Aid education second phase, new semester new love relay


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Aid education second phase, new semester new love relay

  1. 1. By Social Media Term at Connect : second phase, new semester new love relay "Ms. Liu, how are you? How about your Health? How’s the job? Are you going to come back to see us, will you teach us? Hope you have happy every day - Chan Heung Lu." "Ms. Liu, how are you? Work well? Will you come back, we are so miss you. Please come back and teach math and English - Du Yun" "Ms. Liu, we have not seen for a long time, Howare you? When you can come back, we miss you very much; wish you good health and good luck – ZhangJing"... ...These are junior school students in Henan Tongbai, they wrote the note, who is mentioned in note Liu,a more than 20-year-old girl, her identity is employee in focus technology. In 2010, she had beenselected the first aid-education teacher by the supporting teaching selection., she went to Zhuzhuangtown second primary school, Tongbai county, Henan province and did one semester.After back from the oasis land, at the moment, she is working at familiar workbench to process dailyroutine.New teacher on duty, inspiration always in ClassroomChildrens notes had been transferred to Liu by new volunteer teacher through the internet.
  2. 2. The new teacher’s surname is Wang, once children saw him, they all asked why Ms. Liu did not show up in emotion, and the situation let new teacher wang in a bit awkward. To ease their emotions, teacher Wang sent notes to each child, and asked them to write down what they want to say to Liu, then filmed with the camera, uploaded to the blog, so Liu can see.Lius replies soon appear on the blog: "Time fast, and then come back here after a few months, and atthis period, I felt guilty, evasive, memorable, and emotional. I still feel worth it even I was sowhole-heart in it after saw these words. I really miss all beautiful scenes, friendly teacher Tian, wisebrother Chen, cheerful Yang, restrained school president, lovely students, one and one face, all theseremind me, I take out photos and look at, all pleasure me , " Choose this way to support rural primary school’s education is inevitable, but also the chance. In 2007,, a Focus technology subsidiary, cooperated with the worlds leading certification group SGS and launched "Certified Supplier" service, the two sides became attached. From one chance, the company knew SGS did support reconstruction and sent own staff as volunteer teacher for long-term to Jia Wa region in Gansu, this realisticexamples let us to be inspiredWhy not? Copy their experience to support education. Once the idea was token, company immediatelyorganized research, and quickly made contact with Zhuzhuang town second primary school, TongbaiCounty, Henan province. School has four grades; each class has average about 20 students, majoritystudents from the nearby normally families, most of them have a sister or brother and these sisters andbrothers all work in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhejiang and other places, a serious shortage of teachers.After the communication with the school, the company launched an internal initiative program “Aideducation”, the program had been responded by many employees. And each volunteer had beeninterviewed, only who passed the entire test, could be the qualified education volunteer.New semester, continue efforts for love
  3. 3. "As a way of business response to society, Focus technology chose to support education, and had been proved, we obtained very good results." Manger from Focus technology said, "B2B companies have a lot of after 1980’s employees, they desire to express self-worth, desire to challenge, and win recognition. And we hope to provide them a way, a stage. the feedback from every volunteer’s experience, they will attract lots attention from colleagues,then establish an expectation in the whole company. We response the society, at same time, create anumber of ideals, social responsibility focus-people. The first volunteer Liu, had organized donation tobuild school playground. "August 30, the new volunteer teacher, took six-hour bump-transportation and arrived at Tongbai, fromthe Liu’s hands, took love-relay. Only Two days after, he wrote the first blog about aid-education, thename was "new beginning." September 9th, the president from Zhuzhuang town second primary school,he sent us an appreciated letter and on the letter, he said: a new semester is beginning in this fall; wewelcome another volunteer teacher, Mr. Wang from Focus technology. Due to at the beginning stage,many more school works need to be done, I promised to let volunteer teacher to take less class at thistime, but I slip of the tongue, and Im terribly sorry. Wang is a very good teacher; take 20 lessons perweek, also initiative negotiate with school to take more lessons. This dedicated spirit is worthy for ourschool teachers to learn. We appreciate your help by non-word. I represent teachers and students tothank! Thank you! Wish you good life of peace!"after the Aid-education program, we received a lot of thanks letters from the Zhuzhuang town secondprimary school, we organize donations from time to time, gather all loves into a visible force, just likethe torch, keep continuing to do it. Do solid work; it is always be the style of Focus technology.“Company manager says.