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Gcr ppt

  1. 1. Demographic Profile Of The Country• The Netherlands is the 61st most populated country in the world and as of March 9, 2011 it has a population of 16,663,831.• Population growth rate - 0.371% (2011 est.)• Language: Dutch,• Birth rate: 10.3 births/1,000• Death rate: 8.78 deaths/1,000• The Role of the Family: Families tend to be small, often with only one or two children.
  2. 2. Demographic Profile Of The Country(cont…)• Life expectancy: 79.55 years-male: 76.94 years-female: 82.30 years• Area of Netherland, total - 41,543 sq km, land - 33,893 sq km, water- 7,650 sq km• Age structure:1) 0-14 years: 17.4%2) 15-64 years: 67.7%3) 65-over: 14.9%
  3. 3. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW OF NETHERLAND• The Netherlands of the Holland is currently the sixteenth largest economy of the world in terms of the nominal GDP.• The country is mainly dependent on foreign trade and a slight change in the markets would affect the growth rate of Netherlands.• Industrial activity is predominantly in food processing, chemicals, petroleum refining, and electrical machinery.• Agricultural sector employs 2% of the labor force and provides large surpluses for the food-processing industry and for exports.
  4. 4. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW OF NETHERLAND(cont…) Currency Euro Fiscal year calendar year GDP $832,160 billion GDP growth 1,5%GDP per capita $41,949 agriculture- 1.9%; industry- 24.4%; services-GDP by sector 73.7% Inflation 1.2% (2009 est.) Exports $397.6 billion (2009 est.)Unemployment 4.3% (Jan. 2011)
  5. 5. ECONOMIC OVERVIEW OF NETHERLAND(cont…) agriculture-related industries, metal and engineering products, electronic machineryMain industries and equipment, chemicals, petroleum, construction, microelectronics, fishing Public debt 62.2% of GDP (2009 est.) Revenues $335.4 billion (2009 est.) Expenses $372.5 billion (2009 est.)
  6. 6. OVERVIEW OF INDUSTRY TRADE AND COMMERCE• Marine Industry Received a contribution of $6.3 billions in 2009 and registered a growth rate of 2.9%.• Netherlands Rail Industries The Dutch rail sector generated revenues of $171 million in 2008 and saw a growth rate of 3.3% during 2004-2008.• Netherlands Road Industries In 2008, Holland’s road freight sector generated total revenues of $33.1 billion and reported a growth rate of 1.5% during 2004-2008.• Netherlands Air Industries The freight sector added total revenues of $2.7 billion in 2008, with a growth rate of 2.1% from 2004 to 2008.
  8. 8. OVERVIEW OF DIFFERENT ECONOMIC SECTOR OF NETHERLAND(cont…)• Primary Sector of Netherland The service sector contributes as much as 73.7% to the GDP and generates employment opportunities for 80% of the. The service sector includes financial services, transportation, goods distribution and tourism, telecommunication and computer industry is also well develop industry.• Secondary Sector of Netherland Netherlands’ industrial sector is a well diversified segment with a variety of industries, such as petroleum refining, food processing, chemicals and electrical machinery.
  9. 9. OVERVIEW OF DIFFERENT ECONOMIC SECTOR OF NETHERLAND(cont…)• Tertiary Sector of Netherland The agriculture sector remains a well mechanized sector that employs almost 2% of the workforce and contributes to exports as well. The various goods that the sector produces are- Grains Potatoes Sugar beets Fruits Vegetables Livestock
  10. 10. OVERVIEW OF BUSINESS AND TRADE AT INTERNATIONAL LEVEL Netherlands tradeExports• Netherlands’ export volumes amounted to $397.6 billion in 2009, dropping from $531.7 billion in 2008.• The Netherlands ranked seventh in the world in terms of the export volumes.• Its other export commodities are- Machinery and equipment Chemicals Fuel
  11. 11. Imports• The Netherland imported a total volume of $358.9 billion, dropping substantially from $474.8 billion in 2008. The Netherlands ranked eighth in the world in terms of import volumes.• With huge natural resources, the Netherlands requires machines to process them and therefore machinery dominates its imports. Other import commodities include- Transport equipment Chemicals Fuels Foodstuffs Clothing