landwill be servants ofPharaoh; give us seed,that we may live andnot die, that the landmay not be desolate.”Friday, April 19, 13
  44. 44. Share Holding• Genesis 47:23-26• 23 Then Joseph said to thepeople, “Indeed I havebought you and your landthis day for Pharaoh. Look,here is seed for you, and youshall sow the land.• 24 “And it shall come topass in the harvest that youshall give one-fifth toPharaoh. Four-fifths shallbe your own, as seed for thefield and for your food, forthose of your householdsand as food for your littleones.”Friday, April 19, 13
  45. 45. Wealth DefinedAt every point of historythere have always beenresources by which thecurrent society defined itswealth –tools or huntingimplements in the time ofour nomadic ancestors,land and livestock in thetime of our agrariangreat-grandparentsand oil and other energyresources throughoutmost of this century.Friday, April 19, 13
  46. 46. Wealth Defined• And yet while wecall our past ages bycritical resources oftheir time –• the Stone Age,• the Bronze age,• the Iron age• – these veryresources thatdefined their wealthwere almostentirely man madecreations.Friday, April 19, 13
  47. 47. Wealth DefinedLand was not aresource untilhuman beings,applying technology,first learned how tofarm it.Live stock wasn’t aresource untilhuman beingsdeveloped thetechnology ofhunting dressing anddomesticatinganimals.Friday, April 19, 13
  48. 48. Wealth Defined• And certainly oil –the black goo that (inancient times) usedto appear in poolsand pollute the freshwater supply wasn’ta resource untilhumans developedthe technology ofrefining and burningit.• Wealth is defined byTechnology this iswhy Joseph story isrelevant to today andwe must apply it.Friday, April 19, 13
  49. 49. Paul was sent to……..Acts 26:18 ‘to open their eyes, in orderto turn them from darknessto light, and from thepower of Satan to God, thatthey may receiveforgiveness of sins and aninheritance among thosewho are sanctified by faithin Me.’Darkness or ignorance &Light or KnowledgePower of Satan & Power ofGod (Kingdom)Romans 1:16For I am not ashamed of thegospel of Christ, for it is thepower of God to salvationfor everyone who believes,for the Jew first and also forthe Greek.Friday, April 19, 13
  50. 50. Truth• Proverbs 6:6-8• 6 Go to the ant, yousluggard! Consider her waysand be wise, 7 Which, havingno captain, Overseer or ruler,8 Provides her supplies inthe summer, And gathers herfood in the harvest.• The word of God commendsour diligent efforts toprepare for our future needsby directing our attention tothe prudent actions of thelowly ant.• 2 Chronicles 15:7• 7 “But you, be strong and donot let your hands be weak,for your work shall berewarded!”Friday, April 19, 13
  51. 51. Truth• Some Christians believethat we should simplypray with faith and expectthe Lord to supply ourevery financial need,whether or not we haveacted as good stewardsthrough following biblicalprinciples, diligent work,planning and investments.• However the lord expectseach of us to workfaithfully and to wiselyinvest the fruits of ourlabour• 2 Corinthians 9:6 Butthis I say: He who sowssparingly will also reapsparingly, and he whosows bountifully will alsoreap bountifullyFriday, April 19, 13
  52. 52. Truth• Once we have faithfully anddiligently done our part wecan then prayerfully andconfidently ask the lord tobless our efforts and giveus wisdom regarding ourinvestments.• Psalm 37:25• 25 I have been young, andnow am old; Yet I have notseen the righteousforsaken, Nor hisdescendants beggingbread.• If the opposite ishappening something iswrong!Friday, April 19, 13
  53. 53. Our Eyes Must be OpenedProverbs 22:22 The rich and the poor havethis in common, The Lord isthe maker of them all.Are we saying it’s up to Godwho is poor and who is rich?If this is so then we aredoomed to destiny no matterwhat. This does not tie inwith scripture which saysGod is not a respecter ofpersons.To get the full import of thisscripture we must learn tointerpret scripture withscripture or else we willwrongly divide the Word ofGod.Friday, April 19, 13
  54. 54. Examples• John 21:25 And there arealso many other things thatJesus did, which if they werewritten one by one, I supposethat even the world itself couldnot contain the books thatwould be written. Amen.• Well did God not make thecomputer and the storage CDsand DVDs that can keepthousands of books? First notethis• John 20:30-31And trulyJesus did many other signs inthe presence of His disciples,which are not written in thisbook;but these are writtenthat you may believe thatJesus is the Christ, the Son ofGod, and that believing youmay have life in His name.Friday, April 19, 13
  55. 55. ExamplesAmos 7:10 Then Amaziah thepriest of Bethel sent toJeroboam king of Israel,saying, “Amos has conspiredagainst you in the midst of thehouse of Israel. The land isnot able to bear all his words.Amos 7:10 Amaziah the priestat Bethel sent this message toKing Jeroboam of Israel,“Amos is plotting against youin the very heart of Israel. Ournation cannot put up with hismessage for very long.It was not talking aboutquantity it was speakingabout the world will notaccept them or endure them.Friday, April 19, 13
