Roles of sales managers & traders in steel industry


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Roles of Sales Manager and Trader in Steel Industry

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Roles of sales managers & traders in steel industry

  1. 1. Roles of Sales Managers in Steel Industry By Madhusoodhanan Sayeenathan
  2. 2. Contents • How Steel is being sold? • Classification of Steel Companies • Sales Managers in Major Steel Companies • Traders in Steel Trading Companies. • Attributes of a Good Sales Manager/ Trader
  3. 3. How Steel is being Sold • Steel - is a highly capital intensive product. • By virtue of the “Corporate Brand”, the product gets sold by itself. • Steel companies are normally big entities than the steel consuming firms. • More than the consumer, Steel companies have more say on how they price the product and what product to offer and how to distribute the product.
  4. 4. How Steel is being Sold • It is impossible to produce steel without rejections. • it is also impossible to have a 100% quality check of end products before being dispatching from factory. • The quality of a steel product is taken care by the production facilities that the company employs. • A wise Steel buyer can judge the quality of the steel from a steel company based on the technology and the facilities used by the mill.
  5. 5. Classification of Steel Companies • Brand name and Quality Control significantly takes care of the sales of any steel product. • To define the responsibility of a sales Manager in a steel company, it is important to classify the steel companies. • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Steel Companies can be broadly classified in to Primary Steel Producers (or Major Steel producers). Secondary Steel producers. Steel Trading Firms Service Centres Steel Stockists
  6. 6. Sales Manager – Major Steel Producing Companies • To allocate the production quantity to different customers/geography forecast them • Orders normally come to these steel companies. • Sales manager enhances the profit/ realization.
  7. 7. Roles of Sales Manager • To carry the company’s brand name to the market. Their actions will reflect on the image of the company. • To increase the profitability of the company • Act a liaison between the management and the customers and try to meet the expectations of both of them. • Co-ordinate the entire sales activity from order intake till delivery. • Constant feedback to the management from the market to decide on future strategy.
  8. 8. Roles of Sales Manager • Rules are normally laid with a top-down approach. • Sales managers are carriers and implementers of these to the market. • Sales managers are “Key Account Managers”. • To co-ordinate order management and completion. • “Paper Work” and documentation as required by the company.
  9. 9. Trader in Steel Trading Firm • The role of the Trader in a Steel Trading firm is vastly different from a sales manager in Steel mill. • A Trader has additional roles to play over and above the roles of Sales Managers in a Steel Firm.
  10. 10. Roles of Trader • • • • Explore the whole steel market to look at opportunities. Establish contacts and build credibility with Steel mills. Develop customers and gain their confidence Create value addition to act in between the producer and consumer. • Ensure continuous revenue generation with fewer risks. • Gauge both producer and consumer before financing a deal.
  11. 11. Roles of Trader • Traders are individual profit centers and revenue generators for the trading firm. • Steel mills have the option to sell/ pick and choose customers. • Trader has to prove their value both to the source and consumer • Trader has to identify the segments where there is a need / gap and which is currently not being serviced. • In other words, Traders act as entrepreneurs and work as if the company is theirs.
  12. 12. Attributes of a Good Sales Manager / Trader • The “HUNGER” & “PASSION” to grow the business. • The “URGE” to do things and get things done quickly. • “NETWORKING” Skills • “PERSEVERENCE” • Ability to gauge people – “INTERPERSONAL SKILLS”. • Ensuring “CUSTOMER SATSFACTION” • “NO EGO” but maintaining “SELF RESPECT”.
  13. 13. Quote to a Sales Person by his boss… “At the end of every conversation, customer should get a feeling that he has won it. But actually you should have won it.”
  14. 14.