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Marketing Strategy for Chocolate Clothing
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Marketing Strategy for Chocolate Clothing


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This presentation describes the Marketing Strategy to be implemented by Chocolate Clothing, Philippines. It was undertaken as an academic consulting project.

This presentation describes the Marketing Strategy to be implemented by Chocolate Clothing, Philippines. It was undertaken as an academic consulting project.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Marketing Strategy Learning Team – 1A - Darshak S J - Dianne Sison - Madhuranath R - Tanmoy Dey - Vincent Bermejo
  • 2. MARKETING STRATEGY FOR CHOCOLATE Positioning Issues & Recommendation Analysis for Marketing Mix  Product Strategy  Placement Strategy  Promotion Strategy  Pricing Strategy Customer Profile Analysis Summary of Recommendations
  • 4. POSITIONING International High BRAND PERSONALITYBRAND PRICE - Couture - International IMAGE - Stylish - Non-exclusive Local Low Mass Niche MARKET
  • 5. STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS ISSUE Mismatch in Brand Projection & Perception RECOMMENDATIONS  Enhance Brand Awareness & Brand Equity  Enhance Consumer Experience  Improve Brand Positioning TARGET POSITIONING  BOUTIQUE CHAIN  Target Niche Markets  International Mix  High pricing
  • 7. PRODUCT PROFILE Current Situation5:95 Product Portfolio; 5% In-House Designs: 95% Imported Australian Designs Special Size Range Season Utility Style Age Price Occasion (Australian) E-Winter Party Wedding For Home 6 - X-Small 14-18 Budget L-Winter Corporate Funeral Casual 8/10 Small 18-25 Better-To- Budget E-Spring Outerwear Christening S-Formal 12/14 25-30 HIGH END!!! Medium L-Spring Sportswear B-Day Formal 16/18 Large 30-35E-Summer Daily Anniversar Special 20 X- 35-40 y Large/!XL-Summer Street Promotions Haute Couture 22 1X/2X Plus 40-45 E-Fall Swimwear For Gifts Pre-a-Porter 22 2X 45-50 (RTW) L-Fall Lingerie Others Mass Market 24/26 3X 50-60 Rainy/ Accessories Contemporary 60-70 Sunny
  • 8. PRODUCT STRATEGY The Retail Shopping Experience• Enhance the fashion literacy of the sales personnel, not only focusing on courtesy but product knowledge A personal shopper for established clientele; A brand Ambassador must be established to showcase Chocolate Create a comprehensive database of customers not only focusing on contact details & demographics, but include purchase history for style, season, vital stats, & utility.• Extend customer service through alterations, if required for free for a minimum purchase requirement; since most are made in Australia that cater to mid to plus size customers eliminating mid to petite sizes• A chocolate for every customer program w/ strategic alliances w/ chocolate vendors, capitalizing on the choco name. In addition to the anti- depressive state of chocolate stimulants.
  • 10. LOCATIONS Shop-in-Shop @ Rustan’s Makati Alabang Shangri-La Plaza Robinsons Place Ermita Standalone Stores Trinoma Mall, Quezon Cebu Davao
  • 11. ISSUES Single aisle outlet – alongside non-boutique designer labels ‘Truckie’ does not complement boutique perception – mass stationed at public locations Co-existence of shop-in-shop & standalone stores – positioning dilution In store ambience & layout not conducive to expected customer experience Website placement channel – ineffective virtual store
  • 12. RECOMMENDATIONS Widen aisle space to:  Accommodate more brands  Design boutique positioning in a shop-in-shop model Focus more on standalone boutiques for brand positioning ‘Truckie’ to be strategically placed at target residence or public hubs Develop store layout and ambience in line with brand theme Chocolate to  create value-driven customer experience Develop virtual store – updated catalogs, customized & trial options to customers to create a virtual shopping experience
  • 14. CURRENT PROMOTIONS Awareness Activities - Facebook / YouTube - Website / Blog Brand Building Activities - Sponsorships for TV Shows - Newspaper features
  • 15. ANALYSISISSUE ANALYSIS Expected Brand Projection & Promotion are not aligned Value Proposition of the Brand is not being conveyed Brand Positioning is not clear for the customerALTERNATIVES ANALYSIS Provide a clear brand message Utilize appropriate channels Possess right product mix
  • 16. RECOMMENDATIONS MEDIA  Ads & Features in Fashion Magazines  Fashion Events  Ads in selective OOH Media ONLINE PROMOTION  Enhance website to promote fashion  Leverage Blog to develop credibility  Create exclusive YouTube channel FASHION TRUCK  Personalized consumer experience  Awareness in exclusive locations BOUTIQUE-on-WHEELS
  • 19. STRATEGIES IN PRICING Cost Based pricing Competitor based pricing Value based pricing
  • 20. Current Strategy DRESSES 4,9955,0004,5004,0003,500 2,9503,000 2,699 2,4952,500 Mean:2,000 1,799 1,999 1,950 2,486 1,399 1,3951,500 995 Mean:1,000 899 1,336 599 500 0 Chocolate People are Top Shop Bench Kamiseta Mango People
  • 21. Current Strategy DENIMS6,000 5,2955,0004,000 2,9953,000 2,199 2,099 1,999 1,790 Mean:2,000 1,599 1,747 1,199 1,190 999 1,099 Mean:1,000 799 1,172 NA 0 Chocolate People are Top Shop Bench Kamiseta Mango People
  • 22. PRICING RECOMMENDATIONS Promote CHOCOLATE as boutique store Use a combination of Value Based & Competitors Based Pricing Change competitors now to boutique stores – Tango, M)phosis, Bayo, Plains and Prints Maintain the same price Differentiation & customer experience will justify the high price
  • 23. PRICING STRATEGY MAPHigh Tango T&M Low Retail Boutique Designs
  • 24. CUSTOMER
  • 25. CUSTOMER PROFILECURRENT P R O F I L I N G STRATEGY A-B segment 20s – 30s YOUNG MOMS  single wealthy non-working women ISSUES - Fragmented Market YOUNG FAMILIES - High threat of substitutes  married entrepreneurs with children - Low Frequency WORKING WOMEN  single and married working women
  • 26. PROFILE COMPARISON CURRENT PROPOSED DEMOGRAPHIC  A-B  A-B PSYCHOGRAPHIC  Functional  Fashionable SHOPPING PATTERN  Occasional  Habitual BEHAVIORAL  Trend aware  Trend conscious & trendsetter LIFESTYLE  Home to work  Outgoing MEDIA  Online, TV  Magazines, Billboards, Online
  • 28. SUMMARYEnchance CHOCOLATE CLOTHING retail shop brand awareness & equity KRA KPI Establish alliances w/ local & foreign Sign-up at 3 local & 3 foreign chocolate vendors that chocolate manufacturers. resonates with the store image Out-of-Home main road billboards & in- 1 billboard per rain/shine season for 1 month each mall posters to drive customer curiosity ; @100k per month. 15 seconders in movie ads in movie magazine; social media & internet houses in mid-season events. Enchance Customer Shopping Experience KRA KPI Stimulate loyal customer purchases 50% visit to 100% visits; 2x a month to once a week Increase conversion rates of new 100% seasonal trainings of sales personnel, especially customers personal shopper & brand ambassador Migration from a purely Retail to a more focused Boutique business model KRA KPI Introduce Authentic Designs by Tilt the balance from 5:95 to 50:50 within 24 months by Chocolate introducing fresh designs at least 2x to at most 4x /year
  • 29. THANK YOU