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Personal%20learning[1] Presentation Transcript

  • 1. By: Madison Hrdlicka
  • 2. • Hootsuite • With you can improve efficiency and cut costs. The tool is super-easy to use and its clean, clear layout makes it easy to manage multiple social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and your blogs (Alt, 2010).• Tweetdeck • TweetDeck provides brands, publishers, marketers and others with a powerful platform to track all the real-time conversations they care about (Enzer, 2011).
  • 3.  Learn how to use both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Create a Slideshare account and share my Hootsuite and Tweetdeck powerpoint on this account. Compare the benefits and drawbacks of both Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. Manage my Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter accounts from both Hootsuite andTweetdeck for one week. Choose one of the two platforms for continued use.
  • 4.  I viewed the Hootsuite Help Desk to learn more about scheduling tweets: schedule-tweets I viewed tHootsuite: httphe Hootsuite Help Desk to learn more about the features of :// I began to follow Hootsuite on Twitter. I watched an online tutorial about Hootsuite. I began to follow Hootsuite’s own blog.
  • 5.  I began to follow Tweetdeck on Twitter I read online articles about using Tweetdeck effectively: tweetdeck-effectively-and-save-time/ I viewed online tutorials about using Tweetdeck I used to find a stack entirely about Tweetdeck
  • 6.  Hootsuite  I had to upgrade my browser.  I was slightly confused because I had to refresh several times before anything appeared on the screen. Tweetdeck  Signing up was very easy to understand.  I only had to enter my email address and a password.
  • 7.  Hootsuite  I was able to schedule this tweet:  The different social media platforms are sectioned into tabs. This makes viewing my different profiles less cluttered and easier to manage.  It is easy to explore other websites. If I see something I like in a tweet, I can click the link and be immediately directed to the site from my Hootsuite.  I Can change the appearance of my Hootsuite with Themes.  This platform is web based so it works on any computer.
  • 8.  Tweetdeck  I was able to schedule this tweet:  New Tweets, posts, and Linkedin Messages pop up in the corner as soon as they are created, creating a feeling of immediacy.  It is very easy to add new accounts, all you have to do is click add account, add column and select a platform.  Tweetdeck automatically becomes a Desktop Icon, making it easy to access as soon as I log on.
  • 9.  Hoosuite  Signing up for Hootsuite was not as easy as Tweeteck. Tweetdeck  Tweetdeck is not web based, so my account is not as easily accessible.  Tweetdeck displays my profiles all on one screen, but tabs would be easier for viewing.
  • 10.  I think that I will continue to use Hootsuite. I like both of these applications for different reasons but I found myself actually using Hootsuite more comfortably and more naturally than Tweetdeck. I hadn’t realized how much easier managing my social media profiles with these applications would be!
  • 11.  0/03/31/how-to-manage-your-social-media- platforms-hootsuite/ to-use-tweetdeck-effectively-and-save-time/ use-hootsuite-to-schedule-tweets