Zero 1st 2nd 3rd Conditionals
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Zero 1st 2nd 3rd Conditionals

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Zero - 3rd conditionals. ...

Zero - 3rd conditionals.
I've edited and prepared a simple 1 for my Junior 3 (Form 3) students.
Dear teachers,
Please feel free to download and use it for your lesson. :)

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  • 1. Zero conditional *If + present simple, .... present simple -This conditional is used when the result will always happen. So, if water reaches 100 degrees, it always boils. It's a fact. Examples: If people eat too much, they get fat. If you touch a fire, you get burned. If babies are hungry, they cry.
  • 2. First conditional *If + present simple, ... will + infinitive -This conditional has the present simple after 'if', then the future simple in the other clause. -It's used to talk about things which might happen in the future. Examples:  If it rains, I won't go to the park.  If I study today, I'll go to the party tonight.  If I have enough money, I'll buy some new shoe.
  • 3. Second conditional *If + past simple, ... would + infinitive -To talk about the hypothetical consequences of future events which are, unlikely, improbable, impossible or unrealistic. -This conditional can only refer to future events (things which have not happened at the time of speaking). Examples:  If he failed the exam, I would be surprised.  If I won the lottery, I would buy a house in San Fransisco.  I would look for a new job if my boss didn't give me a pay rise.
  • 4. Third conditional *If + past perfect, ...would + have + past participle -Made using the past perfect after 'if' and then 'would have' and the past participle in the second part of the sentence -It talks about the past. It's used to describe a situation that didn't happen, and to imagine the result of this situation. Examples:  If she had studied, she would have passed the exam (but, really we know she didn't study and so she didn't pass)  If I hadn't eaten so much, I wouldn't have felt sick (but I did eat a lot, and so I did feel sick).
  • 5.  The Zero Conditional: (if + present simple, ... present simple)  The First Conditional: (if + present simple, ... will + infinitive) If it rains tomorrow, we'll go to the cinema.  The Second Conditional: (if + past simple, ... would + infinitive) If I had a lot of money, I would travel around the world.  The Third Conditional: (if + past perfect, ... would + have + past participle) If I had gone to bed early, I would have caught the train. Prepared by: Madhura Nivashini Pannir Chelvam _280813