How to-use-analytics-for-measurements


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Learn how to use Google Analytics for measurement.

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How to-use-analytics-for-measurements

  1. 1. 3 Steps that will help you with Analytics By: Madeline Yau
  2. 2. Google Analytics Google URL Builder Micro and Macro Conversion
  3. 3. Set up Google Analytic for your website. Set up funnels and goals to track the correct information.
  4. 4. Answer question like: How many visitors convert (meaning, how many visitors completed a certain action such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter) Which pages or forms did they convert from? What URL were they referred from? What campaign brought them to the conversion page?
  5. 5. Duration Destination Pages/Screen per session Events
  6. 6. Is when a user reaches a specific destination after completing an action on your website. Example: Thank you page or a sale confirmation page
  7. 7. Is when a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your website. Example: A three minute session or longer could be a goal.
  8. 8. Is when a user interacts with multiple pages three or more minutes. Goal example: This is setup for anyone that interacts with multiple pages or loads additional screens.
  9. 9. Is when a certain action was defined and completed. Example: A video play, ad click or PDF download will be considered as an event.
  10. 10. Is a unique URL link to help you track your content throughout all social media content. Helps track data and discover what is converting.
  11. 11. There are three types of fields you must define and include to make the link work: Campaign Source: this will track where traffic is coming. Campaign Medium: what type of channels are you posting to (ex. banner , email, cpc) Campaign Name: the of your campaign. (ex. product, promo code, slogan)
  12. 12. Example: Google URL not in use: Google URL Builder in use: ource=website&utm_medium=blog%20&utm_campaig n=top=schools
  13. 13. Macro and Micro conversions are used for goals in Google Analytics Micro conversions are actions that visitors have taken while browsing the website that will eventually lead up to a macro conversion. Marco conversions is a completed goal. Example would be an email sign up, contact form or PDF download.
  14. 14. Macro and Micro will help you understand how many have converted on your website and what needs more attention to get them over the hump.
  15. 15. Google Analytics Google URL Builder Micro and Macro Conversion
  16. 16. +MadelineYau @yauline madelineyau