  56. 56. Examples• In speaking about blessingswhich come upon andovertake us many haveinterpreted it to mean theblessings come running afterus and pass us by as inovertaking us.• Deuteronomy 28:1-2• “Now it shall come to pass, ifyou diligently obey the voiceof the Lord your God, toobserve carefully all Hiscommandments which Icommand you today, that theLord your God will set youhigh above all nations of theearth.2 “And all theseblessings shall come uponyou and overtake you,because you obey the voice ofthe Lord your God:Friday, April 19, 13
  57. 57. ExamplesBut let’s look at how anotherverse of scripture explainsthis to us concerning theword “overtake”.Zechariah 1:6 Yet surely Mywords and My statutes,Which I commanded Myservants the prophets, Didthey not overtake yourfathers? “So they returnedand said: ‘Just as the Lord ofhosts determined to do to us,According to our ways andaccording to our deeds, So Hehas dealt with us.’ ” ’ ”This means for things toovertake you they outlastyou to the next generation ofyour family which explainsthe concept of curses also.Friday, April 19, 13
  58. 58. Examples• This clearly shows us whyGod’s word says in the mouthof two or three witnesses letyour word be established.• 2 Corinthians 13:1This willbe the third time I am comingto you. “By the mouth of twoor three witnesses everyword shall be established.”• The key to Proverbs 22:2must therefore be found inscripture to answer ourquestions. This is found inProverbs 29:13• Proverbs 29:13The poor manand the oppressor have thisin common: The Lord giveslight to the eyes of both.Friday, April 19, 13
  59. 59. ExamplesWe call the richoppressors with therecars and houses withbig generators etc buteven then it does notchange Gods principleProverbs 28:16A ruler who lacksunderstanding is agreat oppressor, But hewho hates covetousnesswill prolong his days.To lack understandingis to be a greatoppressor.Friday, April 19, 13
  60. 60. Conclusions• To get the import of this wemust put the scripturestogether;• The rich, the poor and theoppressors have this in commonGod gave light to both eyes andit is what they did with the lightor sight that made them rich,has kept them poor or madethem oppressors or whateverthey are.• In summary it seems that asmuch as you are a SPIRIT whohas a SOUL and lives in Body,• God wants us to prosper inRighteousness in our spirits,Knowledge in our Souls andskill in our Bodies.Friday, April 19, 13
  61. 61. What are we doing withwhat God gave Us• Have we become soheavenly conscious and noearthly good?• Have we become so earthlyconscious that we are notheavenly good?• What is missing eitherway?• God wants His governmentover all of your life, thyKingdom come, thy will bedone on earth as it is inheaven.• Its only when His kingdomcomes that His will bedone!Friday, April 19, 13
  62. 62. God wants You to be Rich!• Most people believe theyshould achieve wealthprimarily for their ownmaterial comfort or that oftheir families.• This is far too narrow aview. God does want eachof us to be rich in everypossible way – health, love,and peace of mind, as wellas material possession.• God wants this, however,not just for our own sake,but for the sake ofhumankind.Friday, April 19, 13
  63. 63. God wants You to be Rich!• The reason is that anincrease in wealth for anindividual almost alwaysrepresents an evenlarger increase in wealthfor society at large.• This is especially true inour modern economy,where the largestindividual financialrewards are increasinglyreserved for thosepeople making thegreatest positive impacton our society.Friday, April 19, 13
  64. 64. God wants You to be Rich!• In our economic world –the world God promisedto Abraham in thecovenant, a world inwhich the quantity ofour own wealth isdirectly proportional tothe number of peoplewith whom we sharethe rewards of ourincreasedspecialization• –the particular ticketmay be different foreach of us.Friday, April 19, 13
  65. 65. God wants You to be Rich!• Bill Gates did not go intoMicrosoft business tomake money he went into bring and developcomputer software tomake life easier formany people.• Henry Ford desire wasto make cars availableto the average man andhis family. Oprah, Dell,Cadbury, and Heinz etcthe list is endless.Friday, April 19, 13
  66. 66. Faith is an ActKen E Hagin says “Realfaith accompaniesknowledge of the Word ofGod.”“It takes no effort whatso ever on the part of theintellect or the will ofman to obtain faith.Faith accompaniesknowledge.”As soon as the light ofknowledge comes, faith isthere.As the psalmist of oldsaid, “the entrance of yourword giveth light…..”Psalm 119:130Friday, April 19, 13
  67. 67. The Truth about Finance• Because personalfinance is 80 percentbehavior and 20percent knowledge, youwill either make yourlife over in the process,or you end upmiserable.• I see well rounded,mature people whobecome all God designedthem to be when theyget their money closetscleaned out.• God has a plan for yourlife, and that plan isn’tto harm you; it is a planfor your future to giveyou hope (Jeremiah,29; 11).Friday, April 19, 13
  68. 68. The Truth about Success• Success is not adestination thing-it’s adaily thing. The onlyway to achieve realsuccess is to do it one dayat a time.• To be successful, you don’tneed to be lucky or rich.But you do need to knowthis:• You are what you do daily.You first form your habits;then your habits from you.• It is just as easy to formhabits of success as it is toform habits of failure.• Successful people haveHabits they do everydaythat ordinary people doonce in a while. -T DJakes and Paula White• Success – preparationmeeting opportunityFriday, April 19, 13
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