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Persona global october newsletter

  1. 1. Persona GLOBAL® NEWSLETTER October, 2012 issue 2 Click Here to Print 4Cracking the Sales Management Code Overview 4Genius & The Persuasive Communicator 4Persona GLOBAL Solutions 4Misaligned Leadership: The Organizational Avalanche 4Interview with Casey CollinsContent Editor: Leah RosenthalLayout & Design: May Leong
  2. 2. Issue 1, September 19, 2012 Persona GLOBAL® newsletterCRACKING THE SALES the two things that are desperately needed in most sales managers’ lives: management rigor and clarity of task.MANAGEMENT CODE OVERVIEW In our new book Cracking the Sales Management Code (McGraw-Hill 2012), we share ground-PART I OF III breaking insights into the management best practices of top sales forces. This research revealsWe introduced Cracking the Sales Management a holistic management system that provides what sales management training has been lackingCode at our 33rd Annual Conference in Athens in to-date – a true sales management methodology. It details a comprehensive infrastructure thatAugust 2012. The workshop received extremely helps sales managers focus their sellers on the activities that make a difference, while givingfavorable feedback from the delegates that the managers a track to run on.attended. To ensure that all our Partners and The Best Path™ to Effective Managementclose contacts have the opportunity to learn more Determineabout this one of a kind methodology, we will Align Sales Coach to Elevate Relevant Sales Activities Performancebe posting a three part series in our upcoming Processesmonthly newsletters.Belief Determine Relevant Sales ProcessesToday it is widely acknowledged that the sales Effective sales management is not a one-size-fits-all affair. The nature of a sales manager’smanager is the key change agent in any sales tasks can vary wildly, depending on the types of salespeople they manage. For example, aforce. Consequently, companies have funneled territory sales rep with 150 customers has a different sales challenge than a strategic accountmore and more resources into developing their manager with four customers, and the activities that determine their success are also different.sales management team. And yet, better man- Therefore, a critical duty of sales management is to identify the type of salespeople theyagement has not followed. Why is it that manage, as defined by the sales activities that drive success.despite a focused sales management develop- Research revealed that all sales activities fall into one of four fundamental sales processesment effort, we haven’t created better managers – Call Management, Opportunity Management, Account Management, and Territoryand coaches? Management. Determining which of these processes is most relevant for your sellers is theResearch suggests that the failure of traditional first step in providing them with powerful guidance and coaching.sales management training can be blamed on one All Sellers Engage in One or or Morethese Processes All Sellers Engage in One More of of these Processesof three reasons: Call Management Opportunity Management Account Management Territory Management1. Most are coaching programs that are generic in nature, intended to promote structured, collaborative, and interpersonal dialog. These Navigate A Single Call Win a Complex Deal Maximize Customer Value Efficiently Allocate Effort programs are not typically focused on coaching specific sales activities, but rather on teaching Depending on the specific processes that drive sales success, the types of interactions sales universal coaching principles. managers have with their sellers will range from frequent and tactical to infrequent and strate-2. Many are ‘leadership’ programs focused on gic. Identifying the right sales processes leads to focused selling efforts and high-impact sales setting goals, motivating employees, and management. Ignoring the unique attributes of the different sales processes leads to wasted adapting management styles to individual effort , chaotic sales management, and lack of control over performance. personalities. These programs are not sales- Different Management Approaches forfor Different Sales Processes Different Management Approaches Different Sales Processes specific and can be applied to any supervisory Call Mgmt Opportunity Mgmt Account Mgmt Territory Mgmt position. Content • Call objectives • Qualification • Company and customer • Customer focus • Call execution • Buyer needs goals • Prioritization of effort3. Other management pro- of the • Competitive positioning • Mutual value creation Interaction grams are ‘point solutions’ • Action planning that address a single sales Nature of • Tactical •Strategic •Strategic •Analytic management task, such as Coaching • Interpersonal •Contextual •Project management •Tactical time management, nego- Frequency • As-needed • Opportunity-driven •Periodic •Periodic analysis tiation, or reading financial • Fairly frequent •Typically quarterly •Constant tactics statements. While these •Monthly / quarterly training programs are spe- Common • Call plans • Opportunity plans • Account plans • Prioritized customer cific to sales, they do not address the larger is- Tools • Coaching guides • Coaching guides • Key performance segments • Pipeline reports Indicators • Desired call patterns sue of a sale management process and ignore © 2012 Copyright Vantage Point Performance, Inc. Persona GLOBAL® l October 2012 l l 1
