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Listening at Kodak - Social Intelligence & Analytics
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Listening at Kodak - Social Intelligence & Analytics


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Building Your Toolkit to Measure Reach, Engagement, Influence & Impact to prove ROI

Building Your Toolkit to Measure Reach, Engagement, Influence & Impact to prove ROI

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • 1. Building Your Toolkit to Measure Reach,Engagement, Influence & Impactto prove ROI Madlen Nicolaus Social Media Manager EAMER Twitter: @madleeeen, @Kodak_DE, @Kodak_UK Kodaks Social Media Kanäle:
  • 2. Agenda• Kodak’s Social Media Team• Social Analytics @ Kodak• How Social Media can help you achieve your business goals• Social Intelligence Program 2
  • 3. It‘s all aboutSHARING.! 3
  • 4. Kodak Owned Media 4
  • 5. Kodak Worldwide Social Media Team Over 35 Kodak contributors on social media representing 20 countries around the world 5
  • 6. Chief Listener
  • 7. ~300,000 Kodak online mentions a month
  • 8. That three letter word ROISocial Analytics @ Kodak
  • 9. Social Analytics @KodakThe collection, analysis and presentation of social media data tomeasure, optimize and recalibrate marketing programs and initiatives.•  ROMI: Use social metrics to measure campaign success•  Tracking: Measure conversation via social channel•  Lead Gen: monitoring social channels for sales opportunities
  • 10. Social Analytics: Metrics REACH How far and wide our message has spread? ENGAGEMENT How many people reacted to our messages? INFLUENCE What is the reach and engagement of our ambassadors? IMPACT Did we accomplish what we set out to do? 10
  • 11. How Social Mediacan help achieve your BUSINESS GOALS.
  • 12. 1. Brand Recognition
  • 13. 13
  • 14. 2. Brand Loyalty and Evangelists
  • 15. Influencer Engagement – the four E’s  Engage  Educate  Excite  Evangelize 16
  • 16. 3. Sales – Coupons and Promotions
  • 17. KODAK Momentum | 2010
  • 18. 4. Customer Service Resolved Issues
  • 19. KODAK Momentum | 2010
  • 20. 5. R&D – Polls andGathering Insights
  • 21. Product Feedback & Name Crowd Sourcing Zi6 Zi8 PlaySport PlayTouch Customer feedback Customers Customer feedback suggested product name KODAK Momentum | 2010
  • 22. 6. Content Creation – Fan Interaction
  • 23. 25
  • 24. Kodak Social Media Monitoring Tools 26
  • 25. Social Analytics: Campaign Dashboard Owned Media Performance Conversation Management Topic, Volume, Sentiment
  • 26. Social Analytics: Social Media Dashboard
  • 27. The Strategic Side of Social Media Social Intelligence
  • 28. Social Intelligence ProgramThe management and analysis of customer data from socialsources, used to activate and recalibrate marketing andCRM programs, to uncover insights and opportunities thatdrive product innovation.Brand Marketing: Use conversations to better understand target marketto develop USPs and messaging that resonatesProduct Marketing: Mine conversations to uncover new needs andindentify pain pointsProduct Development: Improve products based on customer feedback
  • 29. Social Intelligence – Flow of Information
  • 30. Social Intelligence Life Cycle
  • 31. What is your RETURN ON IGNORING? Social Media Mobile