Marketing Strategy for Chocolate Clothing


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This presentation describes the Marketing Strategy to be implemented by Chocolate Clothing, Philippines. It was undertaken as an academic consulting project.

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Marketing Strategy for Chocolate Clothing

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy Learning Team – 1A - Darshak S J - Dianne Sison - Madhuranath R - Tanmoy Dey - Vincent Bermejo
  2. 2. MARKETING STRATEGY FOR CHOCOLATE Positioning Issues & Recommendation Analysis for Marketing Mix  Product Strategy  Placement Strategy  Promotion Strategy  Pricing Strategy Customer Profile Analysis Summary of Recommendations
  4. 4. POSITIONING International High BRAND PERSONALITYBRAND PRICE - Couture - International IMAGE - Stylish - Non-exclusive Local Low Mass Niche MARKET
  5. 5. STRATEGIC RECOMMENDATIONS ISSUE Mismatch in Brand Projection & Perception RECOMMENDATIONS  Enhance Brand Awareness & Brand Equity  Enhance Consumer Experience  Improve Brand Positioning TARGET POSITIONING  BOUTIQUE CHAIN  Target Niche Markets  International Mix  High pricing
  7. 7. PRODUCT PROFILE Current Situation5:95 Product Portfolio; 5% In-House Designs: 95% Imported Australian Designs Special Size Range Season Utility Style Age Price Occasion (Australian) E-Winter Party Wedding For Home 6 - X-Small 14-18 Budget L-Winter Corporate Funeral Casual 8/10 Small 18-25 Better-To- Budget E-Spring Outerwear Christening S-Formal 12/14 25-30 HIGH END!!! Medium L-Spring Sportswear B-Day Formal 16/18 Large 30-35E-Summer Daily Anniversar Special 20 X- 35-40 y Large/!XL-Summer Street Promotions Haute Couture 22 1X/2X Plus 40-45 E-Fall Swimwear For Gifts Pre-a-Porter 22 2X 45-50 (RTW) L-Fall Lingerie Others Mass Market 24/26 3X 50-60 Rainy/ Accessories Contemporary 60-70 Sunny
  8. 8. PRODUCT STRATEGY The Retail Shopping Experience• Enhance the fashion literacy of the sales personnel, not only focusing on courtesy but product knowledge A personal shopper for established clientele; A brand Ambassador must be established to showcase Chocolate Create a comprehensive database of customers not only focusing on contact details & demographics, but include purchase history for style, season, vital stats, & utility.• Extend customer service through alterations, if required for free for a minimum purchase requirement; since most are made in Australia that cater to mid to plus size customers eliminating mid to petite sizes• A chocolate for every customer program w/ strategic alliances w/ chocolate vendors, capitalizing on the choco name. In addition to the anti- depressive state of chocolate stimulants.
  10. 10. LOCATIONS Shop-in-Shop @ Rustan’s Makati Alabang Shangri-La Plaza Robinsons Place Ermita Standalone Stores Trinoma Mall, Quezon Cebu Davao
  11. 11. ISSUES Single aisle outlet – alongside non-boutique designer labels ‘Truckie’ does not complement boutique perception – mass stationed at public locations Co-existence of shop-in-shop & standalone stores – positioning dilution In store ambience & layout not conducive to expected customer experience Website placement channel – ineffective virtual store
  12. 12. RECOMMENDATIONS Widen aisle space to:  Accommodate more brands  Design boutique positioning in a shop-in-shop model Focus more on standalone boutiques for brand positioning ‘Truckie’ to be strategically placed at target residence or public hubs Develop store layout and ambience in line with brand theme Chocolate to  create value-driven customer experience Develop virtual store – updated catalogs, customized & trial options to customers to create a virtual shopping experience
  14. 14. CURRENT PROMOTIONS Awareness Activities - Facebook / YouTube - Website / Blog Brand Building Activities - Sponsorships for TV Shows - Newspaper features
  15. 15. ANALYSISISSUE ANALYSIS Expected Brand Projection & Promotion are not aligned Value Proposition of the Brand is not being conveyed Brand Positioning is not clear for the customerALTERNATIVES ANALYSIS Provide a clear brand message Utilize appropriate channels Possess right product mix
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONS MEDIA  Ads & Features in Fashion Magazines  Fashion Events  Ads in selective OOH Media ONLINE PROMOTION  Enhance website to promote fashion  Leverage Blog to develop credibility  Create exclusive YouTube channel FASHION TRUCK  Personalized consumer experience  Awareness in exclusive locations BOUTIQUE-on-WHEELS
  19. 19. STRATEGIES IN PRICING Cost Based pricing Competitor based pricing Value based pricing
  20. 20. Current Strategy DRESSES 4,9955,0004,5004,0003,500 2,9503,000 2,699 2,4952,500 Mean:2,000 1,799 1,999 1,950 2,486 1,399 1,3951,500 995 Mean:1,000 899 1,336 599 500 0 Chocolate People are Top Shop Bench Kamiseta Mango People
  21. 21. Current Strategy DENIMS6,000 5,2955,0004,000 2,9953,000 2,199 2,099 1,999 1,790 Mean:2,000 1,599 1,747 1,199 1,190 999 1,099 Mean:1,000 799 1,172 NA 0 Chocolate People are Top Shop Bench Kamiseta Mango People
  22. 22. PRICING RECOMMENDATIONS Promote CHOCOLATE as boutique store Use a combination of Value Based & Competitors Based Pricing Change competitors now to boutique stores – Tango, M)phosis, Bayo, Plains and Prints Maintain the same price Differentiation & customer experience will justify the high price
  23. 23. PRICING STRATEGY MAPHigh Tango T&M Low Retail Boutique Designs
  24. 24. CUSTOMER
  25. 25. CUSTOMER PROFILECURRENT P R O F I L I N G STRATEGY A-B segment 20s – 30s YOUNG MOMS  single wealthy non-working women ISSUES - Fragmented Market YOUNG FAMILIES - High threat of substitutes  married entrepreneurs with children - Low Frequency WORKING WOMEN  single and married working women
  26. 26. PROFILE COMPARISON CURRENT PROPOSED DEMOGRAPHIC  A-B  A-B PSYCHOGRAPHIC  Functional  Fashionable SHOPPING PATTERN  Occasional  Habitual BEHAVIORAL  Trend aware  Trend conscious & trendsetter LIFESTYLE  Home to work  Outgoing MEDIA  Online, TV  Magazines, Billboards, Online
  28. 28. SUMMARYEnchance CHOCOLATE CLOTHING retail shop brand awareness & equity KRA KPI Establish alliances w/ local & foreign Sign-up at 3 local & 3 foreign chocolate vendors that chocolate manufacturers. resonates with the store image Out-of-Home main road billboards & in- 1 billboard per rain/shine season for 1 month each mall posters to drive customer curiosity ; @100k per month. 15 seconders in movie ads in movie magazine; social media & internet houses in mid-season events. Enchance Customer Shopping Experience KRA KPI Stimulate loyal customer purchases 50% visit to 100% visits; 2x a month to once a week Increase conversion rates of new 100% seasonal trainings of sales personnel, especially customers personal shopper & brand ambassador Migration from a purely Retail to a more focused Boutique business model KRA KPI Introduce Authentic Designs by Tilt the balance from 5:95 to 50:50 within 24 months by Chocolate introducing fresh designs at least 2x to at most 4x /year
  29. 29. THANK YOU