  3. 3. Persona GLOBAL® newsletter Since 1980, Persona GLOBAL® has been both a direct management consultancy as well as the hub of a network of organizational development practitioners. We provide robust, field- tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation.GENIUS & THE PERSUASIVE relationships. Over the past 30 years, Persuasive Communi- cator has proven to be one of the world’s mostCOMMUNICATOR By the end of the workshop, with the aid of effective interpersonal communication skills analysis provided by Persona GLOBAL’s Game-by Leah Rosenthal training programs. More than 1.4 million plan mobile profiling software, each delegate people in 71 countries have attended thisIn their highly regarded employee training has practiced the appropriate skills, developed communications skill building workshop inprogram Genius Training, Apple emphasizes an action plan, and tested this new approach their own language.that empathy is a key. Apple refers to their to positively influencing their case study.salespeople as ‘geniuses’. For Apple, a genius More than a classroom experience, thedoesn’t simply imply technical skills, being Persuasive Communicator methodology lever-intelligent or extremely bright. Above all, a ages technology as a virtual tutor, when need-genius has good communication and people ed. This cutting edge technology helps usersskills. move “beyond sales competency to sales flu-The importance of empathy ency (greater retention and proficient use ofis not new to us at Persona acquired skills)”. Fluency can often be theGLOBAL. One’s ability to be difference between closing a deal, or not. Del-empathetic is a key communi- egates can acquire access to the samecation skill in, one of our best Persona GLOBAL’s Gameplan mobile applica-selling and most successful tion software on the iPad or Android phone.workshops, The Persuasive Communicator. The mobile application provides business sup- port and reinforcement; it enables delegatesThe Persuasive Communicator (PC), authored to “Prep” themselves just before an importantby Jon Gornstein, is a 16 hour workshop interaction with anyone they need topresenting lifelong skills enabling delegates persuade, influence or communicate effectively, becomemore influential and ultimately becomesuccessful persuasive communicators. 3PC Gameplan on ipadThis robust workshop provides COMMUNICATEdelegates with an intuitive, practicalsystem for dealing with all people, EFFECTIVELYespecially those “difficult or uncoop-erative people” whom they have notbeen able to influence yet. Based on BUILD TRUST FORPersona GLOBAL’s proprietary Social RELATIONSHIPSStyles and Trust Building method-ologies, the Persuasive Communi- THAT LAST!cator workshop enables delegatesto build sustained, long term win/win business as well as personal Persona GLOBAL® l October 2012 l l 2
  4. 4. Persona GLOBAL® newsletterPersona GLOBAL®... SolutionsDo you have business needs that aren’t being met? ASK US…..Every wonder how Global Business methodologies are used to helpcompanies deal with everyday business situations:PartneringMergers and Acquisitions• Strategic Change & Succession Planning• Account Development• Supply Chain Management• Business & Developmental support softwareJUST ASK! Tell us the challenge your business is facing and we’ll provide you with a methodology to help…Email inquiries to: Persona GLOBAL® l October 2012 l l 3
  5. 5. Persona GLOBAL® newsletter 2013 WINTER CONFERENCEMISALIGNED LEADERSHIP: Announcing ourTHE ORGANIZATIONAL AVALANCHE 2013 Winter Conference inby Wladimir Rodney Palermo, CEO - Persona GLOBAL Brasil. Sausalito! The conference will beAn avalanche always starts with the displacement of the first stone. So also happens in Feb 1th-4th, The misalignment begins with the organizational misalignment of the first executive. More Details Coming Soon!By ‘first executive’ I do not mean the top executive in the company rather the first personto misstep – this is the first stone. Why does this happen? Why does a team member stepoutside their bounds and effect an organizational avalanche, or rather, the organizationalmisalignment? In this case, the terms internal avalanche and internal misalignment areinterchangeable. Just as a mountain must be in balance with the stones that it is comprisedof, the culture of an organization must be balance with its executives. The human ego mustbe aligned and in balance. What makes a group member’s ego go out of balance? He beginsto act in discordance with the others, and apart from the Mission, to the Future Vision, and soto the strategy. This person believes that his position is the correct and better position. Thehigher the position of this executive in the organization, the greater the avalanche he willprovoke. During the discussion phase of Mission, Vision and the development of strategies,anyone can contribute their vision. But after the consolidation the position, all leaders of alllevels must stay aligned and keep their teams rowing in the same direction, with the sameintensity.It’s as simple as that. NEW TO DOWNLOAD CENTER Translation Texts for Cracking the Sales Management Code, Building a High Performance Team & Chronos are now available in our Download Center! For further details and instructions, login to the Persona GLOBAL Partner Site, and select ‘News Briefs’ from the Reference Center. Persona GLOBAL® l October 2012 l l 4
  6. 6. Persona GLOBAL® newsletter RECENT & UPCOMING INTERVIEW WITH CASEY COLLINS WORKSHOPS CASEY COLLINS, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, SCRIMMAGE, USA Casey Collins has spent the last 13 years in the training and devel-June to August, 2012: Persona GLOBAL opment business focusing on sales training, sales force productivityBrazil held Persuasive Communica- and effectiveness, marketing and brand strategy development, teamtor Workshop for Ericsson in 19 Latin leadership, collaboration skills, and specialty product launch develop-American Countries for 330 Managers. ment across all industries._____________________________ In 2007, Casey founded Scrimmage to continue connecting people toLate October & early November, strategy through training and development and help his clients2012: PricewaterhouseCoopers ignite their competitive advantage through better learning solutions.(PwC) will conduct two Persua- His cross functional team of ten in-house consulting and softwaresive Communicator Workshops development resources has helped make him a sought after resourcefor Orange Telecom. in the pharmaceutical and biotech specialty training industry._____________________________ In 2010, Scrimmage launched Playbook™, a powerful learning technology platform built specifi- cally around the global adoption of the iPad. Playbook enables companies to build their ownThis Fall: Alerion Consult AG, custom training apps, personalize the learning experience, deploy dynamic content, and beginwill conduct Organizational analyzing and measuring training ROI in a revolutionary way. Playbook is used by thousands ofAlignment Survey for two bank sales people all over the world at companies like Sanofi, Stryker, Gilead Sciences, and Endofirms in Switzerland. Pharmaceuticals._____________________________This Fall: Abbott Laboratories Late September, Casey Collins came to visit our how employees were learning at work. Wehas booked has booked 10 Headquarters in Sausalito. I had a few minutes took a bet on the iPad and it has really takenSuccessful Negotiator work- to sit down, talk and learn more about him. off for us in Corporate America, pharmaceuti- cals, medical device companies etc.shops. Included in these 10, Q: Why did you become involved inare workshops in Shanghai, Training & Development? Q: What is one valuable lesson you’veSingapore, Taiwan, and USA! After I graduated from college I was unsure of learned from a mentor?_____________________________ what I wanted to do. My second job out of My first Sales Manager at Forum taught me college was in sales at Forum – that job taught about the clarity of communication. I wasEvery wonder who are the best me how to sell. I wanted to find a career that asked to summarize my conversations withpotential buyers of Persona would enable me to work with many diverse customers. This forced me to think of theGLOBAL? companies. objective of the conversation and to listen more effectively. Simple communication is aIt’s Simple! Just visit the 60 day running Q: How have you noticed that the Train- very effective tool.Client list on the Persona GLOBAL website: ing & Development Industry has over the last few years? Q: What were your impressions ofUpdated every business day…. these These days, there is a constant stream of con- Athens while there for the Persona tent and information to mobile devices. There GLOBAL International Conference a fewcompanies are already using a PersonaGLOBAL workshop with one of our part- is a proliferation of access and tools at weeks ago?ners! Contact the partner and get a re- everyone’s disposal. Access doesn’t necessar- The conference was wonderful. I enjoyedferral! Save time, energy and ultimately ily make people better. In fact, it may be a meeting all the delegates. The monumentsmoney! Take advantage of what is one distraction. It’s important to determine what is in Athens were obviously incredible. The foodbenefit being part of the Persona GLOBAL meaningful. The question remains, how does was a highlight. My favorite restaurant waspartner network! more content translate into training? classic Greek restautant that served simple salad and your choice of prawns or mullet. Do- Q: What inspired Playbook? nuts in honey were another food favorite. I was intrigued by technology promoting devel- opment and I was looking to build a software application. The iPad was a turning point for -Leah Rosenthal We encourage your comments, suggestions and questions. Please email them to: Persona GLOBAL® l October 2012 l l 5